This category is for sculptors whose principal medium is wood.

Other languages: French, German.

  • Adamson, John Working on site with standing and felled trees, this UK artist takes his inspiration from the shape of the wood to find ways of expressing the human form.
  • Anthony, Devan This artist from Portland, Oregon crafts wooden sculptures that symbolize hope, grace, fragility, strength, sensuality, integrity, and balance.
  • Azara, Nancy Bas-relief carved panels by this founding member of the New York Feminist Movement.
  • Barrett, Keith Portfolio of environmental wood sculptures, and woodcut prints.
  • Bergtold, Susanna The artist presents her figurative social satire and fantasy in four galleries: free standing sculpture, painted reliefs, prints, and letterpress artist's books.
  • Caink, Richard Sculpture made directly from the tree using the inherent natural forms.
  • Chasens, Caril This artist based in British Columbia expresses his ideas through his carvings and writings. Includes tutorials and art links.
  • Chernoshey, Vjacheslav Based in Latvia, this artist creates masks, small sculptures and toggles (netsuke) from wood with various inlaid materials. Includes biography, contact information and photo gallery. [Requires Flash]
  • Cologon, Ray Carved wood art, utilizing precious and exotic woods to explore metaphysical themes.
  • Creed, Michael Furniture and functional wood sculptures.
  • Daar , Roberta New York artist creates rhythmic and decorative, wall mounted sculpture.
  • De Marchi, Livio Trompe l'oeil, sculpture, furnishings and cars carved in wood by a Venetian artist. Site in English and Italian.
  • Deschênes, Benoi and David Father and son; wood sculptors from St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec.
  • Engdahl, David. L. Highly finished, laminated plywood sculpture expressing abstract, organic form.
  • Evans, Geoff Highly finished and polished wildlife sculpture using a variety of hardwoods in combination.
  • Eyles, Jannette Figurative work celebrating the femail form carved in native Jamaican mahogany and cedar.
  • Faulds, Alan Polychrome sculpture comprising an 'imaginary circus' of acrobats, mountebanks, sword-swallowers, fire-eaters, jugglers and animal and human hybrids.
  • Flood, David B. Roots and burls of trees brought to life as abstract art.
  • Frank, Mark Contemporary sculpture using one thousand year old wood that has been twisted by lava.
  • George, David Large, free-form, elegant, curvaceous, carvings in highly finished hard woods.
  • Gerard, Jonas Large colorful 3-dimensional wall hangings.
  • Glover, Denise These representational pieces are alive, warm, and sensual. The artist works with the features, and the flaws of the wood.
  • Goergen, Claude Carvings made with laminated timber in combination with stones and minerals. Picture galleries and webcams.
  • Goossen, Jan This site gives an impression of the Dutch artist and his abstract carvings.
  • Gordon, Harry Author of large scale art in wood,stone and bronze.
  • Hagen, Susan Philadelphia artist uses wood carving and painting techniques to create personal interpretations of mythological and social themes.
  • Hancock, Andy Sculptor using organic forms, standing trees, recycling industrial surplus and using mainstream materials.
  • Jacobson, Janel Inspiration for her carving comes from the natural world around her rural home.
  • Jean, Amber This American sculptor offers custom wood, chocolate, animal and decorative carvings.
  • Johnson, Bruce Form and energy: carvings and assemblages of megalithic proportions in sequoia wood.
  • Kent, Giles Environmentally oriented works in locations across the UK and Europe.
  • Klukas, Johnna Y. Fantasy- and Science Fiction-themed carvings, sculptural boxes and chairs in wood and other media. Includes gallery of finished and in-progress pieces, and list of upcoming shows.
  • Kurtz, Mark Custom chainsaw carvings and sculptures in a variety of woods.
  • Landau, Sol Softwood figures capture the fleeting passions and expressions of everyday life.
  • Lindquist, Mark & Melvin Large floor-standing works made on the turner's lathe.
  • Lionnet, Patrick Works carved on precious wood of ebony, mahogany and iron-wood.
  • Longhurst, Robert A portfolio of contemporary wood and stone sculpture with the artist's biography.
  • Lynch, Denis Irish based sculptor creates Celtic sculpture that is visually and spiritually stimulating.
  • MacIntosh, Hal Featuring figurative, life-size sculptures, totems, and carvings.
  • McKenna, Des Australian woodcarver and sculptor using fallen timber from the forest floor. Biography and gallery.
  • McKoy, Grainger Wood, bronze, and sterling silver sculptor.
  • Mellick, James Allegorical animal sculptures and figurative sculpture.
  • Miller, Elliot New York City artist carves animal motifs using found and exotic wood.
  • Mitchell, Henry Produces modern works at his studio in South Carolina: sculpture and rectangular constructions of wood, stone and found objects. Online gallery of recent work.
  • Mueller, WW Colorado artist produces large 'sliced' abstract forms using colored, laminated wood.
  • Nguyen-Ely, Darlene Resembling bean pods or mono'cellular organisms these pieces are also inspired by the forms of boats and airplanes. By a Vietnamese artist based in Seattle.
  • North, Dug Automata and intricate, off-beat, mechanical sculptures made out of wood and brass.
  • Peters, Andy Decorative carving for a maritime environment.
  • Post, Christine Kowal Carved and painted figurative sculptures of women. Her work explores issues of gender, sexuality and mythology.
  • Rocknak, Stefanie Detailed figurative wood sculpture. Her work is influenced by the medieval tradition, some religious pieces, commissions on request.
  • Ross, Nigel Large-scale abstract carvings expressing rhythmic organic form.
  • Rosser, Phillis Wall-hung constructions of found wood in shades of bleached beige, silver and charcoal black.
  • Rothschild, Richard S. Life-size and larger, semi-abstract, outdoor animal sculpture. Biography, gallery, artist's statement and price list.
  • Roy, C. David Kinetic sculpture.
  • Sakalauskas, Algimantas Monumental and figurative works by a Lithuanian wood carver. (Site in English and Lithuanian)
  • Salkeld, David UK artist shows examples of his constructions and carvings in outdoor locations.
  • Schneider, Jane New York artist fabricates sculpture from fallen trees and unearthed root systems.
  • Serrano, Carlos Woodcarving exhibition, bas-reliefs : portraits, perspectives, horses and nudes.
  • Shepherd, Steve Wooden bowls in Australian native wood species.
  • Sizrantzev, Vladimir Russian artist specializing in the femail form.
  • Smith, Martin Figurative mechanical sculpture.
  • Spector, Shelley Quirky and colorful sculptures merge the sensibilities of fine art, folk art, and craft while exploring identity, memory, gender, and language.
  • Storch, Kevin Creator of Hull's Angel, showcases his work.
  • Tamm, Ormar Contemporary abstract and figurative wood sculpture from this Estonian artist.
  • The Huon Piner Ancient Huon Pine recovered from a flooded forest in Tasmania's wilderness.
  • Thomas, Andrew Master's homepage presenting his profile, awards, and modern sculptures.
  • Uzeel, Robin Belgian tree surgeon expresses his love of trees through his wood sculpture.
  • Vicedo, Guillem Ramos Learn about this Spanish artist 1912-1995. See examples of his drawings, sculpture and carved furnishings.
  • Waddell, Hank Chronic Art: quirky carvings and assemblages by this Texan artist.
  • Wakan, Elias Mathematical wood sculptures assembled from repeated elements.
  • Wakefield, John Specializes in figurative carving with chain-saw, mallet, and gouge.
  • Walpot, Bruno Carved with a life-like realism in linden wood, these figures have a haunting presence. Artist working in Northern Italy. Site in English German and Italian.
  • Welch, John Photo gallery of Californian wood carver's works.
  • Weryha-Wysoczanski, Jan Minimalist works by this sculptor who was born in Poland but is now based in Germany. Includes biography, press clippings, and exhibitions listing.
  • Wirth, David Hardwood sculptor specializing in marine life.

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