Agricultural, vegetable, and flower seeds are used to grow plants for many purposes, such as providing food for people and animals, raw materials for pharmaceuticals, and ornamental landscaping. Many companies specialize in a particular type of seed - these are listed in the more specialized categories linked from this one. The sites collected here are those whose specialty does not have its own category, or whose offerings span multiple specialty categories without particularly emphasizing any one of them.
  • Agrich, Inc. Supplier of vegetable and tree seeds to market growers or nurseries.
  • Agricom Suppliers of proprietary herbage seeds worldwide.
  • AgriGold Hybrids Seed corn distributor to Illinois, Indiana and parts of Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and Missouri.
  • AgVenture, Inc. Provides farmers with corn, soybean, and alfalfa seed. United States.
  • AJ Allan Seed Potatoes Grower and marketer of seed potatoes, based in Scotland.
  • Albert Lea Seed House Distributes agricultural seeds.
  • Albright Seed Company Experts in the practical application of plant science, turf grass, wildflowers, beneficial fungi, fertilizers, resource conservation, water use, erosion control.
  • Allied Seed, LLC. Sells private label and branded forage and turfgrass seeds.
  • America's Alfalfa Promotion and information on an alfalfa seed variety for high yield and profit in the USA.
  • American Takii, Inc. Breeds and produces seeds of vegetable and bedding annuals, for distribution in Central and North America.
  • Ampac Seed Company Supplier of turfgrass and forage seeds.
  • Angelgrove Tree Seed Company Seeds for many different flowering trees, including shade trees, ornamentals such as Japanese maples, bonsai trees and shrub roses.
  • Applied Ecological Services Provides prairie and ecosystem restoration services.
  • Ballard Brown Bag Seed Packaging Machines Supplies parts and service for Ballard Brown Bag seed packaging machines.
  • Bamert Seed Since 1951 the company has become one of the largest seed producers in the United States. Over 40 species of native grasses, legumes, and forbs are produced for private restoration, wildlife habitats, erosion control, and low maintenance turf areas.
  • Barenbrug USA Oregon based producer of turf and forage seed.
  • Barkley Ag Enterprises, LLP Involved in cereal grain development and merchandising, commodity marketing and production agriculture. Based in Yuma, Arizona, USA.
  • Bayside Seeds Distributes corn, soybean and alfalfa seeds.
  • Betaseed, Inc. Produces and distributes sugarbeet seed.
  • Blazing Star Wild Flower Seed Co. Native wild flower information and seed available for the prairie region of Canada and The United States.
  • Browning Seed, Inc. Supplier of grasses, grains, forage, and wildflower seeds. Located in Plainview, TX, US.
  • Bunton's Seed Company Supplies vegetable seeds for both professional and home growers.
  • Burlingham Seeds Wholesale supplier of turf and forage seeds.
  • C & H Mills Farms, Inc. Grower and wholesaler of certified native grass seed in Nebraska, offering several bluestem and sideoats varieties. Online inventory and FAQ.
  • Canamaize Seed Inc. Raises and markets grain and forage corn for short growing season environments. Includes grower's guide, sales and contact information.
  • Caudill Seed Company Distributor of commercial and organic sprouts seeds in North America. Sprouting equipment, beans, seeds and peas.
  • Central Produce, Inc. Potato broker specializing in seed potatoes with locations in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Florida.
  • Channel Bio Corp Breeds and produces corn and soybean seed sold through distributors in North America.
  • China National Tree Seed Corporation Exporter of tree and shrub breeding materials, including seeds, seedlings, cuttings, scions and tools, as well as grass seeds, flowers and forestry tools. [English/Chinese]
  • Clause Tézier Breeder and producer of vegetable and flower seeds for professional growers, based in France.
  • Co.Pro.Sem.El. Italian producer of forage and vegetable seeds, and distributor of packet seeds.
  • Cropmark Seeds Ltd Breeds and sells forage, turf, and cereal seeds, based in New Zealand.
  • Dairyland Seed Wisconsin based breeder and producer of agricultural seeds such as corn, soybean, and alfalfa.
  • Delta and Pine Land Company Producer of cotton and soybean seed. Features distributor and dealer lookup, cultural articles, and product information.
  • Des Moines Forage & Turf Distributes agricultural, forage, and turfgrass seeds.
  • Dow Mycogen Distributor of hybrid and engineered seeds.
  • Eagle Seeds & Biotech Ltd. Produces soybean, corn, wheat, and vegetable seeds. Based in India.
  • EnviroSeeds Distributes reclamation and wetland seeds.
  • Ernst Conservation Seeds Wholesale reclamation and wetland seed supplier.
  • Evergreen Seed Co. Canadian supplier of forage and lawn grass seeds.
  • Farm Science Genetics Distributes forage and turfgrass seeds.
  • Fenton Seed Farm Ltd. Fenton is a producer, wholesaler, and retailer of agricultural and some grass seeds, based in Canada
  • Ferry-Morse Seed Company Offers a wide range of flower, herb, vegetable and lawn seeds.
  • Fielders Choice Direct Offers online sales of corn seed to commercial growers. Includes products and ordering information.
  • Fontanelle Hybrids Supplier of hybrid alfalfa, corn and soybean seed.
  • Forestart Produces tree and shrub seeds, distributing to commercial growers in Europe and North America.
  • Giant Seed Company Distributes agricultural seeds, corn, sorghum, etc. in New Mexico.
  • Global Flora Biotech Supplier of Jatropha Curcas Seeds, and tissue culture propagator, based in India.
  • Golden Harvest Seeds Producer of agricultural seeds such as hybrid corn, soybeans, grain sorghum and alfalfa.
  • Golden Horticulture Supplier and exporter of tropical seeds, plants, based in India.
  • Hancock Seed Company Wholesale distributor of lawn and pasture grass seed.
  • Holly Hybrids Develops and markets sugarbeet seed varieties for North America.
  • Hyland Seeds Breeds corn, soybean, cereal, bean, and food quality grains. Sells through dealer network.
  • Indo-American Hybrid Seeds Indian producer of vegetable, agricultural and flower seeds, spices, fruits, rice, etc. distributing worldwide.
  • John Zuelzer & Son Canada Ltd Seed Broker for forage, turfgrass, native, reclamation seed.
  • K6farms Researches and custom produces agricultural seeds.
  • Karoo Hoodia Seed South African grower and wholesaler of Hoodia Gordonii seed, ships worldwide.
  • Kaup's Seed Company Midwest seed company sells soybeans, grasses, turf, and alfalfa seeds, plus seed related products and services.
  • Kenaf Seed Wholesale distributor of kenaf seed.
  • Kentucky American Seeds Inc. Supplies agricultural, wildlife and conservation seeds.
  • Known-You seed Co., Ltd. Breeder/producer of vegetable, fruit, turf, and flower seeds, selling through distributors worldwide.
  • La Crosse Forage & Turf Distributes agricultural, forage, turfgrass seed.
  • Limagrain Breeds and produces agricultural seeds, based in Europe.
  • Lugano Leonardo SRL Producer, breeder and seller of rice and wheat seed. Gives details of varieties grown, research, and contact information. Italy.
  • Mountain Valley Seeds Distributes vegetable, flower, herb, native, wildflower, grass, sprouting Seeds.
  • Nadampadom Rubber Estate Indian supplier of PJ, CM Cover crop seeds.
  • Native Plant Associates Restores grasslands in coastal Massachusetts and Long Island.
  • Newsom Seed, Inc. Wholesale distributor of grass seed, fertilizer, bulk compost, hydro seeding and landscaping materials.
  • NorthStar Genetics Produces soybean, wheat, alfalfa, and canola seeds.
  • O'Mara Ag Services, Inc. Designs and builds seed plant conditioning facilities, and supplies related equipment.
  • Pacific Seeds Breeds and supplies seed for field crops and sweet corn to international clients.
  • Paramount Seed Farms Distributes agricultural seeds, wheat, barley, oats, etc, to Kansas and the Plains region.
  • PDS Forages Dairy Nutrition and Forage Dry Matter Intakes Practical Dairy Solutions supplies alternative forage opportunities.
  • Pfister Hybrid Corn Company Commercial producer with a range of corn and alfalfa seed.
  • PlantTech Supplier of agricultural field crop seeds to Australian growers.
  • ProfiGen do Brasil Ltda Brazilian producer of tobacco seed, and developer of seed coating and priming processes for such seed.
  • Reisig Seeds, LLC Sells red and white seed wheat and wheat berries for consumer use. Also has frequently asked questions about white wheat. Kansas.
  • Sakata Seed USA Sakata is a breeder of vegetable and flower seeds, based in Japan with offices worldwide.
  • Saxon Agriculture Contract grows combinable crop seed, supplying as-grown and re-cleaned cereal, oilseed and pulse seed to wholesale and retail markets.
  • Seed Genetics Australia Producer of pasture seed including alfalfa and clover.
  • Seed Solutions Distributes agricultural and grass seeds.
  • Seedex, Inc. Sugarbeet hybridizers and seed producers. Includes production information, trial results, sales representatives by area, and company overview.
  • SeedQuest homepage Provides organized information about some seed suppliers.
  • Seeds 2000 Privately held company specializing in the research and development of sunflower hybrids and marketing of sunflower, corn and soybean varieties. Includes market news, brief company profile and order information. Located in Breckenridge, Minnesota.
  • Seeds by Design Producer and supplier of vegetable, herb and flower seed for the wholesale trade, located in California. The assortment includes a large number of vine vegetables, as well as heirloom tomatoes.
  • Seeds Supply Agency Indian distributor of cover crop, green manure seeds and forest planting seeds. Includes list of products and descriptions, and contact information.
  • Hawaiian producer of tropical seeds and cuttings.
  • SEMILLAS FITO, S.A. Breeds vegetable seeds, field crops (mainly corn) and turfgrass.
  • Southedge Seeds Agronomic establishment and management of pasture and revegetation cultivars. Offers grass and legume products suited to a wide range of environments and climates.
  • Stevenson Intermountain Seed, Inc. Supplies grass, forb, wildflower, shrub and tree seed native to the western United States.
  • Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Company Produces and markets cotton seeds.
  • Sunbeam Extract Co. Breeds and produces wheat, oats, barley, and millet seeds.
  • Svalöf Weibull AB (SW Group) A crop development company introducing agricultural seed varieties to markets in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.
  • Target Seed LLC Develops, produces, and markets proprietary alfalfa seed varieties.
  • Technico Has propagation technology for producing early generation seed potatoes.
  • Tropilab Inc. Exports medicinal seeds and plants from the Amazon rainforest in Suriname.
  • Wagon Wheel Seed Corp Grower, processor, and wholesaler of certified seed of cereals, oilseeds, pulses, special crops, forages, and corn and soybeans. Located in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Williams Lawn Seed Inc. Wholesale distributor of turf grass seed and wildflowers.
  • Zeraim Gedera Specializes in the cultivation, production, and marketing of seeds for vegetables and field crops. Tel Aviv.

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