This category is for manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators and distributors of metal fasteners and systems used to connect metal products to metal or other materials, which are supplied directly to public authorities or commercial contractors for site construction activities . It does not include general nails and screws or wood and plastic fasteners. The submission location for which can be found in the related category links appended to this category .
  • AAA Metric Supply, Inc. Supplier of metric fasteners and tools including bolts, nuts, washers, rods and screws.
  • Ajax Fasteners Australian manufacturer of steel nuts, bolts, rivets and self drilling screws. Includes distributor listing.
  • Alberta Bolt Makers (ABM) Manufacturer of large, steel bolts including anchor bolts, U-bolts, J bolts, eye bolts, headed bolts and stud bolts.
  • ALCA Fasteners Supply large diameter fasteners on a national and international basis, to the construction, gas, petroleum and heavy engineering industries. United Kingdom.
  • All-Ohio Threaded Rod Company Manufacturer of threaded rods, threaded studs, industrial bolts and stainless fasteners.
  • Alvin Industrial Sales Manufacturer of AIS pipe and tube clamps, casters, wheels, and industrial hardware for use on building, railings, outdoor shelters and lighting grids.
  • Amar Industries Indian manufacturer of cold forged fasteners including screws, nuts, washers, rivets in stainless steel, brass, aluminum and bronze.
  • Archer Screw Products, Inc. Manufacturer of standard and special fasteners including bolts, nuts, lock nuts and machine screws.
  • AVK Industrial Products Manufactures blind installed threaded insert nuts/stud fasteners and related hand, power and automation installation equipment and tooling.
  • Baden Steelbar & Bolt Corp. Manufacturer of various style bolts, fasteners and studs. Also offers custom machining services.
  • Bolt Depot On-line distributor of fasteners including screws, bolts, nuts and washers available in a variety of materials including bronze, brass, stainless, galvanized and steel.
  • Boltmate Inc. Manufacturer of self-torquing, tamperproof structural and anchor nuts along with vibration-proof hex nuts.
  • BPC Building Products Ltd. UK manufacturer of a range of builders' metalwork including welded joist hangers, restraint straps, nails, bolts, washers, wall ties and other fasteners.
  • Brainard Rivet An employee owned company that manufactures small and large rivets, drilled products, knurled pins and special fasteners.
  • Brunner Manufacturing, Inc. Manufactures a variety of metal components such as bolts, pins, nuts, and screws.
  • Bryce Fastener Manufacturer of security screws, tamper-resistant screws and tamper-proof screws, bolts and sockets.
  • Carver Clamps Manufacture industrial clamps used for welding and metal/woodworking.
  • Celus Fasteners Manufacturing Manufacturer of rivet nuts, blind rivets, Tiger Bolts, washers and rivet setting tools.
  • Chan Chin C. Enterprise Co Ltd Taiwan manufacturer and exporter of self drilling small screws including self tapping types for metal roof and wall, drywall, chipboard, and furniture.
  • Chandler Products Design and manufacture specialty fasteners in many materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper. Also offer secondary capabilities including milling, broaching, grinding and drilling.
  • Chicago Rivet & Machine Company Manufactures rivets, hooks, studs and other specialty cold form fasteners.
  • Clamp-Co Inc. Original manufacturer of pipe grabs and beam clamps
  • Clyde Fasteners Ltd Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of specialized screws, bolts and nuts for various industries including construction, mining, defense and power generation.
  • Collars and Couplings Inc. Manufacturer of split collars and clamp couplings. Available in stainless steel and aluminum with various finishes.
  • Comated Edilizia S.p.A. Italian manufacturer of double-locking wedge clamps, self-locking spring clamps, anchor systems, couplers and other accessories for the construction market.
  • Construction Fasteners, Inc. Supplier of engineered fasteners for the roofing and metal construction industry.
  • Crescent Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer of precision fasteners and components. Products include screws, rivets, self-clinching studs and self-threading fasteners.
  • Crest Fasteners On-line supplier of rivets, fasteners and placement tools.
  • D Middleton Stainless Steel Components Manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel components and fasteners including bolts, screws, nuts and washers.
  • Da-Tor Spa Produces fixing nuts including self locking, standard, and custom designed. Includes drawings and size charts. Italy.
  • Dalco Trading Belgian manufacturer of assorted high quality fasteners.
  • Eastern Hardware Mart Indian manufacturer, exporter and supplier of bolts, rods, studs, screws, nuts, rivets, washers, pins along with electrical hardware and forging products.
  • Emhart Fastening Teknologies Develop and produce technology based fastenening products for the assembly industry. Products include rivets, inserts, coils, screws and nuts.
  • Engineered Parts Inc. (EPS, Inc.) Manufacturer of special cold formed fasteners including bolts, screws, rivets, and pins. Parts made to specifications in the industrial and automotive markets.
  • EZ-Lok Manufacturer of thread inserts for applications in wood, plastic and metal.
  • F.J. Industries Manufactures flanges for exhaust pipes and customer specific parts.
  • Federal Bolt & Nut Supply, Inc. Metal fastener and industrial component manufacturer and supplier.
  • G-Clips Grating Fasteners Inc. Manufactures and markets patented G-Clips grating fasteners, which fasten metal or fiberglass bar gratings to structural members.
  • General Goods Corporation Leading supplier and importer of blind rivets and riveting tools with a manufacturing facility in China. Can provide parts based on drawings and samples.
  • Grattan Fastening Products Fastener manufacturer with products including nuts, deck screws and anchors.
  • Gripnail Fastening Systems Manufacturer of Gripnails which are used to attach insulation to sheet metal and Metal Tacks which are used to fasten metal tags and light attachments.
  • Grrreat Creations Manufacturer of large cap and T-handle clamps used for automobiles and woodworking. Includes on-line store.
  • Hamond Industries Ltd. Outsource manufacturer of medium to high volume small custom stamped, formed and/or tapped metal parts.
  • Hassall Manufacturer of custom pins, rivets and threaded fasteners for aerospace, automotive, electronic and commercial applications.
  • Haydon Bolts, Inc. Specializes in the manufacture of anchor bolts, tie rod assemblies, U-bolts, J-bolts and eye bolts.
  • Hengze Special Shaped Fastening Part Co., Ltd. Chinese manufacturer of blind rivet studs and nut products.
  • HSW - FEZ Sp. z o.o. Polish manufacturer of bolts, nuts, pins, rivets and pipe connectors for export to Western Europe.
  • Impulse Mechanisms Inc Manufacturer of high quality precision and commercial collars, clamps, spacers, slip clutches and couplings.
  • Intrinsic Devices Inc. Produce nickel-titanium shape memory alloy products used for fastening, sealing and electrical interconnection.
  • K.C. Metal Products, Inc Manufacturer of a full line of structural connectors. Products include tie straps, post hangers, anchor and clips, retrofit ties, earthquake straps and joist hangers.
  • Kee Klamp Manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum structural pipe fittings which are used on hand rails, guard rails and other tubular structures.
  • King Richard Canvas & Upholstery Supply upholstery and marine fasteners.
  • King-Hughes Fasteners Corporation Manufacture and design specialty Hog rings used with fencing, netting, ropes, bedding and many other applications.
  • Lakeside Fasteners Wisconsin-based distributor of stainless, non-ferrous and steel fasteners including bolts, nuts, pins, rivets and rods.
  • Lancaster Threaded Products, Inc. (LTP) Manufacturer of threaded and unthreaded rod and bar products, flat washers and nuts in many different finishes, sizes and materials.
  • Larson Hardware Manufacturing Company Manufacturer of fasteners including hooks, bolts, screw eyes, rope hardware, staples, hangers, clips and brackets. Product available in stainless and carbon steel. On-line catalog.
  • Leland-Powell Fasteners, Inc. Manufacturer of tapping, thread-cutting, thread-rolling and machine screws. Also manufacture bolts, sems assemblies, wood screws, pins and rivets.
  • Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation Manufacture self-locking fasteners and self-sealing fasteners. Self-locking and self-sealing fasteners handbook, a standard reference of the industry available for download.
  • M.J. Vail Inc. Distributor for tooling components, fasteners, spring plungers, and shaft collars.
  • Metric Importers of North America Provides information on the Fastener Quality Act, and its negative effect on importers of metric fasteners.
  • Mod-eez Fasteners Manufactures a full line of speciality fasteners designed for the assembly of furniture, cabinets and other framless structures.
  • Monogram Aerospace Fasteners Manufacturer of specialty aerospace fasteners. Includes a listing of national and international distributors.
  • Mustang Metals and Supply Houston-based company who produces Z-Clip metal fasteners and other fabricated products.
  • NingBo ZhongJiang High Strength Bolts Co. ,Ltd. Chinese manufacturer of bolts, grades 4.8 to 12.9, B7 studbolts and H2 nuts.
  • Ohio Rod Products Supplies a broad range of headed and threaded fasteners ranging in length from 1/2 inch to 58 inches.
  • Peek Metric Screws Offering a full range of screws, nuts and bolts . Custom sizes and options are also available.
  • Peguet Manufacturer of connecting Quick-Links available in 6 shapes and 5 alloys for do-it-yourself, industry, fishing, marine, sport and decorative purposes.
  • Pinco International Design and manufacture SEMS Screws. Prototype to large volume production capabilities.
  • Pioneer Group Of Companies Manufacturer and exporter of nuts, bolts, studs and other fasteners.
  • Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Co. Construction fastener manufacturer with in-house galvanizing line specializing in nonstandard anchor bolts and headed fasteners.
  • PowrFab Brackets Manufacturer of stainless steel brackets, connectors and hangers for custom home building.
  • Primary Fasteners Ltd British specialist distributor of quick release pins, detent pins, spring loaded devices, wire lanyards, nutserts, rivet nuts and tooling.
  • Quee Holdings Pty Ltd. Supplier of pre-packaged industrial assortment packs of hi-tensile nuts and bolts in metric or imperial threads.
  • Rivet Direct Manufacturer of open and closed-end stainless steel and aluminum blind fasteners supplying distributors and OEMs.
  • Rohder Machine & Tool, Inc. Manufacturer of standard, metric and specialty fasteners including hot forged bolts.
  • Rotocon Assembly Clamps Rotocon manufactures and sells an interchangeable clamping system used primarily to place assemblies or fixtures in or on machinery using rods, tubes or pipes.
  • Rumco, Inc. Manufacturer of cold-headed fasteners including screws and washers.
  • Sabrefix ( UK ) Ltd. Supplier of structural timber engineering metalwork. Features product specifications and diagrams.
  • Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Manufacturer of expansion concrete anchor and fastening equipment.
  • Screw and Supply Inc. Full-line fastener distributor. Stock a full range of machine and sheet metal screws, nuts , washers, pins, and rivets.
  • Self Fix Metals Manufacturer of cold-headed stainless steel rivets in 302 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Shanghai Songhai Industrial Trading Corp Manufacturer of thread rods, U-bolts, pipe clamps, studs, clamps, nut, hang bolt, washer and fasteners.
  • Shellbourne Manufacturing Company UK bolt and nut manufacturer for the oil, chemical and engineering industries.
  • Simmonds Marshall Ltd. Indian manufacturer and world-wide exporter of self-locking nuts, weld-nuts, caps and other specialty fasteners.
  • Siska Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of eyelets, grommets, rivets, hole plugs and setting machines.
  • Slidematic Specializes in manufacturing cold-head fasteners and stampings for OEMs. Also offer several computerized fastener management programs.
  • Slip-On Lock Nut Co. Manufacture quick change slip-on lock nut fasteners which can be positioned anywhere on a threaded rod.
  • Spotnails Manufacturer of pneumatically driven fasteners. Includes online catalog.
  • SPS Technologies Produces high strength fasteners, precision components, and metalworking tools for critical applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial machinery and equipment markets.
  • St Louis Screw & Bolt Manufacturer specializing in hex head and TC bolts. Other products include anchor bolts, tie rod assemblies, U-Bolts, Eye Bolts and J-Bolts.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners Ltd. UK based manufacturers of industrial fasteners in stainless steel, nickel alloys and coppper.
  • Stalcop L.P. Manufacturer of cold formed copper, aluminum, and steel based connectors and fasteners and detailed plastic insert and injection molded parts.
  • Staytite Limited United Kingdom manufacturer of nuts, screws, bolts, washers and other specialty fasteners.
  • Straptite Distributors of high quality stainless steel band and buckle clamping systems.
  • Sunex International Indian manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel and brass builder hardware.
  • Superbolt Manufacturer of mechanical stud/bolt tensioners designed to replace hex nuts and bolts.
  • Sussex Wire Inc. Manufactures wire formed custom and standard metal fasteners.
  • T. Carlsson Trading Swedish supplier of wire thread inserts, welding studs and self clinching studs/nuts.
  • Tamper Pruf Screws On-line distributor and manufacturer of security fasteners and tamper proof screws, hex socket and Torx tamper resistant fasteners with next day delivery.
  • Tension Control Bolts Ltd United Kingdom manufacturer and distributor of high-strength tension control bolts and shear wrenches.
  • The Meibuhr Company Manufacture metal external threads, split locking collars, lock nuts, and shaft collars.
  • The Nutty Company, Inc. Online fastener supplier of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, threaded rod, stainless, metric. Over 13, 000 products available.
  • The U-Bolt Connection Inc. Canadian bolt manufacturer specializing in custom bent fasteners such as U-bolts.
  • Top Screw Metal Corp. Taiwanese manufacturer and marketer of fasteners, screws, rivets, nuts and bolts. Online product data sheets.
  • Trevis Bolts French manufacturer of bolts, rods, pins, nuts, anchors and screws.
  • U-C Components, Inc. Manufacturer of precision cleaned vented and non-vented screws, fasteners, hardware and o-rings.
  • Universal Building Systems, Inc. Manufactures metal fasteners and accessory kits for stairs, porches and columns. Products include newel attachment kits, wall rail brackets, baluster fasteners, and rail bolts.
  • USA Tolerance Rings Manufactures frictional, stainless steel fasteners. Commonly used to mount cylindrical parts, bearings, pulleys, and brushes in electric motors.
  • Veck Composite Fasteners Ltd European manufacturer of high quality, low cost semi-permanent and permanent bonding fasteners.
  • Vermatic Clamps Manufacturer of single or multiple cushion-clamp assemblies for tube, pipe or hose.
  • Vogelsang Corporatoni One of the world's largest producers of spring pins (rollpins - slotted and coiled), tension bushings, tubular spacers and formed metal parts for a variety of applications.
  • Voss Industries Inc. Manufacturer of specialized band clamps, v-band couplings, flanges and ducting components.
  • Wenlyn Screw Company Manufacturer of cold headed products, screws, engineered fasteners and metric fasteners.
  • Western Wire Products Company Manufacturer of standard or custom wire fasteners including cotter pins, spring pins, S-hooks, Hog Rings, tie wires, pipe hooks, J-hooks and hanger irons.
  • Wyandotte Industries Inc. Special nuts and fasteners including slotted, nylon insert and all metal locknuts, screwed machine parts. Based in Missouri, USA.
  • Yardley Products Manufacturer of threaded metal inserts for use on plastic, metal or wood-base materials.
  • Yung Des Shing Co.,Ltd. Taiwanese manufacturer of hose clamps.
  • ZaGO Manufacturing Company Manufacture self-sealing screws and bolts for automotive, computer, food preparation and aerospace industries.
  • ZipNut Designer and manufacturer of patented Zip fastener threaded connections.

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