Cross-cultural communication business services can include cross-cultural training of ex-patriates, cross-cultural team building, cultural sensitivity training, and briefings. It also includes intercultural management consultancy as applied for instance in cross-border post-merger integration process in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other international strategic alliances, where people issues arising from both organizational and national cultures have to be addressed.
  • 2C International Communicating across cultures - new concepts in training, consulting and coaching for managers, teams and professionals involved in international business. Based in UK.
  • 4C - Corporate Culture Clash and Chemistry Strategic advice for international corporations, aligning strategies with corporate culture. Expertise in international branding and multinational teams. Based in Holland.
  • Bridges Consulting Group Enhancing organisation's effectiveness in Asia, by identifying, understanding and bridging cultural gaps. Offers high-impact cultural training for organisations working across borders. Based in Singapore.
  • Centre for Intercultural Learning Canada's largest provider of cross-cultural training and support services for internationally-assigned personnel with country and cultural information. Library resource and information on research.
  • Cultural and Management Consulting (CMC) Worldwide network of consultants and trainers. Coaching international organizations to bridge cultural differences to strategic advantage. Based in Holland.
  • Cultural Savvy Synergistic group of global specialists providing information, country reports, articles, tips, helpful links and resources about the Pacific Rim. Based in USA.
  • Culture Connect Global Customized strategies for cross-cultural communications: Training and consulting for companies with multi-ethnic workforce, or experiencing change due to reorganization. Based in USA
  • Culture Smart Consulting Cross-cultural training company with holistic approach lowering anxiety levels of international assignees and families. Provides practical tools to deal with any new culture. Based in UK.
  • Culture Source Bibliography of intercultural communication - in English and German. Extensive search resource on intercultural communications publications.
  • Dayal Resources Inc. Offers professional interpreters, consulting, and cultural communication services. Includes profile, publications, and client list. Chicago, IL.
  • Delta Intercultural Academy Online knowledge and learning community for those professionally interested or involved in intercultural business and management communication. Based in Germany.
  • Diversophy Online game and learning tool in intercultural expertise. It tests intercultural knowledge and increases cultural competence for living and working in global environment. Based in USA and France.
  • Dot-Connect Cross Cultural Training Training organization specializing in cross-cultural training, presentation training and negotiations skills coaching. Expatriate relocation training to many countries, skills for doing business in India and skills for multicultural teamworking. Based in Finland.
  • East Asia Business Specialist cross-cultural advisors on Japan, Korea and China: Training and consultancy services for international companies working across the East-West cultural frontier. Based in UK.
  • EMIC Intercultural Works Cross-cultural training, integration and liaison services provided by professional anthropologists. Includes ethnographic market and intercultural research. Based in Japan.
  • Esprit Global Learning Global leadership, multicultural training, coaching, learning. Training and coaching to master multinational and multicultural work environments. Based in USA.
  • European Business Award "Best of European business" competition run by Roland Berger strategy consultants in Germany and Financial Times to highlight best practice of European companies.
  • Europublic European resources (books, specialist speakers bureau, training) for understanding of intercultural communications and relations in Europe. Based in Brussels.
  • Farnham Castle Intercultural Training International business training programmes to prepare for international assignments. Includes intensive language training, intercultural skills and specific country briefings. Based in UK.
  • Global Excellence Consultancy assisting organisations and individuals 'grow' their 'cultural capital' - the ability to grow successfully across cultures. Based in UK.
  • Global Savvy Cross-cultural consulting practice dedicated to making the information technology world culturally competent. Based in USA.
  • Global Vision Strategies Cross-cultural training, relocation, translation services and global management training for employees and executives on assignments outside US. Based in USA.
  • Intercultural Advice Guidelines Result of on-line brainstorming session in year 2000 of tips for handling intercultural differences or issues; 350 interculturalists participated on-line, sharing ideas and solutions.
  • Intercultural Alliances Interactive, customized cross-cultural training and consulting to businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Network of trainers in multiple languages. Based in USA.
  • Intercultural Communication International training and consulting firm assisting organizations crossing cultural borders, helping people to enhance professional effectiveness and interpersonal competence. Based in Holland.
  • Intercultural Insights Active resource exchange and discussion group on intercultural and cross-cultural business, training, education, research and consulting topics. Contributions by members only, but open to public to view.
  • Intercultural Press Main publisher of trainers' books and other resources on intercultural communication, with large collection of cross-cultural training resources. Based in USA, run by Nicholas Brieley Publishing in UK.
  • Intercultural Synergies Cross Cultural Consulting, Coaching and Training: Maximizing individuals and organizations potential in global economy through cross cultural communication. Based in Switzerland.
  • Intercultural Systems Cross-cultural consulting, training and executive coaching for global business, mainly in Asia and USA. Based in Singapore.
  • ITIM Training and consultancy in business culture and international management to create cultural competence, based on work of Geert Hofstede. Central office in Sweden (before Holland), world-wide franchises.
  • Japan Intercultural Consulting International training, coaching and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. Based in the USA with offices in Japan, Mexico and the UK.
  • JPB Consulting Consultancy for Transcultural Added Value. Based in France.
  • Leadership Crossroads International and cross-cultural management consultancy, assisting in intercultural communication, negotiation, project management, relationship and team building. Based in USA
  • Learn About Cultures Up-to-date and useful cross-cultural information for international business people and leisure international travelers. Based in USA.
  • LTS Intercultural Training Business and professional language and intercultural training, including trainer training certification. Publisher of 'Language and Intercultural Training Journal'. Based in UK.
  • Managing Across Cultures: Karani Lam & Associates Assisting organizations enhance managerial effectiveness and culture-specific knowledge in international business, including relocation training. Based in USA.
  • Meridian Eaton Global Merger (2005) of Meridian Resources (online database and tools in intercultural communication) and Eaton Consulting Group, cross-cultural trainers. Based in USA.
  • Nipporica Weaving strength from differences: A cross-cultural communications consultancy and training firm promoting opportunities from diversity of global and multi-cultural society, Japan focus. Based in USA.
  • Project IDEELS Diverse group of educators and researchers from 5 tertiary institutions sharing common interest: simulations and games to foster creativity of cultural diversity and address challenges facing Europe. Based in Europe.
  • Richard Lewis Communications Provider of training and support in cross culture and language skills development. Based in UK.
  • Rudlin Consulting Cross-cultural communications training, market entry advice and implementation, with particular focus on information and communications technology in Japan. Based in UK.
  • Russian Cross-cultural Program Russian program for training managers with representatives of various cultures working for them and for personnel managers. Based in Russia.
  • Shanti Consulting Offers cross-cultural training for effective communication between India and its business partners. Based in Indiana USA and New Delhi India. Has information on team, programs and cultural situations.
  • Swiss Consulting Group Offers workshops and coaching by international team of management consultants. Includes profiles, case studies and list of publications. Based in USA.
  • Training Management Corporation (TMC) Consulting, training and coaching solutions to build cultural competence and global performance of teams and entire organizations through a blended learning approach. Based in USA.
  • Trans-Cultural Relations Provides cross-cultural training, coaching, multinational team building, intercultural negotiation workshops, and expatriate support services in Switzerland and Germany. Based in Switzerland.
  • Transcultural Synergy Ltd Offers consultant services, training and coaching to corporate clients in cross-border communication. Features mission statement and details of workshops. Based in UK.
  • Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Consulting, training and coaching services to help leaders and professionals manage and solve business and culture dilemmas. Based in Holland.
  • World Work International management development, assessing and developing international skills, competencies and talents of individuals. Based in UK.
  • YEO Management International sales: developing business across borders. Intercultural management: developing multicultural teams, coaching expatriates. Global marketing: communication across borders. Based in Belgium.

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