Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Ilse, Kirstin Boston artist shows abstract paintings on silk. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Radke, Scott Surreal sand sculptures, painting, drawings, masks, and marionettes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Radulovic, Veronika Artist who splits her time between Vietnam and Germany shows paintings, drawings, and installation works.
  • Raggett, Elizabeth This Ann Arbor artist focuses on the conflict that arises when an individual is torn between physical enticement and common sense.
  • Rahmani, Pantea Teheran-based artist specializes in portraiture, including self-portraiture. With exhibitions listing and photos of the artist at work.
  • Rain, Brinna Paintings and illustrations, including figurative and surrealist works featuring digital airbrush.
  • Raito, Mirka Paintings, drawings, performances, and installation pieces from this European artist. Figurative.
  • Ramos-Poqui, Guillem London-based art professor shows digital collage, assemblage, paintings, and found objects. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Randolph, Lynn Houston-based artist shows figurative and surreal paintings. Includes bio.
  • Rappazzo, Tonino G. Togira Studio: Sicilian web designer and graphic artist presents an online portfolio. Digital collages.
  • Rappisi, Lauren Recent works, including pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, pencil, and computer art, from this Florida artist. Portraits, drawings, and photography.
  • Rasdell, William A. Photographs with an emphasis on fine art and documentary images.
  • Rauchwerger, Lori A. Tulsa-based painter shows portraits of dogs in oil and pastel.
  • Raven, Demi Seattle artist shows conceptual works and portraits. Oil paintings. Includes resume.
  • Ravilious, Eric Imagined Realities: works by an artist popular in the UK during and prior to the Second World War. Watercolors, illustrations, designs.
  • Rayanda Canadian artist presents artwork in various styles including abstract, photography, and fiction ebooks.
  • Rea, Ann The artist shows Northern California regional landscapes using rich pigments and saturated colors. Still-lifes too.
  • Rea, Joann Landscape paintings and portraits by this Maryland-based artist. Representational.
  • Rebecca J. J. The artist presents SilverSong, a collection of illustrations inspired by fantasy and The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Reed, Sketch Missouri artist presents art samples and comments in this weblog. Illustrations and fantasy drawings and paintings.
  • Reed, Stacy Fractals and other works by this artist who uses digital techniques. Abstract. Blogs.
  • Regina, Vivat Featuring the paintings, writings, poetry and jewelry of an American artist. Includes blog and guestbook.
  • Reigstad, Kjell Digital and print graphic design samples from this Brooklyn-based artist. Includes client list.
  • Reilly, Dean Australian artist shows figurative and abstract paintings. Includes profile.
  • Reinert, Rick Studies in Sunlight: impressionist works in oil by this South Carolina painter.
  • Reinhardt, Kim New York artist's paintings, drawings, designs, and writings show an influence of punk rock and an "indie" attitude.
  • Reinhardt, Lisa This Southern California painter focuses on beach scenes and gardens in these Impressionist-style works.
  • Reisman, Celia Pennsylvania artist shows paintings, including oils and gouaches, and prints, all featuring architectural landscapes. With exhibitions listing.
  • Remennik, Arkady Israel-based artist, who was born in the Ukraine, presents a 40-year retrospective. Various styles and media, including portraiture and engravings.
  • Rendel, Paul Pittsburgh commercial artist shows some of his aviation paintings. Prints of his other representational works are also presented.
  • Resur, Maron Indiana painter and printmaker shows figurative works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Reveles, Steven Works by this Southern California abstract painter. Expressionist.
  • Reyes, Brad Compilation of figurative paintings, drawings, sculptures by this Los Angeles artist. With biography.
  • Reynolds, Kyle Portraits and figure studies by this Canadian artist as shown at the CMHA Niagara Mental Health Week Art Show.
  • Reynolds, Spencer C. This Georgia-based artist's site, BigSpence.com, features a digital project portfolio. Resume.
  • Reynolds, Wade This California-based realist painter shows figurative pieces, landscapes, and still-lifes. Nudes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rian Young artist shows sketches inspired by 'The Lord of the Rings'.
  • Ribisi, Jamie Musician and band photography, handmade jewelry, oil paintings, and figurative Sum-i ink drawings.
  • Ricardo, Geoffrey Australian printmaker and sculptor shows a gallery of images. Surreal and expressionist works.
  • Ricci, Riccardo Italian artist presents abstract and figurative works. Features Realogic project which merges miscellaneous photo snippets. Some text in Italian.
  • Rice, Connie Tusk Art: paintings with a feminine edge by a Florida-based artist. Figurative; some nudes.
  • Rice, Hugh G. This landscape artist's work is influenced by living on the Canadian prairie and in his native Irish glens. Impressionist.
  • Rice, Jamie Abstract expressionistic oil paintings on canvas by this New Jersey artist.
  • Rice, Karen Montana artist explores the "intersections of labor, technology, and natural history in the American West" in paintings and drawings.
  • Richards, J. Kirk Oil paintings on Judeo-Christian themes, with music and children's books too. Figurative.
  • Richards, Julian English artist working mostly in photography, film, and video shows work samples. Abstract pieces and photo-journalism.
  • Richmond, Gil Surreal City: an online portfolio featuring paintings and black-and-white comic illustrations. Photos.
  • Riedstra This artist focuses on human alienation and the its effects, including consumptive behavior. Features the Barbs series and installation examples. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Riess, Wilfried Virtual gallery of paintings by this Basel-based artist. Detailed works, abstract and surreal. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rifat Najmi Indonesian artist presents examples of figurative works in illustration, photography, and digital media. Design samples too. Includes weblog.
  • Rife, Jon San Francisco artist shows paintings, monotypes, and digital prints. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rigg, Sophie Drawings and public projects by this London-based artist. Focus is on cities. Includes resume.
  • Riley, Greg Display of murals and illustrations by this Chicago artist. Landscapes. Realism.
  • Rinaldi, Marco Abstract paintings inspired on Dante's 'Divine Comedy.' Includes original text in Italian with English translation.
  • Ripley, Heather Figurative paintings and drawings. Includes weblog.
  • Roach, Damien Syntax and lettering variations figure prominently in the works of this London-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Roberts, Gainor E. Florida-based impressionist artist shows landscapes, still-life works, and portraits in various media. Background music.
  • Roberts, Matt Conceptual design, websites, new media and photography.
  • Roberts, Natalie Surrealmuse: An artist reflects on Art in an online diary.
  • Robinson, Caroleigh Mixed-media artist and teacher presents works exploring the ecological and psychological impact of the petroleum age. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Robinson, Craig Flip Flop Flyin': "silly things created scientifically to help make a better tomorrow". Digital graphics by this Berlin-based artist. Newsletter.
  • Robinson, D. Keith Seattle-based web designer and graphic artist posts a weblog.
  • Robinson, Lisa V This UK-based artist specializes in working between abstraction and figuration. Oil on canvas.
  • Robinson, Richard Impressionist oil paintings featuring the coastal settings in New Zealand.
  • Robison, Jim Abstract oil paintings by this Louisiana artist.
  • Roche, Jim Abstract paintings and prints by this British Columbia-based artist who also works in Japan and Europe.
  • Rodrigue, Jessica The online portfolio of Los Angeles-based artist, muralist and designer. Includes resume.
  • Rodriguez, Tino Figurative and surreal works by this San Francisco artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Roet, Lisa Australian-born artist exhibits her fascination with primate behaviour. Features photography, drawing, video, and sculpture.
  • Rogers, Jennifer Minnesota-based sculptural ceramic artist presents image portfolios and information on goals and teaching philosophy. Includes biography and exhibitions listing.
  • Rogers, Michelle South Carolina artist shows paintings featuring visionary ideas in symbolic and surrealist compositions.
  • Rohonczy, Leslie Canadian artist shows colorful acrylic paintings, including landscapes, florals, abstracts, and portraits.
  • Roland, Marya Sisyphus Project: sculpture installation views. Abstract works with interactive component. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rolka, John This New York City architect shows photography, pencil sketches, watercolors, and mixed media pieces.
  • Rollins Feissel, Dianne Portraits, still-lifes, and abstract works by the artist. Also includes John Feissel's poetry and a tribute to the couple's cats.
  • Roman, Michael This Dallas artist specializes in oil painting and linocut block printing. Also drawings and sculpture. Figurative.
  • Romine, Nyssa Representational works in oil, watercolor, ink, graphite, graphic form, and photographs.
  • Ronel, Jasmine Abstract paintings using a variety of media and featuring layered canvases showing signs of construction and destruction. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Roos, Nina Signed/Tekenend: Dutch artist presents abstract drawings in weblog format. Text in English and Dutch.
  • Rose, Katie Young artist and student shows computer graphics and photos, with commentaries. Also features information on music written and recorded by the artist.
  • Rose, Roslyn Internet studio of this printmaker who shows current works featuring digital montage, photo transfer, and assemblage. Has exhibitions listing.
  • Rosen, Kay Artist and art professor shows paintings and installations revolving around text and language. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rosenberg, Gabriel C. Paintings, sculpture, photographs, and sketches. Abstract.Includes exhibition listing.
  • Rosenquist, James Official website for the American artist whose 40-year career is celebrated in a fall 2003 retrospective at New York's Guggenheim Museum. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, designs. Bibliography, exhibitions listing.
  • Roset, Jan M. Abstract paintings showing a lot of energy from this Texas artist. Expressionist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Ross, Caroline This Canadian artist uses a combination of media, including drawing, painting, photography, light boxes, film, video, and installation art.
  • Ross, Catherine San Francisco-based artist shows video works and abstract drawings.
  • Rotea, Mihaela B. Byzantine-style icons on wood and glass made using traditional techniques.
  • Roulston, Douglas Scottish artist shows romantic landscape paintings and drawings. Includes curriculum vitae.
  • Roush II, G.C. Abstract paintings by this Ohio-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Roux, Barbara An online gallery for this conservation and nature artist. Includes biography, exhibitions listing, and press clippings.
  • Rowe, Aaron Photos of musicians and drawings, including cartoons, by this young artist.
  • Roy, Gordon S. Toronto-based artist and teacher shows fine and commercial art, including airbrush, car/bike murals, sculpture and oil paintings featuring wildlife.
  • Roy, William Illinois artist reflects on the passage of time through the medium of painting. Representational. Background music.
  • Royal, Ginger Hawaii-based artist shows figurative and abstract paintings and drawings. Beledi series focuses on Middle Eastern Dance.
  • Royer, Jacky DeviantArt member kiky270281 presents cartoonesque drawings as well as photographs. Some text in French.
  • Royo Virtual gallery of the Spanish impressionist painter. Serigraphs.
  • Rozkiewicz, Teresa This mixed-media abstract artist presents an emotional response to the many cultures and environments in which she has lived. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rubenstein, Michael R. Energetic artworks by this Tucson-based artist who was born in Chicago. Drawings, paintings, and video. Figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rubins, Leonard Slovenian artist shows paintings and computer graphics featuring celestial architectures.
  • Ruhl, Nancy Murals, floorcloths, paintings, and portraits in watercolor, acrylic, and pastels. Representational.
  • Rumina, Miranda Acrylic relieves, glass sculptures, computer graphics, collages. Includes exhibitions listing. Music backgrounds and flash.
  • Rumsey, Mark Michigan artist and community activist presents an online portfolio featuring abstract prints, photo-montages, site sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Runkowski, S. This New York-based artist is interested in systems, specifically in time and its relationship to the body. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rupe, Lynn Vermont-based artist shows large acrylic works, including abstract pieces and cityscapes. Has exhibitions listing.
  • Russ, Nadia The artist presents her new style and adopts a new word: "NeoPoprealism." Drawings and paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Russinof, Anne Drawings, paintings, and watercolors inspired by architectural and natural forms. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Russo, Linda Paintings, works on paper, and yantras (symbols) from this Wyoming artist.
  • Ruven, Ora This woman artist, based in Israel, deals mainly with male nudes and other relevant issues in painting and digital formats. Some text in Hebrew.
  • Ryan, Dennis Pennsylvania artist shows paintings, drawings, and prints which focus on OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Conceptual.
  • Ryan, John Abstract and surreal works featuring a display of emotion from this Ohio artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Rzepka, Aleksandra Polish artist presents an online portfolio featuring graphic works, abstract paintings, drawings and video projects.

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