Sculptors who utilize a variety of materials in each piece, ie. metal, glass, wood, plastic and found objects. Oftentimes, non-traditional art materials and methods are used to create mixed-media sculptures.
  • Ahha Design Site features public and gallery based works as well as collaborative pieces by Australian artists Anne Neil and Steve Tepper.
  • Allen, Jane Ingram Art projects, residencies, papermaking workshops, bibliography, "bird watching projects" and site specific installations.
  • Anton, Peter Sculptures of giant boxed chocolates, ice cream bars, candies, and other foods.
  • Bahat, Saadia Israeli artist works on a monumental and intimate scale in a variety of materials including stone, wood and metals.
  • Ball, Liam Sculptures created using a mixture of wood, non ferrous metals, stone, dyes, paint and a few chemical reactions thrown in for good measure.
  • Barton, Andrew Combines figurative body parts with bodily fluids and abstract shapes.
  • Beam, Mark A survey of the work of a Californian artist who cites Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart among his early influences.
  • Borson, Robert Displays a series of original, papier-mâché and mixed media wall-mounted sculptures, depicting a variety of angel forms, from traditional, to whimsical.
  • Broadbent, Stephen Artist, designer and craftsman offering creative solutions for the private, corporate, and civic world. Studio locations in Chester and Liverpool, UK.
  • Bunnetât, Age Whimsical garden sculptures, weathervanes, candlesticks and fountains from found materials.
  • Cacioppo, Lou Original hand carved masks and sculptures by this Alaskan artist.
  • Caffarel, Christine Works in metal and mixed media; figurative works, with lanky and exuberant forms. [French and English]
  • Deshpande, Sudhir Site specific large scale out door conceptual sculptures.
  • Dolan, Martin Fantasy and science-fiction artist specializing in stainless steel, chrome, found objects and other mixed media. Australia.
  • Eckert, Chris A portfolio of his figurative, and mechanical sculptures.
  • Ehlenberger, Eric Free-standing and wall mounted works in metal and various materials including neon light fixtures. Themes include landscape, figurative and animal.
  • Emley , David L. Sculptural work borne from the awareness of human limitations, mental and physical, placed upon the spirit of individuals stricken with Cerebal Palsy.
  • Enochs, Dale Indiana artist, who often works both in limestone and copper. Included is a selection of public work at the White River Gardens in Indianapolis, Indiana, and work in Takihata, Japan.
  • Geiger, Jessica Seattle artist creates doll-like sculptures that portray society's underdogs.
  • Giordano, Joan New York artist pairs sheets of metal with handmade paper combining them in ways that stress their affinities in strength, flexibility, and texture.
  • Giulini, Nöle C. Organic sculptures, composed of unusual materials, such as used textile, pepper grains, fruit and vegetables in gelatine, and rabbit droppings.
  • Goggin, Brian Metaphorm - A portfolio of recent, and upcoming public sculpture projects.
  • Goldfinch, Jessica Mixed media and found object by New Orleans artist. Disturbingly Beautiful.
  • Gould, Nemo Kinetic robot sculptures by the California artist. A full portfolio of images and videos of art made from recycled materials.
  • Greene, Lorna Public art/environmental projects, functional earthworks and sculptures, the redesign of landfill sites - in both urban and rural landscapes, indoors and outdoors, permanent and temporary, large and small scale sculpture.
  • Gudjonsdottir, Kristin Fine art sculpture made of clay, cast glass, ceramic, metals and stone. Work method shown and numerous links to related material.
  • Hamburger, Sydney K. Presents abstract sculpture, ritual objects, vessels, and jewelry in metal, clay, wood, and other media.
  • Hanson, Chris and Sonnenberg, Hendricka Abstract, mixed media sculpture by this pair of international artist. Includes photographs, contact e-mail and artists' information.
  • Hart, George W. Geometric sculptures displaying the beauty of mathematical forms in various media.
  • Harvey, Syprian Metal sculpture and charcoal drawings. Gallery and descriptions.
  • Holmes, Douglas Several series or low key reliefs based on images of Northern Ireland by a San Francisco artist.
  • Hylton, John Mixed media sculpture by westcoast artist influenced by the ways the indigenous peoples of North America and of the Oceanic areas construct utilitarian and ceremonial objects.
  • Jana and Majk Slovenian artists creating mosaic and sculpture for exhibition an architectural commission.
  • Joffre, Marie-Lydie Introduces a new technique of pastel-painting various kinds of stone. [English, French and German]
  • Mach, David A portfolio of installation, sculpture, collage, public works, and proposals.
  • Mach, Peggy A gallery of figurative, and portrait sculpture.
  • Mahler, Robert John Contemporary metal sculptures, masks, lamps and other works.
  • Matthews, Sally Expressive sculpture and drawings of animals in clay, steel and other materials sourced from the environment such as sheeps wool and peat.
  • Mauriks, Adrian Monumental works, abstract forms, in architectural and natural settings; completed installations and proposals for new works.
  • McDaniel, Joyce Boston based sculptress displays mixed-media works. Many pieces combine unlikely elements such as steel and paper or wax and iron. Includes photo gallery, contact information, biography and exhibition details.
  • McGrath, Elizabeth Handmade dioramas of isolated freak shows displaying rotting, subhuman figures luxuriously dressed. Artist's biography, gallery, news, and show schedule.
  • McIntyre, Keith Abstract, biomorphic, and representational sculptures, created from driftwood, found objects, salvage and formal glass.
  • Nowakowski, Ondre Art in urban regeneration, planning, architecture, and environment. Also a public art consultancy.
  • Oppenheim, Dennis New York City-based mixed media sculptor presents an online portfolio featuring examples of abstract works, installations and drawings. Includes exhibitions listing, contact information and biography.
  • Paschke, Allison A sculptor and designer living in Cranston, Rhode Island. She makes minimalist portable sculptures, and architectural installation work.
  • Pasta, Kip Architectural miniatures, construction sculptures, and paintings. His work varies from delicate miniature brickwork, to abstract acrylic pieces. Includes photo galleries and contact information.
  • Perroud, Bernard Sculpture celebrating natural forms and the artists identity in the landscape.
  • Radebaugh, George Pictures of his sculptures, which are created from CDs and other recycled materials.
  • Rybák, Jaromír Czech artist exhibiting abstract and sometimes functional mixed media sculptures.
  • Sasaki, Peet Sculpture in glass, steel, copper, lead, and other materials. Website includes portfolio, resume, artist's statement, influences, available works and commission info.
  • Saulauskaite, Dalia Marija Mixed media fine leather art, by a contemporary Lithuanian artist.
  • Sodini, Bruno Italian sculptor has been exhibiting his non-representational art since the 1960's.
  • Storm, Rhonda A portfolio of shoe sculptor's work, with a biography and list of exhibitions.
  • Syjuco, Stephanie San Francisco artist creates 'non-specific product units'. Her sculpture, installations and objects are concerned with our perceptions and understanding of consumer goods.
  • Trimmers, Erwin "Art Basement", featuring functional works of found materials.
  • Tuck, Norman Interactive kinetic sculpture combining art and science and the Art Machines traveling exhibition, the OscylinderScope and Lariat Chain science exhibits.
  • Venosa, Angelo Photos and texts of the Brazilian artist's works. [Portuguese and English]
  • Versteegde, Antoon Works with bamboo sticks, and elastic bands. He creates life-sized constructions, designed as transient installations in situ.
  • Vickers, Marques Figurative sculptor and abstract expressionist painter in Benicia, California who specializes in iconic totems of steel and wood inspired by Moore, Arp, Brancusi, Neri, Arneson and Giacometti.
  • Victor, Jim During a thirty year career the artist has produced wood carvings and constructions, bronze portraits, outdoor commissions and sculpture in butter, chocolate and other food.
  • Yank, Paul J. Oriental, Native American, and mythological themes, crafted from welded steel and brilliant glass.
  • Yiapanis, Philippos Presents the sculptor and his studio in Fasoula, Cyprus. Features gallery of works, events.
  • Youngs, Amy An artist using interactivity, kinetics, sound, insects, and plants in sculptures about the complex relationship between technology, and nature.
  • Zoubek, Olbram Czech artists displays contemporary figurative artwork.

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