Artists who work in glass; creating freeblown, moulded, constructed and sculptural unique pieces. Production glassware is listed elsewhere in the directory.

Other languages: French, German, Português.

  • Amrhein, Scott Features a gallery of sculpted glass bowls with pedestals.
  • Anagnostou, Alex Sculpted, blown and cast art glass by Toronto artist. Includes photographs of herself shaping a blown vessel.
  • Bokrosh Studio Art sculptures in cut and polished optical glass, repair and restoration services are also offered.
  • Bubacco, Lucio Blown and cast glass chandeliers, vases, figurines, and sculptures featuring the human form.
  • Bucquet, George Creates contemporary, hand-formed, cast glass plates and bowls.
  • Burton, John Contemporary Dutch artist working in glass. Features include photo galleries, exhibits, statement and contact information.
  • Chihuly, Dale Freeblown functional and sculptural glass works. Video clips show work in progress.
  • Christopherson, Elin Features hand blown glass sculpture, lighting, vases and decorative towers.
  • Cigler, Vaclav Czech artist exhibits geometric abstract glass sculptures.
  • Cooley, Jaqueline Showcases kiln formed glass, and public and private commissions.
  • Donefer, Laura Amulet baskets and wearable glass clothing are some of the artist's specialties. Features a gallery of photographs from New Orleans' Burlesque Glass Fashion Show.
  • Donlin, Martin Presents a gallery of architectural glass sculptures and windows commissioned for public spaces
  • Du Grenier, Robert Perfume bottles, and abstract sculptural works installed in trees.
  • Eggert, Dale and Kathleen Contemporary figurines by Kathleen Eggert using enameled glass, and contemporary sculptures and tables by Dale Eggert.
  • Falossi, David Presents an online gallery of public and residential artwork.
  • Fenestra Ateliers A collection of the works of Jan-Willem van Zijst, Angela van der Burght and Sunny van Zijst. Features public and private commissions.
  • Fisar, Marek Stylized glass sculpture from the studio of this Czech artist. Includes photo gallery, contact information and biography. (English, Czech and German)
  • Fraser, Linda R. Gallery of sculptures in glass, bronze and cement, as well as collages. Instructive pages describing sandcasting are included.
  • Friedman, Lance Artist and teacher specializes in contemporary sculptures that incorporates blown glass.
  • Gant, Anne A portfolio of blown glass sculptures incorporating diverse elements such as fur, leather, plant seeds, vinyl, felt, and live grass, as well as prints and drawings made with hot glass.
  • Goodman, Jeff Creates blown glass vessels and architectural installations.
  • Gordinier, Walter Specializes in architectural cast glass for public and residential spaces.
  • Greenhalgh, Darrell and Joy Contemporary hand-made glass fused with gold and silver, glass blowing with lead crytal, kiln forming and sand casting. Features decorative plates and sculptures of the human form.
  • Gudiño, Rosalba A virtual gallery of abstract fused glass sculpture. In English and Spanish.
  • Gundi Sculptural forms from cut plate glass, tumbled, and fused in various forms.
  • Guyol Transparent glass sculptures inspired by sea life, botanicals and birds.
  • Hafner, Dorothy Gallery of contemporary art glass, vessels, fused glass panels, windows, architectural installations in ceramics and glass, design projects.
  • Harcuba, Jiri Gallery of engraved glass portrait and abstract sculptures.
  • Harris, Jamie Glass blown and carved into vessels, wall decorations and lightboxes.
  • Hatfield, Desmond and Temple, Peter Glass art sculptures, awards, paperweights for galleries, corporations, museums, and collectors of optical crystal.
  • Heaney, Colin Contemporary glass sculpture studio specializing in vases and decorative plates featuring Quicktime movies of hot glass blowing.
  • Hegan, Scott Gallery includes vessels, beads, architectural casting and lighting. Located in Ukiah, CA.
  • Heilman, Chris Hot glass studio and art glass gallery features vases, paperweights, free blown sculptural works.
  • Hopko, Michael Fish, octopi and sea turtles crafted at the Soulglass studio.
  • Jeff Benroth Glass Showcases a gallery of blown and cast glass installations for public, private and outdoor spaces.
  • Johnston, Laura Specializes in suspended glass installations for public spaces.
  • Jones, Dehanna Online gallery of vessels, sculptures and art installations.
  • Kachurik, Edward Uses the veiling technique, where the hot glass is colored on the surface, then hand ground and optically polished. Crafts awards, sculptures and paperweights.
  • Kallenberger, Kreg Contemporary glass sculpture making use of various techniques.
  • Karel, Marian Specializing in geometric glass sculpture.
  • Kirkpatrick, Joey and Mace, Flora Presenting a gallery of large glass fruit, painted cast glass, bronze sculptures and drawings.
  • Kopecky, Vladimir Portfolio of painted glass abstract sculptures. Also includes mixed-media works.
  • Kuhn, Jon Includes photo gallery, artist statement, studio tour and a list of museums and galleries where pieces may be seen.
  • Kvarnes, Eric Free blown glass vases, vessels and decorative pieces. Features include class offerings, photo gallery, information about the process of glassblowing, a link to the online gallery and contact details.
  • Lalonde, Richard Displays fused crushed glass pictorial murals and vessels.
  • Lawrence, Amanda A showcase of kiln formed and engraved glass sculptures featuring wildlife or abstract forms.
  • Layton, Peter Gallery of glass sculpture representing contemprorary, fanciful fruit platters from this teaching artist.
  • Leap, J. Kenneth Specializes in glass and steel outdoor and architectural installations.
  • Leatherbarrow, Robert Gallery of decorative shields, vessels, nested bowls and sculptures by Robert Leatherbarrow.
  • Leibovitz, Edward Contemporary glass art and design by Belgian artist featuring diamond engraving, carving, sandblasting and laser technology.
  • Leperlier, Antoine Showcases glass bowls and vases, and abstract sculptures.
  • Lhotsky, Zdenek Cast glass sculptures, architectural glass, glass design of cast bowls and fused and slumped plates.
  • Libensky, Stanislav Collection of abstract sculptures, vessels, and chapel windows.
  • Lill, Ivo Portfolio of Estonian glass artist showcasing original glass sculptures and objects created using cold techniques: laminated glass, cutting, gluing, grinding, etching, and sandblasting.
  • Linn, Steve Features a gallery of contemporary, narrative, figurative sculptures, combining glass, bronze, and wood; in residential and public spaces.
  • Longaker, Beverly Soja Features fused glass clocks,blown glass figurines, sculptures, and lighting accessories.
  • Lozar, Carmen Allegorical glass sculpture and figurines, created with mold, flame-work, fused and kiln cast glass techniques. The artist is based in Illinois. Includes photo gallery, biography and contact form.
  • Mares, Ivan Czech artist's portfolio of abstract geometric sculptures.
  • Marioni, Dante Hand blown glass sculpture exhibitions, selected works and articles.
  • Matejkova, Alena Cast glass sculptures, stone sculptures, design and commissions for architecture and decorative home accessories.
  • Miller, Rodman Specializes in vessels, finials, neon, freeform lamp shades, and glass accessories for fence decoration.
  • Milne, Carol Showcases mixed media and glass sculptures and vessels.
  • Minson, James Lampworked sculptures and functional objects such as elaborate chandeliers and jewelry.
  • Mongrain Glass Sculptures and stemware hand blown by James Mongrain.
  • Mortara, Michael and Misato Glassblowing from 2400 Fahrenheit Art Glass, Hawaii. Featuring handblown vases and sculptures.
  • Neff, Stacey A gallery of blown glass sculptures with organic shapes. [Requires Macromedia Shockwave]
  • Nickerson, John Contemporary vases, bowls and sculptures.
  • Nolan, Lesley Kiln-formed glass tableware and contemporary, figurative sculptures. Gallery listing of current exhibits.
  • Nourot, Michael and Corcoran, Anne Offer contemporary glass art, collectibles, vases, perfume bottles, corporate award pieces, paperweights and platters.
  • Orlina, Ramon Portfolio of carved glass abstract sculptures.
  • Poretti, Gianni Creates sculptures by fusing glass with light and precious metals
  • Potter, Andrew and Morgan, Rebecca Gallery of plates, pitchers and vases.
  • Powell, Stephen Rolfe Features a gallery of decorative blown glass vessels.
  • Pozniak, Janusz Blown glass, sculptural works, and functional production pieces.
  • Prevost, Lionel Functional and decorative sculpture in cast glass. The artist is based in Hawaii. Features include photo gallery and contact details.
  • Quekel, P.T. Sculptures combining stained glass, copper wire and rocks.
  • Showcases one of the largest collections of art glass in the United States with over 300 artists.
  • Reid, Colin Features an online gallery of cast glass symbolic and abstract sculptures.
  • Reusch, Astri Glass castings and sculptural installations by this Canadian artist. Includes photo galleries and contact e-mail. [requires flash]
  • Richards, Christopher and Lowry, Chris Showcase of vessels and sculptures blown by Christopher Richards and Chris Lowry.
  • Richardson, Henry Specializes in abstract fractured glass sculptures for public or private spaces.
  • Ruth, David Features a portfolio of public and private architectural sculptures and wall installations.
  • Sabeck, Deanne Image galleries of glass sculpture combined with light-effects.
  • Sand, Tolans Features online galleryof cold worked crystal and dichroic in architectural forms.
  • Schroder, Henner Vitroglyph: architectural and sculptural cast and blown art glass.
  • Scott, Robinson Creates blown glass sculptures and vessels with color overlays and glass powders.
  • Townsend, Milon Masks, figurative works and paperweights.
  • Trnka, Pavel Czech artist's collection of geometric cut-glass sculptures and installations.
  • Vachtova, Dana An online gallery of wax-modeled sculptures enhanced with sculpting, casting, mold melting, glass blowing and combining a variety of materials such as metals and wood.
  • Valentina, Adriano Dalla Features glass crafted by this artist working in Murano, Venice, Italy.
  • Vincenti, Len Gallery of sand cast glass and mixed media sculpture.
  • Walker, James Mold melted glass sculpture, stained glass windows for architecture, and cast glass objects.
  • Weinstein, Nikolas Specializes in sculptural glass installations.
  • Wilkin, Neil Contemporary blown glass art for gardens, residential and public spaces.
  • Willliams, Kate Lamp-worked glass. Biography, gallery of her work, and exhibition schedule.

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