• Abekobe Translation Entirely Internet based company with a principal mission to participate in the development of Asian Translation. Services in Japanese, Chinese, Korean are available.
  • Accents language Services Inc Translation, interpretation and teaching in 120 languages. Located in Mississauga.
  • Accurate Translations Ltd. Offering translation services, localization of websites/software, and technical writing, in English, Spanish, French, German, and many other languages.
  • Anglo Franco Communications Translating services from French to English and vice-versa.
  • APlus Translations Translation, proofreading, DTP and localization in over 30 Oriental and European languages of technical, business and personal documents.
  • Associated North American Translators Translation for business in all subjects and several languages, based in Canada.
  • Atra Translation in all languages.
  • BLS International - technical translation Technical translation in the engineering field. Company based in Calgary, AB, Canada.
  • CAI International Translation in Chinese aimed at doing business with China. Based in Canada.
  • CanTalk Translation in several languages, in agriculture, finance, healthcare and hospitality field. Language services include instant over the phone interpretation.
  • CCSR International Business Cards Translation of your business card into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek or English.
  • Cecilia Fasola Language training and translation from English and French to Spanish. Company based in Canada.
  • Chinese Translation Sinofon Traduction Chinois Chinese Translation to and from English and French by professionally certified translators; localization of web sites.
  • Communications McKelvey Translation from French and Spanish to English, English Editing and Writing.
  • ComTra Inc. Translation, revision, localization. Located in Ottawa, Canada
  • Conversa Language Services Conversa Languages Services offers Spanish, French, English training, translation and interpretation to Business and Government organizations.
  • CTS LanguageLink Translation, interpretation and multimedia production in 120 languages. Located in Vancouver.
  • Deep Trans Translation from US English into several languages. Short introduction to each language on separate pages. Based in Ontario.
  • Diem Languages Albanian-Greek-Dutch-English Translation Services.
  • E-French Translation and writing in English and French.
  • Esenar Translations Provides Spanish, French, German and English translations. Ottawa.
  • Esprit Translation and typesetting in all languages. Specialises in Quebec French, Mexican Spanish, and Asian languages. Company based in United States and Canada.
  • Etc Translation Translation in English and German. Freelancer Claudia Eichbauer based in White Rock, Canada.
  • European Translations Offers fast reliable and adequate translation services in many European languages.
  • Eurotranslation [Flash needed] Translation in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Company based in Canada.
  • Expertranslations Canadian-based company specializing in international technical translations, web and software localization, document creation and desktop publishing.
  • Fox Translations Ltd. Translation and language instruction in 20 languages of the world.
  • Free Translations A single site for free translations of multiply languages. The free translations occurs by bringing the inputed words to popular computer translation sites. Located in Toronto Canada.
  • French Translations French Translation Service, but they also offer multiple languages. Located in Toronto, Canada.
  • German Link Translation Services Inc. Specialized in German translation of immigration documents, legal proceedings, and medical records, as well as business requirements.
  • Global Translations A translation and interpretation company focusing on numerous languages and dialects of the world.
  • Guibord Technical Writing Services Technical writing, translation and transcription services in several languages. Located in Montreal.
  • HI Communications Specializes in Japanese translation and interpretation. Located in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.
  • Horne Translations Translation from Chinese, French, Japanese and Latin into English. Freelancer Scott Horne based in Montreal, Quebec.
  • in French only inc. Canadian commercial translation agency for French, Spanish and English.
  • INF Translation Translation and interpreting in Japanese, English and French, of technical documents and advertising copy. Company based in Canada.
  • Info Plus Translation, software localization and IT consulting from English, German, French into Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian. Based in Canada.
  • Jean-Luc Crucifix Translation in French, English and Spanish. Based in Canada.
  • John Garside Translation in various European languages.
  • Kaleidoscope Language Services Translation, editing, international events in German, French and English.
  • Kennedy-Unglaub Translations Translation company specializing in English - German.
  • Koch Richard Translation of legal, financial, technical, and scientific documents in English, French, German, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, and Arabic. Company based in Montreal, Canada.
  • LA Translations Ltd. Translation services, web design, interpretation in a broad range of languages. Located in Canada.
  • Language Marketplace Ltd A company located in Toronto offering translation services and interpreters for medical, technical, insurance and general business requirements.
  • Language Translation Ltd Translation for all Languages. Also offering conference interpreters in Canada. Company located in Toronto, Canada.
  • LingoStar Provides translation services in Vancouver,BC. Translation of websites and documents into multiple languages.
  • Linguaction A translation firm located in Quebec City founded more than ten years ago. Also offers language editing and correction.
  • Lord InterTrans Technologies Interpreting, translation, typesetting, editing, proofreading, transcreation, adaptation, copywriting, technical writing and voice-over in the IT, technology, business and media fields.
  • Middle-East Consulting and Translating Services -Isaac Hollander, PhD Offering a Hebrew and Arabic to English translation service as well as consulting, information retrieval and analysis services with a Middle East focus.
  • MOSAIC Language Services Translation, interpreting and typesetting, in 64 languages. Services, funny section.
  • Motarjemin Group Translation and interpreting in Arabic, Farsi, Dari, English and French. Company based in Canada.
  • Multi Translation Multi Translation provides translation services for Websites and various cultural solutions for business.
  • Multi-Languages Provides translation and interpretation in most languages.
  • Multicultural Communications Group Translation in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian.
  • Necco Translation in Brazilian Portuguese. Based in BC, Canada.
  • Nor-Word Text Services Specializes in translation / editing / proofreading of technical documents (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French, and Spanish into English).
  • OTS Medical Translation in the medical field, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Ottawa Translations Translation in English, French and Spanish. Cooperative based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Permutation Provides technical writing and translation services to organizations working in infrastructure, software, and health, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.
  • PF Media Group Translation and localization of websites, software, medical and technical documents. Located in British Columbia.
  • Post-Scriptum Translations Certified translation in Romanian and English. Cooperative based in Toronto, Canada. Bilingual site.
  • Premier Focus Inc. Translation, localization and cultural assistance.
  • Pro Active Translations Providing translation/interpretation services throughout Canada. Based in Ontario.
  • RiverWest Japanese translation, webpage localization, proofreading and editing. Chinese translation also available.
  • Roland Translations Inc. Specialized in medical translations from/into English, French, German and Dutch.
  • RTG Protech Provider of translation services. Language specialties include English and Canadian French, plus German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Danish, and Swedish.
  • Scriptorium Claude Provencher Translation from English and German into French. Company based in Canada. Trilingual site.
  • Services d'édition Guy Connolly Specialized editing and translation services. French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch.
  • SpiderWord Localization and translation into French for business and export. Rates, services and portfolio.
  • Tessier Translations A translation company servicing the Ottawa and surrounding region. All Languages.
  • Textogo Word Experts Language advice and translation related services to business clients. Company based in Canada.
  • Textronics Communications Inc. Providing translations and digital media design. Offering over 50 languages. Located in Toronto.
  • The Word Exchange Offers translation services in over 100 languages.
  • Timasearch Translation and search service in Farsi, English and French. Company based in Ontario, Canada.
  • TradMAC Translations Translations to/from many languages worldwide. Also offers desktop publishing.
  • Traduction Worldwide Provides professional translation services for businesses and individuals in all sectors of activity. Translators in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Located in Montreal.
  • Translation Services Translation Services in Canada focusing on multiply languages including French, Spanish and Chinese. Located in Toronto, Canada.
  • Universal Translations Translation and interpreting, in over 120 languages, in technical and scientific fields. Links list.
  • Univista Translations Translations from/into Bulgarian, English, Russian, and all European languages.
  • Valentina Baslyk Translation & Editing Services Translation from Russian and French into English. Located in Montreal.
  • Verovar Spanish Translation Services Canadian-based company specializing in Spanish language services.
  • WTB Language Group Professional translation services in many languages.
  • Xpress Translations Translation of commercial and technical documents, brochures and web sites in all languages. Company based in Canada.
  • YJY Language Services Translation, localization, multilingual website design and cross-cultural consultation services. Chinese, Japanese, and European languages available.

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