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  • A Photo IDentification Providers of PVC and teslin cards, lamination supplies and badge accessories.
  • A3M A pvc card manufacturer and European identification system distributor.
  • Access Pass & Design Producers of backstage passes and security products for the concert touring industry and many professional sports teams.
  • Adaptive Recognition Hungary OCR solution provider of passport, visa and id card reading hardware.
  • Addograph Distributors Inc. Providing complete identification systems including card systems and embossing equipment.
  • Advanced ID Systems Inc Specializes in identification cards that are integrated with access control.
  • AgeScan Provider of a handheld id scanner used to verify and record identification cards and to verify age.
  • Akond Card and camera capture software provider in Russia.
  • ALACard One Custom design and plastic card printing for gift cards, reward cards, and VIP cards.
  • All Access Tags Producer of backstage passes for the concert, festivals and sporting industries.
  • All ID Systems Sells id card printers, parts and accessories.
  • All Things Identification Carries a line of identification products.
  • All Time Print Specializes in plastic cards with quality custom printing options.
  • Allcard Total card solution provider offering identification card services in Canada.
  • Alpha Identification, Inc Reseller of photo ID equipment and supplies since 1987.
  • Aptika Offers software that will design id cards and badge labels.
  • Arcadia Identification Provides kits to make identification cards using Artisyn, teslin, butterfly pouches and laminators.
  • Auto ID India Providers of printers, software and accessories to produce cards for a variety of applications.
  • B & C Data Systems Provides POS systems and card printing services
  • Badge Express, Inc. Manufactures access cards for the security industry.
  • BadgeBuilder Providers of card printers, supplies and ID software.
  • Band Provides backstage-pass type laminates and security badges for bands, events, sound, lighting, and production companies.
  • BBBC Offers imprinting logos on tyvek, plastic and vinyl wristbands.
  • Benedetti S.n.c. Manufacturer of disposable identification wristbands for security control. Product characteristics and colors.
  • Brady People ID Distributors of identification and other related card products.
  • Brainstorm ID Supply Provides teslin paper, butterfly pouches, laminates and id die cutters.
  • Bristol ID Technologies Specializing in custom card products, identification systems and laminators.
  • Budget Badge Online source for id printers and accessories.
  • Build a Badge Offers photo id card systems, id badge printers and photo system id software.
  • Canadian Card Systems Offers embossers and accessories for making smart id cards, magnetic stripe cards, business cards and gift cards.
  • Canmark Print Ltd Specializes in identification card production.
  • Card Data Systems Photo identification and accountability solution and service provider in New Jersey.
  • Card Imaging Photo ID and video card badging systems, card printers and software.
  • Card Quest Offers access control systems, proximity and smart cards.
  • Card Testing International Specialists in individual ISO tests, card stock testing and non ISO durability tests.
  • CardBase Australian based, CardBase will print photo identification cards and offers a variety of card printers.
  • Cards and Specialist Services Ltd Access control systems and services provider for security cards, readers, and accessories.
  • CardUSA Produces a variety of plastic and paper cards.
  • Carreras Technologies, Inc. Designs and prints custom plastic cards for a variety of identification applications.
  • Castlemount Manufacturer of identity cards while offering a complete range of design, printing and promotional services.
  • Cathim Inc. Offers products and services dealing with identification cards providing printing, imprinting, embossing, encoding, and biometric access control system services.
  • Cavitec Manufacturer of smart cards, contactless chip cards, customized transponder, plastic cards and RFID System Technology for access control.
  • CDN Print Plastic Manufacturer of plastic cards such as smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, hotel keycards. Based in Canada.
  • Chinetek Intelligence Company Ltd. Rewrite card printer distributor located in the greater region of China.
  • Chip Silicon Distributor of auto id products, modules, components and parts.
  • Circle Solutions Produce software that scan different forms of identification cards in Australia and storing this data through OCR techniques into a variety of databases.
  • Clary Business Machines Provides a wide range of card printers for single and double sided printing.
  • Cogent Innovations Private Ltd Provider of the Touch Point visitor management software that tracks and streamlines visitor traffic.
  • Complete Card Solutions Specializes in plastic card products and services. Offers pre-configured systems and custom solutions.
  • Compucard, Inc. Providers of id card accessories and supplies.
  • Concept Card Specializing in printed, laminated, embossed, encoded plastic cards, smartcards and photo IDs.
  • Contribo Manufacturer of retractable card holders for identification credentials.
  • Count Up LTD Manufacturer of visitor sign-in and school pass systems.
  • Custom Card Canada Produces plastic gift, loyalty, and membership cards as well as short run photo ID cards.
  • Custom Plastic Cards Provides a variety of plastic cards including gift and business cards.
  • Data Management, Inc. Provider of visitor pass solutions.
  • Data Systems Company Providing imprinters and supplies for credit card transactions and offers medical imprinters for patient medical cards.
  • Databac Group A specialist manufacturer and supplier of cards, badges and related products.
  • Datacard Offers card personalization solutions and services.
  • DigiCard Services Offers professional card printing services and supplies online.
  • Digital ID Suppliers of id systems, plastic card printers and visitor management systems.
  • Dimuken Manufacturer of hologram applicator for ID cards.
  • Direct Color Systems Manufacturers printers that print directly to an assortment of materials.
  • DistinctID.Com Provides organizations of all sizes to design and order identification cards on the web.
  • DVRG US plastic card manufacturer producing gift, loyalty and membership pvc cards.
  • E P S Y S Smartcard and magnetic card product provider in Norway, Oslo.
  • E-ID Create and order professional id badges for your employees or vendor personnel.
  • E-Printing UK printing services for full colour smart cards from Siemens, Philips and Litho printed 760 Micron cards.
  • Eagle Technologies Ltd UK wholesale supplier of printers like Zebra, Evolis and Fargo.
  • Easy Trinity Manufacturer of the Easy Card Creator software product that designs and prints identification cards.
  • EasyIDCard Online ID card creator and printing service.
  • EasyLobby Provider of visitor management systems for government, multi-tenant buildings, hospitals and schools.
  • EBF Card Systems Provider of simple identity cards to sophisticated CCTV and access control equipment.
  • Ecardz Ltd Specialises in card issuance and management services for all plastic card requirements.
  • Ecebs Ltd Offer Smartcard based technology for a range of applications.
  • Electronic Data Magnetics Access control for entertainment, transit and parking applications through a combination of printing, magnetic stripes, pre-coding, holograms, and optical security coatings.
  • Elliott Data Systems Identification solutions provider offering badging systems, healthcare solutions and wireless mobile carts.
  • Elmetal Corp. Manufacturer of credit card imprinters, manual imprinters and banking equipment.
  • Envigour Providers of ID and VM systems which issue instant, 100% secure ID cards using cost effective hardware and bespoke software.
  • Esp Systems Provides thermal-printed plastic identification cards.
  • Evergreen ID Systems Specializing in systems for employee identity, lobby and visitor management & access control.
  • Evolis Plastic card printers for badge printing and personalization.
  • Evolution Design Systems Offers systems with a complete line of badge holders and multi-badge holders. Custom name badges and ID cards are also available to order.
  • EXpress badging Provider of automated time and attendance, identification and campus cash card solutions.
  • EZ Badges Create and order custom identification cards and accessories online.
  • Fiske Advertising Manufacturer of high quality polypropylene, pvc, teslin plastic cards and key-tags.
  • Frontline Printing Provides printing needs for phone, membership and loyalty cards.
  • Source for custom photo ID cards, background checks and badges with barcodes.
  • G2 Integrated Solutions Provider of smart card solutions for integrated ID, access control, and cashless payment. Contains company information, articles, and contact.
  • Graham & Graphics S.A. de C.V. Manufacturer of identification bracelets and security wristbands.
  • Health Card Solutions Provides patient identification cards that integrate with existing hospital information systems.
  • HID Global PVC card printer manufacturer for photo identification credentials.
  • Higgins Provider of id card printers, embossers, and cash register systems.
  • Holo Supplies Sells teslin synthetic paper, lamination pouches and many card items.
  • Huayuan Supplier of smart cards, RFID and contactless card readers.
  • ID America Custom identification badges and accessories, including lanyards, pouches, clips and complete badge management system solutions.
  • ID Card Centre Aurora UK supplier of card printers together with all accessories and consumables.
  • ID Card Group Supplier of identification equipment and systems.
  • ID Card Supply Provider of card printers and other identification accessories.
  • ID Edge Inc. Supplier of identification systems and equipment.
  • ID Enhancements, Inc. Features ID badging equipment and accessories.
  • ID Hologram Clear pressure sensitive or laminate id hologram overlays used to protect ID cards and increase security of your company identification cards.
  • ID Man A Virginia based firm which designs and produces customized photo identity cards and customized tag products.
  • ID Management Systems ID systems, access control and consumable providers.
  • ID Press Offers complete photo ID systems with including computer, camera, and printer suites.
  • ID Punch Pro Manufacture and sell electric and manual slot punch machines for identification cards.
  • ID Scanner Store Provides ID scanners, age verifiers and fake ID detectors.
  • ID Security Online Provider of secure digital badging systems.
  • ID Services, Inc. Offers a complete line of identification products and systems.
  • ID Simply Sells id card printers and ribbons manufactured by Fargo, Magicard, Persona and Zebra.
  • ID Solutions UK Supplies provider for identifications systems.
  • ID Superstore Provider of identification products and supplies.
  • ID Supplies UK UK supplier of consumables, photo id systems and card printers.
  • ID Supply Provider of accessories such as badge clips, holders, and reels as well as neckwear lamination pouches, ID cards, and card printers.
  • ID Systems, Inc. Reseller of identification systems and supplies.
  • ID Warehouse UK Offers a full range of access control systems, CD/DVD duplication systems, Fargo printers and 3d Facial Scanners.
  • ID Wholesaler Internet retailer of identification systems and supplies.
  • ID&C Ltd Extensive range of customisable wristbands and accessories suitable for promotional events. Based in UK.
  • ID Badge Supply Provider of Evolis printers and supplies.
  • ID Card Bureau Provider of card bureau services and card production in the UK.
  • ID Galaxy Provider of Evolis and Zebra identification printers and also offers a technically trained staff for support.
  • ID Products Inc. Custom PVC photo IDs and security identification cards for schools, businesses and clubs. Magnetic stripes, bar codes, and other options available.
  • ID SuperShop Provider of identification equipment and supplies.
  • ID4Business.Com Provider of identification cards for school, business, apartment or condominiums.
  • A card printer information site.
  • IDC Card Solutions Inc Canadian reseller of Eltron printers and all associated parts and accessories.
  • IdCardIt UK identity card provider available to small and medium size companies.
  • Provider of card identification hardware and software products.
  • IDcreator Offers free card designer with custom professional printing service.
  • Ideal Identification ID badging supplies and system solutions provider.
  • IDenticard Systems, Inc. Integrated security solutions including photo ID, digital imaging and access control systems.
  • Identification Systems UK Supplier of card printers, consumables and accessories in the UK.
  • Identifyem Online service provider of identification badges and pvc cards from Australia.
  • Identiphoto Company, Ltd. Sales and service provider of digital identification systems.
  • Identisource Photo identification provider from a variety of manufacturers and offers worldwide exporting of goods and services.
  • IDentity & Security Solutions Ltd Specializes in the supply of ID systems and plastic cards. Ireland.
  • Identity Plastic Print Limited Manufacturer and designer of plastic cards. Provides customized lanyards, accessories, and card printers.
  • Identity Systems Incorporated Manufacturer of name badges, name tags, attachments and screen printed signage.
  • Provider of identification products and supplies.
  • Idesco Manufacturer of safety and security identification systems.
  • IDetect Corporation Solutions provider of id verification scanners.
  • IDetect, Inc Provider of id and age verification scanner systems.
  • IDHolders.Com Offers genuine leather identification holders, security pass holders, passport holders, and other tags.
  • IDpack Card design software for student, employee and corporate identification.
  • IDSnap ID card service and solutions provider.
  • Idtronic Specialises in ISO and smart cards, access control, and transponder technologies.
  • IDUnlimited.Com Resellers of identification equipment and supplies.
  • IDville Provider of identification systems and accessories bundled with ID Maker.
  • IDW Technologies Australian based company providing business with visitor management systems, biometic and access card solutions.
  • IDXtra Ltd Provides systems to produce ID cards for institutions and companies. Provides card printing services.
  • Image Card Security Manufacturer of plastic photo ID cards for businesses and government agencies.
  • Image Doctor Producers of photo identification cards featuring magnetic stripes and smart chip technology.
  • Image Sales, Inc. Offers a line of ID equipment and supplies as well as designs and produces custom Photo ID badges. Features Fargo, G and A Imaging, TempBadge, Video Associate Labs, Polaroid, Sony, and Eltron.
  • Image Screen Arts Specialist in screen process printers of high quality plastic cards, weatherproof vinyl labels and vinyl window stickers.
  • In-Sight Photo ID Identification systems, id card laminators, badges, pouches, clips and supplies by Laminex, Eltron, Polaroid, Kodak, Fargo, Datacard and Assure.
  • INFOTrieve Technologies, Inc. Developers of the IDsPlus photo ID software and offers complete turn-key card solutions.
  • Integrated ID Systems, Inc. Specializes in the integration of digital photo identification systems.
  • Interactcard ID card printer provider for membership identification systems and consumables in Australia.
  • International Bureau Services Suppliers of identification card services, printed cards, manufacturing systems, and accessories.
  • International Plastic Cards, Inc. Provides credit cards, identification cards and smart cards.
  • J. O' Brien Company, Inc. Manufacturers badge holders and accessory products for Photo ID and access cards.
  • Jam Plastics Manufacturer of ID card holders and accessories.
  • JC Leisure Connexions Limited UK suppliers offering a wide range of low cost wristbands for secure access control and identification purposes.
  • JESS 55 Enterprise, Inc. Manufacturer of ID badge accessories, strap clips, and badge holders.
  • Johnson Business Machines, Inc. Manufacturer of plastic player tracking slot cards and door entry cards for the casino industry.
  • Jolly Technologies Offers software, tracking, photo id and visitor management systems.
  • K&A Industries Provides world-class ID badge and visitor management software. Offers visitor passes, cards, card printers, and photo card printers.
  • Kare Corporation Provides complete identification solutions for corporate, education, healthcare, government and financial applications.
  • Keystone Photo Imaging Provides affordable custom photo I.D. cards for service departments or businesses with no set up charges.
  • Labor Trackers Provider of integrated solutions for employee & visitor id management, time and labor management and access control.
  • Lesar UK Ltd UK based suppliers of employee, visitor and security ID badges.
  • Provides identification technology solutions including photo ID, embossing and encoding systems, smart cards, biometric applications, card imprinters and metal tag marking systems.
  • Lizard Security Systems Suppliers of security labels and tags.
  • LobbyGuard Provides visitor management kiosks and software for schools, government buildings, hotels and corporations.
  • Lonestar Badge and Sign, Inc. Provider of badge holders, lanyards and other custom identification products.
  • Mastiff Electronic Systems Ltd Mastiff installs and maintains access control, cctv, id card and building management solutions in the UK.
  • MaxCard Ltd. Manufacturer located in eastern Europe offering a wide variety of standard PVC laminated cards.
  • Medtech Wristbands Medical and other industry type wristbands direct from Medtech.
  • Miller Square ID Badges Offers custom designed ID badges and accessories.
  • Modulus Card Printers Provider of card printers, consumables, and visitor management systems located in the UK.
  • My Family CD Identification information on a compact disc.
  • New Line Enterprises Proximity and pvc card manufacturer located in India.
  • New Market Solutions Offers time and attendance software, Episuite, photo id card and swipe card systems, datacard and gift frequent shopper card programs, as well as Fargo and Eltron Printers.
  • Newbart Products, Inc. Provides sales and service of photo ID card: systems, printers, cameras, software, and accessories. Located in Houston, Texas, United States.
  • NewBold Corporation Offers identification products and industrial marking systems including imprinters for dog tags and patient ID cards as well as debossing, embossing and indenting.
  • Newline Enterprises Manufacturer of plastic cards for identification and loyalty purposes.
  • Oak Tree Data Offers photo ID and name badge making systems, color card printers, supplies, and an internet-based identification card making service.
  • Oregon Laminations Offers identification attachment devices including neck lanyards, chains, badge strap clips and cords.
  • PAC3000 Ltd UK based suppliers of charity and event wristbands, designed for fundraising initiatives, security purposes and event passes, in a wide range of colours.
  • Pannier Corporation An international leader in the research, development and manufacture of marking and identification systems.
  • Payne Security A provider of brand protection, document authentication and personal ID solutions.
  • PCARDX.COM Offers a variety of plastic card printing with smartcard, embossing and encoding options for debit, gift and loyalty cards.
  • Photo-Badge.Com Allows a customer to design and create badges online with XpressMySelf technology.
  • ID software, cards, lanyards, identification cards, badge holders, badges, proximity cards, PVC cards, and badge reels.
  • PICS SmartCard Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of ID and ID-related products.
  • Plasco ID Sales and service of identification products.
  • Plastic Card Design Services Ltd UK supplier of Zebra and Fargo card consumables and printers.
  • Plastic Card Solutions, Inc. Suppliers of card equipment including embossers, thermal printers and imprinters.
  • Online supplier of ID equipment and accessories.
  • Plasticard-Locktech International A keycard manufacturer for the hotel and convention industry.
  • PlasticPrinters.Com Solutions provider in all types of plastic cards.
  • Plastilam Offers printing and laminating on plastic for plastic cards, signs, tags, hotel access, badges, membership, insurance, phone, atm, membership cards, and portfolios.
  • Player Verify Provides internet gamers around the globe to store, share and secure id documents with gaming sites.
  • Pony Graphic Solution Inc Laminators and supplies for identification cards and passes.
  • PowerForward Inc PowerForward provides sophisticated labeling equipment and plastic card mailing equipment for industry and governments internationally.
  • Precision Data Providers of plastic cards, variable data imaging, database management, mail processing and product finishing.
  • Precision Dynamics Corporation Manufacturer of identification wristband systems and accessories.
  • Print-ID Scotland provider of card printers, visitor management and permit-to-work systems.
  • Printlance Offering plastic and vinyl non transferable wristbands with a range of standard and custom printing options for identification use.
  • Profold Develops, supports and manufactures a complete line of flexible and modular card personalization systems.
  • PSI Plastic Graphics A total solution company offering gift card service for small and medium sized businesses.
  • Quick ID Card Custom online id badge printing service provider.
  • Realstar Solutions Our objective is to provide the highest quality identification supplies and photo solutions located in Atlanta, GA.
  • Ribbon Select Provider of plastic identification products.
  • Sabadille Systems Offers software for the production of id cards with biometrics, barcodes and magnetic stripe encoding for identification and security.
  • Safe-Card ID Services, Inc. Provides systems and software, cards, badge holders and clips, and supplies.
  • ScanMyID Product provider of identification card scanners which verify fake identification cards.
  • Scientific Connections Manufacturers of secure pre-paid scratch cards for the mobile phone industry.
  • Securit World Ltd UK suppliers of ID components and printers for the production of high-quality id cards and visitor passes.
  • Security Imaging Offers photo ID equipment and supplies from brand name makers such as Fargo, Eltron and Magicard.
  • Security Solutions UK UK manufacturers and suppliers of printed and plain wristbands, lanyards, silicone/awareness wristbands, passes, badge holders and other associated identification products.
  • Sharpwave Provider of id card systems offering image capture and card printing that dealers can personalise to promote their own company.
  • Shreenath Enterprises Printing and personalisation of smart cards for various applications.
  • Simply ID Card Systems Provider of photo id systems, id card printers, badge software and card supplies to print photo cards.
  • Smart Card International Ltd Specialists in smart cards, loyalty cards and membership cards.
  • Smart card provider in Hong Kong.
  • Offers smart card and employee identification solutions to meet the needs of today's secure office environments.
  • Stoffel Seals Corporation Manufacturer of tamper-evident security seals, promotional packaging, and employee identification badges. Based in the United States.
  • STOPware Publisher with PassagePoint software for visitor management and lobby security.
  • Information site for id card programs.
  • Synergraphics Ltd ID card service bureau offers custom card design, and small and large run printing.
  • TabBand Wrist-bands, patient identification and animal collars for positive identification.
  • Tailored Card Services Specialists in card printing systems and identification services.
  • TandIM Vestigo The Photo ID Card People. Create any plastic photo card for college, club, membership and identity using our unique Photo ID Card creator.
  • Teknon, Inc. Dedicated to bringing affordable, safe, private and easy-to-use id cards to the consumer market.
  • The Card Network Providers of security, association and loyalty cards.
  • The Iris Companies Distributors of ID related products and services.
  • The Plastic Link The Plastic Link offers a wide variety of printed plastic items.
  • Time Solutions, Inc. Providers of identification and attendance solutions for education, government, business and other organizations.
  • Tokenworks Manufacturer of portable and stationary ID scanners for bars, nightclubs, liquor stores and any business that sells age regulated products.
  • TokenWorks Portable ID Scanners with Age Verification software.
  • Tornado Wristbands Company profile and catalogue of colors, patterns, and materials for customizable printed wristbands.
  • Trac Provides and services plastic card imprinters. Supplies printed plastic cards, decals and mobile graphics.
  • Trendy WristBands Offers a variety of wristbands for hip hop nightclubs.
  • Tringmain Security Develops and installs security systems including access control, CCTV, entry systems, and automatic gates.
  • Tropical Security Inc Offers photo id and access cards and badges; specialized in the cruise ship industry.
  • Ultra Electronics Manufacturer of the Magicard brand of printers used for ID, membership, access control, and loyalty applications.
  • US Identification Provides identification and accountability systems.
  • Veristream Provider of a web based visitor management system called iVisitor.
  • Versatile Card Technology American manufacturer of plastic cards and smart cards.
  • VIPPlasticCards Service provider and manufacturer of custom plastic cards.
  • Vision Database Systems, Inc. Provides photo ID systems and supplies, including software, image capture boards, printers, and cameras.
  • VT TECH Corp. Manufactures and sells security access control systems, card systems and POS systems.
  • Wanda Lam Factory Direct Manufactures and sells id cards and accessories.
  • Web Integration LLC Provider of software and a database designed to automatically manage up to 90% of your current ID Card operation.
  • Webbience Designer of high quality identification and photo id cards.
  • Willow Print Technology Offers hardware and software solutions for id card creation.
  • Windmill Computing Limited Software house developing ID card and smart card solutions in the UK.
  • Wipaq Identification technology provider located in the UAE.
  • Wristband Specialty Custom printed wristbands, tickets, test tubes and accessories for identification, security, and special access for the nightclub, medical and hospital industries.
  • XPonCard A/S Plastic card manufacturer with a wide range of products including credit cards, access control cards and id cards. Multiple language options.
  • XSBand Design and order identification wristbands online from XSBand Europe.
  • Xtreme Software Solutions Ltd Custom printed plastic and laminated photo id cards, sports event tickets and VIP passes.
  • YouCard A provider for card printing, plastic cards and other identification accessories.
  • Zebra International Manufacturer of identification and barcode label printers.
  • Zerco Systems International Offers coded identification cards, software and hardware.

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