Résumés and Portfolios is a category for the resumes of individual architects and their portfoilios, and sites that do not demonstrate work clearly related to the business of architecture. This includes individuals seeking employment, those not seeking employment currently employed by an architectural firm, and firms that do not clearly state their business services, or whose portfolio does not show built work or unbuilt work not related to competitions. If your site does not meet this criteria, please refer to the description under the Architects General Category.

Other languages: Russian.

  • Albada, Bouke Dynamic 3D vrml-files of graduation project - a cube-building. Thesis about linking architecture with aircraft carriers.
  • Angelidakis, Andreas Portfolio of studio and theoretical work. Located in New York.
  • Becher, James Resume and portfolio of the architect includes examples from work with previous employers, commissions and research.
  • Bruno Provides photos of residential architecture and contact information. Blue Hill, Maine.
  • Chone, Cedric Projects, resume and travel pictures from an architecture graduate from Clermont-Ferrand, France.
  • Chrystal, Gordon Portfolio of architecture, furniture and graphic design works.
  • Craine, Euan Portfolio of work and CV of an architect from Isle of Man.
  • Degroote, Helene Portfolio presentation of interior architecture, product design, drawings and graphic design. Includes resume and contacts.
  • Demel, Scott Architect and architectural photographer shares recent projects and musings, including thoughts on designing a necropolis.
  • Dieckmann, Andreas Online portfolio in German and English.
  • Ellis, Sean Portfolio of architecture student from University of Kentucky.
  • Garvin, Christopher Experimental design with the objective of evoking an intense emotional response. Resume and portfolio.
  • Glazkov, Vladimir Illustrations of built and unbuilt projects plus resume. Site available in Russian and English.
  • Gonzalez, Roberto Projects developed during graduate school and while working for Miami and Chicago based architectural firms.
  • Gray, Thomas Portfolio of an architecture student at the University of Nottingham.
  • Gregory, Marissa Portfolio and resume for a California Polytechnic graduate. Includes construction drawings, philosophy and links.
  • Grissom, Tim Projects and resume of a 4th year student at the University of Idaho.
  • Hadden, Hamilton Portfolio of works in architecture, photography, website design and metal fabrication by an architecture graduate from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Hal Walter Architect Pty Ltd Design philosophy and photographs from Australian architect.
  • Harteveld, Maurice Portfolio of professional design works, research, publications and personal profile from an architect and PhD candidate in TU Delft.
  • Hogblom, Lars Portfolio and Resume.
  • Hybridarch Indraneel Dutta, Abhay Zachariah, and Brinda Kannan present a gallery of design projects in architecture, urban design and landscape urbanism.
  • Jann, Margaret Brief biography and portfolio, which includes contact information.
  • Joachim, Mitchell The portfolio of theoretical project combining art, architecture, urban and ecological design. Includes resume, texts, publications and links. Harvard doctoral candidate.
  • Kaczmarczyk, Andrzej This Polish architect presents his portfolio. [English/German/French]
  • Kalkin, Adam Includes portfolio of one house, video instructions on dog lifting and Adam's forehand, and brief synopses of his published books on architecture and performance art.
  • Kazemi, Hassanen Portfolio of architectural projects, rendering, graphic design and painting.
  • Kenniff, Thomas-Bernard Portfolio and curriculum vitae of Waterloo School of Architecture graduate. Includes building design, photography, writing, art, and video.
  • Kim, Jong-Ho's Architecture portfolio, resume, and personal links. A graduate of University of Michigan and Seoul National University.
  • Kiraly, Josef Photographs of completed solar panel home projects. Includes energy requirements. Based in Austria.
  • Klinar, Viviana Portfolio of architectural studio projects and landscape architecture. Also includes Master's thesis and resume.
  • Koprinski, Tzvetomir Portfolio includes buildings in Europe and Africa.
  • Korbkeeratipong, Kanokon Resume and portfolio of an architect in Thailand.
  • Ladd, Nick Portfolio of architectural studio projects, web design, graphic arts, photography and art. Includes resume and professional experience.
  • Lansbergen, Joost Portfolio of architecture, urbanism and imagineering projects from Delft-based architect. CV in Dutch.
  • Lee, Gerard Resume of Gerard Lee, AIA, practicing architect in California. Includes portfolio and images within main site.
  • Lefner, Jan A young Czech architect presents his projects.
  • Luis, A. Lira V. First Filipino apprentice architect at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin since 1932. Personal background, portfolio, resume.
  • Lutton, Dean Portfolio and thesis of a graduate student in architecture at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Macadaan, Mike Resume and portfolio of design work for a design director at AOL and Netscape. Includes design resources and inspirations.
  • Mayernik, David Thomas Classical design architect and painter. Gallery of projects, classical architecture, fresco and oil paintings.
  • McBride, Dana Photographic portfolio of residential interiors and exteriors.
  • Michelsen, Andreas Online portfolio of an architect graduated from Bartlett and Copenhagen School of Architect.
  • Mikurcik, Juraj Slovakian architect interested in architecture, graphic design and photography.
  • N Architects Project diary and awards list. New York City.
  • Osterroht, Manfredo Portfolio of a Brazilian architect, winner of many international awards.
  • Palacios, Hans Presentation of works during architecture education at MIT, current projects and research in design.
  • Peng, Weiwei Selected architectural works and photos by a M.Arch. graduate from University of Texas, Austin.
  • Petrecca, Andrea Architecture, design and graphic design projects of an architecture graduate from IUAV, Venice.
  • Pitanga do Amparo, Luiz Antonio Architecture, art, doctoral research, interior design, biotecture projects, architectural research, public art, architectural theories and academic exchange.
  • Purnomo, Adi Portfolio includes photography, architecture and art. Includes brief personal outline, exhibitions and recent work.
  • Quan, Jessie Online portfolio of Cal Poly architecture student. Featuring design studies, paintings, and drawings.
  • Rachel Allen Architecture Portfolio of architecture remodeling and renovation projects as well as furniture design, jewelry, drawings, short films and fashion. Based in Los Angeles.
  • Reissenweber, Ronnie Includes resume, portfolio, references and personal profile.
  • Rembiszewski, Robert Projects at Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and professional experience during studies.
  • Rice, Jeff A catalog of the works from a graduate of Kansas State University. Includes architectural projects in many different media: photographs, mappings, sketches, and videos.
  • Rolka, John Art and architectural portfolio. Education, work, projects and links.
  • Roxbergh, Kristoffer Portfolio of an architecture student at Chalmers University, Sweden.
  • Shi, Livia Biography and portfolio of an architecture and furniture designer based in South California. Livia is influenced by wisdom from the Dalai Lama and the late Krishnamurti.
  • Shore, Tomas Portfolio and CV of a student architect at the University of Nottingham. His work is experimental, combining environmental factors with construction technology and aesthetics.
  • Smith, Steve A diverse range of theoretical and practical design projects from an architect living in Montreal, Canada. Also includes resume and a photo scrapbook.
  • Soule, Derek Contains coverletter, resume, portfolio, email and architectural links.
  • Spoelstra, Rutger Portfolio containing architectural projects by a young Dutch architect living and working in Delft, the Netherlands.
  • Sugimoto, Go Portfolio of architecture, photography and graphic design from an architecture and art graduate from Rhode Island School of Design.
  • Sweeting, Ben Architectural drawings, projects and papers in the fields of architecture, ethics and cybernetics.
  • Tawadrous, Mounir An online webfolio collection of an architecture graduate student from New Jersey Institute of Technology, including design, graphics and written work.
  • Terberg, Maarten Portfolio of an architecture graduate from TU Delft, Netherlands, containing architectural design projects, 3D modelling and some reports.
  • Thai Chau Portfolio includes projects completed in architectural school with some examples from professional practice.
  • Tharwat, Ahmed Portfolio of architecture, interior design, renderings, sketches, with resume and biography.
  • Thordarson, Olafur Biography and portfolio of the Icelandic architect, artist and designer, co-partner in Dingaling Studio, New York.
  • Toshkov, Tsvetan Portfolio of architectural studio projects, three dimensional work and drawings.
  • Turk, Danko Projects and realizations of this Croatian architect.
  • van Daele, Wouter Portfolio and CV of this Belgian architect.
  • Van der Scheer van Tijn A small presentation of work by this young Amsterdam based architectural office.
  • van der Slagt, Grant Art direction and design service. Architecture degree with ten years experience working in film and architecture.
  • Veibaek, Bodil - Archigraph Projects, designs, drawings and storyboards along with curriculum vitae.
  • Villegas, Luis O. Portfolio of independent works and research projects on design and environment.
  • Watts, Matthew Work carried out during architectural studies at the University of Bath and the University of East London. Includes essays, design work and photos.
  • Weisser, Frank Includes a curriculum vitae and examples of study and studio projects. Includes contact.
  • Wikar, Markus Portfolio includes studio projects and graphics, as well as personal background and contacts.
  • Yeadon, Peter An e-folio of architecture initiatives, including selected works and curriculum vitae.
  • YLVP, Yang Liu and Vivian Peng Selected works by two Texas architects, including building designs, models, renderings and free-hand sketches. Also has resumes and photographs.

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