• 4 Epoches Greece-based grower and exporter of olive trees, palms, cedar and cypress. Includes map of nursery locations and details specialties.
  • Allaert Nurseries Nursery in Belgium, providing a large assortment of woody ornamentals.
  • Alpine Nursery Suppliers of bareroot field grown nursery stock featuring pines, spruces, firs and hardwoods.
  • Anda-Lea Tree Nursery Company in Western Australian producing native trees, with an emphasis on salt-tolerant species. Listing of products and pricing, printable order form.
  • Arbutus Grove Nursery Modern greenhouse/nursery facility located on the Saanich Peninsula on southern Vancouver Island.
  • Barcham Wholesale container tree nursery, stocking over 350 varieties, selling in the UK and several other European countries.
  • Beaver Creek Nursery Wholesale grower of landscape specimens in Illinois, USA. Assortment includes deciduous trees and shrubs, evergreens, vines, azaleas, and rhododendrons.
  • Bechedor Tree Nursery Container and bare root tree nursery in Quebec, providing reforestation companies, small woodland owners and Christmas tree growers with seedlings and transplants of coniferous trees and paulownias.
  • Bernhard's Nurseries UK nursery growing a wide variety of trees, shrubs, roses and conifers, supplying the nursery trade, public works, and the landscaping industry. Information about products and services.
  • Bradshaw Nursery LLC Grower of ornamental deciduous and broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs in Oregon. Plant information with photos, pricing, and availability.
  • Brazos Bend Tree Farm Grower of shade and ornamental trees in containers, for sale to landscapers, builders, golf Course, and public works. Product list online.
  • Calusa Creek Tree Farm Florida based grower of container trees and ornamentals along with 20,000 field grown palms. Inventory and pictures.
  • Cam Too Camellia Nursery Wholesale grower of Camellias in North Carolina, offering several hundred species, varieties, and hybrids, including cold-hardy cultivars. Company profile and product listing.
  • Camellias-R-Us Wholesale grower of camellias in New South Wales, Australia. Overview of species and varieties grown.
  • Carino Nurseries Grower of seedlings and transplants of mostly evergreen trees, primarily serving the wholesale market, some homeowner specials listed on-site. Also wholesales Christmas trees.
  • Cherry Lake Tree Farm Wholesale container trees and ornamental trees with root enhancement. Featuring product information, horticultural resources, and the Tree-Guide 2000 with detailed descriptions of over one hundred tree varieties and tree cultivars.
  • Eastern Shore Boxwoods Retail and wholesale nursery specializing in boxwood cultivars. Includes photographs, a price list, and growing tips.
  • Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia Wholesale grower of container-grown trees and shrubs for garden centers, rewholesale nurseries and landscapers from the East Coast through the Midwest. Includes online catalog and availability.
  • Empire National Nursery, LLC Growers of over 120 types of fast growing trees and shrub plants for home and garden landscaping, privacy screens, windbreaks, and reforestation planting projects. Expanding tropical plant line available.
  • Flickingers' Nursery Grower of tree seedlings and transplants in Pennsylvania.
  • Four Seasons Alberta Tree Nursery Grower of coniferous evergreens and hardy deciduous trees in Alberta. Products span a range of sizes.
  • Fox Hill Nursery Growing "Own Root" lilacs of over 70 varieties; pink, red, blue, white, purple, lavender and yellow, and lilacs for warm climates.
  • Frysville Farms Hybrid poplar trees for landscaping, firewood, and reforestation projects.
  • Gossett's Landscape Nursery, Inc. Growers of woody ornamental shrubs, and trees, as well as hostas and daylilies. Located in North Carolina, supplying garden centers, landscapers and contractors in the mid-Atlantic region.
  • Grafted Walnut Trees Suppliers of grafted walnut trees within the UK. Many varieties especially chosen for fruit bearing, timber and ornamental use in the UK climate.
  • Green Nurseries and Landscape Design, Inc. Wholesale grower of a large collection of camellia cultivars, many unavailable elsewhere, as well as an assortment of other woody ornamentals and a few herbaceous heirloom plants. Located in Alabama.
  • Grower Direct Oregon nursery providing turf sod, ornamental trees, and shrubs.
  • H. Kolster Wholesale nursery in the Netherlands, specializing in unusual shrubs and small trees, and a few perennials.
  • Happyland Tree Farms Offers shade trees and conifers to wholesalers, landscapers, growers, and homeowners. Located in Sandstone, Minnesota.
  • Hensler Nursery, Inc. Growers of bare-root and Christmas tree seedlings for landscaping and conservation, as well as retail and wholesale trees.
  • Hockley Valley Tree Farms Located 30 minutes north of Pearson Intl. Airport in Southern Ontario, Canada. Offer landscape, wholesale, and Christmas trees to the public.
  • Hoodview Nursery Wholesale nursery in Oregon specializing in emerald green arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis) liners and rooted cuttings, also offers contract growing. Company profile, ordering information, and photos.
  • Hunter Trees, LLC Specializes in growing specimen-quality trees for distribution within the Southeast US. Overview with photos of varieties offered. Pricing only with password.
  • Hybrid Poplar Trees Wholesale grower supplying fast growing hybrid poplar trees, red-osier dogwoods and coyote willows. Great for screens and phytoremediation projects.
  • Itasca Greenhouse Custom and contract growing of containerized tree seedlings. Hardwood and softwood seedlings for nurseries, landscaping, and reforestation.
  • J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. Wholesale grower of more than 450 varieties of ornamental and shade trees. Located in Boring, Oregon
  • Jayker Wholesale Nursery, Inc. Offers cold hardy trees and shrubs.
  • JV Dekoplant Ltd. Ukrainian-Dutch company providing landscape and floriculture roses in bare-root and potted forms, as well as other woody ornamentals and small fruits.
  • L.E. Cooke Co Wholesale nursery in California specialize in growing bareroot fruit trees, landscape trees, and shrubs, selling to nurseries and garden centers through North America. History, news, and plant information sheets.
  • Lewis Nursery & Farm, Inc. Grower of specimen ornamentals in South Carolina, specializing in large hollies, also providing magnolias and wax myrtles. Company profile, photo gallery, and product listing.
  • Lind Enterprises, Inc. Wholesale nursery in Oregon, producing mainly woody ornamentals (conifers, flowering and shade trees, and shrubs), as well as several ornamental grasses.
  • Mangoni Angelo e Alberto Italian producer of ornamental shrubs and trees, hedge plants, palms, climbers, and standards, growing plants in containers and open field. Online assortment, confidential prices.
  • Meadowlark Nursery Small nursery in Oregon growing maples, dwarf boxwoods, Austrian pine, arborvitae and burning bush. Online availability listing. Also offers contract growing.
  • Meadowview Tree Farm Small tree nursery in New York, offering bareroot tree seedlings and transplants for conservation practices, as well as an assortment of shrubs and perennials. Index of varieties offered, wholesale information.
  • Meilland Star Roses Wholesale container nursery specializing in woody ornamental plants, including roses. Also offers perennials, grasses, and groundcovers. Operations in three US states.
  • Metro Maples Texas nursery specialized in Japanese maples, also offering azaleas, crape myrtles, and a small selection of other woody and herbaceous ornamentals.
  • Mill Farm Trees Supplies native hedging plants to farmers and landowners in the UK. Products include a native farm conservation mix, and a range of decorative hedgerow plants.
  • Moultrie Palms Supplier in Florida of hybrid mule palms, xButyagrus nabbonnandii. Information about the trees, with photos.
  • Mountain Meadows Landscaping & Nursery Specializing in dwarf conifers and evergreens including semi-mature and specimen trees. Weaverville, North Carolina.
  • Needlefast Evergreens, Inc. Full service tree nursery and Christmas tree farm, specializing in seedlings and transplants for nurseries, landscapers, and homeowners. Ludington, Michigan. Descriptions of available tree species and their care.
  • Oasis de la Campana Nursery Producers and exporters of Chilean native woody plants, including Jubaea, Araucaria, Nothofagus, Sophoras and Chusquea. Company profile, overview of plant offerings.
  • Orange County Nursery Wholesale growers of specimen and bareroot trees. Located in California.
  • Panther Creek Nursery Panther Creek Nursery is a premier Pot-in-Pot nursery providing wholesale trees and plant materials to landscape professionals.
  • Pardee Tree Nursery Largest wholesale tree nursery in San Diego County supplying ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Plants Beautiful Nursery Minnesota nursery offering large-scale Scotch pine topiary, wholesale tree nursery stock, and Christmas trees. Photos of products and operations, product overview.
  • R.F. DeMarco Nursery, Inc. Large propagator of azaleas, rhododendrons, holly and pieris, sold wholesale on the US East Coast.
  • Red Oak Landscaping Located in Overland Park, Kansas. Specialized in creating custom residential landscapes.
  • Red Oak Nurseries, Inc. Wholesale growers and suppliers of quality northern grown plant material for over 30 years.
  • Rubyan Nurseries Family business in New Zealand growing citrus, plum, feijoa, and persimmon trees and hedging shrubs. Also sells complete tree and shrub planting packs.
  • Ryan Family Nursery Southeastern Pennsylvania nursery specializing in ornamental trees, shrubs and evergreens. Site features price list with photos and description of each plant.
  • Sauvie Island Ornamentals Wholesale shade and flowering tree farm in Oregon, selling trees in the 1.5" to 4.5" caliper range, balled-and-burlapped as well as containers. Company overview, product range and availability.
  • Schaefer Nursery Supplier of hardy woody ornamental bare root liners to the wholesale plant nursery trade, located in Tennessee. Company profile, online catalog and pricing.
  • Segal Ranch Grows and sells hybrid poplar tree cuttings for use in paper production, phytoremediation, and stream restoration.
  • Shehawken Tree Farm, LLC Pennsylvania growers of premium quality evergreens, including Colorado Blue Spruce, White Pine, Norway Spruce, Hemlock and Arborvitae.
  • Southern Pride Tree Farm Wholesale nursery supplying High Rise, Cathedral and standard field grown live oak trees. Located in Bell, Florida.
  • Stepping Stones Nursery Wholesale growers of many varieties of Japanese maples, as well as other ornamental trees including magnolia and dogwood. Based in New Zealand and Oregon, USA.
  • Stewart Brothers Nurseries Ltd. Wholesale tree nursery in Canada offering deciduous and coniferous trees hardy to zones 1, 2 and 3. Products include birches, malus, maples, poplars, spruces and pines.
  • Summer Hill Nursery Wholesale nursery specializing in dwarf conifers, rhododendron, and woody native plants. Container plants sold to independent garden centers and landscapers in the Northeastern US.
  • Sumter Gardens Tree Nursery Wholesale supplier of trees throughout the eastern United States.
  • Swan Hill Olive Wholesale growers of the patented fruitless olive tree Swan Hill Olive.
  • Texas Palms and Ponds Wholesale and retail grower of Houston hardy palm trees.
  • The Tree Patch Tree farm in Missouri, provides tree moving and landscaping services in the US Midwest region, specializing in residential and commercial large tree installation and relocation.
  • Tornello Nurseries Wholesale bamboo plants and trees for landscape and interiorscape design. Examples of work and contact information.
  • Tree Growers Advanced Pty Ltd Wholesale production nursery in Australia specializing in container-grown trees and shrubs, including both natives and exotics, evergreens and deciduous species.
  • Van Belle Nursery Wholesale grower and propagator of hardy ornamental shrubs, trees, and vines, located in British Columbia. Plant guides and up-to-date availability list.
  • Viveiros do Foral Wholesale nursery in Portugal producing and exporting Mediterranean and ornamental citrus plants. Company profile and product information.
  • Western Maine Nurseries Suppliers of hardy evergreen seedlings and transplants including over 300 varieties of woody ornamentals.
  • Windyridge Nursery Propagation nursery in Australia, specializing in Grevilleas and Callistemons, also offering several other shrubs.

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