This category and its subcategories contain sites for businesses and business activities related to the manufacture, distribution, and sales of specialty chemical products. This includes primarily products defined by their suitability for a particular niche application or purpose, rather than by their chemical structure. Many of these are known in the chemical industry as specialty chemicals or performance chemicals. Sites for companies who focus on one particular specialty are listed in the corresponding subcategory; companies active in two or more specialty areas, and companies whose specialty does not fall within one of the subcategories, are listed in this main category.

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  • A Brite Company Manufactures proprietary chemicals for the metal finishing and environmental industries, including surface cleaners and brighteners, rust preventatives, electrophoretic coatings, and waste water treatment chemicals. Texas, USA.
  • Acheson Supplier of specialty coatings and lubricants for metals processing, electronics, automotive, and other applications. A division of National Starch.
  • Arch Chemicals, Inc. Manufacturer of specialty chemicals headquartered in Connecticut. Products include biocides, water treatment chemicals, ingredients for personal care products, polyols, and hydrazines.
  • Aviabor OAO Manufacturer of organic and inorganic boron chemicals in Russia. Products include borane complexes, borohydrides, borates, boronic acids, and higher-complexity structures.
  • Basildon Chemicals Manufacturer of silicone compounds, antifoams and emulsions. Includes product information and contact details.
  • CCC-USA Supplier of an aqueous solution of lithium heteropolytungstates as a heavy liquid for gravimetric mineral separations.
  • Chem-Len, Inc. Makers of an algaecide, fungicide, and microbicide with demulsifying properties, for use in petroleum products and marine ballast tanks.
  • Chemetall GmbH Specializes in metal surface treatment chemicals that offer protection from corrosion, facilitate forming, machining, and processing and ensure coating adhesion. Also offers sealants, products for non-destructive testing, and a range of chemical specialties.
  • Cyantek, Inc USA. Manufacturers of high purity microlithography chemicals for the manufacture of semiconductors, photomasks, thin film heads, discs, and flat panel displays. Part of the Rockwood Group.
  • Daiichi Fine Chemical Europe GmbH Manufacturer of pantothenic acid and tocopherol derivatives and vitamin B6, for use in the cosmetic, feed, and food industries.
  • Dytec Services, Inc. Produces Coldshield, a heat shielding material designed to protect nearby components from heat damage during soldering, welding, and brazing. South Carolina, USA.
  • E. Vernon Hill Manufacturer of smoke generating devices used in scientific and industrial applications.
  • Eagle Chemicals, Inc. Manufacturer of metal finishing products in Ohio, offering a range of cleaners, rust-inhibitors, strippers, brighteners, and lubricants.
  • Elementis Specialties Manufacturer of rheological additives and pigment dispersions, serving the coatings, inks, adhesives, construction, and other industries.
  • Exacto, Inc. Provides a range of surfactant and adjuvant products for agricultural and commercial applications, including defoamers, emulsifiers, cleaners, wetting agents, colorants, and scent chemicals. Illinois, USA.
  • FeF Chemicals A/S Specialized producer of a variety of quaternary ammonium compounds in Denmark. Applications range from pharmaceuticals, personal care, and disinfection to diagnostic reagents and phase transfer catalysts.
  • GEO Specialty Chemicals USA. Group of companies, involved in the manufacture of chemicals, resins and compounds for a wide variety of industrial applications. Extensive technical information.
  • Haytak FZE Manufacturer and distributor of performance chemicals for the oil, textile, and paper industries, based in the United Arab Emirates. Products include pregelatinized starch, carboxymethylcellulose, viscosifiers, and foaming agents.
  • Ibex Chemicals Inc.. Manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the petroleum production industry, including a range of drilling fluid additives.
  • Indunor S.A. Producer of quebracho extracts and other tanning agents, furfuryl chemicals, and other specialty products for industrial applications. Argentina.
  • IQChem Swiss company specializing in research and development of specialty chemicals, with particular emphasis on organic chromophores and light management.
  • Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. Chemical manufacturer of food grade and tech grade speciality chemicals. Products include antifoams, defoamers, silicone fluids, and emulsifiers. ISO 9002 certified with a Kosher plant.
  • Jiangsu Taihu Industry Co. Manufacturer of polymerization inhibitors in China. The primary product is p-tert-butylcatechol, also offers N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine and various formulated products.
  • Jingjiang Hongtai Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of specialty additives for the coating and plastic industries. Products include photo-initiating curatives, antioxidants, brighteners, and raw materials.
  • Jingzhou Longhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd.. Produces nonionic surfactants, used as emulsifiers in pesticide, polymer foam, and oil-field applications. Located in China.
  • JLK Industries Manufactures and distributes specialty additives and performance products, including natural polymers, polyacrylates and polyacrylamides, defoamers and surfactants, and stearates. Pennsylvania, US.
  • Kemwerke, Inc. Manufactures alkyd resin, polymerized vegetable oils, and other raw chemical materials used in coatings.
  • Lakshmiji Organics Pvt Ltd Company in India specializing in alcohol denaturants, including pyridine, crotonaldehyde, wood naptha, and denatonium benzoate. Also supplies a range of other industrial chemicals.
  • Lawrence Industries, Ltd UK. Manufacturers' representatives for specialty chemicals, minerals and catalysts for a wide range of industrial applications. Links to principal companies.
  • MetaLube, Inc. Produces metalworking fluids, specialty oils, metal and plastic finishing products, corrosion inhibitors, and other performance products. South Carolina, USA.
  • Qemi International Supplier of formulated water-soluble polymers and specialty chemicals for treatment of potable and waste water, and for industrial applications in sugar processing and papermaking. Texas, US.
  • Quaker Chemical Corporation A worldwide developer, producer, and marketer of custom-formulated chemical specialty products for the metalworking and fluid power industries.
  • Sanmenxia Xiawei Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer in Henan, China, of flotation chemicals, rubber additives, fine-chemical intermediates, and feed additives.
  • Thew Arnott & Co Ltd Specializes in raw materials for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, with a range of shellacs, lecithins, rheology modifiers, waxes, and colorants.
  • Uniqema Manufactures surfactants, functional ingredients and oleochemical derivatives, for a variety of industrial, agricultural, and health-care applications.
  • Uyemura International Corp. Manufacturers and suppliers of advanced plating chemicals and processes, specializing in electroless plating of nickel, gold, and platinum group metals.
  • Wanglong Group Co., Ltd. Specializing in the production of food preservatives including sorbic acid and potassium sorbate, Kosher certified.
  • Yongning Chemical Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd. Producer of chemicals used in formulating household products, including surfactants, humectants, silicone oils and emulsions, thickeners, emulsifiers, and miscellaneous additives.
  • Zhejiang Huakang Enterprises Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of sugar alcohols and related chemicals in China. Products include xylitol, xylose, furfural, furfuryl alcohol, maltitol, mannitol, and sorbitol, as well as other sweeteners, flavors, and several amino acids.

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