This category is for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of finished rubber products. It is not for sites dealing with raw rubber and compounds. Submissions to this category include international and United States businesses whose operations extend throughout the 48 states. If your organization does not meet this criteria please submit your site to the appropriate regional category instead.

Other languages: Russian.

  • A Yang Thai Manufacturing (AYT) Manufactures rubber parts for the automotive, electronic and medical, industries. Thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding.
  • A1 Rubber Produce a range of products from recycled tyres including playground and sports surfacing, construction noise and vibration insulation, gymnasiums and aerobics flooring.
  • Aarubco Rubber Company Designs, develops and fabricates rubber products for industry. Products include belts, rolls and rollers, rubber and rubber cover products. Based in Spain.
  • Accurate Products, Inc. Specialists in standard rubber small parts, grommets, bumpers, and other molded parts.
  • Allied Rubber Products (Qld) Designs and manufactures custom moulded, extruded and hand built rubber products of synthetic rubbers including viton, neoprene and nitrile. Based in Australia.
  • Astro-Tex Industrial rubber products including grommets, bumpers, molded parts and extrusions.
  • Atlantic India Rubber Company Specialists in custom and standard rubber items.
  • Atlantic Rubber Co, Inc. Manufactures rubber products including o-rings, pure gum tubing, medical grade tubing, polymers, and gaskets.
  • Avon Rubber PLC Manufacturer of rubber products for the international automotive, engineering, dairy, and defence industries, with company details and illustrations. Wiltshire, United Kingdom.
  • BC Rubber Supply Ltd. Rubber manufacture of extruded, molded fabricated and die-cast rubber. Canada.
  • Blair Rubber Manufactures rubber linings for tanks, and mining and waste water treatment applications. Also supplies conveyor belt hot vulcanizing, splicing and repair materials.
  • Bolton Rubber Manufacturers of silicone rubber. Provides extrusions, mouldings and fabrication for a wide range of products.
  • Buckhorn Rubber Products, Inc. Manufactures injection and compression molded rubber original equipment and replacement parts.
  • C&M Rubber Co. Manufactures custom molded silicone products and other exotic elastomers.
  • California Gasket and Rubber Corporation Manufactures molded rubber products, non-metallic gaskets and washers plus metal stamping, as well as extruded and wrapped silicone hose. Based in Gardena.
  • Capital Rubber and Plastics Limited Provides extrusions of all rubber and plastic materials. With in-house design, tooling and manufacturing divisions.
  • Cascade Rubber Products, Inc. Manufactures custom molded rubber products.
  • Cellular Developments Ltd Creates components in solid and sponge rubbers including thermoplastics. Offers custom material development and tooling. Includes case studies and tooling details.
  • Cervellati s.r.l. Manufactures custom molded rubber components, products and compounds; specializing in Vulkollan, FKM, silicone, Neoprene and polyurethanes.
  • Colorado Molded Products Company Provides custom rubber molded products and elastomers and services to purchasing agents, engineers and production managers in a variety of industries.
  • Connecta Manufactures made-to-order rubber-based parts for a broad range of industrial uses. Provides chemical and physical tests to international standards.
  • Custom Fabricating & Supplies Distributor of custom rubber molding parts for industrial applications. Offers custom die cutting. Describes products and services.
  • Custom Rubber Corp. Manufactures rubber products by injection and compression molding, extrusion, and bonding to metal. Includes photos of samples.
  • Deltaflex, Inc. Manufactures and distributes industrial mechanical rubber components, molded rubber products, shock, vibration, machinery and motor mounts.
  • DeRuijter International USA Raw material supplier to the tire, agricultural and automotive industries. Includes Magna Products, a subsidiary that manufactures and imports rubber products for the industrial, food service, entrance, sport, and agricultural markets. Provides product photos and details plus a distributor login.
  • Derya Lastik Manufactures rubber and plastic components for automotive, electronic, medical and other industries. In Turkish and English.
  • Design Rubber Produce custom molded rubber parts including profile puller cleats and cleated caterpillar type traction belts for the printing and textile industry.
  • DeVoll's Rubber Products Manufactures lathe cut washers, gaskets, and custom rubber extrusions. Includes a list of products, polymers, and services.
  • Dexine Rubber Company Services industrial rubber requirements in defence, chemical, railways, utilities, engineering, aviation and construction.
  • Elcomin S.n.c. Manufactures rubber components to high technical standards.
  • Enkay (India) Rubber Company Limited Manufactures rubber and latex products including bladders, hot water bottles, footwear soles and rubber mats.
  • Eurorubber Italian rubber manufacturing company. Requires Flash. In Italian and English.
  • Eutsler Rubber ISO Certified 9001:2000 manufacturer of custom molded rubber products and parts. Describes products, materials and available services. Offers on-site compounding and testing resources.
  • Fairham Mouldings Manufacturers rubber components and offers service from mould design to finished products.
  • Ferrabyrne Ltd Specialists in the design and manufacture of rubber and rubber to metal bonded components.
  • General Silicone Molder of silicone keypad, parts for calculators, remote controls, mobile phones. Breast prostheses and sealant for various application. Both ISO9002 and QS9000 certified. 
  • GMT GmbH Manufactures antivibration elements for rail vehicles, construction and offroad equipment, marine, aerospace and general engineering. In German and English.
  • Gumotex a.s. Czech Republic. manufacturer of polyurethane foams.
  • Harboro Rubber Company Ltd. Produces rubber parts for manufacturing industries. Offers case studies and a technology overview.
  • Hutchinson Rubber Manufactures rubber products for automotive, consumer and industry. Range of products includes seals, hoses and assemblies, transmission systems, antivibration parts, bicycle tires, household gloves, sponges, pacifiers and condoms.
  • Hyundai Polytech Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of rubber and thermoplastic elastomer parts for the automotive industry, located in South Korea. Products include components for steering, suspension, brake, air conditioning, motor, and electronic systems.
  • Industrial Molded Rubber Manufactures molded rubber parts. Capabilities include prototyping, compounding, tooling, production runs, rubber to metal bonding and rubber to plastic bonding. Describes engineering abilities, materials available and quality assurance.
  • Industrial Rubber Products, Inc. Designs, produces, and supplies protective materials, abrasion resistant products and equipment, erosion/corrosion protective linings, and proprietary rubber products.
  • Inlir Industrial Corp Design and manufacture of neoprene bags and protective cases for the consumer goods market. Custom manufacturing services.
  • Itran Precision Rubber Manufactures engineered molded rubber products and rubber bonded-to-metal assemblies for dynamic and static applications.
  • J.J. Short Associates, Inc. Custom manufactures rubber products for industry. Recoats rubber rollers, does rubber-to-metal bonding plus builds hard-to-find replacement parts.
  • Jeflex Plastik Rubber and PVC profile manufacturer for automotive sealing and construction products. Based in Turkey. Describes services, capabilities and products.
  • Jet Rubber Co Molded rubber products. Molded rubber to metal components. Injection, transfer, and compression molding of all rubber elastomers.
  • Kingley Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of rubber keypads, membrane switches, keypad sets, and rubber accessories.
  • Kächele Manufacturer of rubber molded articles and rubber metal parts.
  • Lake Erie Rubber Works, Inc. Manufactures molded rubber products, specializing in non-conductive parts. Offers injection, compression and transfer rubber molding. Lists part samples and common elastomers used.
  • Lauren Manufacturing USA based custom rubber extruding and manufacturing company located in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Lists capabilities, technical information and worldwide reach.
  • Limtech, Inc Liquid silicone rubber molder of components for medical, pharmaceutical, electrical, automotive and consumer products.
  • Man Lok Rubber Manufactory Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of electronics parts, toys, audio, medical and household items.
  • Maniar Rubber Pvt Ltd. Manufacture rubber printing blankets and are distributors for white coal and oil seals.
  • Manville Rubber Products, Inc. Precision custom manufacturer of molded rubber components. Injection, transfer and compression molding. Custom formulation development. Prototype development through high volume production.
  • Mid American Rubber Inc. Manufacturing precision rubber rollers for printing, mechanical, pinch, offset, idler and hot stamping. Includes a rubber property comparison chart.
  • Mid-Atlantic Rubber Co. Manufactures, distributes and represents mechanical rubber products.
  • Midwest Elastomers Processes high quality, finely ground plastics and rubber materials for industrial and commercial markets. Offers sports surfacing plus industrial products like tires, construction materials and automotive components.
  • Moulik Rubber Industries Rubber parts manufacturing company in Mumbai, India. Makes sponge moulded and extruded rubber parts. Offers technical descriptions of synthetic rubber and polymers.
  • Nantex Industry Co., Ltd. Manufactures Nitrile rubber and latex, Nantex, synthetic rubber and other materials. In English and Chinese.
  • Ooppoottil Group Rubber processors and manufacturers of gloves.
  • Park Ohio Products Manufactures custom molded rubber, silicon and plastic parts for the automotive, medical, and electronic markets.
  • Passaic Rubber Company Manufactures calendered rubber, rollers and endless belts.
  • Perlast Manufactures perfluoroelastomer parts for food, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and chemical processing industries. Includes data sheets, certifications and policies plus descriptions of products and services.
  • Phoenix Vibration Controls B.V. Manufactures rubber metal and moulded products plus air suspension for the maritime and industrial markets. Designed to isolate vibrations and reduce noise. Lists products and industry news.
  • Piercan Manufacturer of dry box gloves, laboratory gloves and technical pieces in natural and synthetic rubber.
  • Pinnacle Elastomeric Technology Offers custom mixing of high performance rubber compounds for the fluoroelastomer industry. Lists products and capabilities.
  • Plymouth Rubber Co Manufacturers and suppliers of rubber and vinyl products that cover a broad range of markets.
  • Polycorp Manufactures polymer products for transportation and mining uses, and protective linings.
  • Primasil Ltd Manufacturers of silicone rubber extruded and molded products. Technical information and FAQs on silicone.
  • Pronal Elastomer Engineering Manufacturing and marketing of inflatable products made from plastomer or elastomer coated fabrics. Used for safety, sealing, storage, lifting and pressing.
  • Ptfe Rubber Works Manufactures custom moulded rubber goods like seals, gaskets, oilseals, brake cups and mountings. Based in India.
  • Qualiform Inc. Manufactures custom rubber products including compression, transfer and injection molding.
  • Rediweld Rubber & Plastics Ltd Manufacturers of rubber and plastic trade moldings. Also, Traficop range of traffic calming products and hand build rubber hose for industrial, marine and rail brake applications.
  • Reliable Rubber Manufacturer of laminated industrial rubber dock, truck and trailer bumpers.
  • Renko Canada Supply natural and synthetic rubberproducts for roofs, windows, facades, ponds, automotives, and floors.
  • Rephouse Manufactures and installs rubber flooring products for all applications. Includes an interactive design program and products list.
  • Rex-Hide Industries Manufacturer of extruded rubber products, including skirt board, channel, and bumpers. Overview of capabilities, and range of materials processed. Texas, USA.
  • Rol-Tec Inc. Manufactures rubber roll coverings and precision urethane products. Includes detailed descriptions of services and products available with contact forms. Offers a newsletter.
  • Royal Rubber Company USA based manufacturing facility provides customized rubber products for military, appliance, automotive, and general industrial customers. Factory in South Bend, Indiana.
  • Rubber Associates, Inc. Manufactures custom rubber products for industries. Capabilities include rubber to metal bonded parts and other substrates such as plastic, nylon and fabric reinforcements.
  • Rubber Products, Ltd Manufacturers of industrial rubber products including hose pipes, rubber sheets, and molded and extruded items. India.
  • Rubber Sheet Roll Distributes and manufactures rubber sheets, rolls and fabricated parts. Also fabricates gaskets, seals and extruded parts. Describes materials and lists pricing.
  • Rubber to Metal Manufactures rubber cv boots, shock absorbers, isolators, dampers, antivibration mountings, bellows and elastomers. In multiple languages.
  • Rubberlite Incorporated Makes converted cellular rubber and plastic products. Provides lamination for fabric and film products to foam. Medium to high density urethane foams for industrial and footwear products.
  • Rubbermark Industries Ltd Supplier of industrial rubber products for automotive, horticulture, energy, marine and refrigeration uses.
  • Sacatec Industrie Manufactures molded rubber parts and elastomer for industry and automotive. Specialist in rubber bonded to metal, textile and plastic components.
  • Samsung Medical Rubber Manufactures medical rubber products and custom moulded products. In English and Korean.
  • Seashore Rubber Chinese manufacturer of rubber sheeting,rubber extrusion and molded rubber products. Provides a product catalog and industry news.
  • Silicone Rubber Extrusions Australian manufacturer of custom silicone rubber profiles. Describes manufacturing capabilities and offers a product catalogue to download.
  • South Bend Modern Molding, Inc. Manufactures compression, transfer, and injection molded rubber products.
  • Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. Offers silicone products for consumer and commercial uses, including pharmaceutical and laboratory analysis, high performance automotive and aircraft parts.
  • Star Seals Co,.ltd China-based rubber products manufacturing company. Produces and distributes rubber sheet, molding and extrusions. Provides catalog of products.
  • Urethane Roller Specialist, Inc. Manufactures rubber and urethane industrial rollers for over 30 years. Wide range of compounds and durometers.
  • Vetter GmbH Lifting bags, sealing bags, testing tools. Products for rescue, environment, industry, fire departments.
  • Vicone High Performance Rubber Offers turn-key supply management programs for rubber parts of all shapes and sizes. Includes R&D support and rapid prototyping plus custom manufacturing and assembly. Includes case studies and white papers. In English and French.
  • VIP Rubber Company, Inc. Manufactures rubber and plastic products. Based in La Habra, California. Polymer chemist on staff.
  • Windsor Machine and Stamping Ltd. Product line includes; rubber isolators, body strut mounts, seals, gaskets, pads, in various polymers.
  • Zenith Rubber & Plastic Works Manufacture rubber sheets and insertion, skirt boards, industrial rubber hoses, rubber mats, floor coverings, and rubber molded products.
  • Zeon Chemicals Europe, Ltd Manufacturers of synthetic rubbers, develops and produces oil resistant speciality rubbers for automobile components.

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