Other languages: Danish, German.

  • T Lee Abstract artwork by this Texas-based artist. Also Indian themes.
  • Tabac, V. Paintings, ceramics, and graphics. Abstract works as well as landscapes and florals. Moldova-based artist.
  • Taber, Ken Water scenes, including misty swamps and seascapes, are shown by this Australian artist.
  • Takahiro Takahashi Abstract works and animations by this Japanese artist.
  • Takeshi Nagasaki Japanese artist presents a virtual gallery featuring sculpture and woodcut prints. Some text in Japanese.
  • Tal, Mirit Israeli artist shows figure drawings, travel photos, web designs, and video projects.
  • Talbot, Richard UK-based artist presents drawings, sculptures, and writings. Geometry and linear perspective are key elements. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Talkenger, Peter Geometric, figurative, and abstract paintings are shown in a virtual gallery. This Swiss artist also presents sculpture and furniture.
  • Tanaka, Jim Pittsburgh-based artist presents a gallery of watercolors featuring images of jazz musicians. Interview.
  • Tapia, Mario Chilean artist based in Milan presents an online portfolio of sculpture and paintings. Figurative and decorative works.
  • Tarlton, Karen Specializing in abstract and impressionistic palette-knife paintings, including landscapes and portraits. With brief biography.
  • Tataro, Vera Czech artist presents acrylic paintings "charged with a positive energy." Representational and fantasy. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Tate, Pamela Representational acrylic paintings by this Canadian artist. Portraits, dancers, and fabric studies are among her subjects. Includes biography.
  • Tate, Rachelle Pen & Ink fantasy drawings and jewelry designs in silver and gold by this Tennessee artist. Includes biography.
  • Tatnall, Runcie Painterly realism which casts a wry, sensitive eye to all kinds of subjects, from portraiture to cityscapes.
  • Taylor, Jennifer S. Tennessee-based artist shows paintings and photos of horses, pets, and people. Includes biography.
  • Taylor, Matthew HyperOgga: comics, drawings, animations, paintings and graphic design by this Australian artist. Representational and varied.
  • Taylor, Tim An exploration of the beauty, pathos, and humour inherent in the everyday. Mixed-media works made from found objects.
  • Taysom, Russell Cartoons and figurative illustrations by this UK artist.
  • Teller, Douglas H. Realist watercolor landscapes of the subtropics of Florida and other parts of the world.
  • Temelkov, Plamen Bulgarian artist shows paintings which combine impressionism and abstraction. Includes exhibitions listing. Text also in Spanish.
  • Temple, Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple Tibetan Thangka painting and other works from the artists' studio in Hawaii. Projects in Tibet are also described.
  • Templeman, Samuel Oregon-based artist presents works in a variety of media and styles, from illustration to abstract expressionism. Includes bio and weblog.
  • Thibault, Jean-Philippe Zipertatou: Canadian artist incorporates video, animation, photography, drawing, illustration and music. Childhood and fantasy are typical themes.
  • Thiele, Ryan Virginia-based artist and teacher presents a portfolio of portraits, paintings, and sketches.
  • Thomas, Chantal Abstract oil paintings by this French artist.
  • Thomas, Chris UK artist shows oil paintings, works on paper, hospital paintings, recent work, and portrait studies. Figurative.
  • Thomas, Gerlinde Australian artist presents mixed-media works focusing on figurative genres, especially on the female form. Nudes.
  • Thomas, Jennifer Portfolio of Australian artist and educator who shows ceramics, paintings, and collages. Abstract. Includes travel photos.
  • Thomas, Karen E. Paintings, drawings, cards, and clever creations by the artist known for craft books and TV appearances. Includes biography.
  • Thomas, Kristin Washington DC painter, photographer, and graphic designer shows abstract works, with varied photography subjects.
  • Thomas, Lex Macabre paintings and collages featuring people with animal heads, landscape sketches, and bug drawings. With exhibitions listing.
  • Thomas, Tamika JouJou: a collection of illustrations including portraits of children, political figures, and celebrities by this Atlanta-based artist. Photography and weblog too.
  • Thompson, Carey Galactivation: paintings and drawings featuring abstraction and optical designs.
  • Thompson, Judith Schip Hill Art: showcasing oil paintings of women and their dreams. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Thompson, Kelly Los Angeles-based painter presents a weblog and samples of her abstract paintings.
  • Thomson, Angela Montreal-based artist presents figurative works.
  • Thorp, Sam Pennsylvania-based artist presents a portfolio site featuring painting, drawing, cartoons, and digital art. Human anatomy is the central theme.
  • Thorpe, Jeri Equine, wildlife, and Western art showcased at Painted Horse Studio. Also photos of cougars.
  • Tierney, M. Jordan D.C.-based artist shows collage, assemblage, shadows, installations, and "newspaper poems." Includes exhibitions info.
  • Tighe, Darril California-based abstract-expressionist presents mixed media and watercolor on paper. Includes resume.
  • Tilden, Pam and Eric Featuring the paintings, drawings and writing of a couple from Michigan.
  • Tilleard, Robert UK-based artist shows landscape, still life and portrait paintings. Realistic. Also etchings featuring animal imagery.
  • Tilton, Jac Dubuque, Iowa-based artist shows examples of watercolors, photographs, drawings, and digital manipulations. Landscapes and abstracts.
  • Timergaleev, Vitali Painting, graphics, murals, frescoes, and mosaic works by this Russian artist. Realistic paintings of automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Tiotva, Inga Russian artist shows paintings, drawings, batik works, and dress designs. Figurative, impressionist.
  • Tirrell, Kari Showcasing portraiture, pet portraits, and figurative work in soft pastel and oils. Includes pastel demonstration.
  • Tisa, Benedict D.C.-based artist and teacher shows works and projects from around the globe. Mixed media and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Tischenko, Alexei Surreal and figurative paintings and drawings by this Russian artist. Animations featuring horses.
  • Tizard, Denita New Zealand artist focuses on color, people, and numbers in her artwork. Expressionist.
  • Tkach-Matisons, Lillian Canadian artist and instructor presents a virtual gallery. Representational paintings. Info about workshops.
  • To, Jaume Landscapes featuring Catalan geography are presented by this Barcelona artist. ActiveX.
  • Toastbrot Artist at play, with flying pieces of toast! Graphics and visual puns.
  • Tobias, Sandra Hong Kong-based Australian artist shows colorful paintings. Surreal landscapes and narratives. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Todorov, Todor Display by this Bulgarian artist featuring 'Sculpture In Architecture' and other sculptural works in various media.
  • Tokman, Rudolf Oil paintings and wood mosaics, including landscapes and figurative works.
  • Toles, John Underwater photography is the featured attraction here; but the artist also shows landscapes and portraits.
  • Toles, Maureen The artist employs both conventional and digital techniques in her printmaking. Photography and nature scenes.
  • Tolman, Bruce Miami-based painter shows abstract views from the recent 'Pond' series. Includes exhibitions listings.
  • Tomlinson, Jane UK-based artist shows figurative paintings, including florals and animal works. Travel sketches.
  • Tonini, Joseph JTo-Art: figurative prints using the 'Book of Revelation' and various images as subject matter.
  • Topalski, Darko Online gallery of works in a variety of media and styles by this Serbian artist. Site is available in several languages.
  • Topsom, Dale Paintings, drawings, prints and computer art by this UK-based artist. Various styles.
  • Toral, Jose Mani Arts (Manosarte) showcases figurative and gestural works by this artist and flamenco guitarist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Toshiaki Oil and watercolor paintings and figure drawings. Includes biographical note.
  • Tovar, Fernando The artist uses light to create an atmosphere of serene intimacy. Realistic still-lifes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Tracey My Shed: gallery featuring pencil, pen and ink, pastel, with some digital thrown in. Figurative and fantasy works.
  • Trasobares, Cesar Work with Quinceaneras, Cuban-American subjects, embroidery, furniture, rings and money sculptures. Artist with 30 years experience.
  • Treherne, Harold J. Saskatchewan folk artist's works are showcased. Includes bio and press clippings.
  • Treisner, George The artist presents 'Corporate Doodles', the artistic results of experiencing lengthy meetings at work.
  • Trepanier, France-Marie Abstract and representational acrylic paintings by this Canadian artist.
  • Trepte, Cody Videos, installation images, photos, and abstract pieces by this New York-based artist who works with ideas of information and technology.
  • Triandaphyllou, Costis Greek conceptual artist's works are presented and discussed. His focus is on electricity. Includes bio.
  • Trick, Malenda Nashville TN-based artist shows works of romantic impressionism. Includes bio.
  • Trip-zee Psychedelic abstract digital works created by this New York artist.
  • Trops, Julia Canadian artist presents an online portfolio featuring figure drawings and abstract paintings. Includes CV.
  • Trudler, Maria Colorful expressionist and surrealist works by this self-taught artist. Various media including oil, batik, and ink.
  • True, Claudia Colorful landscapes, florals, and abstracts by this California-based painter. Post-impressionist.
  • Trujillo, Rene Virginia-based artist shows paintings, illustrations, designs, and photography. Figurative and surrealist imagery.
  • Trujillo, Tom Figurative paintings in pastel, with subjects ranging from religious and historical 'falsehoods' to modern-life issues.
  • Trulli, David California artist and cinematographer presents pinhole and zone-plate photography, scratchboard art, and linocuts. Figurative.
  • Tsatsos, George Biography of the Greek artist known for his colorful abstract and geometric paintings. Verinha Ottoni organized the site.
  • Tschantz-Hahn, Michael Figurative paintings and drawings in the tradition of the London School by this San Francisco artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Tupper, Simon Surreal landscapes and seascapes by a Jersey, Channel Islands artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Turner, Andrea British watercolor artist and jazz singer presents an online gallery. Includes brief biography. Abstract works and water imagery.
  • Turner, Dave Kirkland, WA-based artist presents a portfolio of realistic oil portraits on canvas. Includes a technical demonstration.
  • Turner, Jan UK artist and event organizer shows paintings, sculpture, ceramics and prints. Abstract and figurative. Also family photos.
  • Turner, Mattie E. Polarbyte, the artist, presents a homepage featuring digital photography of kids, artwork, and poetry. Includes bio.
  • Turov, Matt New York-based artist presents an online portfolio with examples of paintings and digital collages. Includes a resume.
  • Tylicki, Jacek Artwork, texts, and conceptual projects by New York-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing. Text also in Polish.

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