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  • Akcros Chemicals Ltd. Manufacture plastic additives for processing and manufacturing of UV cure chemicals and polysulphide chemicals for the aerospace, marine and construction industries.
  • Akrochem Corporation Manufacture fillers and additives for plastic and rubber including processing aids, release agents , tackifiers and stearates.
  • Ampacet Corporation Producer of plastics color and additive concentrates including slip agents, UV inhibitors, anti fogs and foaming agents.
  • Asúa Products SA Spanish company manufacturing and exporting materials for use in the PVC industry. Includes company and product information, recruitment, sales, and contacts.
  • Bruggemann Specialty Chemicals Manufactures polymer stabilisers to avoid premature yellowing and brittleness of the finished products, as well as a reduction of combustibility.
  • Catalyst Systems Manufacturer of standard and custom benzoyl peroxide products used as curing agents in reinforced fiberglass molding applications. Also offers custom blending, packaging and formulation capabilities for a wider range of performance chemicals.
  • Ceca Manufacture a range of additives for processing of plastics and rubber, particularly in tyre manufacture, and adhesives manufacture.
  • Changzhou Chemicals Co., Ltd. Special property additives and pigments for aqueous, offset and solvent based printing inks, paint, plastic, rubber, textiles and stationery industries .
  • Changzhou Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd. Specialized in the production of auxiliaries for the polymerization of vinyl chloride, including viscosity reducers, antifoamers, terminators and antifouling agents. Located in China.
  • Chem-Trend, LP USA. Multi-national manufacturers of release agents for applications in the general rubber, tire, polyurethane, composites, thermoplastics and die casting industries. List of employment opportunities. Links to related sites. Part of the Freudenberg Group.
  • Chemical Release Company, Ltd. Providing internal and external mould release agents to improve product quality and reduce product cycle times.
  • Chemtura Corp USA. Group of chemicals manufacturing companies, specialised in plastic additives. Links to group companies.
  • Chromat (UK) Ltd. Manufacture decorative surfacing materials and fillers for plastics applications.
  • Cognis Additives and components to improve performance of plastic compounds including PVC slip additives, stabilizers, plasticizers and others.
  • DuPont Fluoroguard Supply multifunctional polymer additives based on a fluorinated synthetic oil and is colorless, odorless, chemically inert and nonflammable.
  • Dyvex Industries Providing antistat, antifog, slip, release-aid, and aroma concentrates for blown, cast and multilayered film, injection molding, and recycled plastic.
  • Everspring Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacture and specialize in antioxidants and UV light stabilizers for plastics. Product overview and technical documentation. Taiwan.
  • Fangqiao East Chemical Plant Manufacturer of a range of chemical additives and intermediaries for plastic and a diverse group of other industries.
  • Hangzhou Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd. Develops and manufactures a range of coupling agents for use in plastics, adhesives, coatings, and inks, including titanate, aluminate ester, and alum-titan series. Located in China.
  • Hangzhou Fuchunjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of carbon additives for rubber and plastics in various wear resistance grades. Overview of products and specifications. Located in China.
  • Huangyan Zhedong Rubber Auxiliary Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer of rubber antioxidants and accelerators in China.
  • Jiangsu Hongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of plastic additives in China. Products include phenyl phosphites chelating agents, epoxidized vegetable oils, and chloroparaffin stabilizers. Also produces chlorinated aromatic intermediates.
  • Jiangsu Jiangyin Qianjin Chemical Plant Producer of accessory materials for unsaturated polyester resin such as accelerant, mekp curing agent, tbpb curing agent and pigment paste.
  • Jiangsu Yoke Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer in China of additives and blowing agents for polyurethanes, rubber, and plasticized PVC. Products include catalysts and flame retardants.
  • Jincheng Chemical Factory Producer of plastic additives such as creatine monohydrate, Benzoyl chloride, and kinds of organic peroxides.
  • Koltex Manufacturer of inorganic and organic fillers for paint and plastic industry, fillers include baryt, lithopone, omyacarb and talc.  
  • Liaoyang huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. Producer and supplier of plastic processing additives including polyethleneglycol penetrant and emulsifier series.
  • Mann Release Products Manufactures release agents for rubber and plastic high heat, injection, R.I.M, compression and high volume industrial applications.
  • Micropel Corp USA. Manufacturers of degradation protective antimicrobials for formulators and fabricators of flexible PVC, polyurethanes, polyolefins, rubber and other polymers. Extensive technical information. List of world wide agents. Part of the Troy Corp.
  • MS Seltek Distributor of additive chemicals for plastic and rubber in asia.
  • Nikita Transphase Adducts Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of rubber additives, including anti-oxidants, stabilizers, gelling agents, and wax emulsions. Located in India.
  • Performance Additives Sdn. Bhd. Specialty manufacturer of rubber and plastic additives, polymer processing chemicals.
  • Pergan GmbH Germany. Manufacturers of organic peroxides and other polymer additives to the polymer production and processing industries. Technical information on PDF files. English and German.
  • Polyvel Inc. Thermoplastic additive concentrates. These concentrates contain extremely high levels of heat and shear sensitive additives.
  • PTS - Plastic Technology Service Ltd. Manufactures Plastic additives including antiblock agents ,conductive carbon black, compatibilising additive, antistatic and slip concentrates.
  • Pumex Distribute pumice, calcium carbonate, talc, perlite, glass beads and a range of other materials, Used as fillers for plastic polymers.
  • Rajiv Plastic Industries Manufacturing of color masterbatches and concentrates for commodity as well as engineering thermoplastics.
  • Rich Yu Chemical Co., Ltd Manufacturer of plastic additives including antioxidants, UV absorbers, PP clarifiers, curing agent for urethane, and specialty chemicals.
  • Shandong Sanfu Chemical Empolder Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer in China specializing in rubber aging inhibitors, including trimethylquinoline and 2-phenyl indole derivatives.
  • Shanghai Zhiqiang Plastic Auxiliary Co., Ltd. Producer of PVC heat stabilizers in China. Product include antimony and methyl tin mercaptides, organophosphites, and compound performance products.
  • Southern Clay Products High aspect ratio additives based on montmorillonite clay, designed and manufactured for the plastics industry.
  • Struktol Manufacturer of dispersion aids, homogenizers, waxes and amide slip agents for plastic compounds, as well as lubrication and processing enhancement agents.
  • Tai Cang Company Produces chemical additives for property enhancement and processing of plastic compounds.
  • Tecnik Polymers Supplier of plastics and paint additives, silicon fibers, glass fibers, plastic magnet, moulding compound.
  • Trexel, Inc. Manufactures cellular microballons plastic additive for weight reduction and productivity enhancement, in products such as blow molded foam milk bottles.
  • Uniqema.com Produces specialty chemicals including a range of surfactants and oleochemical derivatives used to enhance the processing of plastic compounds.
  • Yixing Taixin Chemical Co Ltd China – Manufacturer of blowing agent additives used in the foaming of various polymers including rubber, EVA, polyethylene and PVC.
  • Yong-Jin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Chemicals for the enhancement of physical propertiesa in plastic and rubber. these include, antioxidants,anti-tacking agent, and UV inhibitors.
  • Zhejiang Ultrafine Powders & Chemicals Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of rubber accelerator and antioxidant additives, as well as nano-particulate alumina powders and aluminum isopropoxide. China.

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