Sites promoting and describing disaster recovery and emergency management consultancy services.
  • Acumen Business Services Independent consultancy for business continuity management, embracing information security and risk.
  • All Hands Emergency Management A web-based community of emergency management and businesses continuity practitioners providing services to both public and private sector organizations.
  • Avalution Consulting Describes a range of service and consultancy offerings, which include design of continuity strategies and plans.
  • B2BContinuity Provides business continuity consulting services as well as information on wider planning and security issues.
  • Binomial International Describes consulting and seminars in support of recovery planning, and offers the Phoenix software solution.
  • BS25999.Biz Offers information pertaining to the BS25999 business continuity standard and consultancy support services.
  • Business Continuity Consultancy Services Business continuity consultancy and disaster recovery planning services to large organisations in the City of London. BCP, DR, IT Systems.
  • Business Continuity Services Inc Consulting firm offering plan development, training, testing services and vendor negotiation representation.
  • Business Continuity Solutions Independent consultancy and software house. Develops integrative concepts and products for business continuity management.
  • Business Security Consultants, Inc US based consultants focusing upon the protection of infrastructure against terrorist attacks.
  • CERT Professionals Consultancy and training service offering training, planning, business continuity, equipment and computer network and data protection.
  • Confluence Consulting Offers emergency preparedness services to public agencies, businesses and individuals seeking to improve community disaster readiness.
  • Continue Limited Offers business continuity management consultancy services.
  • Continuity Business Solutions Boutique management consultancy based in asia offering specialist business continuity expertise for general all-event emergency planning and in particular, bird flu preparedness.
  • Continuity2 Offers a range of business continuity consultancy alongside a professionally tailored software solution.
  • COOP Consulting Delivery of continuity of operations services, including methodology, software and training.
  • CPA Limited Outlines the services and products of UK based Continuity Planning Associates Ltd.
  • Crisis Survivor Limited Explains the needs for business continuity planning and offers consultancy to produce a BS25999 consistent business continuity plan.
  • CrisisExperts Communication Specialists Provide a range of crisis management services including communication planning and issues management, spokesperson training, crisis response, and emergency preparedness services.
  • CWL Continuity Services UK based disaster recovery and business continuity planning consultants, offering support to businesses with the SME sector. Services include data protection procedures, reducing business downtime.
  • Damicon IT disaster response plans, network security audits and technical documentation for mid-sized companies in business-to-business and industrial markets.
  • DavisLogic, Inc. Provides technology and business continuity consulting services and solutions. Specialists in project management, information management, risk management, web development, and disaster recovery.
  • Disaster Management Solutions Disaster Management services in Business Continuity Management and Disaster Risk Management.
  • Disaster Recovery Services Pty Ltd (Australia) Information and tools for managing business continuity projects and programs.
  • Disaster Recovery Team Recovery from events such as floods, power outages, and sabotage.
  • Disaster Survival Planning Network Consulting firm assisting organizations in developing emergency response and business recovery plans.
  • Docleaf Crisis Management Crisis management with audits, planning, health and safety consultation, training, testing and response.
  • DRS Ltd Desribes a range of business continuity and disaster recovery services geared specifically for the SME market.
  • Early Alert Inc Offers a range of disaster and continuity of operations consulting services for governmental agencies and corporations.
  • EBS Distributor of Strohl Systems BCP tools for Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei. Consulting services, BCP courses and Strohl Systems product training.
  • Emergency Management Consultancy Services Provides emergency and disaster management planning, training and exercising, business continuity, disaster recovery, reputation protection, media and crisis management and road crash rescue and extrication training.
  • Emergency Response & Planning Inc. Provides business continuity and emergency response services, including plan development, training, risk analysis and auditing.
  • Emergency Response Management Consulting Provides emergency preparedness services to industry and government.
  • EPCB Risk management consultants outlining an approach focused on addressing "due care" tests applied by courts and coroners.
  • eTrading Partners Limited Business continuity information and consulting services. Industry related news and events, with a beginners guide to understanding the basic benefits and principles for newcomers.
  • Forbes Calamity Prevention Business continuity planning for multinational companies, focusing particularly on Asia.
  • Glen Abbot Ltd Specialists in providing business continuity services, disaster recovery, security, risk assessment and business impact analysis.
  • GMH Continuity Architects Specialists in business continuity and disaster recovery planning, and risk management.
  • Interactive Business Continuity Offering business continuity planning and disaster recovery services.
  • Kingswell Business Continuity Consultants UK based consultancy offering business impact analysis, enterprise risk management, training, and various other services.
  • Klay Management Ltd. Offers services to support corporate wide business continuity management, including plan development and testing.
  • Morgan Doyle Offers audit and implementation consultancy for IT business continuity.
  • MRL Limited Offers emergency management and disaster recovery services, including planning training and exercise, operational support, medical management, and disaster equipment.
  • Nexxo Disaster recovery and business continuity products and services.
  • O'Brien's Emergency response team specializing in managing oil spills, fires, hazmat releases, natural disasters, and industrial accidents.
  • Octo Offers crisis and emergency management software solutions, facilities and equipment.
  • OpsCentre Pty Ltd Offers business continuity and disaster recovery consultancy, tailored to suit businesses regardless of size, industry or demographic.
  • Paradigm Solutions Offers consulting services dedicated to business continuity and emergency response planning.
  • Quantivate Describes service provision relating to the creation and maintenance of a business continuity or disaster recovery plan.
  • RBZane Advisory Group Disaster recovery and business continuity planning, also consulting and training to technology companies that offer disaster recovery services.
  • Recovery Management Consultants Independent consultancy services and solutions addressing all aspects of business continuity at both technical and management levels.
  • Responder, Eco System Partners Expertise and training in all aspects of industrial safety and crisis management.
  • Ross Campbell & Associates Crisis management consultancy providing planning, training, resources, risk and threat analysis.
  • Sentryx Offers business continuity training for professional development, certification, and corporate business continuity programs.
  • SLA Contingency Planners LLC Consulting firm dedicated to providing contingency planning and recovery services to all types of businesses.
  • Steelhenge Consulting Offers a full range of Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Emergency Management services. Ranging from writing a plan to training staff to full rehearsal of the plan. This is done for both the public and private sector.
  • Stirling Reid Ltd UK based consultancy providing crisis management advice and training.
  • Taggart Solutions Offers crisis management and emergency response consultancy, and training and strategic planning services to businesses.
  • The Meredith Management Group Core service lines include emergency management, risk mitigation and security.
  • The William Travis Group Provides multi-vendor, technology based advanced business continuity and recovery solutions.
  • The Zeta Group Provides public and private sector organizations with advice and guidance on risk and emergency management. Disciplines range from hazard and threat analysis to recovery planning.
  • TRRAC LLC Disaster preparedness firm specializing in total loss recovery and business continuity.
  • TwoSeven Consulting firm specializing in business continuity, disaster recovery, and information security.
  • WWP & Associates Provides training and support consultancy across all aspects of emergency management.
  • ZoneCast Business continuity, disaster recovery and network security strategies for emerging companies.

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