Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Sabzi Iranian artist shows prints of his paintings which typically feature women.
  • Sagui, James Hand-made furniture marrying form and function by this Florida artist. Sculpture and veneer panels too. Includes bio.
  • Saikia, Sanjeev New Delhi-based painter presents samples as well as information about exhibitions. Colorful figurative and abstract works. Weblog.
  • Saint Eyebeat Online portfolio for this Sumi-e artist, watercolorist and writer. Social commentary.
  • Saint Phalle, Niki de Niki Charitable Art Foundation: website devoted to the work of this French artist noted for her abstract sculptures. Includes biography and information about exhibitions.
  • Salas, Carol Kentucky artist depicts landscapes, country life, and animals in her acrylic paintings. Folk/primitive style.
  • Salcher, Beatrix California-based artist shows paintings, graphics, installations, and web designs. Includes biography. Text also in German.
  • Salon, Dennis Conceptual and experimental compute- generated works.
  • Samaniego, Manuel Drawings and paintings by a Chicano artist, owner of Buddha Belly Studio. Figurative, stylized.
  • Sampaio, Antonio Urbancartoons: illustrations, animations and cartoons by this Portuguese artist. Weblog features sketches and links to image galleries.
  • Sanchez Robles, Monica This Madrid-born and Paris-based artist presents abstract paintings and photographs. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Sand, Vebjorn Norwegian installation artist presents info about his "Leonardo da Vinci bridge" project. Includes bio.
  • Sandalian, Sona Mexico-based artist works with a combination of digital images and paint media to produce figurative, floral, and abstract pieces.
  • Sandor, Beate Austrian artist presents "The Seven Prayers," a series of 21 paintings based on an alphabet of circle segments and motifs of the Buddhist Lotus Sutra.
  • Sandoval, Stephen New York artist presents galleries full of colorful abstract and figurative images.
  • Sanguinetti, Florentino Argentinian painter presents abstract works. Includes "theatre dome" project. Flash player needed.
  • Sanjulian Spanish artist, also known as Manuel Perez Clemente, shows examples of his illustrations, including fantasy works and portraits. ActiveX enabled.
  • Sansilder Masks, children's toys, and landscape elements are shown in oil paintings by this Belgian artist.
  • Santee, Ruth Selected works of this California artist's sculpture, drawing, and installations. Conceptual art.
  • Santos, Andre Canadian artist and student shows digital artwork. Figurative, illustrations.
  • Santosh More This artist from India shows oil paintings on canvas and digital works. Surrealism. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Saricam, Melih Erkin Photographs and digital works by this Turkish artist. Chiefly nature studies.
  • Saunders, Ann C. Revealing Islamic and African influences, this Washington DC-based artist, educator, and creative consultant shows abstract works. With biography.
  • Savko, Alexander Featuring virtual gallery, including design projects and video. Cartoonesque elements and modern life commentary. With exhibitions listing.
  • Sazonova, Natasha Illustrations, paintings, and funny quotes by a young Ukrainian-American artist. Includes exhibitions listing and bio.
  • Scalzo, Mickey Online portfolio for this Connecticut artist who is also a tattooist and musician. Flash animations.
  • Scandurra, Turi Movies, illustrations, and multimedia works by this Italian artist. Cartoonesque and topical. Original music.
  • Scepanovic, Vladislav Social and political works from this Belgrade-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in German.
  • Schein, Peter A. Kinetic Trap: New York City artist presents his abstract paintings.
  • Schlademan, Carl Canadian artist shows landscapes, still-lifes, abstracts, and equine portraits done in acrylic.
  • Schmid, Robert Abstract works in acrylic by the New York painter. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Schmidt, Michael K. Illinois artist showcases small, mixed-media paintings and designs, with many featuring interesting patterns and muted colors. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Schmitt, Carl Official site for this modern American artist (1889-1989). Realistic paintings and drawings in various media. Includes information about the Carl Schmitt Foundation in Connecticut.
  • Schneberger, Christopher Chicago-based artist shows works featuring photography-based mixed media, film, and web design. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Schneider, Judy L. Prints, collage, mixed-media works, encaustic pieces, and photos by Florida artist. Abstract and figurative.
  • Scholes, Graham A. Woodblock prints, especially featuring images of lighthouses, are displayed by this British Colombia-based artist.
  • Schoonmaker, Rebecca Albany, NY-based artist and professor presents a gallery of abstract paintings. Includes resume.
  • Schweigler, Stacy Abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed media by contemporary Washington based artist.
  • Schwennesen, Carol Impressionist landscapes and poetry. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Scott, Colin UK-based artist shows paintings which 'refer to states and situations which exist somewhere between fantasy and reality.'
  • Scott, Jeanette Landscapes and still life paintings in oils, pastels and acrylics by Sydney-based visual artist.
  • Scott, Tony Art inspired by computer crashes and digital errors in a site titled, "Glitch Art."
  • Scottfreek Virtual gallery features graffiti-style artwork, photographs, and remarks by the artist. Comedy, advice and poetry.
  • Scoville, Mary An online gallery featuring prints, drawings, and 3d work by this Austin-based artist. Includes resume.
  • Sebazco, Tom New York artist's online portfolio includes examples of works in advertising, painting, drawing, graphic design, web development, and sculpture.
  • Sechtlova, Marie M. Mezzotint, other graphics, and oil paintings by this Czech artist. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Sedgwick, Terry UK-based watercolor artist shows landscapes. Wet-on-wet technique.
  • Seeney, Lynn New York City-based artist and lecturer presents mixed-media abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Segal, Joelle A collection of paintings, drawings, and photography. Figurative works and nature studies.
  • Segall, Liz G. Figurative-abstract paintings in acrylic, oil and mixed media by this Florida artist.
  • Segers, Hans Conceptual works by this Belgian artist whose focus is research into the painted image. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Seguso, Rick West Palm Beach-based artist shows figurative works, including florals, still-lifes, landscapes, and a series featuring musicians.
  • Seidl, Markus Photography and installation works by the Austrian artist.
  • Seiler, Kerim Swiss artist shows sculptures and views of installations. Colorful abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Selander, Jeff Illinois-based watercolor painter shows representational works. Prints.
  • Selden, Dave Portland, Oregon-based artist shows sculpture and sketchbook drawings. Idea based on a flower.
  • Seliverstov, Alexander This Russian-born painter now based in Spain presents a portfolio featuring portraits, realistic and surrealistic works, as well as abstract pieces.
  • Sellanes, Jose M. This Uruguayan artist living in Dublin, Ireland presents abstract and surrealist drawings. Weblog format.
  • Sellanes, Jose M. This artist from Uruguay, currently living in Dublin, Ireland, shows recent abstract and surrealist drawings. Weblog.
  • Semsker, Ralph Beaches houses are the subject for this Delaware-based artist. Style is folk art or cartoonesque.
  • Senior, Nigel This UK-based artist presents oil and acrylic paintings in various styles and genres.
  • Sepe, Tom This multi-disciplinary artist and community activist offers information about current projects, including artworks, video, performance, sculpture, and design.
  • Sesto, Cameron A gallery of paintings, prints and charcoal drawings which deal with the "spiritual nature of the mundane world." Abstract and surreal imagery.
  • Seyo Swiss aerosol artist and hiphop aficionado presents samples of figurative artworks, abstract sculpture, and wall graphics. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Shackleton, Andrew Flux-us: conceptual and performance art from this UK artist. Photography and music too.
  • Shamback, Benjamin Alabama-based artist shows still-life and figurative paintings using traditional materials and techniques. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Shank, Stephanie This Arizona-based artist specializes in abstract landscape painting and in works featuring an expressionist aesthetic.
  • Shapiro, Lucien Gallery of his macabre paintings, sculptures, and installations as well as his show schedule.
  • Shardcore Features irreverent paintings of scientists and philosophers among other aesthetic experiments. Includes weblog.
  • Sharma, Atul Portraits and sketches, including variations on Hindu deities and images of women, by this New Delhi-based artist.
  • Sharma, Nitin India-based artist and engineer presents photos, sketches, tattoos and t-shirt paintings. Weblog format.
  • Sharp, Jud Pennsylvania artist shows examples of murals intended for homes, especially works for children's rooms, and offices. Fantasy and trompe l'oeil.
  • Shaul, Yuval This Israeli artist presents a virtual portfolio featuring abstract paintings and animal-theme sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Sheather, John E. Works by this British artist include landscapes and still-lifes in oil and watercolor. Sketches. Representational.
  • Shepherd, Timothy Detroit-based artist and web designer shows artwork. Expressionist and abstract pieces in digital and traditional media.
  • Sheridan, Duffy. A selection of paintings by this Arizona-based artist. Figure paintings and portraits. Includes bio.
  • Sheridan, Prue This British artist, currently based in Germany, presents a portfolio featuring landscapes and figurative works. Surrealist and figurative.
  • Sherman, Carol Ann The watercolor artwork of an artist in Florida includes pets, people, and flora & fauna.
  • Sherriffs, Ranald Virtual gallery featuring mixed-media works focusing on metaphorical and compositional relationships. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Shetihin, Evgeni Belarus-based artist shows paintings made of oil and clay. Representational.
  • Shigemoto, Kristy Freelance designer shows a portfolio of art and original characters.
  • ShiLoo ComXtrip: narrative figuration made of sketches and watercolors, plus portraits and nudes. Weblog format. Some text in French.
  • Shkurpela, Dasha New Jersey-based artist originally from Kyrgyzstan shows figurative paintings and abstract sculptures. With exhibitions listing.
  • Shonibare, Yinka Having grown up 'between London and Lagos,' this artist explores cultural identity in various media. Installations.
  • Shuback, Jeremy Freelance illustrator, currently working in animation, shows inkings, paintings, flash applets, 3d animations, and more on this portfolio site. Figurative. Includes resume.
  • Shuvalov, Sophia Art Organ: featuring a mix of surrealist, conceptual, abstract, and representational works in a variety of media.
  • Shvaiko, Viktor European-style images with cobblestone streets, bistros and archways are favored by this Russian artist.
  • Siepmann, Heinrich Virtual gallery of works by the late German artist, an exponent of non-objective painting. Biography.
  • Sievers, Christian German artist based in London shows images and provides info relating to recent installations and performances. Includes CV.
  • Siffert, Enaile D. Paintings and drawings in various genres by this Brazilian artist. Includes fantasy artwork and portraits.
  • Sigona, Mary Bizarre Moon: showcasing artwork, comics, animations, and many other creative contributions.
  • Sikkdays Archive of a digital artist's interests and achievements. Featuring experimental videos, animations, and a weblog.
  • Silenius, Terhi Photography, film and video art, with samples by this Finnish artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Silveira, Ricardo G. Venezuelan artist presents abstract digital works, including videos.
  • Simeonova, Lidia Figurative sculpture, painting, and drawing by this Michigan-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Simmons, Gary Arkansas-based pen-and-ink artist presents landscapes, humorous pieces, and characters sketches among other works. Watercolors, nudes.
  • Simmons, Philip New York artist shows sculptures and installation work involving text and image.
  • Simon, Jonathan This New York artist is a specialist in realistic oil paintings, including still-life, portraiture, and figurative pieces.
  • Simons, Miriam L. Abstract artwork in a variety of media. Includes artist statement and information about workshops.
  • Simpson, Kieran Online portfolio of London-based digital artist and filmmaker. Poetic imagery and fantasy influence style.
  • Sinaguglia, Timothy Drawings and comics done in pencil, brush, pen and ink and featuring portraits and surreal dreams. Figurative.
  • Sinatra, Rose Figurative works and landscapes in watercolor by this California artist.
  • Singh, G.S. Sohan Memorial site for the Sikh artist. Paintings of gurus and temples. Includes biography.
  • Sinyai, Susan M. Oil and pastel paintings executed in a realistic style characterized by evocative light and rich color. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Sion, Zivit Israeli artist shows abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing. Background music.
  • Sirunyan, Vakhtang Virtual gallery of the Armenian artist, including figurative oil paintings and abstract works with unique surfaces. Biography.
  • Sivanandanayagam, Nishanthi Young Canadian artist presents drawings in a variety of styles, poetry, and photography.
  • Skees, Alan and Kristin Skees Arizona artists show mixed media works and installation pieces. Includes resumes.
  • Skolimowski, Werner The artist, a muralist from Germany currently living in Arizona, presents Muralinfo, Mr. W.'s Mural and Graffiti Art Photo Gallery. Includes biography.
  • Skov, Rasmus Dedicated to the late Danish cubist. Includes biography, virtual museum, art-historical background.
  • Skowron, Jason With Jacobs Asylum, the artist presents original airbrush and computer art, animations, tattoos, and tattoo flash.
  • Skuratowicz Jakubiec, Barbara This Canadian-Polish artist and designer presents works in a variety of media and styles, from landscapes and portraits to jewelry. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Slater, Evelyn "Susie" Transparent watercolor paintings depicting birds, wildlife, and flowers by this Massachusetts artist.
  • Slemzina, Viktoria Sacra Vita: paintings, including silk pieces, drawings, and photos of seashells. Representational. Includes weblog.
  • Small, Caitlin The artist, who studied fine art in Paris and London, works in a variety of media from painting to photography and installation.
  • Smalley, Brian Watercolor paintings and sketches from this UK-based artist. Includes comments on the works.
  • Smeets, Mike LoneStarNorth: a digital photograph gallery and artwork featuring exotic birds, Florida travel pictures, nature, animals.
  • Smirnovaite, Marija Featuring figurative and abstract drawings, ceramics, textiles, graphics, designs, and illustrations by this Lithuanian artist.
  • Smith, Barry E.J. London-based Australian artist presents black and white graphic art. Includes CV.
  • Smith, Ben Atlanta artist's virtual gallery highlights woodcuts, drawings, etchings, and sculpture. Figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Smith, Broc Sculptures and designs by artist who has lived and worked in Asia for a decade. Dinosaur models for theme parks.
  • Smith, Kate Figurative works in pastel by this Australian artist.
  • Smith, Natasha E. Canadian painter, collage artist, and printmaker creates colourful, semi-abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Smith, Robin Online art gallery of surrealist paintings.
  • Smith, Sue Oil and watercolor paintings by this Oregon artist. Abstracts, figurative works, and landscapes.
  • Smorenburg, Herman Fantastic realism is the style of this Dutch artist. Includes biography and article on the spiritual dimension of "Inspiration."
  • Snell, Halston Showing works based on the Japanese anime and manga style. Also some realism and general cartooning, plus Happiness Factory Studio.
  • Sochaniewicz, Maria Abstract works by this Polish-born and now New York-based artist. Includes biography and information on exhibitions.
  • Soete, Karolien Portrait paintings by this Flemish artist. Includes biography.
  • Soker, Dina Illinois-based painter shows works focused on color. Abstracts and floral pieces. With exhibitions listing.
  • Sollmann, Martin Dutch artist shows new media art, digital works, video installations, and animation. Includes CV.
  • Somar, Emyll Washington State-based artist shows virtual portfolio featuring digital photography and computer graphics. Includes resume.
  • Sommer, Erik J. New York City-based artist shows abstract paintings, mixed-media pieces, and sculpture. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Sommer, Susan The New York artist presents a selection of abstract paintings.
  • Sonnenschein, Erin San Francisco-based artist presents a portfolio featuring film and advertising examples. Includes resume.
  • Sood, Ajay UK-based artist shows figurative paintings and drawings, as well as assemblage, sketchbooks and Works in Progress.
  • Sooz Australian writer, painter and photographer. Includes biography, blog and exhibition scrapbook.
  • Soraida Abstraction and social commentary in paintings described as exhibiting "Verdadism." The artist is Puerto Rican.
  • Sorf, Zdenek This Prague-based artist shows abstract and political paintings. Magic realism. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Soshana Biography and black and white photos of the Vienna-based artist. [English, German, and French]
  • Soslau, Michelle Pennsylvania artist shows dream images and portraits, landscapes and abstracts. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Soterakis, Elena Landscapes and cityscapes painted on wood panels by this New York painter. Includes resume.
  • Sourtaev, Yan V. Surrealist and realist paintings in oil and watercolor by this Toronto-based artist.
  • Sousa, Eduardo The artist's New Digital design portfolio includes music and artwork. Shockwave Flash used.
  • Spanard, Jan-Marie Abstract trompe-l'oeil paintings and giclee prints by this Albany, NY-based artist. Includes statement.
  • Sparre, Eric Oil portraits,landscapes and cityscapes by this artist who has an impressionist view of life.
  • Sparre, Louis Photographer presents recent works documenting social and economic conditions in Argentina and Uruguay. Includes bio.
  • Spence, Annora Works by UK-based artist, including illustrations and paintings featuring animals. Has exhibitions listing.
  • Spencer, Scott A. Abstract, expressionistic and impressionist oil paintings on canvas by Los Angeles artist who also shows work in New York.
  • Spens, Nathaniel Landscape and history paintings by Scottish-born artist who settled in Utah (died in 1916). Includes bio and genealogical research.
  • Spiczka, Sam This Minnesota-based artist shows large-scale, outdoor sculpture in steel and wood that combines geometric structure with organic form. Includes resume.
  • Spiess, Katherine E. Showcase portfolio featuring digital examples using the Adobe creative suite as well as other art media. Includes resume. Figurative.
  • Spratley, Gigi This artist works in a variety of media, including blacklight, painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital formats.
  • Springfield, Molly Drawings, paintings and digital images based on textual artifacts and themes such as language and memory. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Spruill, James W. Tampa Bay painter specializing in murals, children's murals, portraiture and faux-finishing.
  • Spyker, David Jay Representational paintings and drawings in acrylics, watercolors, gouache, graphite, and charcoal. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • St-Jacques, Pierre Video art by New York based artist. Includes sample stills and clips, statement, videography, and exhibitions listing.
  • Stajan-Ferkul, Andrea Ontario artist and illustrator shows textile studies, interpretive room settings, impressionistic florals, and landscapes.
  • Stanley, Pat Portfolio of representational and abstract paintings, watercolor and acrylic by this Canadian artist.
  • Stanley, Terry H. Figurative, portrait and landscape art from this Wisconsin-based representational artist. Includes biography.
  • Stark, Sean Pencil drawings and Photoshop samples by a young man who says he is not an artist.
  • Starkey, Marius San Francisco-based artist and teacher shows paintings, drawings, etchings and monotypes. The works cover 20 years of artistic life. Includes resume and exhibitions listing.
  • Stec, Jason Chicago artist shows drawings, paintings, collages, photos, and sculptures. Figurative and expressionist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Steel, Gregory Michigan artist shows video and sound clips as well as mixed media works and installation photos. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Steelsmith, Alex Hawaii-based artist presents an online portfolio featuring samples of his paintings and drawings. Representational.
  • Steer, Tim London-based artist presents examples of installations and conceptual pieces. Photos and blog.
  • Stefanelli, Giuseppe Milan, Italy-based artist shows mixed-media abstract works. Includes biography. Text in several languages.
  • Steinberg, Carol Los Angeles artist shows expressive oil paintings, including still-lifes and landscapes. Features slide show of a work in progress.
  • Steinberg, Judith Free-standing, large-scale painted aluminum sculpture, wall pieces, collages, and graphic works by this Connecticut artist. Abstract. Exhibitions listing.
  • Stenram, Eva Conceptual photographic art projects by the London-based Swedish artist. Gallery of images and exhibitions listing.
  • Stephenson, Jean California artist and teacher shows paintings in a wide variety of styles as well as soft sculptures of fantasy figures.
  • Stephenson, Julia This Detroit artist presents both traditional and non-traditional media samples. Abstract work and public art. Includes resume.
  • Stevens, Randy Satirical and whimsical drawings dealing with contemporary American society. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Stevenson, Deborah Urban landscapes and skyscapes in oil by Seattle-based artist.
  • Stevenson, Gus St. Louis artist presents painting and poetry, music and film. Figurative works in various styles. Includes resume.
  • Stevenson, Stephen Portraiture by this English artist currently living in France. Includes weblog.
  • Stik Stik's Creations features works in acrylic, watercolor, pen, and pencil.
  • Stockbridge, Cath Vermont-based artist presents artwork in various media. Figurative, impressionist. Includes resume.
  • Stoker, Vonmari Stoker Studio: online portfolio for this South African photographer and specialist in corporate identity campaigns and web design. Illustrations.
  • Stokes, Lisa English painter working mainly in oil presents autobiographical works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Stone, Ashley Paintings and drawings featuring realistic nudes. Also landscapes and celebrity portraits.
  • Strachan Johnson, Susan Paintings featuring horses and landscape scenes. Watercolor and watermedia collage works by Canadian artist.
  • Streat, Thelma J. This African-American painter worked with Diego Rivera and Sargent Johnson as a WPA artist in San Francisco. Includes information but no images.
  • Strong, Brian C. New Zealand artist presents landscapes inspired by his surroundings. Includes resume.
  • Struthers, Nina Texas-based artist shows prints and pen-and-ink pictures which focus on animals or on people. Includes resume. Site is titled "Nina Art."
  • Stuhmer, Marcelino This artist's works feature narrative and interpretive subject matter in media including video, photography, painting, and printed matter. Exhibitions listing.
  • Stumpf, Brenda This abstract artist presents a complex use of non-traditional materials and evocative subject matter. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Sturken, Marie Abstract and impressionist works on handmade paper by a printmaker based in New Jersey.
  • Subramanian Ganesan India-born artist shows works in pencil, charcoal, oils, photography, and origami. Representational.
  • SueBee The artist shows drawings of castles done by herself and by her friends.
  • Sufit, Alisha Drawing, paintings, and poetry by a UK artist. Expressionist and surrealist works.
  • Sula, Julian Figurative drawings and paintings.
  • Suljakov, Vadik Russian artist's European-style cityscapes are presented by dealer, Pierside Gallery of California.
  • Sullivan, Cherie Scottish artist shows oil paintings in a variety of styles and genre, including abstracts, portraits, and landscapes. Also nudes.
  • Sullivan, Vanessa Figurative works and portraits in watercolor. Includes a blog featuring art-making tutorials.
  • Suta-Raito Young artist shows fantasy drawings and fan-art, especially drawings relating to Neopets, Pokemon and DragonBall Z.
  • Sutliff, Julia Landscapes and marine paintings in oils.
  • Sutton, Jeremy California-based portrait painter and expert in digital art techniques. Includes resume, statement, interviews, exhibitions listing, and a studio virtual tour.
  • Swaab, Adam Los Angeles-based motion graphics artist, filmmaker, and web designer presents an online portfolio.
  • Swarmer, H.J. Artist and teacher shows surrealist-style artwork.
  • Sween, Trudy Paintings, sculpture, and collage by this Texas-based artist. Abstract. Includes exhibition listings.
  • Sweet, David B. Drawings and paintings, including landscapes, by a mature person who has returned to his early love for art.
  • Sweo Artist and professor of graphic design. Features resume, portfolio of fine art, design, and animations, as well as class information. [Requires Flash]
  • Swinfen Eady, Katherine Scottish colourist presents an online gallery of landscape and still-life paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Swinney, Carol Painter shows landscapes and wildlife works and demonstrates plein-air and palette-knife techniques.
  • Sylver, Crystal San Francisco artist showcases her oil paintings and fashion collection. Figurative. Includes biography.
  • Sylvester, Gwen Presenting allegorical-surrealist figure paintings and landscapes, along with imaginative portraits of cats and musings on Jungian psychology and the creative process.
  • Syres, Carl Digital art, webcam, illustration, web design, photography, figurative drawings and paintings.
  • Szczesna, Kamila Polish artist shows abstract sculpture, installation and drawings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Szervanszky, Jeno Information about the life and works of the late Hungarian artist. Impressionist.
  • Szprengiel, Marcin Collage pieces featuring varied figurative imagery and realistic figure studies.

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