Companies that primarily manufacture, distribute or install surveillance equipment and/or accessories
  • 20:20 Vision Systems Ltd. CCTV, access control, remote monitoring and integrated systems for the UK.
  • 2B Security Systems Danish manufacturer and world-wide distributor of CCTV equipment; digital recorders, multiplexers, sensitive cameras, and housings.
  • 4nsys Developer of digital, network-accessible security monitoring products.
  • Aegis Micro, Inc. Manufacturer of CCTV remote video web camera servers for surveillance, security, and monitoring.
  • AI Surveillance Law enforcement grade covert camera systems.
  • Telephone, tape, video and digital recorders.
  • Altron Communications Equipment Ltd Produces mounting brackets for outdoor cameras. UK.
  • American Video Equipment Since 1988, AVE has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of closed circuit television equipment and accessories.
  • Apogee Instruments, Inc Develops high performance CCD cameras.
  • Aspect Technology Covert and overt surveillance equipment that includes wireless, night vision and thermal imaging systems applicable to security, law enforcement and military agencies.
  • ASTEL Manufacturer and exporter of the CCTV security products.
  • Aventura Inc. Designs, manufactures and implements products for access control, biometrics, communications, remote video surveillance and systems integration.
  • Axium Technologies, Inc. Internet enabled remote access surveillance equipment.
  • Bosch Security Systems Manufacturer of infra red illuminators and night-time surveillance products.
  • byRemote, Inc. Remote video monitoring systems and surveillance solutions using network cameras both in LAN and web-based applications. Archiving and offsite storage available.
  • Clover Electronics U.S.A. Manufacturer of a wide range of CCTV cameras, products and equipment.
  • ComsTrac, GSM tracking and monitoring equipment.
  • Condortech Services Electronic security solutions provider specializing in access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, and video imaging systems.
  • Conway Security Products Includes CCTV housings, a vandal resistant range of cameras, mounting brackets, telemetry spares and video camera protection boxes. UK based.
  • Cop Security Corp Wireless video cameras and equipment, including multiplexers, switchers, alarms cables, and antenna boards.
  • Criterion Technology, Inc. Manufacturer of thermoformed dome enclosures for the closed circuit television industry.
  • Crystal Visions Technology Multi-Channel Digital Recorder for extended recording of digital and analog data for law enforcement, surveillance, telephone monitoring, FAX and modem intercept, and caller ID capture.
  • CSP Manufacturing Manufacturers of CCTV camera systems.
  • CU1.COM Covert and hidden cameras as well as surveillance equipment.
  • Cubitech Ltd A UK-based company with offices in Athens, specializing in CCTV surveillance and remote monitoring. Includes profile, services, and products.
  • Custom Cameras Ltd. Manufacture of specialized CCTV systems for the scientific and nuclear industry.
  • Dexilon Automation S.L. Developer and manufacturer of 58 KHz - 66 kHZ (AM) and 4,75 MHz to 8.2MHz (RF) anti-shoplifting EAS systems and electronics.
  • Digital Recorders, Inc. Develops, designs, contracts for the manufacture of and markets information technology products, including transit communications, digital messaging systems, digital filter systems and transcribers and electronic destination sign systems. (Nasdaq: TBUS).
  • Direct Security Limited Security systems, approved security systems installer to British Standards and Police force Policies.
  • CCD cameras and monitors.
  • DriveCam Offers an onboard vehicle video event recorder, and driver feedback system.
  • DVR Remote surveillance video, computer surveillance systems, and digital video recording equipment.
  • Edgarsson Security Designs Specialise in wireless and portable and cctv equipment.
  • Eletech Manufacturer of digital audio products for a variety of applications.
  • Counter Surveillance devices including phone tap detectors, body wire and RF transmitter detectors.
  • EnVysion LLC Develops and distributes networked digital video management systems for recording, surveillance, security, and operational intelligence applications. Boulder, Colorado.
  • Ermes Elettronica srl Design and sells a wide range of CCTV equipment for video surveillance and security system applications.
  • Ernitec A/S Manufacturer and distributor of video surveillance equipment including cameras and lenses, digital video recorders, and matrix systems. Denmark.
  • Essence Security Ltd. PIR/Microwave motion detectors, control panels, alarm systems, remote controls, electronic keys and accessories for indoors and outdoors applications.
  • CCTV cameras and digital surveillance equipment.
  • Farfisa Intercoms Manufactures audio and video intercoms systems for residential and large building applications.
  • Fine Telecom Inc. A manufacturer of electronic surveillance products. South Korea.
  • First Witness Video, Inc. Covert wireless video transmitter and cameras.
  • FocusMicro, Inc. Offers cctv digital surveillance systems.
  • Formosa21 Inc Tawain based manufacturer of camera systems with real-time video capturing and digital recording.
  • Funkwerk Plettac Electronic GmbH Produces video cameras, monitors, matrix and transmission systems, and digital video recorders. Germany.
  • G-Com Technologies Offers cellular, computer and fax monitoring.
  • Gatekeeper Systems Inc Mobile video surveillance systems.
  • GCS General Control Systems Manufacturer of electronic data acquisition equipment for guarding, technical service and maintenance, portable electronic data capture units and identification.
  • Geniusoft Ltd. Developer of internet-based video surveillance, GeniusEye systems, that include features like monitoring, recording and motion detection.
  • Great Southern Security Supplies counter surveillance bug detection equipment. Online catalogue and purchasing.
  • GuardianCam Sells a viewing system for watching children in daycare.
  • Hi-Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd Manufacturer of CCTV equipment.
  • ADT authorized dealer specializing in home and business security, CCTV, remote video monitoring, intercoms, apartment entry systems, smart home wiring, access control in the Southern California region.
  • Honeywell Video Systems CCTV cameras, mini surveillance cameras, digital video recorders, multiplexers, and transmission equipment.
  • Hunt Electronic USA Surveillance camera and accessories manufacturer.
  • IBT Video Remote access digital recorders and cameras.
  • in*site video systems Covert surveillance equipment including nanny cams, hidden cameras, wireless and hardwired systems, transmitters, receivers, cctv cameras, antennas, board cameras and mini monitors.
  • Integrated Control Utilities Limited Specializing in the service of CCTV, access control and building control systems.
  • Integrated Systems and Services Inc. Security systems integrators.
  • International Intelligence Ltd Suppliers of covert surveillance, financial investigations and due diligence.
  • International Loss Prevention International distributor and manufacturer of electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, accessories used for shoplifting prevention and control, security products including CCTV hidden cameras.
  • JAI Pulnix Manufacturer of CCD and CMOS cameras. Includes company information and camera specifications.
  • JBR Technology Tape analysis for law enforcement surveillance, specialized recording equipment and expert testimony based on tape analysis.
  • Jemtec Inc. Offender electronic monitoring equipment, systems and services in Canada.
  • Jo Enterprises Window mounted tripod enables the private investigator to produce professional video and still photography.
  • Kanrich Electronic Corp. Designer and manufacturer of color, B/W video, and CCD cameras, security alarms, video intercom systems.
  • Kara's Technical Services Offers Sentinel portable radio alarms.
  • Kindercam Offers a camera that allows viewing of children in a remote day care center via the Internet.
  • Allows parents to see kids over the Internet when at daycare from anywhere in the world. Also, parenting questions and answers.
  • Linudix Company, Ltd. Developer of network cameras, video servers, and software.
  • LVW Electronics, Inc. Design, sales and installation of video surveillance and traffic monitoring. We specialize in highway traffic cams.
  • m.J. Electronics Limited Hidden cameras,night vision,wireless cameras and covert products.
  • M.Shafro & Co Manufacturer of "MSH-Video" (high quality digital remote video surveillance system for PC). Based in Latvia.
  • Manchester Surveillance Company Spy equipment including telephone taps, room taps, bugging units, discreet bugs, recording briefcases, UHF pen and calculator transmitters and bug detectors.
  • Martco Distributors and information on CCTV equipment.
  • Martin L. Kaiser, Inc. Manufacturer of bomb disposal, bomb detection, electronic countermeasure, TSCM, surveillance and DF tracking systems.
  • Mavix Features a remote intelligent monitoring and surveillance solution designed for transportation, industrial process control and security applications.
  • Microtek Electronics Inc. Law enforcement, broadcast, close circuit television, and surveillance wireless devices.
  • Military and Law Enforcement Technologies Night vision, thermal imaging, image enhancing, LCD monitors and covert surveillance equipment.
  • Mirasys Ltd Manufacturer of PC-based DINA digital video recorders for stand-alone, distributed and integrated security solutions.
  • Mitsi Security Products Battery powered wireless or hardwired event activated video surveillance systems.
  • Night Vision Gear UK Offers night vision scopes, goggles and binoculars. UK based.
  • NITEK Complete line of equipment for video and data UTP security applications up to 10 miles.
  • North American Video, Inc. Selection of cctv products including gaming, retail, government and transportation applications.
  • Northern Video Systems Distributor of CCTV and surveillance systems.
  • NOVEX (Canada), Ltd. Remote video surveillance devices thatcan be monitored a PC over a modem connection.
  • NOVUS Technologies X-ray Inspection systems for the non invasive X-ray inspection of closed packages.
  • OEM Cameras Distributor of on board cameras. Manufactured in Japan, offers a selection of color or black and white board cameras in high or low resolution options. USA.
  • Ozlex International CCTV equipment, service and parts.
  • Paremount Security Group Electric gates and barriers, CCTV and access control systems.
  • ParentWatch Allows parents to view children in childcare via the Internet.
  • Peca Electronics CCTV and infrared cameras and illuminators.
  • Pelco Manufactures advanced closed circuit television equipment - camera enclosures, domes, mounts, pan/tilts, multiplexers, video matrix systems. Offers a product catalog and company information.
  • Pelikan Industries Inc. Offers monitoring systems including wireless, mini, board, and professional cameras, CCTV accessories, and VCRs.
  • PelikanCam Video surveillance systems including web camera servers, wireless cameras, mini cameras, CCTV monitors and VCRs.
  • Plettac Security UK Ltd. Presents this manufacturer of security equipment. Based in the UK and Germany.
  • Poh Brothers Distributors Pte Ltd Professional video audio broadcasting equipment like projectors, microphones, cameras, lens, and cctv.
  • PolarisUSA Video Manufacturer and supplier of security cameras and other video surveillance equipment.
  • Protector Ent. LLC. Features spy, surveillance, counterspy, security systems, and hidden cameras.
  • Q Enterprises, Inc. Undercover surveillance equipment, hidden video cameras, voice changers, body worn cameras and recorders, home and office security.
  • Q-Star Technology CCTV cameras and systems.
  • RACO Wireless-to-web based monitoring, alarm notification, and control systems over a cellular telemetry network to the water and wastewater industries.
  • Radiant Inc. Digital video motion detection devices.
  • RDA Inc. Electronic systems integration in the security and life-safety industry.
  • Rec Technology Non-PC based shockproof digital video recorder.
  • Repworks New England based security, access control, sound and intercom system manufacturer's rep offering design, training and demonstrations.
  • Ross Associates Surveillance equipment, kits and products for Law Enforcement - Cameras, video, night vision, airborne, antennas, and custom surveillance vans.
  • Rugged CCTV Manufacturers and distributors of digital surveillance equipment for businesses. Dallas, Texas.
  • Security Design Services Corporation Offers analog and network security cameras, and accessories. Systems design available.
  • Security Group Technology Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of CCD cameras, video-capture cards and adapters, DVRs, and multiplexers. Taiwan.
  • Security Labs Surveillance cameras, time lapse recorders and monitors.
  • Security Operations Systems CCTV, fire and security systems.
  • Seevid, Inc. CCTV-Access Control-Fire-Nurse call-fiber optic-communication and digital systems marketplace.
  • Sentry Security Systems Digital CCTV capture boards, computer systems, cameras and accessories.
  • Sentry Surveillance, Inc. Offers a PC-based, multi-channel video surveillance system. Based in Kennesaw, Georgia.
  • SHANIX Offering electronic surveillance products.
  • Sharp Communication, Inc. Provides sales, design, installation, and service of security surveillance systems and equipment.
  • Sharpvision DVR High definition digital video recording, monitoring, and remote observation systems. Lancaster, California.
  • Shidean Technology Video intercom, audio intercom, video door phone, audio door phone, surveillance equipment and alarm products.
  • Silicor Technologies Manufactures a Windows Vision series of remote digital video surveillance systems.
  • Remote video surveillance, digital archiving, high volume webcams, nannycams, live internet video, internet cctv, wireless cameras, covert cameras and video streaming.
  • Sony CCTV Sony CCTV equipment, including monitors, cameras, codecs and time lapse video recorders
  • Sovereign International Ltd. Closed circuit TV system distributor. Information about products, and introductory CCTV information.
  • Spectra BV Electronic Development Analog and digital wireless video surveillance.
  • SpectraTek Designs and manufactures electronic equipment for professional surveillance, communication or countermeasure operations.
  • Spectronic Denmark Manufactures electronic surveillance equipment for law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as wired and wireless audio devices, telephone and fax monitoring. Based in Denmark.
  • Spectrum Surveillance Systems CCTV suppliers and installers.
  • Spiritech Security Systems Specializing in CCTV systems installation, design, servicing and consulting
  • Spook Tech Covert surveillance and countersurveillance products.
  • Spy Camera Specialists, Inc. Offers a variety of do-it-yourself video surveillance systems.
  • Spy Cameras 4 Less Wholesale CCTV/surveillance equipment.
  • Spy Center Custom video installation and sales.
  • Spy Company Range of surveillance and privacy products and equipment.
  • Spy Emporium Recorders, debugging, countersurveillance, hidden cameras and microphones.
  • Spy Equipment World Worldwide suppliers and manufacturers of spy and surveillance equipment.From room and telephone transmitters to full range of audio and video spy equipment.
  • Spy Shops International Inc. Cameras, recorders, bugs, microphones and systems.
  • Spy Shops of Canada Online spy equipment retailer based in Canada.
  • Spy Site Manufacturer and wholesaler of hidden security cameras and counter surveillance equipment.
  • Spy Stuff Security products for personal and business use.
  • Spy Supply Store Hidden cameras and other security devices. Surveillance supplies and equipment.
  • Do-It-Yourself covert video surveillance products.
  • Surveillance equipment, hidden cameras, audio devices, spying, wireless video. Personal and corporate systems.
  • SpyLife.Com Offers spy items such as cameras, night vision systems, surveillance cameras, and telephone surveillance systems.
  • Spysonic CCTV, security cameras, audio devices and surveillance equipment.
  • SpyTown Spy cameras and CCTV equipment.
  • Startek Design and manufacture of electronic instruments and video equipment for CCTV.
  • Surveillance Equipment Surveillance products.
  • Surveillance Spy Cameras Retail vendor of surveillance cameras and home security equipment.
  • SWS Security Manufacture electronic surveillance, intelligence gathering and radio communications products for government agencies.
  • SYAC Developer of DigiEye, a multifunctional system for digital CCTV recording and viewing.
  • TEB Designs and manufactures CCTV equipment including: cameras, DVRs, and controllers. Includes dealer locater and product information.
  • TeleRadio Engineering Roofeye covert vehicle surveillance, hornet, scout, remote surveillance system, spy camera, and 3 dimension CCTV.
  • Teletron Ltd. High-tech company serving the law enforcement and security community by providing electronic surveillance systems
  • TelstarOne Communications Spy and counterspy products and equipment.
  • The BlackBoxCameraCompany Limited Offering home security cameras. Protect your home and community. UK based.
  • The Hidden Camera Store Hidden cameras for the home or business. Online catalog and ordering.
  • The Spy Store, Inc. Offers surveillance equipment, including video, audio, telephone, PC, and, GPS tracking equipment.
  • TS-Market Ltd. Designer and manufacturer of electronic devices for digital video and audio recording. Russia.
  • Tushing Electronic Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of CCTV camera housings and mounting brackets for automation and security.
  • Valde Systems, Inc. Creates image processing hardware for machine vision and surveillance applications. Product lines and contact information. New Hampshire, USA.
  • Verint Systems Inc. International provider of analytic software-based video solutions for the security and business intelligence markets.
  • Vicon Industries Design, engineering and production of CCTV systems for use in security, safety, surveillance and communication applications.
  • Videolarm Provides cameras, controllers, housings, night vision products, and CCTV components. Located in Decatur, Georgia.
  • Videotec Manufactures products and systems for closed circuit television.
  • Videte IT GmbH Manufacturer of a range of CCTV solutions. Based in Germany.
  • VidGuard Digital video security for networked PCs and the internet. Supplies cameras, components, consulting and turnkey solutions.
  • Vidtek Services Repair of security/surveillance video equipment.
  • View Systems, Inc. Manufacture and sales of digital video recording, facial recognition and plate recognition systems.
  • Vigitron Inc Designs and manufacturers a full line of transceivers for transmitting video over unshielded twisted pair wires.
  • Visiontech International Manufacturer of surveillance camera systems and accessories.
  • VProtect Systems, Inc. Web-based CCTV remote viewing and digital recording equipment.
  • Watec Manufacturer CCD cameras for use in surveillance, image processing and factory automation systems.
  • WebCCTV Designs and manufactures a line of WebCCTV digital surveillance servers (DVR - Digital Video Recorder) and GuardDVR surveillance application kits.
  • William Buckley/Airtight Investigations, Inc. Surveillance equipment, miniature wireless pinhole video cameras, body armor, communications.
  • XPI Simulation Provider of high performance visual solutions for training and simulation applications.

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