This category is for manufacturers of components used in aircraft manufacture.

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  • 3M: Aerospace Adhesives, abrasives, coatings, sealants, and fasteners.
  • AAR Corp. Purchases, sells and leases wide variety of new, used and overhauled aviation products. Includes corporate and investor information. (NYSE: AIR)
  • AD Aerospace Manufactures internal and external video cameras and associated recording equipment.
  • Advanced Hyperfine Products, Inc. Manufacturer of aircraft water heaters, door struts, and mini toolboxes. Valencia, California, United States.
  • Aero Systems Engineering design and manufacture of engine test cells, test equipment and wind tunnels.
  • Aerospace Optics manufacturer of the VIVISUN brand of mil-spec lighted pushbutton switches and programmable displays.
  • Aerostaff Australia Pty., Ltd Close tolerance, high-precision sheet metal components and assemblies for the aviation, defence and specialty industries. List of abilities, and past and current projects. Site may not work properly in all browsers.
  • Air Electro, Inc. manufacturing of connectors and contacts for aerospace, defense, transportation and avionics industries.
  • Air Ground Equipment Inc. Fabrication of precision machined parts for the aerospace industry.
  • Air Precision Manufacturer of clocks, navigation lighting and sliprings. [Choose between English and French]
  • Aircraft Belts, Inc. Offers custom designed aviation safety restraint systems for crew and passengers.
  • Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH Development, manufacture, maintenance, and support of avionic systems and electronics.
  • Aircraft Exhaust Technologies, Inc. manufactures and repairs aircraft exhaust systems for homebuilt and OEM aircraft.
  • Aircraft Finishing Systems LLC manufacturer of high performance waterborne coatings for the aerospace industry.
  • Airfoil Technology, Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of aviation components.
  • Airmaster Propellers Ltd manufacturers of electrically actuated constant speed propellers for light aircraft.
  • All Metal Services Ltd suppliers of raw material and services to the aerospace and defense industries.
  • Astronics Corporation Designs, engineers and manufacturers specialized lighting and electronics for the cockpit, cabin and exteriors of military, commercial transport and private business jet aircraft. (Nasdaq: ATRO)
  • Atmos Engineering Manufactures digital-output barometric pressure, tilt and humidity sensors.
  • Avenger LLC Worldwide suppliers of Boeing/Douglas and Airbus commercial landing gear and related components.
  • Aviation Instrument Technology Inc. Design and manufacture of aircraft instruments and simulated aircraft instruments.
  • Avio Tech ltd. Specializing in Military and Aerospace markets.
  • Avionica,Inc. Manufacturer of quick access flight data recorders and ARINC 429 bus analysers.
  • AvSupport Online Aircraft and helicopter parts and overhaul capabilities locator service for the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Ballard Technology Specialists in avionics databuses. Manufacturer of avionics interface hardware and software.
  • Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc. Design and manufacture ballscrews and actuators for the military and commercial aircraft markets.
  • Beechhurst Industries,Inc. Manufacturer of mechanical control systems, including throttle quadrants, cable assemblies, and bellcranks.
  • Billingsley Magnetics Designs very low noise fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers, and calibration systems for spacecraft attitude control.
  • Boldman Ltd. Suppliers of aluminium profile systems.
  • Borley Brothers General Engineering Offers a wide range of services including the design, manufacture and installation of specialist aircraft access equipment, aircraft suspension, general engineering and fabrication work.
  • Broadies Aircraft - Cessna Parts and Service Center Buy new Cessna parts and other replacement parts for Cessna aircraft from this Authorized Cessna Service Center. Complete catalog of every available part.
  • Bruce Industries, Inc. Design and manufacture of cabin lighting, exterior lighting, emergency lighting, information and exit signs.
  • C&M Marine Aviation Services Manufactures seat belts and survival equipment, and rewebs existing restraints.
  • Capo Industries CNC precision machining for aerospace and industrial gas turbines.
  • CarTrim Group Germany. Vertically integrated group of companies, active in textile, genuine and artificial leather, foam and plastic components and complete assemblies for the automotive and aviation industries. Prototyping and project management services. English, German and Czech.
  • Cessna Parts Dealer Online purchase of parts for Cessna aircraft. Includes parts by category and a search function.
  • Churchill Corporation manufacturer of standard and custom avionics enclosures.
  • Cicon Engineering Inc. Designs and produces wiring harnesses and cable assemblies.
  • Composite Optics, Inc. provider of advanced composite products for the space and aerospace markets.
  • Conax Florida Corporation Specializing in the design and manufacture of, electro-explosively actuated devices and gas storage and release systems.
  • Condor Engineering Manufacturer of ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 databus tools and interface hardware.
  • Cox and Company Producing anti-icing, de-icing and temperature control systems.
  • CPI Aerostructures, Inc. Produces structural aircraft parts and sub-assemblies, including pylons, aprons, spars and lower pan assemblies for commercial and military sectors of the aircraft industry. (Nasdaq: CPIA).
  • Crissair Inc. Manufacturer of aircraft hydraulic and fuel system valves, manifolds and restrictors.
  • Croft Engineering low to medium batch production of high precision aerospace components.
  • Curtiss-Wright Corporation designs, manufactures and overhauls precision components and systems, and provides highly engineered services.
  • D. Marchiori s.r.l. (DMA) Designs and manufactures test equipment for aircraft systems and components.
  • Daco Instruments Manufacturing instrument desiccators and shutter solenoid indicators.
  • Darchem Honeycomb Products design and manufacture of welded metallic honeycomb, including stainless steel, titanium and aluminium.
  • Data Device Corporation Supplier of interface cards and software for MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 data bus interfaces as well as motion feedback technologies.
  • Derco Aerospace, Inc. Supplier of OEM parts, spares and components, and support for military aircraft including the C-130/L-100, F-16, F-4, F-5, and A-4.
  • DeVore Aviation Corporation of America Manufacturing aircraft external lighting, including logo lights, anti-collision lights and tail rotor illumination systems.
  • Donington Systems Ltd Aerospace Systems Engineering company based in the UK.
  • DPA Components International Offers removal of IC die from commercial plastic parts and repackaging them into hi-rel military ceramic packages as a solution to fit-form-function problems.
  • Drake Air Specializing in heat transfer, hydraulic, electro-mechanical, and fluid system components.
  • Ducommun, Inc. Manufactures components and assemblies for commercial aircraft, military aircraft and space programs.
  • Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited UK based independent aircraft tyre manufacturer specialises in aircraft tyre and tube production from design through to delivery.
  • Dyna-Air Engineering Corporation Designs, manufactures and sells accessories for the turbine engine industry including chip collectors and detectors, indicating screens, liquid level indicators and sensors, sight glasses, valves, filters and separators.
  • E. F. Britten and Co., Inc. Producing low pressure gas cylinders and needle, de-icing and regulator valves.
  • Eaton Aerospace manufacturer of switch and relay products, lighted switches, displays and systems, fluid, motion and cockpit controls and pressure sensors.
  • Ecet Aerospace subsystem supplier specializing in ignition systems for gas turbines in the aerospace field.
  • Eurair Full-service gear facilities, manufacturing of gears and mechanical components for the aviation industry.
  • Firstmark Aerospace manufacturers electro mechanical devices for aerospace industry, and FAA/JAA certified repairs.
  • Flame Enterprises, Inc. Supplier of electro-mechanical parts: relays, switches, and circuit breakers.
  • Flexial Corporation Design and manufacture of welded metal bellows and related controls.
  • Florida Aeronautics, Inc. Manufactures patent pending, multi purpose device designed to inflate, pressurize, and purge pneumatic and hydraulic aircraft, automotive, marine, and military equipment. Site provides detailed product information.
  • Gar Kenyon Aerospace Manufacturing manufacturer of aircraft hydraulic components.
  • Goodrich A global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Guidance Dynamics Corporation Development of attitude control systems for missiles and spacecraft, their components, and in hardware-in-the-loop test equipment since 1989.
  • Hades Manufacturing Corporation Manufactures and designs temperature systems and components for aircraft, military and industrial applications .
  • Halter UAV Propellers Offering design and manufacture of production metal, composite wood propellers for UAV, drônes, RPV.
  • Harco Manufacturing custom designed thermocouples, sensors and high temperature cable assemblies.
  • Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc. Provides blanket and molded insulation and fire protection materials.
  • Higher Planes Specialists in repair and overhaul of turbine engine components.
  • Howe Machine and Tool Corp. Aerospace component manufacturer and distributor of hardware components such as nuts, bolts, and screws.
  • I Want Cessna Parts Specializing in cessna parts. Online inventory of over 165,000 aircraft parts. Shop online, secure server.
  • ILC Dover Online Designer and manufacturer of space suits, containment devices, level A protective suits, odor containment covers, protective respirators, aerostats, engineered inflatables.
  • Indestructible Paint, Inc. Provides approved protective paint and coating products.
  • Interface Displays & Controls, Inc. Design and manufacture of control and display units for military and commercial aviation.
  • International Aeroproducts Inc. manufacturer of IntAero 8100 floats for Beech 18, DHC-3 Otter, and Cessna Caravan.
  • ivd aluminum coating, vacuum cadmium plate IVD aluminum coating, vacuum plating, masking and paint.
  • Jarvis Airfoil, Inc. manufacturer of aerospace compressor parts
  • Keddeg Company Aviation filtration parts.
  • Kinetic Structures Corporation Manufacturer of wire mesh engine mount components and vibration isolators.
  • Korry Electronics designer and manufacturer of switches and indicators, switch panels and keyboards, AMLCD display modules and night vision filters.
  • Kulite Sensors Limited Manufacturing a range of sensors, transducers and amplifiers.
  • Ladish Co., Inc. A family of precision metalworking companies with operations supplying forging, investment-casting, machining and tool-making products and services in the aerospace, defense and industrial markets. (Nasdaq: LDSH).
  • Lear Romec A producer of lubrication, scavenge pumps and centrifugal fuel pumps.
  • Lee Goebel Enterprises Manufacturer of precision detailed honeycomb composite parts, components and assemblies.
  • LeFiell Manufacturing Fabricates the precision tubular products.
  • Limco Airepair, Inc. heat transfer and cooling systems for military aircraft.
  • Linaire Engineering Inc. Design and manufacture of interface panels and harnesses for bench testing of avionics equipment.
  • Lumitron Corporation Manufacturer of subminiature incandescent lamps designed and manufactured to precise aerospace specifications.
  • M-DOT Aerospace Hot formed titanium parts and aircraft tailpipes. Small gas turbines, turbopumps, micro compressors and heavy fuel engines.
  • Madelec Aero Supply various illuminated cockpit, cabin and external lighting.
  • Manson Company, Inc. Manufactures C-130 Hercules and P-3 Orion towbars.
  • Mason Electric Company designer and manufacturer of flight sticks and control grips for military and commercial aircraft.
  • McStarlite An aerospace manufacturer supplying welded assemblies, and sheet metal components. Also, deep draw and brake forming, nacelles, lipskin, noselip, and hydroform.
  • Microbotics, Inc unmanned aircraft (UAV), sensors and systems, including instrumentation, flight control and inertial measurement (IMU).
  • MSP Inc. Manufactures control panel housings and mounts for flight instruments.
  • Muirhead Aerospace Design and manufacture of precision electro-mechanical actuators, sensors and motors.
  • Nasco Aircraft Brakes, Inc. A second-source manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft brake components.
  • North West Engineering Group Ltd Manufacturers of high complex components and assemblies for the aerospace, defence, and nuclear industries.
  • Osborn Products, Inc. Precision CNC machining and grinding. Manufacturers of precision tools and gages.
  • Oshino Lamps The European site of a Japanese company manufacturing all kinds of light sources. Choose between German and English.
  • Pacific Aerospace and Electronics Specializing in aerospace products including precision casting and machining, titanium and aluminum sheet forming, electronic interconnects, filtering and displays.
  • Pacific Scientific Electro Kinetics Division Manufactures aircraft-specialized alternator and generator systems.
  • Palomar Products, Inc. Provides analog and digital non-blocking switches for military and commercial applications.
  • Operates as a parts locator service, technology provider, marketing outlet, and research tool for clients worldwide.
  • Paustian airtex GmbH Producer of aircraft interior using textiles and leather for all kind of seats. Presentation of the company with contact data and customer list.
  • Phoenix Aerospace Airborne power conversion, distribution and regulation equipment.
  • Phoenix Logistics, Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of high frequency interconnects, components and subsystems.
  • Photo Etch Design and manufacture of interactive/integrated displays for aerospace and other vehicle applications.
  • PHT Aircraft Hose Company is specialised exclusively in aircraft hose products and hose fittings.
  • PRC-DeSoto Manufacturers of aircraft coatings and sealants and the associated application systems.
  • Precision Components International Manufacturer of precision forged compressor airfoils, blades, and vanes for gas turbine engines.
  • Radiant Power Corporation Emergency lighting and power supplies. Formerly Radiant Illumination and Derlan Inc. FAA approved repair station.
  • Rhine Air, Inc.G Manufacturer of supplied air respiratory protection systems, and confined space ventilation equipment.
  • Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace Manufactures gas turbine engines to power commercial jet aircraft, turbo-props and helicopters. Provides a engine maintenance service for aircraft fleet operators including, overhaul, component inventory management and logistics.
  • Senior Aerospace engineered solutions for air duct systems, precision sheet metal fabrications, bellows and metal hose assemblies.
  • Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows Designs and manufactures welded metal bellows for instrument controls.
  • Sensenich Propeller Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of fixed-pitch metal (aluminum), and lighter weight propellers for type certified and homebuilt/kit aircraft.
  • Sheffield Manufacturing, Inc. Specialized in precision machining, sheet metal and welding services for the aerospace industry.
  • Skytronics Inc. Manufacturer of Jasco ballscrews, alternators and ignition harnesses.
  • Solid State Devices, Inc. Develops and manufactures high voltage discrete rectifiers, assemblies, and power supplies.
  • A power generation marketplace for buying, selling, and exchange of aircraft starter generators, armatures, stators, and related components. Serve general aviation, corporate aviation, and regional airlines.
  • STG Aerospace Manufactures aircraft floorpath marking systems. Product descriptions, benefits, customers, FAQs and contact information.
  • Superior Air Parts, Inc. Manufacturer of replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines.
  • Systech Displays Manufacturer of cockpit filter and legend plates.
  • Systron Donner Inertial Division Develops and manufactures micro electro mechanical systems, inertial navigation units and quartz rate sensors for aerospace applications.
  • Tasman Instruments Produces variometers and combustion engine exhaust gas temperature gauges.
  • Teklam Inc. Manufacturer of commercial and aircraft grade laminated honeycomb panels and flooring.
  • The Ray Allen Company Manufacturers of electric trim systems, stick grips and other products for experimental aircraft.
  • Thermal Structures Inc. Manufacturer of insulation blankets, heat shields, fire shields and composite components.
  • Toolroom Technology Specialists in the field of gas turbine component design, manufacture and repair, develops flexible innovative solutions that address the problems of variable geometry.
  • Triumph Group, Inc. Manufactures, distributes, repairs and overhauls aircraft components and fabricates, processes and distributes metal industrial products. Includes links to operational segments, investor relations, and jobs based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. (NYSE: TGI)
  • Tyee Aircraft Provides engineered value added structural assembled products for all major aerospace manufactures.
  • Vibro-Meter Supplies sensors and condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery.
  • Viking Air Limited Manufacturer of aeronautical products, and modification, repair and manufacturing facility.
  • West Coast Specialties, Inc. Specialized in design, development, and manufacture of electronic systems for the aerospace industry. Product groups include communications, power lighting and control, electromechanical, switches and connectors, and indicators.
  • Weston Aerospace Design and manufacture of transducers and indicators.
  • Weston Engineering Manufacturer of precision engineered components to the aerospace industry.
  • Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior GmbH Manufacturers of polyethylene foam and floor coverings, textile and leather products, injection moulded plastic components and mirrors for aircraft interiors. Based in Germany.
  • Wyman-Gordon Co. Manufacture metal and composite material parts used in aerospace turbine engines, land-based gas turbines, and power plants.
  • ZOK International Group Manufacturers and distributors of gas turbine compressor cleaners. Products list and descriptions, events and news, distributors by region.

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