Sites for and about businesses and business activities aimed at providing cleaning products for commercial and industrial applications. Examples include commercial janitorial supplies and chemicals for cleaning process equipment.
  • 1st Enviro Safety, Inc. Manufacturers of botanical cleaning and degreasing products and agricultural solutions.
  • Alessandro Gaeta Srl Chemicals for industry and environment.
  • Amazon Bio-Guard Ltd Manufacturer of Eradic8, high level disinfectant formulations for infection control in all medical and commercial applications.
  • Arcal Chemicals, Inc. Manufacturers of metal treatments and welding aids. Also bulk cleaners to the transit authorities, print cleaners to the printing industry. And supplies industrial cleaners to local and federal governments and contractors.
  • Archem NI Limited Manufacturer of speciality cleaning products for use in residential, commercial, healthcare and industrial applications in the UK and Ireland and also exported to various International locations.
  • Arnuparb trading Manufactures cooling, cleaning, food and water chemicals.
  • Ashland Chemicals Manufactures cleaning products and distributes a range of branded products, paper products and first aid supplies to business throughout the North and South of Ireland.
  • Atlanta SuperSource Manufactures all types of cleaning products used in cleaning Food Service and hospitality establishments. Also rent, lease, sell, and service all types of commercial dish machines.
  • B&V Water Treatment Water treatment company supplying chemicals, training and services to commercial and industrial businesses.
  • Be-Long Corporation Chinese manufacturer and supplier of various varieties of chemical products including detergent additives and surfactant. Supplier of animal health products, cleansing chemicals, petrochemical and flotation reagents.
  • Beaver Research Company Manufacturers of industrial cleaning products that are non chlorinated, ozone safe and environmentally friendly.
  • BenSos Ecologic Detergents Produce household Industrial liquid detergents containing only readily biodegradable chemicals with low toxicity.
  • Bhartiya Enterprises Manufacturer & exporter of tube cleaners, flexible shafts, tube expanders, tube tools and tube expansion systems.
  • Bi-State Detergent Systems Formulates and distributes a full line of soaps and detergents for commercial applications including laundry, ware washing, automotive, industrial and personal care. Also sells, leases and services, new and refurbished low temperature commercial dish machines.
  • Bio-Circle Non-solvent parts cleaning of oil/grease -water based, non WHMIS controlled.
  • Biotechnologies Limited Septic tank cleaning products.
  • Bodnar Supply Co. Distributes an industrial deodorizer concentrate used in tank trucks, chemical toilets, carpets and floors.
  • Borer Chemie Manufacturer and distributor of disinfectants and industrial cleaning products for aqueous cleaning, specializing in precision cleaning for industry with aqueous cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Bracton Beerline Company Bracton Industries specializes in Beerline cleaning chemicals and related hygiene products for the Hospitality Industry.
  • Bracton Industries Manufacturer of hotel bar chemicals, related hygiene products and draught beer dispensing equipment for the hospitality industry.
  • CAF Environmental Solutions Manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Caltech Industries, Inc. EPA Registered Hospital Cleaner Disinfectants for Infection Control.
  • Camco Chemical Co. Inc. Formulator and supplier of cleaning and sanitizing products for the food-processing, fermentation, sanitation, and other industrial applications where a clean and/or sanitary environment is required.
  • Certified Laboratories Manufacturer and supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products to businesses worldwide since 1948.
  • Chemeisters Manufacturer of carpet cleaning chemicals and deodorizers. Supplier to professional carpet cleaners, hotels and janitorial. Includes a library of articles and problem-solving index.
  • Chemex Cleaning and Hygiene Manufacturers of cleaning and hygiene products, systems and training to the healthcare, hospitality, education and leisure sectors.
  • Chemex Industries, Inc. Distributor of industrial maintenance products and specialty chemicals.
  • Chemical Solutions, Inc. Specialty chemical distributor of full line industrial process, water treatment, waste water treatment, surface treatment, and specialty cleaning compounds.
  • Chemical Technology Associates Suppliers of cleaning chemicals and degreaser for truck and car fleets.
  • Chemiclean Products Manufacturers and distributors janitorial equipment and protective clothing for the building, engineering and transport industries. Product details and contact information.
  • ChemTech Solutions Supplier of environmentally safe industrial cleaners for transportation, graphic arts, protein feed and general industries.
  • Classic Chemical Corp. Manufacturers of biodegradable hard surface cleaners for industrial use.
  • Clean-Pro Industries, Inc. Cleaning and janitorial service consulting and self directed business courses as well as green chemicals, supplies, polishes, caddies, and microfiber towels and cloths.
  • Columbia Chemical Corp Distributes industrial strength chemicals and a full line of Castle products to the entire Metropolitan area. Located in Freeport, NY.
  • Continental Chemical Co. Manufacturer of cleaning products for the food, transportation and janitorial industries.
  • Corporate Chemicals Supplier of janitorial cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • CPH Solutions Ltd Distributes cleaning and janitorial supplies to the service industry.
  • Cryogenesis Dry ice blast cleaning system used worldwide. Our Technology is non-abrasive, non-waste generating, non-conductive and non-hazardous.
  • Dasic International Ltd. Manufacturer of cleaners and paint strippers for the aerospace, rail and automotive markets. Developers of oil spill dispersant chemicals.
  • Dencil Pumps & Systems PVT. LTD Manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, plunger pumps and dosing pumps in India.
  • Descale-It Products Co. Distributor of biodegradable cleaning and desalination products.
  • Dober Group Providing custom cleaning chemistries and wastewater treatment products for the Commercial Laundry, Aggregate, Metal Finishing, Automotive, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • DSC Products Inc. Manufactures and nationally distributes carpet and upholstery care products including deodorization and restoration products.
  • DTZ Innovative Solutions Inc. Distributor of industrial cleaner in concentrate form. Shipping and handling is included in pricing.
  • EaCo Chem Inc. Manufactures cleaning compounds for the construction, restoration, transportation, industrial and commercial maintenance industries.
  • Easiway Systems Inc. Screen Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment for the graphic arts industry.
  • Eco-works Ltd. Producer of probiotic based products for a broad range of commercial applications and wholesale use.
  • Edelweiss Enterprises, Inc Manufactures all purpose cleaners, degreasers, casing cleaners and foams designed to handle heavy duty general cleaning in oil field and industrial applications.
  • EDFRED Corporation Specialized cleaners for removal of lime, rust, soap scum, grease and oil stains.
  • Elgene Chemicals Manufacturer of odor less, non explosive and non flammable industrial cleaning chemicals and safety solvents.
  • Elsco International, Inc. Produces industrial cleaners and degreasers. Includes products and applications, order form, contacts, and specifications.
  • Enviro Tech International Manufacturers of stabilized nPB industrial vapor degreasing and cleaning solvents. The primary markets served are Aerospace, Metal Working, Metal Finishing, Oxygen Service, Electronics, Non-Destructive Inspection, Medical Devices, Optics and Asphalt Extraction industries.
  • Enviro-Safe Services, Inc. Manufacturer of concentrated non-hazardous, neutral pH Rust Removers.
  • Environmental Chemicals and Lubricants Co. Manufacturer of industrial cleaners, degreasers, and high temp lubricants. Will custom blend to specifications.
  • Envirosan Biodegradable Colloidal Agent, Cleaner and Degreaser.
  • Envirotech Solutions Manufacturer of ecologically sensitive maintenance products for restaurant and industrial use.
  • EPT Clean Oil Industrial fluid management services and products that remove contaminants from fluids.
  • Excel Supplies Distributor of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, water, mold and fire damage supplies. Also chemicals, accessories, equipment and services to professional cleaners.
  • Flexographic printing supplies, flexography cleaning products and flexographic ink cleaners including anilox roll cleaners.
  • Fluid Environmental Services, Inc Rust Release acid-free, biodegradable liquid or gel industrial rust remover and rust inhibitor.
  • Funchem Company Importer and exporter of bulk chemicals and chemical end use products for the janitorial and water treatment industry.
  • Garment Care Pty Ltd Suppliers and exporters of dry cleaning and laundry detergents including spotting chemicals and auxiliary products.
  • General Chemical Co. Supplies soldering flux, compatible lubricant and cleaner for radiator manufacturers. Also paint remover and cleaning chemicals for paint manufacturers.
  • Georgia Steel & Chemical Company Designs and builds washing and drying systems for specialized applications and custom manual kits for unique cleaning and disinfecting applications.
  • Germchase Chemicals Ltd Suppliers and distributors of chemical cleaning products to commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK.
  • Giant Cleaning Systems, Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaners of all types; including oil rig washes, parts washes, degreasers, sanitizers,general purpose cleaners and car wash soaps.
  • Graffiti Removal Inc. Manufacturer of graffiti removers and cleaning products.
  • Grandel International Suppliers of industrial and commercial dispensers for toiletry products and of chemical proportioners and peristaltic metering pumps for accurate dosing of chemicals.
  • Green Kleen Commercial Cleaning Products Supplies commercial cleaning products for hotel,factory and cleaning services businesses.
  • Hamiltons International Services Ltd Hamilton provides commercial products for odor removal and general cleaning purposes.
  • HandryersUK Suppliers of a wide range of washroom hygiene products, hand dryers, hair dryers, soap dispensers and glass washers.
  • Harry Miller Corporation Produces custom chemical products for industries including coolants, lubricants, rust inhibitors and cleaners for metalworking, steel, tube, pipe, forming, stamping, bar and wire processes.
  • Hassinger and Company, Inc. Sells a wide variety of janitorial cleaning supplies and products.
  • Hayat Group Turkey. Group of companies, active in the production and marketing of liquid and cream gel detergents for textiles and garments, dishwashers and general cleaning applications. Also, garment softeners, carper cleaners and lime removers. English and Turkish.
  • Helix Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for janitorial and sanitary maintenance. Private label packaging available.
  • Hind Exports Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals, industrial minerals, minerals and chemicals for industries like paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, pulp and rubber.
  • Ideal Manufacturing Ltd Suppliers of chemicals and turnkey contracts to Commercial and Institutional Laundries including exporting, contract and own label manufacture.
  • Imtek Environmental Corporation Manufacturer of environmentally friendly odor, pollution and moisture control products. Manufactured in the USA, distributed Internationally.
  • Industrial Chemicals Provides surface cleaning products and degreasing agents for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Industrial Solutions of SC Sales and servicing of industrial cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals.
  • Distributes industrial solvents, cleaners, degreasers, defoamers, descalers, paint strippers, resin cleaners, rinse additives, and rust inhibitors.
  • Innosol Inc. Producer of rig cleaning agents, drilling fluid additives, and industrial fragrances, formulated to avoid toxic and environmentally harmful components. Located in Texas.
  • INO Solutions Complete line of cleaning products, hygiene solutions and floor equipment for professional sanitary maintenance.
  • Intercon Manufactures industrial, institutional and professional cleaning and maintenance chemical products.
  • International Chemical Corporation Manufacturers of industrial cleaning and lubricating chemicals for the sanitation needs of beverage, bottled water, citrus, dairy, and meat packing industries.
  • Jaboneria Tusica Ltda. Soap and detergents manufacturing plant for multiple cleaning and lubrication applications.
  • Jayne Products Inc. Formulator and supplier of environmentally compliant cleaners for industry. California.
  • John Neale LTD Lubricants and solvents for the metalworking industry
  • Johnson Labs, Inc. Private label manufacturer of industrial cleaners, detergents, and disinfectants. Also produce odor elimination, cover scents, and attractants for the hunting industry and fishing industry.
  • Kanklean Cleaning Services A business that specialises in cleaning services for home and commercial industries throughout Melbourne Australia.
  • Kemcare Limited Marketing and distribution of personal and home care chemicals.
  • Kinzua Environmental Inc. Supplies industrial cleaning chemicals, solvents and degreasers for industrial plants, buildings, institutions and government agencies.
  • KTC GROUP Manufacturer and wholesaler of disinfectants, deodorants, repellant oils, varnishes etc.
  • LDI Chemical Sales Specialty chemical suppliers to municipalities, institutions, plant facilities, and companies. Services include consultation, inventory check and problem solving.
  • Leather Master Products Produces and sells leather, textile and wood products for cleaning, treatment and maintenance. Includes International dealer information.
  • M&B Oils Limited Manufacturer of release agent products to help alleviate asphalt and bitumen adhering to truck beds, machinery and tools.
  • M.G. Chemicals Develops and supplies cleaning and lubricating chemicals for the electronics industry.
  • Macling Group Manufacturing Manufacturers of a range of cleaning & hygiene products for the industrial, institutional & retail markets.
  • Maintenance Equipment and Chemicals Manufactures commercial applications including rust removal and inhibition, degreasing, sewage treatment, tank and machine cleaning and oil separation and cleaning products for commercial bathrooms and kitchens and for trucks and transportation. Also offers industrial parts cleaning equipment.
  • Marken Chemicals Specialist industrial & commercial cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products.
  • Matz Pumps Private Limited Supplier of chemical dosing/metering pumps and systems, reciprocating simplex, duplex and triplex pumps, and rotary gear pumps in India.
  • Maxim Chemical Manufacturer and distributor of industrial and institutional cleaning products. Water treatment service, custom development work and private label packaging are offered internationally.
  • Mcgrayel Co. Easy Care Products Manufacturer of water treatment products for industrial and swimming pool care.
  • Melrose Chemicals Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of industrial cleaning chemicals, water tower treatments and sanitary maintenance products. Manufacturing plants in Canada and Malaysia. [multi-lingual]
  • Meterpak Inc. Based in Mississauga, Ontario. Manufactures 25 different cleaning chemicals packaged in water soluble pouches. Sold through distribution only.
  • Metro Companies Supplier of liquid calcium chloride deicer, mineral well brine, deicing systems, sprayers, storage tanks and supplies.
  • MicroSeal International Manufactures permanent stain and sun fading fabric protection.
  • Missclean European supplier of powder and liquid detergents.
  • Modern Chemical Inc. Provides industry with an environmentally safe cleaner. Meets all OSHA requirements.
  • Montgomery Manufacturing Company Manufacturer and wholesaler of industrial and institutional cleaning products. Custom packaging available.
  • Nagpur Aquatech (P) Ltd. Manufacturer of all types of chlorinators, including gas and vacuum chlorinators, to suit business needs or for home use.
  • Nandkrishna Chemicals Private Limited Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals and raw material.
  • National Chemicals, Inc. Manufacturer of commercial detergent, sanitizers, disinfectants and cleaners primarily targeted for the food and beverage industry.
  • National Colloid Manufacturer of colloidal cleaner degreaser.
  • New Arihant Chemicals Dealers and Suppliers Of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Solvents, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Mumbai, India
  • Oekosens Research, production and distribution of bionative cleansing agents and degreasers. Available for various industries including the food industry, commercial kitchens, hotels, and restaurants.
  • Oil and Water Supplies Ltd. Supplier to the Water treatment, Petrochemical and Oil field industries. Produce chemicals through the PRO-TEK division. Specialising in Desalination and Boiler sectors of water treatment.
  • Orison Marketing Llc. Distributes rust inhibitor, rust remover, janitorial chemicals, aircraft cleaners and non glycol de icers. Supplies military, government, industrial, and commercial clients.
  • Parall Ltd Manufacturer of cleaning products for the sanitary industry, commercial, institutional and industrial use.
  • Parish Maintenance Supply Distributor of janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment and cleaning software.
  • Peak Products International Ltd Rustbuster is a range of products including a rust inhibitor, central heating sludge remover and leak sealer as well as power flushing and dosing vessel equipment.
  • Prime Laboratories Manufacturers of water treatment chemicals, reverse osmosis antiscalant, polyelectrolyte and sulfamic acid.
  • Protexall and Rogers Cleaning Lubricants Manufacturers of products to lubricate, penetrate, clean and protect a wide range of applications and conditions.
  • PT Technologies Europe Manufacturer of environmentally responsible solvent cleaning products, wipe systems, cable pulling lubricants, and hand cleaning wipes. Services the telecoms aviation and defense industries.
  • Punati Corp Manufacturer of non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning and odor absorbing products for commercial, industrial and residential use.
  • Reliable Solutions, Inc. Manufacturer of floor finish and specialty janitorial concentrates. Serving the chemical manufacturer who wants to establish a line of floor care chemicals.
  • Removall Paint Stripper Supplier of paint stripper for aviation, marine and general industrial applications - spray and dip tank.
  • Rust Depot Manufacturers of rust removers and corrosion control products that use chelate based technology as a substitute for acid based products and physical methods of rust removal.
  • Sanilabs Inc. Manufacturer of industrial cleaning agents and floor care products for janitorial and food service companies. Distribution in North America. Private-label manufacturing available.
  • Sano Enterprises, Ltd Israel. Diversified group of companies, active in laundry detergents and carpet cleaners, general cleaning aids, diapers, paper products and wrapping foils. Also, insecticides, pesticides and maintenance products. English and Hebrew.
  • Satellite Chemical LLC Manufacturer of deodorizers, perfumes, cleaners, and related products specializing in industrial sanitation . Also offer consulting, private labeling and contract packaging.
  • Scalp French manufacturer and distributor of surface and facade treatment chemicals, including cleaning and stripping agents, waterproofing protectants and hardeners, and anti-graffiti coatings and products.
  • Skylab India Manufactures laundry goods, offers laundry consultancy and laundry outsourcing.
  • So Safe Graffiti Removal Products Manufacturer of safe graffiti removal solutions worldwide since 1986.
  • Manufacturer and distributor of chemical detergents for institutional use.
  • Sonic Solutions Provide ultrasonic cleaning services, products and equipment to the industrial sector.
  • SoSafe Specialty Products Manufacturers of Graffiti Removers, Semi Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coatings, Chlorine Free Mold Removers, Non-Corrosive Degreasers, Odor Neutralizers, Stainless Steel Polishes, Sanitizers, Rust / Tarnish Removers & other associated surface cleaning chemicals.
  • Southwest Specialty Supplier of aerosol degreasers and lubricants, as well as gloves and safety glasses, targeting industrial and institutional customers. Located in Texas.
  • Spray Nine Corporation Manufacturer of specialty cleaning products for industrial, automotive, aviation, commercial and household needs featuring all purpose cleaners and degreasers, disinfectants, hand cleaners, and glass and bathroom cleaners.
  • Standard Chemical, Inc. National distributor of industrial cleaning supplies.
  • Suzhou Chemland Chemicals Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of water treatment chemicals.
  • Swissol Chemicals (I) Pvt.Ltd. Manufacturer of degreasing, anti corrosive, anti rust, and burnising chemicals and corrosion resistance coating in India.
  • Taago Cleaning and Maintenance Products Products for cleaning and maintenance in sectors such as; Commercial, Hygiene, Automotive and Catering.
  • Team Laboratories Chemical Corporation Manufacturer and supplier of waste water, boiler and water tower treatments and fertilizers. Also products for janitorial maintenance and road building maintenance.
  • TechnicleanFB Hygiene chemical suppliers exclusively within the Food and Beverages Industries.
  • Teknon Manufacture and supply technical cleaning agents, disinfectants and ultrasonic detergents for use in laboratories, precision engineering, electronics, semi-conductor, health and hygiene, horological and jewellery sectors.
  • Thaumaturgy International UK Speciality and Designer Chemicals for Industry
  • The Drain Claw Manufacutrer of products that will solve residential and commercial clogged drain problems.
  • The Magic Cloth Distributor of ultra-fine microfiber cloth. Used damp - with only water - it removes dirt, grease, and grime.
  • The Vacuum Vendor Carries professional cleaning products from janitorial, household and industrial manufacturers. Also sells vacuums and supplies.
  • Troy Chemical Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of industrial cleaning and sanitary maintenance products. Offices in Ohio, Missouri and Minnesota.
  • Tushar Chemicals & Lubricants Manufacturer of cleaning compound products for maintenance and cleaning radiators inside of diesel locomotive sheds for Indian railways and diesel vehicles.
  • Janitorial supply corporation that provides a full spectrum of products to commercial and residential customers.
  • Uni K Enterprise Provides cleaning products and solutions including detergents, equipment, manual cleaning peripherals and protective apparels.
  • United Fabricare Supply Inc. Distributor of industrial supplies and chemicals to the laundry and dry cleaning sector. Three locations in southern California and one in Nevada.
  • ViRUSafe Ltd Micro-Bacterial Cleaning and Infection Control hygiene products and services to safely manage, prevent & control the risks posed by all infections within any business setting.
  • Well-Flow, Llc. Manufactures specialty chemicals and engineered products used in the cleaning and completion of oil and gas wells.
  • World Of Clean Developer and distributor of cleaning chemicals and equipment.

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