• Arfsten, Richard Hundreds of works by the artist in several different styles, from Architectural to Figurative. Wisconsin.
  • Benton, Fletcher An American abstract sculptor and painter. Biography with a collection of artist's work.
  • Bloch, Babette Lasercut stainless steel. Connecticut.
  • Bobrowitz Jr., Paul Self-taught, with a deep love of his work. He tries to convery the joy he finds in this form of expression. Wisconsin.
  • Bradlee, Graeme Metal Sculpture featuring steel fish , dancing figures and modern works. Massachusetts.
  • Brewitz, Tom Mesmerizing geometric stainless steel plains are brushed, juxtaposed and set in motion. Minnesota.
  • Brown, Craig and Sherril Original contemporary metal sculpture and artistic furniture in sizes ranging from table top to large outdoor pieces. New York.
  • Bruno, Mike Contemporary and modern abstract metal wall art. Oklahoma.
  • Bullock, Benbow Contemporary monumental outdoor sculpture. San Francisco, California.
  • Calter, Paul Arthur A professor of mathematics and a working artist. Vermont
  • Carpenter, Ed Architecturally oriented work including bridges, permanent installations and windows. Oregon.
  • Carrington Foundation for Public Art. Railroad, logging and sawmill, and large steel sculptures which are available for donation or have been donated around the world.
  • Charlot, Denis French artist uses old matalic parts to create many kinds of funny little scupltures.
  • Chavenelle, Gail One-piece sheet metal sculpture for office, home and garden. Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Christopher, Chuck Wildlife Sculpture, Lifesize, Moose, Elk, Fish, Horse.Idaho based sculptor.
  • Crawford, Zac Functional and decorative pieces in stainless steel and other materials. Kentucky
  • Daniel, Jerry L. Monumental to small abstract, figurative works focused on dance. Texas.
  • den Arend, Lucien Sculptor and designer living and working in Zwijndrecht, Holland and in Kemijärvi, Finland.
  • Dolan, Martin Fantasy and science-fiction in stainless steel, chrome, and other mixed media. Australia.
  • Dosio, Joseph Contemporary New York artist with an international reputation as a Metal Sculptor, Furniture Designer, and Painter.
  • Field, Kathryn Realistic and abstract visions of human and animal forms rendered in bronze and steel. For many settings. New Hampshire.
  • Fitz-Gerald, Stephen Life-size figurative and abstract sculptures, and functional furniture, fountains, gates, trellises, candelabra, and jewelry. Northern California.
  • Ginger, Edward Large scale sculptures and public installations by Melbourne artist.
  • Goldner, Janet Examines current social issues by incorporating text with Western and African imagery in steel sculptures. New York, N.Y.
  • Haas, Ludwig Introduced direct three-dimensional steel sculpting into contemporary art - a remarkable accomplishment. Austria.
  • Hague, Robert J. A collection of monumental abstract steel sculptures. Australia.
  • Heinrich, Richard Figurative, surrealist works in welded steel. Chicago, IL.
  • Hildreth, Damon Abstract Sculpture in Stainless, Cor-Ten, and Mild Steel. San Francisco.
  • Hornaday, Bill Castoff structural steel turned into sensuous organic forms.
  • Huhtamo, Kari Celebrated Finnish artist.
  • Hunolt, James A gallery of 20 works in marble, bronze, wood, and steel. Big Sur and Death Valley, California.
  • Kappel, Dick Wildlife, androgynous human figures, and Southwestern images in welded steel, bronze, copper, and iron.
  • Kneehigh Welded steel and mixed media sculpture. Exhibitions and commissions by the Knee High group of London artists
  • Lothrop, Gretchen Portfolio of selected stainless steel sculptures by the award-winning metal artist. North Carolina
  • Loughridge, Freman Sublimely ridiculous stuff made from Love, Truth, Humor, Junk and a Little Rust.
  • Lyon, Cornelius Outdoor abstract steel sculpture in the David Smith genre. New York.
  • Margetts, Paul Original metal sculpture for the garden or park. England.
  • Morgese, Marcella Abstract wall relief sculpture in steel and mixed media. Maine, New England.
  • Noble, Frederick Representational, abstract and surreal steel and other metal works.
  • Nouwens, Herbert Well-known young Dutch artist.
  • Pakker, Ulrich Techno-Artifacts; highly polished stainless steel crafted into abstract forms, architectural details, and pure sculpture.
  • Payne, Pat Welded steel constructions of birds and raptors for garden or interior installation. Gallery prices.
  • Peleg, Ephraim Internationally recognized artist shows his interactive and stabile sculptures. Colorful large and small works for indoors and outdoors.
  • Peltzer, Eric Sculpture and design in metal; stainless steel and bronze in a biomorphic yet abstract style, pedestal works to large exterior commissions.
  • Poloto, Silvia Abstract work in steel and mixed media. Brazilian artist living in San Francisco.
  • Prazen, Richard Native American and fantasy subjects. Utah.
  • Price, Bret Large metal sculptures which add a bold, playful, original direction to collections, public spaces and business centers.
  • Racchi, Jim Life size metal sculptures from recycled scrap steel. An inspired and gifted "junk yard dawg". Key West, Florida.
  • Ray, Stephen Australian artist creates contemporary designs using traditional blacksmithing methods with recycled steel.
  • Robb, Kevin Contemporary sculpture in stainless steel and bronze for the intimate garden to the public arena. Wheatridge, Colorado.
  • Robertson, David Furniture, lamps, railings, gates, and arbors for homes, gardens and business. Specializing in custom orders. Eugene, Ore.
  • Rybovich, Pat Daughter of sportfishing innovator Tommy Rybovich, Pat carries the torch of excellence in her sculpture, furniture and Yacht Interior Design. Florida.
  • Röhm, Vera Designer, sculptor and photographer living and working in Darmstadt, Germany and Paris, France.
  • Salzberger, Gaby A group photograph of women pioneers, part of the series "Rusted Pioneers", inspire work which was exhibited in the Israel Museum in 1992. The series contained images of pioneers who symbolized the zionist myth; were etched onto steel.
  • Schneider, Curt Eric Welded and laser cut metal sculptures loosely inspired by nature and traditional African and Asian arts. Michigan.
  • Soutendijk, Bart Figurative steel wire wall sculptures for homes and public places ranging from one to 100 feet wide and 2 to 4 feet tall.
  • Stromeyer, David A sculptor and artist for 30 years. Vermont.
  • Tharalson, Douglass The original sculpture and paintings of Douglas Tharalson. Southern California.
  • Todorov, Todor Metal and stone sculpture in buildings and parks. Water features. Sundials. Stained glass. Large scale projects in 12 countries.
  • Turner, Jud Displaying figures, organic forms, and abstractions in welded steel. Oregon.
  • Van de Kerckhove, Aaron Phillip Stainless steel sculpture and mobiles, as well as furniture design. Includes biography and current projects.
  • van der Sluis, Lies Her work is defined by clarity in shape and color, and yet seems almost seems casual, lacking any definite logic. Holland
  • Wareham, William A compatriot of Mark di Suvero, Wareham creates works using recycled steel as his primary material. Featured in many strong National collections. San Francisco.
  • Weisbeck, Mark and Diane Custom design service, featuring large scale public art, monuments, memorial sculpture. Sculptural designs for commercial and residential facades, interior and exterior sculptures. Furniture, lighting, coffee tables, home and office accessories. New York.
  • Wenger, Eric Works based on calligraphic images, in hammered, forged and fabricated steel, with found material. South Dakota.
  • West, Bruce An accomplished educator and artist. His Medium; Metals. His concepts; Highly Original. His work can be seen through out the United States in public and private collections. Oregon.
  • White, Edwin Very Special sheet metal and steel sculptures and mobiles for garden or home. North Carolina.
  • Wiedmann, Adam L. Stainless steel works inspired by the natural world's lines and forms. Portland, Maine.

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