Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Wagner, Patricia Impressionist and realistic landscape paintings. Free art lessons too.
  • Wakely, Shelagh Online information on this installations and performance artist who is based in London. Includes detailed exhibitions listing.
  • Wally, Monika Juliette Swedish artist presents a virtual gallery of her cosmically inspired artwork. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Walsh, Patrick New Jersey-based artist presents Photomosaics as large-scale ruminations on people, places and things.
  • Walt, Lindsay A series of abstract paintings using calligraphic markings over grounds of intense color by this Brooklyn-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wanwan, Qin Chinese artist who lives in France shows graphic designs and paintings. Figurative.
  • Ward, Gabrielle UK-based artist's work draws on Rothko's elements and adds textures built through layers of paint. Abstract expressionism.
  • Ware, Carol Santa Fe artist shows abstract paintings in a variety of media. Sculpture too.
  • Warne, Barry Canadian artist shows landscape paintings. Realistic style. Includes biography.
  • Warren, Johnelle Chromatic Infusion: online gallery of digital and traditional works. Photographs too.
  • Waters, Alan UK-based artist shows abstract sculpture, painting, and public art. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Waters. Curtiss, II Abstract acrylic and resin paintings on canvas, featuring a deep sculptural texture.
  • Watkins, Christopher D. English painter shows cityscapes, building close-ups, and some abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Watt, Darcy J. Graphics and photos by the artist. Figurative. Nudes.
  • Watts, Mark The designer and illustrator shows posters (including 50's-style posters), computer graphics and animations, airbrush and advertising images, logos, and web-site designs.
  • Wayne, Joe Computer graphics and experimental art prints.
  • Weber, Dennis J. Canadian artist's virtual gallery of figurative and realistic paintings.
  • Webster, Arnie Various artists' work scanned, then converted to 3D images.
  • Webster, Chris Mixed-media works with ghostly photographic presences by this British artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wedge, Kathryn Wisconsin artist shows representational paintings in water media on paper and canvas. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Weerasinghe, Fredrik Swedish artist shows works combining representational imagery and traditional techniques with topical commentary. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Weimer, Birgitta Abstract sculptures and installation works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Weisse, Markus A. Abstract paintings, computer graphics (including animations) and robot sculptures.
  • Welch, Roger Conceptual and installation artist presents a chronicle of works and a virtual gallery. Includes biography, bibliography, and exhibitions listing.
  • Wellenstein, Denise Non-objective oil paintings on canvas and graphic design samples from this Georgia-based artist. Includes resume.
  • Wells, Ashley Washington-state artist presents cityscapes in acrylic. Includes resume.
  • Welty, Rachel Perry Recent work by the Boston-based conceptual artist. Installations. Includes resume.
  • Werner, Bettina Italian-born artist now living in New York showcases her works which focus on and utilize salt. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wes Web portfolio consisting of digital art, photography, paintings and other mediums. Abstract and figurative.
  • Westermann, Barbara Minimalist sculpture by this German-born artist and teacher now living in the U.S.
  • White, Dutch Selection of digital images by this artist.
  • White, Jan New Zealand artist shows examples of abstract works in painting, sculpture and moving image-installation mediums.
  • White, John A. The artist presents The Sickness of Art, with displays of work done in abstract-realism and cartoon styles. Includes photos of tattoos and body art. Flash used.
  • White, Paul Australia-based artist shows mixed media works and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Whited, Brian Southern U.S.-based conceptual artist shows paintings and sculptures.
  • Whitehurst, Jane Abstract paintings on large canvases as well as sculpture and mixed-media by an artist working at Bus Barn Studios in Fresno, CA.
  • Whitnall, Adam Messymedia: online portfolio by this UK-based artist. Graphic design featuring Pop art and graffiti styles.
  • Whitney, Beth Jersey City artist documents ongoing studio work and collaborative projects in multiple disciplines. With exhibitions listing.
  • Whiton, Jason Cartoon drawings, photography, music, and project updates by a Vermont-based artist.
  • Whittington, Lorrie Illusio Creative: portfolio showcasing illustration, painting and photography by this British artist. Abstract. With biography.
  • Wicked, Jin Houston TX-based artist presents her artwork (oils, drawings, sketchbook pieces) and photos featuring her as the model. Includes bio.
  • Wiegersma, Pieter Dutch artist known for his tapestry and leaded windows in public buildings and churches. Also works on paper. Representational.
  • Wiggins, Kim D. New Mexico artist shows heavily impastoed paintings. Themes include cityscapes, historical, and Native American. Includes biography and photographs.
  • Wiggins, Travis Lee Chicago artist presents a portfolio featuring a mix of styles and forms, from painting and photography to sculpture. Also a musician and recording artist.
  • Wijewardene, Anoma Sri Lankan artist shows samples of work, including mixed media, digital pieces, and video installations. Conceptual. Background music.
  • Wild, Frank P. A biography, genealogy, on-line gallery and auction history of this Victorian painter of portraits and landscapes. Site designed by grandson of the artist.
  • Wilkes, Adam British art student presents work samples demonstrating graphic communication. Various media, especially sketches and typography.
  • Wilking, Albert Weblog for New Jersey-based artist, with comments on recent viral videos. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wilkins, William This UK painter presents works using a technique based on pointillism for a wide range of subjects, most notably the landscapes of Wales and Venice. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wilkinson, Steven Politics and symbolism are the focus of works by this British artist. Photography, digital pieces, paintings, and video.
  • Williams, Jamie E. Still-life pastels and portrait drawings are showcased.
  • Williams, Jon Presents his works variously in pencil and ink. Most of them would be considered in the fantasy genre.
  • Williams, Merresa Essenique: drawings, paintings, and poetry in a mixture of abstraction and realism, from personal experiences and emotions.
  • Williams, Robert California artist presents a mix of hot-rod culture and cinematic apocalypticism to produce new psychedelic imagery. Includes biography.
  • Williams, Roger Online gallery by Santa Fe, New Mexico-based artist. Representational works in oil and pastel.
  • Williams, Stephanie Piwit Studio: oil paintings, prints, encaustics, and designs by this Massachusetts-based artist who was born in France. Representational and abstract.
  • Willoughby, Sherry This landscape painter concentrates on the haunting atmospheric quality found in the salt marshes and beaches of Martha's Vineyard.
  • Wilson, Bill Online gallery of realistic oil paintings in a variety of genres, including portraits, animals, landscapes, still-lifes, and civil war figures. Includes demonstrations.
  • Wilson, J.K. Canadian artist shows figurative and abstract oil paintings and poster prints.
  • Wilson, Nancy Drawings, paintings and poetry by this Yorkshire artist who favors Celtic, Native American and fantasy themes. Varied media and styles.
  • Wilson, Pamela Surreal paintings, disturbing and highly realistic are displayed. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wilson, Sara British painter based in Italy shows works inspired by music, including seascapes, gardens, florals, and still-lifes. Realistic, illustrative.
  • Wilson, Tom Mafia Illustrations: showcasing the cartoons and illustrations of this UK-based artist.
  • Windle, Michael Scotland-based artist uses computers to augment traditional studio practice to help generate screenprints, photographs, multimedia and video.
  • Winikoff, Amos Painting, digital photography and animation. Figurative. Nudes.
  • Winkler, Rita This California artist's abstract paintings are inspired by geological features, maps, land-use patterns, aerial photos, and satellite imagery.
  • Winshtein, Paz California artist presents an online gallery of oil paintings and figurative works in other media. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wiseman, David A 'deep appreciation for subtleties in nature' is evident in this artist's work. Sculptural and relief works.
  • Wisser, Bernard D. A series of virtual galleries called Marvel Place. Includes mixed media, computer art, photos. Subjective realism.
  • With Beans The artist Dylan and his friend James present playful artworks. Sound effects, poetry, and images.
  • Witherow, Dale Pennsylvania-based, retired university art professor presents a virtual gallery. Landscapes (including images of caves), collage works, pastels, and prints are featured.
  • Witt, Jo An online collection featuring oil paintings, drawings and sculpture. Figurative. Includes songs and music written by the artist.
  • Wittmaack, Harald Artworks in various media, including pencil, mouse and tablet, and pixel by pixel.
  • Wittwer, Uwe Swiss artist shows works in various media. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in German.
  • Wnuk, Deborah New York artist shows realistic works, including landscapes, figures, portraits, and still-lifes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Woegerer, Florian Selection of wallpapers and graphics work of Nexflo. Photoshop and coding tutorials.
  • Wojdula, Rich Colorado artist shows abstract works and landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wojkowicz, Jesse UK-based artist's b&w abstract artwork gallery.
  • Wolf, Greg Digital vector graphics, illustration, and monochromatic photography.
  • Wolfson, Jordan This representational oil painter shows the traditional motifs of interiors, figures and landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wollmann, Edmond Art from the 60's to current San Diego State University work. Astrology and art, nature, and psychological series.
  • Wong, Kay Taiwanese artist presents drawings, paintings, multimedia, comics, travel journals, and animation. Some text in Chinese.
  • Wong, Todd California artist shows illustrations, designs, paintings, life drawings, 3-D works and photos. Includes resume.
  • Wood, Chaz Featuring portraiture, comic art, and fantasy pieces from this Scottish artist. Includes biography and statement.
  • Wood, Robert W. Works by a painter of the American landscape.
  • Wood, Sharlena Shared Palette: landscapes, portraits, figure drawings, and miscellaneous inventions by this Canadian artist and teacher.
  • Woodall, Brett UK artist's online portfolio featuring illustrations and graphic design pieces. Includes resume.
  • Wooller, Mark New Zealand painter offers a new way of looking at the simplest natural objects. Abstract and symbolist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Worcester, William Illinois artist presents impressionistic landscapes featuring Midwestern scenes. Includes resume.
  • Wordgirl Alfabette Zoope - Includes original design, photography and poetry, a collection of unusual and multi-cultural names and music samples.
  • Wortman, Paul This New York-based artist presents a virtual gallery of representational paintings and drawings. Pet portraits, nudes. Includes biography.
  • Wragg, Peter Virtual word-art installation by Canadian artist.
  • Wright, Chris Texas-based artist presents drawings and animations. Includes information on available services.
  • Wright, Claire Just Abstract: British artist presents her paintings. Many are colorful; some are textured; others feature hearts or circles or triangles.
  • Wright, Gregor Glasgow-based artist shows drawings, mixed media works, and sculpture. Abstract, conceptual. Includes exhibition listings.
  • Wright, Janice Showcasing landscape and botanical paintings in acrylics by this Canadian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wright, Judith Brisbane-based artist presents a virtual gallery, reviews, and list of exhibitions. Minimalist.
  • Wu, Mark Design and art direction for digital media, with thoughts on design, East Asian culture, London & beyond. Photography. Weblog format.
  • Wu, Wei-Ling Lorelai Aristeia: an online collection featuring figurative works, game and anime fanart, writings, character designs, webpage layouts, and vocal MP3s.
  • Wursig, Tania Australian artist shows figurative paintings as well as landscapes, florals, and works inspired by Spain and Hungary. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Wuts, Frank California artist shows paintings of dogs and cats. Also people portraits, seascapes, figurative works, and abstracts.
  • Wyatt, Priscilla The Rose Palette: Oregon artist shows drawings, pastels, watercolors, note cards. Representational.

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