• 12 Inch Design, LLC. Video backgrounds, lower thirds, and animated overlays.
  • 3DVideoBackgrounds.com Royalty free broadcast quality animated backgrounds in DV Quicktime format.
  • A Luna Blue Royalty free stock footage and images. Digitally produced for desktop publishing, broadcast and all new media.
  • ABC Archives and Library (Australia) Film and video footage held by Archives and Library Services of ABC, and offered for licensing.
  • ABC News VideoSource (US) News and stock footage from ABC News, APTN and British Movietone News. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Absolutely Archives Library specializing in public domain stock footage and photos; also providing access to public domain stock footage and photos held by the government.
  • Absolutely Wild Visuals An international collection of wildlife stock footage and stock photography based in Australia.
  • Action Sports - Scott Dittrich Films Library of action sports footage produced since 1972, now represents nearly every sport and many of the world's top cinematographers. Footage shot exclusively on 35mm. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Adventure Imagery Royalty-free extreme sports footage.
  • Aerial Focus Stock imagery of aerial acrobatics, BASE jumping (freefall from high structures or cliffs), skydiving, and hang-gliding.
  • Air Hollywood Hollywood-based travel film archive specializing in aviation footage, as well as vintage material filmed around the globe. Original 35mm material available in multiple formats.
  • Airtime International International Soccer Archive offering Under 21 Soccer footage featuring international stars early in their careers.
  • Al Giddings Images, Inc. Film and print materials of ocean, underwater and water-related natural history and non-fiction subjects.
  • Aliens of the Sea Stock footage library specializing in high definition underwater video. Australia.
  • All-Stock Film including motion controlled time lapse, microbiology, nature, and storm chases. Includes on-line search facility.
  • AlwaysHD High-definition footage submitted by cinematographers and CG artists. Also offers free downloads.
  • America By Air Aerials, aircraft and atmosphere in 35mm, High Definition, 16mm and Digital Video. Aerial scenics, nature, cities and clouds across North and South America. International footage includes major landmarks and the Pacific Rim.
  • Anistock Animations for web and broadcast.
  • APTN Library Film and video news library offering footage from 1950s to yesterday. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Artbeats Digital film library, stock images, and textures, offering royalty-free footage. Full collection browse facility, with still frames.
  • BBC Motion Gallery Footage licensing portal for BBC Worldwide, featuring searchable and fully browsable clip repository . Provides gateway to research contacts.
  • Beyond Vision Footage library offering 20,000 hours of international footage including science, technology, medicine, wildlife, travel, and environment.
  • Big Fat Ted's After Effects aficionado offering royalty-free stock content.
  • BigfootHD Royalty-free high-definition footage includes animals, cityscapes, Latin America, lifestyle, and technology.
  • BlackLight Films 35mm and Hi Def stock footage library. Clips including aerials, time-lapse, Americana, and International.
  • Blackstone Stock Footage Collection includes the Cascom Select Effects film-generated graphics library, along with Universal Newsreel footage, and sports, extreme sports, business, scenery and animals.
  • Blue Sky Stock Footage Offers 35mm film stock footage of time lapse and real time imagery. On-line image library of thousands of digital clips. Custom shoots available.
  • Boeing Imaging Includes aviation, space, military, travel and history film, video, photos, animation and models.
  • Breaking News Video Network Offers footage of nature and severe weather.
  • British Airports Authority Video Library Stock footage of aircraft or airport operations in various international airports.
  • British Movietone News International cinema newsreel covering the period 1929-1979. Footage available for licensing. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • British Pathe News Footage from historic cinema newsreel, available for licensing. Includes on-line catalog search facility. Full collection digitised and available for download.
  • Brunswick Films Motor racing film and video archive for 1970s and 80s. Formula One, rally and motor cycle footage.
  • Budget Films Privately owned film archive, with contemporary and archival stock footage. Searchable database, including images.
  • Buyout Footage.com Stock footage house featuring broadcast quality contemporary royalty free stock footage and archival public domain films with on-line purchasing available.
  • Capital DV Studio Royalty Free Stock Footage Library with downloadable clips.
  • Cinegraph Independent stock film footage resource featuring contemporary and archival footage. People, places, nature, sports, business, and the offbeat.
  • Classic Images Stock Footage Library All subjects footage from the 1890's to today -- 35mm, HD, 16mm, video and digital. Large vintage collection.
  • Clipcanvas Stock video marketplace offering a searchable collection of HD stock footage in all categories.
  • ClipHD High Definition stock footage library.
  • CNN ImageSource Footage licensing division of news satellite station CNN. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Collegiate Images The centralized licensing and rights clearance agency of video and still images for colleges, universities, conferences, bowl games and broadcast rights holders. A subsidiary of Convizion, Inc. and The Collegiate Licensing Company.
  • Contemporary Films Archive of documentary and feature films. Subjects include Communism, Apartheid, the 60s, UK politics, the US Civil rights struggle, Music, the Russian revolution and the Holocaust.
  • Conus Communications Archive Video Archives of Conus, representing TV stations across America. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Corbis Motion Corbis Motion offers moving images from the Hot Shots, Action Sports Adventure, and Film Bank collections plus Royalty Free footage.
  • Creatas Footage Royalty free model-released motion imagery. Downloadable free full-frame watermarked previews.
  • Creative Arts Television Library holding several collections of filmed and videotaped arts footage from 1950 to date. Text-based on-line catalogue.
  • Decapod.tv On-line archive of marine wildlife footage for television production
  • Digital Hotcakes Provider of royalty-free 3d stock animations, moving backgrounds, and stock footage for non-linear video editing.
  • Directory for Stock Images Assembled links to stock footage, photographs, and audio clips.
  • DVarchive.com Downloadable royalty free DV stock footage.
  • E-Aerials.com Clouds, landscapes, and cityscapes from North America and Hawaii on video cassette or CD-ROM. Review sample images online.
  • Easy Street Productions Public domain archival stock footage. No licensing fees. Bizarre and historic footage.
  • Echo Film Productions Wildlife and natural history footage. A wide variety of video acquired by experienced naturalist/videographers
  • EcoFootage.com Royalty-free video stock footage collections on environmental and sustainability-related topics including the natural world, land use, water, energy, transportation, recycling and green building.
  • Efootage.com Online stock footage source offering history and slapstick to high tech and beauty shots. Select images via visual database and order sample tapes for immediate shipment.
  • European Stock Footage Modern video stock footage of Italy and the United Kingdom.
  • FA Interactive - Library Sales Nature Film archive offered by production company. On-line research tool.
  • Feedback Video Animated backgrounds for professional video. Browse, preview, purchase and download as royalty free stock video.
  • Film Australia The Film Australia Library manages a collection of film, video and sound recordings in which the Commonwealth of Australia holds copyright. It's one of the largest and most historically significant sources of archival, documentary and stock footage in the country. There are more than 5000 completed productions in the archive along with thousands of reels and tapes of out-take material and stills.
  • Film Images (London) Commercial film library offering stock and archival footage for licensing for many different collections. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Film Images (Paris) Collection of 16mm and 35mm French current and historic footage, also offering access to various collections from other countries. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Film World Stock footage distributor for the Asia Pacific region. Exclusive agents for Corbis Motion. Contemporary and archival footage covering all subjects. Online previews available.
  • Fire Line Video Productions Library of fire ground footage for licensing. Specializes in video of the New York City fire department (FDNY), and includes World Trade Center material.
  • Fish Films Footage World Full service stock footage library resource.
  • Flatboy Productions 3D Animated Backgrounds for Sale. HD, NTSC, PAL formats available.
  • Flying Lion Productions Video library of motion video and still image photography of breaking news events in Los Angeles County (East San Gabriel Valley).
  • FOCAL International Trade association for the commercial film and video library and archive industry. Includes Footage Finder e-facility. Members include libraries, researchers and consultants
  • Footage Bakery Stock footage company offering digital and film footage, described as "from the ordinary to the unusual", royalty free.
  • Footage Farm An archival film/video collection, with 12,000 data entries, of public domain material spanning over one hundred years. Footage sold by the reel with unrestricted use.
  • Footage.net Stock, archival, news and sports footage network. Host of many footage trade on-line databases and includes on-line multi-catalog search facility. Researchers can submit instant ZAP requests to libraries.
  • FootageBank Footage house specializing in HD stock footage. Viewable clips online include aerials, time-lapse, worldwide locations, nature, technology, lifestyles, underwater, and sports.
  • Footagefinders Modern and archival footage from around the globe, mainly factual
  • Footagehouse Royalty free stock footage from broadcast quality video.
  • FootageInfo Forum, industry news service and directory operated by consultant John Flewin.
  • FootageWorks.com Royalty free and rights managed reality base and breaking news video clips and stock footage.
  • Fotosearch Royalty free photography and stock footage site with more than 140 photo and footage vendors. Search facility.
  • Four Palms, Inc. Royalty free stock footage available on various digital and analog formats. On-line search facility with still frames and browse movies.
  • Framepool Online stock footage library licensing video and film clips using search engine with immediate preview of shots. Delivery worldwide on tape, data carrier or via download. Site in English, German and French languages.
  • Freestockfootage.com Stock footage available for immediate download in Quicktime and MPEG resolutions. Previews are free.
  • Freewheelin' Films Sports stock footage including NASCAR and other motor sports, horseracing, soccer, golf. Lifestyle and domestic and international travel.
  • Futura Design Provides animated video backgrounds.
  • Gaumont Pathé Archives Archives holds 14,000 hours of newsreels from 1896 to the present covering political, economic, cultural and sports events in France and worldwide. Search, view, order on line. Includes English language database.
  • Getty Images Film and video collections range from historical to shot-for-stock. On-line search facility.
  • Global Cuts Stock Footage Royalty free film, video and photographs delivered as QuickTime files.
  • Global Focus Royalty free stock footage in QuickTime format. Includes locations, earth views and space
  • Global ImageWorks Full service company providing library sales, research and rights management services. Specializes in journalistic and historic footage.
  • Gmanvideo Video backgrounds and loops for download.
  • GotHiDef.com High definition stock footage in 720p and 1080i formats. Royalty free with signed releases for all talent.
  • Greg Hensley Productions Stock footage library of hard to film subjects shot all across America, available in 35mm HD and SD.
  • HBO Archives A full service commercial stock footage library. More than 30 years of sports images, pop culture, locations, lifestyles, nature as well as expanding newsreel coverage spanning the turn of the century to the 1960's.
  • HD/DVcuts Digital video stock footage library offering broadcast quality royalty free NTSC imagery sourced from 35mm and 24p cameras for download.
  • HDtimelapse.net High resolution time-lapse royalty-free footage of animals, architecture, cities, clouds, landscapes, and people.
  • Historic Films Inc. A source for the licensing of historic film and musical performance film clips. Over 50,000 hours of stock footage 1895-1995 available for all productions. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Hoffmann Films Stock Footage Production company specializing in Action Sports and Adventure Travel offers footage from a library of 16mm film and video.
  • Hollywood Licensing Offers footage research, licensing, representation and auctions.
  • Hot Under the Collar Productions (HUTC) Supplies a selection of timeless short stories from the UK, plus clips and footage, covering sports and a range unusual subjects.
  • Howard Hall-High Definition Video Library High Definition Video Library stock footage of underwater locations, southern California, Fiji and others
  • Huntley Film Archives Independent library with more than 80,000 titles, claiming to be one of the largest film libraries in Europe. On-line catalog research facility.
  • Ignite Motion Free motion backgrounds.
  • In the Wild Productions Production company offering stock video footage of whales, dolphin, basking sharks and other marine life. On-line streaming sample footage.
  • Index Stock Shots Specifically shot 35mm film available in high and standard definition. Catalog search facility.
  • Inspiredclips Nature footage from Alaska intended for personal use.
  • ISKRA Television Ltd. Library of video clips for licensing to producers and broadcasters. Most material comes from Russia and Eastern Europe with emphasis on reality, home-video and bloopers.
  • ITN Source Provider of motion picture archive material, featuring film and stock footage from the 1890s to the present day.
  • Jere Mossier Productions Underwater stock footage specializing in ocean, wildlife and nature.
  • Last Refuge Film Library Wildlife, environments, aerials and time lapses.
  • London Stock Footage High definition contemporary digital video footage of London by Mark Bloomfield.
  • Mammoth HD High Definition Stock Footage, 3D Animation and Motion Graphics in 1080i, 1080/24p, 720p, HDV and SD(480p). Royalty Free collections, single clips - general subjects.
  • Marine Bio-images Marine and underwater stock photography and video. Suppliers of images and footage of marine life, commercial fishing, marine pollution, divers, scientists working at sea.
  • Mark Emery Films Wildlife stock footage including Alaskan bears and Florida alligators.
  • Matton Images Royalty free stock footage and film clips, including a digital film library of footage clips and Flash animations. Subjects include: business, lifestyle and sport
  • MedicalFootage.org Video clips of health, medicine and surgery. Medical Footage is a division of production company HealthVision.
  • MicroCosmos Royalty free stock video of insects, spiders and protozoa.
  • MotionDrops Categories include aerial shots, arts and crafts, seasonal, liquids, military, religious, retro, and underwater.
  • Motionkit Royalty-free footage, motion graphics and animated looping video backgrounds.
  • movieclip.biz eCommerce web site selling professionally produced short video clips for use in PowerPoint for business presentations. Previews online.
  • Moving Image Communications Ltd Library holding over 17,000 hours of footage covering a wide range of subjects, both archival and contemporary. Material includes TVAM UK breakfast TV programme from 70s and 80s and collection and documents about Britain from the 1930s to the present day. Catalog search facility available on-line. Some video clips incorporated.
  • MrFootage e.K. Sports, nature, wildlife, world locations, and historical. Delivery via FTP download.
  • myfootage.com Archival and contemporary footage. Clips delivered within minutes via e-mail. Offering includes cartoons, Hollywood features; horror, romance; westerns and action, Newsreels, comedies, educationals,documentaries and original 35mm contemporary shoots.
  • Mythopolis.com Royalty-free stock footage, including high-definition time-lapse, stop motion and computer animation. Includes High Definition Time Lapse footage from Los Angeles area.
  • National Geographic Digital Motion Archives and licensing agent for all National Geographic Television-produced film. Includes nature, wildlife, landscapes, people, technology, exploration, and adventure material, plus footage from third party copyright holders. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Nature Stock Shots Wildlife and nature stock footage library.
  • Nautilus Productions Stock video of marine life, medical, and military video from around the world.
  • NBC Universal Archives Film, video and radio material from NBC products. Includes on-site catalog search facility.
  • Net-film Archive of digital documentaries and newsreels for professional filmmakers. Catalogue, clips, and community.
  • New York Shots Film and Video stock footage provider specializing in New York City, including the Rockefeller Center and Manhattan.
  • News1 Stock footage and photographs of New York going back to the late 19th century.
  • NHNZ Specialist stock shot library with footage from the entire Pacific Rim, Antarctica, Asia and South America and Africa. Over 4000 hours of footage of wildlife, wilderness and underwater animal behaviour, including many rare or unusual animals and remote places. Text-based search catalog available on site.
  • NHNZ Moving Images Wildlife, health, science, technology, adventure, cultures, landscapes, time lapse and CGI.
  • OceanFootage.com Ocean stock footage library including sharks, whales, dolphins, topside and underwater marine life on film and high definition video. Based in Monterey, California.
  • Oddball Film Specializes in offbeat and unusual footage including 35mm and 16mm clips in all genres.
  • Orlowski Designs Provides royalty-free HD stock footage. Demo reel, FAQ and blog.
  • Oxford Scientific Films Natural history, scientific and special effects stock footage library, originating from 35mm, 16mm, super 16mm and video formats. Online viewing facility available.
  • Pond5 Open marketplace for buyers and sellers of royalty-free clips in all categories.
  • PR4God Produces stock videos for various media projects.
  • Press Association News, sport and entertainment story footage from the United Kingdom.
  • ProAerialVideo Royalty-free aerial footage shot by Julie and Pat Belanger.
  • Producers Library Service Offers rare Hollywood film footage, current and archival stock footage and stock photography. Includes on-line catalog search facility.
  • Rapido Television Footage library from youth programming company includes titles like Eurotrash, Passengers and The Girlie Show.
  • Re:Search A full service visual licensing and rights clearance company for stock footage . Services include budgeting, locating and licensing film and photo content for media use.
  • Real Action Pictures Commercial library founded on an action and extreme sports collection with international travel footage now also representing a variety of libraries originating footage on 16mm or 35mm film. Subjects include sports, travel nature, and outdoor activities.
  • Reelcities Royalty-free stock footage of major US cities.
  • Reelin' In The Years Offers footage from over 10,000 musical performances from archives throughout Europe and the United States. Includes on-line search facility.
  • Reid and Casement Footage research and clearance agency
  • Rocketclips Stock Footage, Inc. Royalty-free stock footage video clip library supplying collections and single clips of people and lifestyles on Beta SP tape, Mini DV tape, CD-rom, and downloadable formats.
  • Royalty Free HD Royalty free HD footage online with category listing
  • Royaltyfreestore.com Royalty-free footage in standard and high definition, including architecture, landscapes, nature, and celebrations.
  • Rudewater Royalty free and right managed stock footage, audio, and image source on South Asia, Middle East, North America and European content.
  • Seiurus Video Dedicated to videography of birds and provides video stock footage.
  • Shields Pictures Licensor of motion picture programming resources to the entertainment community. Subjects include popular sciences, historic, scientific and whimsical discoveries, unusual occupations, talking animals and similar.
  • Silver Phoenix High-definition nature and wildlife footage.
  • Silverman Stock Footage Licenses material from library ranging from contemporary 35mm and 16mm footage to film and video from the early 1900's
  • Sony Pictures Footage from motion picture and television productions.
  • Source Stock Footage Library Film and video archive specializing in popular culture, Americana, Hollywood, and industrial footage from 1900 to the late 1970's.
  • Sports Cinematography Group Offer contemporary footage ranging from recreational to extreme sports, plus a selection of lifestyles, nature, wildlife, city-scapes and underwater footage.
  • Stock Footage and Video - Royalty Free Royalty-free stock footage and video available in various formats. All footage shot on Beta-SP or better.
  • Stock Footage Online Resource for researchers and stock footage companies
  • Stock Footage World Offering a large selection of contemporary stock footage featuring video clip previews that are searchable by keywords, themes, locations and formats.
  • Stockvideophoto.com Royalty-free stock video and photographs for personal or professional projects.
  • Streamline Films Stock Footage Stock shot library of film and digital video stock footage scenes specializing in archival, news, Hollywood films, Americana and contemporary images.
  • Teleios A task force organisation that delivers what it calls "transformational performance" to media based clients. Represents Asian News footage
  • Temponaut Time-lapse motion picture footage available for licensing. Weather, landscapes, vegetation, and animals.
  • Texas B-roll Royalty free, broadcast quality stock video footage of Texas cities and scenes.
  • The Footage Store 35mm, 16mm, and Betacam SP stock footage. Subjects include wildlife, underwater, historical, sports and the bizarre.
  • The NewsMarket Free broadcast-standard video and multimedia content from video news releases service for global corporations, government agencies and non-profits. Search, preview and request content via digital download or tape-by-mail.
  • The Research Source Research service for stock footage, newsreels, news images, archival, historic and modern images.
  • The Travel Film Archive Travelogues and educational and industrial films shot between 1900 and 1970.
  • Third Millennium Films Independent New York stock footage agency offering HD, 35mm, 16mm images,archival film and stock photos.
  • Thought Equity Motion Supplier of stock footage and production-ready commercials. Search, preview and purchase footage and royalty free collections online.
  • Time Image Royalty free stock footage.
  • Time-Lapse Stock Footage Time-Lapse motion picture special effects available for licensing
  • TimeLapse Digital Downloadable motion controlled and static time-lapse footage in NTSC, PAL and all frame formats.
  • TimeLapseSource Royalty-free clips for immediate download
  • TimeLP.com Specializes in time-lapse footage.
  • Tips Film Royalty free and rights managed stock footage house
  • TK Time-Lapse Royalty-free high resolution time-lapse footage by Tony Kern from various cities and locations in the USA and Asia.
  • Tommy Video Broadcast quality motion backgrounds in NTSC and PAL
  • TV Data Russian footage: Kremlin interiors, Kamchatka Bear, Chernobyl disaster, submarines. Originated on Betacam, DigiBet, Divicam, MiniDivi and colour film.
  • TV Data Royalty-free clips and archival footage from Russia and the former USSR. Also provides distribution and research services.
  • TVNZ Footage Licensing Includes most locally produced programs broadcast on television in New Zealand; news, current affairs, documentaries, sports, entertainment, and drama.
  • UltraSlo Slow motion videos of water, explosions, food, fauna, and guns.
  • VGV Video Production Broadcast quality hd stock footage, royalty free.
  • Vidcat Video production and distribution company specializing in fashion stock footage from the 1950s-present including newsreels, runway and backstage beauty images.
  • Video History Today Collection of video clips recorded at places of historical interest, designed for educational use.
  • Videometry Royalty free stock footage. Themed collections or individual clips. NTSC or PAL. Browse quality previews available online.
  • VideoNet Resource for images of historic and traditional Greece in broadcast quality film and video.
  • Wavebreak Media Ltd Royalty-free high definition video footage and animation. Offers one free monthly download for members.
  • WGBH Media Library/Stock Sales Footage licensing division of the WGBH Educational Foundation offering material from programs made for TV service. On-line catalog research facility.
  • WildCam Australia Stock footage of rare and endangered tropical wildlife including tropical platypus.
  • WPA Film Library Repository of archival and stock footage for documentary programming.
  • Wrightwood Laboratories Royalty free stock footage and video for broadcast and multimedia. Includes search facility and browse quality clip viewing
  • WTTW Digital Archives Digital stock video sampling the 50-year broadcast history of WTTW Chicago Public Television. Search and view on-line.
  • X Footage Offers skydiving stunts filmed by Joe Jennings.
  • zeitrafferfilme.de Film shots of astronomical subjects. Day-night-day timelapse movies show meteors, aurora and the milky way.

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