• A.P. Construction A third generation closely-held contracting firm in the Pennsylvania and New jersey area. Trenchless Construction services include: Sliplining / Insertion Piping; Tunneling / Pipe Jacking; Cement Mortar Lining; Internal Joint Sealing; Sewer Rehabilatation; Manhole Rehabilatation; Sewer relining and rehabilitation; Non-disruptive refurbishing; and Internal joint repairs for pipes 20" and larger.
  • AAA Pipeline Inspection, Inc. Has over 30 years of experience in underground cleaning and pipeline inspection throughout the State of California and neighboring states.
  • ABC Pipe Cleaning Services Ltd. Sells parts and equipment to the sewer industry. Information on sewer parts, accessories, new and used equipment, and video inspection equipment. British Columbia, Canada.
  • ADS Environmental Services Provides water and wastewater system diagnostic services to municipal agencies and consulting engineers worldwide. Services include long-term and temporary flow monitoring in sanitary, combined, and storm sewers; field inspection services including system inventory, manhole inspection, smoke testing, dyed water testing, line cleaning and TV inspection; leak detection; and water auditing.
  • Advance Boring Specialists Washington and California based contracting firm specializing in the trenchless installation of Phone, Fiber Optics, Gas, Electrical, and Water lines through horizontal directional boring. ABS also provides sewer rehabilitation services.
  • Alpha Leak Detection, Inc. Specializes in locating small leaks on buried lines during hydrotests. Offers an overview of services, client list, and details of job opportunities. Located in Kemah, Texas.
  • AmLiner East Provides full service sanitary sewer and manhole rehabilitation to the trenchless industry.
  • AMTEC Asset Management Technology Surveying and mapping of sewers, water mains, pipelines, boreholes and other hollow structures.
  • Araco Inc. New England contractor established in 1955 and based in Massachusetts which specializes in trenchless rehabilitation.
  • Atlantic Coast Contractors, Inc. A utilities contractor specializing in trenchless technology, licensed for pipebursting and trenchless pipelining using the Miller EX method. With an explanation of their trenchless pipelining and pipebursting methods, including a slideshow.
  • Balzer's Canada Inc. A Canadian Company located in Saskatchewan that specializes in Industrial Construction, Process Equipment and Piping Systems, Plant Maintenance, Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants.
  • Barton Southern Company, Inc Conyers, Georgia based contracting firm specializing in infrastructure repair.
  • Bendel Enterprises Performs storm and sewer pipe maintenance, repair and inspection, and sells related products. Offers a portfolio of recent projects. Located in Washington.
  • Boh Bros. Construction Company New Orleans' Largest Construction Company, which was founded in 1909. Boh Bros. utilizes several trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies.
  • Bondi Pipe Freezing Sydney Australia Bondi Pipe Freezing isolates sections of pipelines by freezing the pipe contents into a solid plug which forms a de-facto shut off valve.
  • Borehole Callipering Services Destined to change the way boreholes and shafts are inspected, sonar profiling gives the customer a full 360 degree view.
  • BRH Garver Houston, Texas based construction firm offering CIPP, Fold-and-form, sliplining, pipe bursting, as well as traditional dig services.
  • Brown Plumbing Aservice company specializing in proven advanced methods of investigating and trenchless technology pipe repair systems. Located in Redding California.
  • Byzak Contractors Ltd Civil engineering contractor to the UK Water Industry. Areas of expertise include pipejacking and microtunnelling, as well as sewer renovation.
  • C J Uden & Co Ltd Drainage consultants and surveyors based in Surrey, UK. Services include CCTV inspections, pressure testing, water jetting and a full range of planned maintenance.
  • Carylon Corporation Services firm specializing on environmental protection.
  • Cement Lining Provide internal cement mortar lining for new pipelines as well as rehabilitation of existing pipelines "in situ".
  • CG Pipetec Ltd A small specialist Sheffield, UK based company formed to carry out pipeline services for all types of industry. Services include CCTV surveying, root cutting, high pressure water cutting, no dig solutions, and consultancy services.
  • DM Robichaud Associates DM Robichaud Associates is a contracting firm in Ontario, Canada which relines sewers and laterals, chemically seals manholes and reduces sewer flows.
  • Downstream Services Whether you are a public agency searching for methods of meeting your Phase 1 NPDES requirements, or a private contractor needing video inspection of a new sewer main, we can help you. Downstream Services is based in Escondido, California and is a division of Roberts Engineering Constractors. Services include pipeline inspection and rehabilitation.
  • Drain-All Ltd. Established in 1984, Drain-All is a fully licensed Industrial, Municipal, and Environmental Waste Management Service Company serving Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, and the Northern United States. Canadian owned and operated, Drain-All provides modern facilities, state of the art equipment, and a staff of over 90 well trained professionals. This diverse company's municipal infrastructure division offers several "trenchless" rehabilitation solutions.
  • Duke's Offers the most advanced methods of sewer root control service available.
  • Enterprise Plc Provides outsourced planned and reactive maintenance services to utility companies and local authorities.
  • Evanco Environmental Evanco Environmental is an Ontario, Canada based contractor which manufactures and distributes a range of leading edge environmental control products, as well as offering custom consulting, project management and construction services for ground water protection and process sewer projects throughout North America. Offers several trenchless pipe rehabilitation services.
  • Formadrain Formadrain Inc. is a company operating in the development of No-Dig Technologies for underground piping and process piping. All types of underground conduits can be lined with Formadrain technology, potable water mains excepted. Formadrain is a fast, economical and durable trenchless technology for all kind of conduits, underground or process piping.
  • Hall Contracting Corporation General construction firm with offices in Louisville, Kentucky; Charlotte, North Carolina (Home Office); Charleston, South Carolina; St. Petersburg, Florida; and Jacksboro, Tennessee. Pipe rehabilitation services include sliplining and pressure applied concrete.
  • Holloman Corporation Construction firm with pipe bursting and trenchless technology experience. Houston, Texas based with locations in the USA and Australia.
  • Hydro-Klean Provides industrial cleaning, emergency spill response and sewer cleaning. Offers trenchless spot-repairs.
  • Inland Waters Pollution Control, Inc. Construction firm based out of Ohio and Michigan offering pipe rehabilitation services.
  • Insituform Technologies Pipe rehabilitation provider.
  • Interflow Australia's leading pipeline rehabilitation contractors - Experts in site dewatering.
  • Joseph Painting Company, Inc. A woman-owned contracting firm in Arizona with exclusive rights to the SewerShield 100 product line. JPCI provides products and services for the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment systems. Site describes Sewer Shield Coating product line as well as other products and services.
  • Kanal Müller Gruppe Owns and licenses a family of rehabilitation processes which utilizing strategic business partners around the world.
  • L.G.S. Hydrostatic Testing Hydrostatic testing of Pipelines. Home of "Computest", designed for digitally recorded information of pressures, temperatures (soil, fluid, and pipe surroundings).
  • Lanzo Lining Services Inc. Construction firm based in Michigan and Florida specializing in the trenchless repair of underground piping systems.
  • Mears Group Inc. Mears provides engineering and construction services in the areas of pipeline engineering, corrosion engineering, pipeline rehabilitation, horizontal drilling, and fiber network construction.
  • Miller Pipeline Corp. Contracting firm with territorial rights to the EX-pipe and AmEx pipe rehabilitation technologies.
  • NDT Seals, Inc. Products, regulations and resources for safety.
  • New Hope Pipe Liners Profiles a pipe line rehabilitation contractor serving the Northeast United States. Offers trenchless pipe rehabilitation systems for the waste water, storm water, potable water, gas and nuclear industries. Products include National Liner CIPP and U-Liner.
  • Next Generation Renovation Inc. NGRI is the North American Exclusive Licensee for the Trolining technology used in renewing the life of sewer pipes for up to an additional 50 years. Using high density polyethylene as a protective sandwich around a proprietary high-strength grout, Trolining is a revolutionary system for healing the deteriorating sewers of North America.
  • Perco Engineering Services Limited Pipeline contractor, working predominantly in the water and sewerage sector. Uses hydraulic (non-percussive) and pneumatic pipe bursting techniques, as well as sliplining, pigging, and other no-dig methods. Based in the Midlands, UK.
  • PIM Corp. New jersey contractor specializing in trenchless technology. Products and services available include pipe bursting, consplit, manhole rehabilitation, subline, and roll down lining.
  • PM Construction & Rehab, LP Trenchless rehabilitation specialists with offices in Houston, Texas and Jaksonville, Florida. Services include pipe bursting and manhole rehabilitation.
  • R&R Visual, Inc. Complete subsurface inspection services including sonar pipeline inspection, video pipeline inspection, geophysical surveys, and other distinctive services. Specializing in complex projects.
  • Reynolds, Inc. Utility contractor with offices in Indiana (home office), Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia specializing in water and wastewater systems. Services include CIPP pipe rehabilitation.
  • Saf-r-Dig Utility Surveys, Inc. A Palm Desert, CA based contracting firm serving California, Arizona, and Nevada. "Precision Potholing" three-dimensional information, utilizing Non-Destructive Air/Hydro-Vacuum soil extraction technology, performed with surgical skill! Also offers KA-TE robotic repairs.
  • Sancon Engineering Inc. Sancon Engineering, a contracting firm based in Huntington Beach, California, specializes in the rehabilitation of sanitary sewer pipelines and structures.
  • Sanexen Sanexen has been providing professional environmental services since 1985. Among their many diversified ventures, Sanexen has several no-dig pipe rehabilitation technologies.
  • Sewer-Matic Provides utility maintenance and environmental services. Offers service and contact details.
  • Sleuth Plumbing Technologies Specialized in leak-detection services designed to detect subterranean plumbing problems.
  • Southeast Pipe Survey Patterson, Georgia based construction firm specialising in trenchless pipe rehabilitation.
  • Spiniello Companies Since 1942, we've been a leader in cement-mortar lining of pipelines in place. Our clients include the business private sector, municipal, state and federal government agencies, every branch of the U.S. military, public and private water utilities, and a broad diversity of international sites. Spiniello has offices in New Jersey and California.
  • Tri State Utilities Based in Virginia, specializing in trenchless technology. Services include, cleaning pipe, video inspection, testing and sealing, manhole rehabilitation, sliplining, pipe bursting and trenchless lining.
  • Tru-Tec Services Magna-Tec provides onstream global inspection of pipes, tubes, and plate, using proprietary EMAT technology.
  • TSR Corp. Providers of sewer cleaning, coating service, video inspection, no dig repair, manholes, catch basins, storm lines, digesters, wet wells.
  • UTS UTS is a Suffolk, VA based contractor that specializes in the rehabilitation of piping systems. This is done using a trenchless, environmentally safe and clean chemical process to remove tuberculation, corrosion and scaling from lines. This process prolongs the life and improves the production of the system.
  • Visu-Sewer Provide a wide array of sophisticated diagnostic tools to investigate, assess and treat piplines or collection system.
  • W. Walsh Company, Inc. Offers cleaning services and cement lining of water mains. Information on process and case histories. Attleboro, USA.
  • W.L. Hailey & Company General contractor and commercial construction firm located in Nashville, Tennessee. Services include pipe and manhole rehabilitation and tunnel boring.
  • Waterflow Services Ltd. Specialising in pipeline maintenance, repair and renovation. Colnbrook, UK.
  • Williams Testing Sarasota, Florida firm whose products include Magnaline point repair system and the Rerounder. Services include flow monitoring, smoke testing, cleaning, point repairs, and pipe rerounding.

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