Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Feaux, Michael Multimedia artist living in Berlin presents a project blog and galleries, including portraits and illustrations.
  • Maack, Nikolaus A Canadian artist's colorful and distorted portraits, plus fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
  • Macaulay, Dorene Expressionist paintings by this Canadian artist.
  • MacFarland, Matt Gallery of drawings, sculptures and installation. includes resume.
  • Mackerman, Dan Minnesota-based artist presents landscapes featuring Midwestern farmland; also figurative paintings, giclee prints, and greeting cards.
  • MacMillan, Laurie Santa Barbara artist shows abstract paintings in acrylics. These works reflect her fascination with landscapes, geology, and organic forms. Biography.
  • Madsen, Leif Danish artist shows floral and landscape oil paintings. Includes biography.
  • Maes, Diana Presenting graphic design examples and crafts, including notecards. Includes biography.
  • Magar, Mary Jo The Boutique of Arts features paintings, literature, poetry, sculpture, and metaphysics. Some political art.
  • Magculang, Jennie Filipino artist displays an online gallery of paintings. Figurative and surreal works.
  • Magna New York artist presents galleries full of abstract and figurative images.
  • Magyar, Wes Portfolio of this Colorado artist's paintings. Realistic figurative works with themes featuring cultural myths. Includes exhibitions listing and press reviews.
  • Mahan, Krissy Kingston NY-based cut-paper artist presents a virtual gallery. Includes photos and drawings; short biography.
  • Mahesh Bullu Indian artist shows oil paintings, including figurative and landscape works.
  • Mahvis, Siavash Features figurative drawings and paintings by this Iranian artist.
  • Maillet, Daniel Realist painter presents a virtual gallery featuring portraits, nude studies, engravings, and sculptures.
  • Maistorov, Nikolai Bulgarian artist presents a virtual gallery of drawings mostly featuring nudes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mako California artist shows brightly colored paintings featuring golfers and musicians. Custom-made hats. Animations.
  • Malaponti, Louie Prints, projects, and drawings in portfolio format. Recent work targets the formation and fragmentation of the artist's surroundings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Malpica, Misha A specialist in mixed-media sculpture, this New Mexico-based artist shows masks, gourds, and other works.
  • Malta, Michael H. Realistic artwork by this Colorado artist. Landscapes and portraits.
  • Manacsa, Gerry Design, writing and digital work by this Filipino-American artist. Includes online multimedia journal, commentaries and homage to Fellini.
  • Manderla, Marek Surreal abstract art based on the figure is showcased.
  • Manetas, Miltos Los Angeles-based artist presents oil paintings on the theme of computers and video games. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mant, Colin Examples of life drawing and landscape photography by this artist based in Maldon, Essex. Includes nudes.
  • Mararian, Michael Somewhat disturbing works which focus on children as the last bastion of innocence. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Marcelle, Pauline This artist, born in Dominica, presents paintings, graphics, and video animation. Performance art. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Margretardottir, Hildur Icelandic artist presents an artwork sampler featuring oil paintings of farm animals and a series of abstracts. Includes exhibitions listing and photographs.
  • Mark, Sharon Acrylic paintings featuring naive scenes and country landscapes by Quebec artist.
  • Markovich, Anastasiya Paintings by this Ukrainian artist and featuring landscapes, icons, and surrealist works. Background music.
  • Marks, China Drawings from thread and fabric produced with an industrial zig-zag sewing machine. Includes process information and an exhibitions listing.
  • Maron, Nina Vienna-based artist presents work samples, including paintings in series. Figurative and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Marran, Juri Virtual gallery for the Estonian painter. Colorful portraits and still-life compositions.
  • Marrone, Todd Philadelphia-based cartoon-abstract artist presents original paintings, drawings, designs, and writings.
  • Marshall, Brent Eightlines is a sandbox of experiments featuring graphic designs, origami, and sketchbook cartoons by a Canadian artist.
  • Marshall, Mike London-based artist presents film, video, photography and sound works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Marsili, Denis Art of Concept: digital conceptual art by an artist aka Ditch the Kitsch. This Argentina-based photographer also makes funny t-shirts.
  • Martin, Bevis and Charlie Youle Sculpture, installation, and design samples by these UK-based collaborating artists. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Martin, Knox Online portfolio of the New York-based painter: abstract works, including murals. With exhibitions listing, lecture clips, and review articles.
  • Martin, Rett Minnesota-based artist and student shows drawings and computer designs.
  • Martine, David New York-based artist of Native American descent presents landscapes and Native American portraits. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Martinelli, Mario Italian artist's virtual portfolio. Abstract and mixed media works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Martinez Isaza, Juan Esteban Floral paintings and other works by this Colombian artist who is described as a 'figurative impressionist.' Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Martinez, Vanina Argentinian artist shows abstract paintings in acrylic, oil and mixed media. Includes resume. Flash.
  • Martinez, Zed Online portfolio and blog by this Indianapolis-based artist and author, who welcomes sarcasm, absurdity, and conflicting imagery in wrestling with ideas.
  • Mascres, Catherine French painter and sculptor is inspired by ethnic symbolism.
  • Masini, Walter Italian artist presents a portfolio of illustration, make-up work and other digital art. Background music.
  • Masiulis, Arvydas UK-based artist presents drawings featuring city scenes and people at work.
  • Maskarin, Kristina Digital works in a portfolio by this Croatian new genre artist. She is "interested in exploring visual rhetoric and the intersections of art, activism and new technology."
  • Maslanka, Kazmier The artist's "polyaesthetic work is a spiritually based fusion of mathematics, art and poetry." Includes resume.
  • Masprone, Alice An artist's approach to performance work, starting with cross-disciplinary topics, alone or in collaboration with other artists. Includes resume.
  • Massey, Carlyn Abstract paintings in several series, including Black-and-White works, Dimensional pieces, and Minimal images. Also has resume and exhibitions listing.
  • Mata The artist uses images, writing, and animation to explore identity in a modern urban environment.
  • Matarazzo, Antonello Italian artist and filmmaker shows figurative paintings and video clips. Includes exhibitions listing and filmography.
  • Mateus, Ruth This Austrian artist's work moves along the edge between painting and technical media such as photography, installation, and performance arts.
  • Mathews, David Greenbriar Studio features portraits in various media and sculpture. Also offers 3D animation tools and replica armor for re-enactors.
  • Matte-Farina, Susan Matte Impressions: Tucson artist shows paintings, including landscapes, still-lifes, and florals. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Matulewicz, Emil Weblog featuring samples of paintings and photographs by this Dutch artist. Figurative.
  • Matuszak, James Artistic experiments, design, "phantasy", and "quest for the holy grail" in a site titled Art and Nonsense.
  • Mavedzenge, Victor Artwork by this UK-based, Zimbabwe-born fine artist. Abstract painting, prints, and sculpture
  • Mawby, Jennifer J.T. Various styles in this retrospective of works by the Vancouver artist. Online portfolio and essays.
  • Mawji, Farzeen Dakhalia: an interior design portfolio and resume.
  • Max-Agostini Paintings by the late impressionist are featured in a virtual exhibition.
  • Maximov, Evgeny Portraits, fantasy imagery, and abstract works by this Jerusalem-based artist.
  • Maxwell, Eden Paintings, drawings, and digital art arranged in a series of exhibits. Abstract, fantasy, dreams. Weblog and other writings.
  • Maxwell, Keith South Carolina-based artist presents figurative works and landscapes. Includes weblog.
  • Maxwell, Leah This site contains oil paintings and lithographs by the artist. Figurative and abstract works.
  • Mayakis, Pavlos Abstract paintings featuring encaustic wax layered on cloth by this Albany NY-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mayo, Heidi Massachusetts-based painter and peace activist offers pastel landscape paintings and "PeaceThings," a peace-sign clothing line.
  • Mazhlekov, Viktor Paintings inspired by artist's dreams. Surrealist paintings, drawings, and sculpture.
  • McAllister, Hollie Holliexpressions: pencil portraits of children.
  • McCarthy, Dan This Massachusetts-based artist shows posters, paintings, prints, and drawings. There is a stress on design elements.
  • McCarthy, Z. Abstract painting, collage, and graphic design by this Florida artist. Information about research and web design services.
  • McClain, Nathan Biography and works samples for the late artist, born in Missouri.
  • McClymont, Alistair UK-based artist working in sculpture, photography, installation, and video. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • McCoy, Mary Bucci Massachusetts-based artist shows painted plywood constructions. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • McCoy, Shane Malibu-based artist and teacher shows photos and digital experiments.
  • McDonald, K. Krueger Representational works in pastel and colored pencil by this Texas artist. Includes portraits, landscapes and floral works.
  • McDonald, Melinda Virtual gallery featuring drawings, landscapes, and portraits. Music clips by the artist who is also a violinist.
  • McDougall, Ewan Mr Loop: streaming video and still photos by this Scottish artist. He focuses on reality in the media. Includes exhibitions listing. Flash.
  • McEachern, Susan Photography as well as conceptual and installation pieces by this Canadian artist and teacher, Includes exhibitions listing.
  • McEnery, Kathleen Rochester-based painter who passed away in 1971. Portraits and still-lifes.
  • McEwen, Christopher These paintings, drawings and illustrations tend to play between the figurative and the abstract.
  • McGinley, Marge A look at horses and the art they inspire by this Washington-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • McIntyre, Paul Coventry, UK-based artist shows acrylic paintings depicting beaches, boats, animals, landscapes and portraits. Also includes prints.
  • McKee, Kumiko S. Colorado-based artist uses classical techniques to create realistic oil paintings that are partly abstract. Fantasy.
  • McKee, Roger Salmon Kill Studio: prints, drawings and assemblages by this Connecticut artist. Representational and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • McKenzie, Mary Beth Virtual gallery of a New York figurative artist known for her painterly and psychologically sensitive manner. Nudes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • McKinley, Daniel Paintings that range from real to abstract, explore color, and escape beyond the world imagined.
  • McLaughlin, J.P. Figurative and abstract works by this British artist. Landscapes too.
  • McMahon, Nathaniel Photography by this Beijing-based artist. Includes commentary and blog.
  • McNulty, Marc Focused on multi-channel sound installations, micro-sound and cinemas for the ear.
  • McShea, Bevan East Coast artist shows a variety of paintings and drawings in various media. Color and motion are common denominators.
  • McVicker, Charles Realistic landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, and prints by Princeton NJ-based artist. Includes biography.
  • Meara, James Columbus OH-based artist presents "Yardenworks" which are durable indoor/outdoor abstract pieces involving paint, metal, and inspiration.
  • Meck, Joyce Hawaiian artist shows watercolors featuring landscapes, plants, and wildlife. Pet portraits.
  • Medearis, Sandy Abstract and representational works described as "Art from the heart."
  • Medjugorac, Goran Online portfolio for this artist from Slovenia. Abstract works and installation samples. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Medvedev, Vladimir P. Russian artist shows realistic oil paintings. Includes biography.
  • Megur, Susan Figurative paintings and mixed media works from this Florida artist.
  • Mehulic, Mirsad Watercolors featuring seascapes along the Adriatic Coast. Includes biography.
  • Melton, Chris E. Showcase of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other projects by North Carolina-based artist. Representational. Includes biography.
  • Melvill, Roger This Cape Town, South Africa-based artist shows representational landscape paintings.
  • Menicagli, Franco Media, installation, video, sculpture, public art, architecture. Abstract works. Some text only in Italian. With exhibitions listing.
  • Menno Saucy paintings of dancers, felt-tip drawings, and photos by this Amsterdam-based artist.
  • Mercale Drawings and sketches of weapons created by the artist.
  • Merino, Ron San Diego-based artist focuses on surf and snowboard subjects. Also includes images inspired by the Burning Man event.
  • Merlin, Alessio Photographs featuring wildlife, architectural, and street subjects by this German artist, along with figurative and abstract drawings.
  • Merritt, Aaron A showcase of surreal photography and examples of digital production artwork. Includes resume.
  • Messa, Frank Abstract impressionistic paintings in acrylic. Drawings.
  • Messina, Suzanne Massachusetts artist shows black-and-white figurative drawings inspired by her love of music.
  • Metalorg Drawings, comics, divx videos. Figurative.
  • Metze, Chris Abstract paintings and works on paper.
  • Meza, Benjamin Featuring the oil paintings of San Diego architect and artist. Landscapes, portraits, and still-lifes. Impressionist.
  • Mezenzev, Denis Surrealist works from the Russian artist.
  • Michaelis, Eric Redart: abstract and surrealist creations.
  • Mick, Danielle New Jersey artist shows pastel paintings inspired by the natural world. Landscapes. Includes biography.
  • Middleton, Nicholas This British artist presents a selective online portfolio, titled Anaemialunate, featuring painting, photography, conceptual work, and writing. Includes biography.
  • Mikhailov, Anatoly Figurative works in sculpture and painting by this Russian-born artist now living in New York.
  • Mikka Animations, digital artwork, and website design by Michelle Blanckaert. Site available in several languages.
  • Milchan, Elinor Abstract and emotional artwork shown by an artist-photographer. Color C-prints. ActiveX.
  • Miller, Jason Brooklyn artist presents various design objects and conceptual projects. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Miller, Lisa D. Artist and psychotherapist showcases installations, video-performances, and abstract paintings.
  • Miller, Mary Anne Connecticut-based artist specializes in landscape and still-life painting "en plein air". Includes biography.
  • Miller, Pam Abstract works by this artist based in Nottingham. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Miller, Ruane Digital prints, paintings and drawings by this Arizona artist. Landscapes and patterns.
  • Miller, Stephanie A. Young artist shows drawings, paintings, and photos. Poetry. Figurative artwork.
  • Miller, Tim Traditional and digital works by a young Iowa-based artist. Various media and styles.
  • Milligan, Kerry Canadian artist's online gallery featuring floral, photography, landscape, and abstract works in a variety of media.
  • Mills, Bill Display of oil paintings using 'Bob Ross' technique by this UK-based artist. Representational.
  • Mills, Patrick J. London-based artist shows works with a style which varies from abstract to expressionist.
  • Millward, Jen Representational works, including close-up views of flowers and eyes.
  • Miltenberger, Lori L. Paintings, murals, decorative embellishments, and faux-finishings by this Oregon-based artist. Floral fantasies and children's illustrations.
  • Minaeva, Irina Ukrainian artist presents abstract illustrations and batik designs.
  • Minami, Krista Multimedia artist shows digital works. Photos and animations; music and web design.
  • Minton, Joseph Features several examples of expressionist artwork.
  • Miranda, Prashant The artist shows an online sketchbook of wanderings in India. Figurative and cartoonesque.
  • Misiak, Ashley Featuring figurative and abstract drawings and paintings by this Michigan-based artist. Photography too.
  • Missfeldt, Martin Berlin-based painter and illustrator shows oil paintings, watercolors,"speed paintings," and drawings and cartoons. Figurative, abstract, and humorous works. Text also in German.
  • Mitchell, Elizabeth Online portfolio including traditional, digital, comic-book, sketch, and dragonfly works.
  • Mittelman, Michael Online catalog featuring works of this Boston-based installation artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mizrahi, Yehudit An overview of photography, sculpture, installations, and painting by this Dutch artist. Conceptual. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Moats, Roger A. Long Island artist presents an online gallery of realist paintings.
  • Moerland, Antonetta Abstract and symbolist paintings and designs by this Dutch artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mohite, Prabhakar Mumbai, India-based artist shows figurative paintings and illustrations.
  • Moinet, Mary L. Belgian artist reveals a quiet world made of pastel, oil, and watercolor. Representational.
  • Moita, Teixeira An artist and writer from Portugal displays abstract works in acrylic on canvas and paper. Some text in Portuguese.
  • Molgaard, Marianne Swedish artist presents a web gallery featuring landscapes, portraits, and drawings.
  • Moncus, Paul An online showplace of recent paintings and drawings by this Austin, Texas-based artist. Figurative.
  • Monge, Richard Figurative works and photos by New York-based artist. Expressionist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Monsa, Aron Oil and acrylic paintings of Jerusalem, as well as paintings of people and wildlife.
  • Montagni, Lorenzo Figurative paintings and graphics in acrylic, oil, watercolor, and mixed techniques on wood, paper, and canvas by this Italian artist.
  • Montalto, Gia Houston artist and fashion stylist shows abstract paintings and expressionist mixed-media pieces.
  • Montana, Timmy Art inspired by the lives of 19th-century blacks in Binghamton NY and Montrose PA, with emphasis on the underground railroad. Folk art.
  • Montecino, Ruben Viewpoint: illustrations and tutorials on drawing, 3D work and Actionscript 3 programing by this Chilean artist. Fantasy works.
  • Monteleone, Nikie Teenie Kiwi: a portfolio featuring prints and patterns. Weblog format. Colorful and surrealist images.
  • Montes, Fernando Bolivian artist's paintings and biography are presented. Features figurative works and landscapes which reflect the Andean environs.
  • Montes, Jennifer Georgia-based artist presents figurative and fantasy illustrations. Includes weblog.
  • Montoya Velasquez, Silvio Dutch artist shows sculptures made out of two- and three dimensional reliefs, complemented with paintings and old iron sculptures. Includes CV.
  • Moody, Tom Low-tech art made with MSPaintbrush, photocopiers, and consumer printers by this New York-based artist. Abstracts and portraits.
  • Moon, Sara Ethereal and enigmatic images and illustrations of women created on commission chiefly by the Germany-based artist known as Bijan.
  • Moonan, Florence Abstract works focusing on texture, color, and experimentation. Expressionist.
  • Moor, Ayanah Pittsburgh-based print artist shows works featuring words and/or images. Includes resume.
  • Moore, Carol Colored-pencil artwork, photography and web design, with emphasis on wildlife, floral, and mystical subjects. Representational.
  • Moore, Christopher Mooremetal: paintings, drawings, furniture, and interior design by this Louisiana-based artist.
  • Moore, John D. Arkansas-based artist, illustrator, animator, and web designer describes work and presents examples.
  • Moore, John L. Abstract painter, based in New York City, presents a virtual gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Moore, K. Madison Figurative oil paintings, including nudes, by this Pennsylvania artist. Also abstract works.
  • Moore, W. Howard Realistic works in soft pastel and monotypes in oil by South Carolina-based artist.
  • Morales, Jose R. Cuban-born and now Miami-based artist showcases his paintings. Text in English and Spanish. Includes resume.
  • Morash, Ann Eclectic mix of designs inspired by Celtic, Ukrainian, and Medieval European artworks from this Canadian artist and photographer.
  • Moravcik, Michal Slovak artist presents samples of his installation pieces. Abstract. Includes resume and exhibitions listing.
  • Moreton-Abounader, Heather Desert Night Creations: miniature equine art rendered careful detail by the artist.
  • Morgan, Francis Portfolio of (Northern) Irish artist who has worked in commercial art for 20 years.
  • Morgan, Margaret Plumbing is used as a motif to address histories of twentieth-century art and life. Installation views and other examples. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Morgan, Victor Times Past: paintings and vignette-style portraits. Commentaries on the artwork and musings on life in the UK.
  • Morld Conceptual work by a Japanese artist. Imagining the 'world has been completed by the mechanism without the meaning.'
  • Moroz, Vadim Artist specializing in non-conformism, neo-dadaism, and neo-Baroque. Paintings, mixed media collages, and sculpture.
  • Morris, Simon Information about various projects of this UK artist. Conceptual works. "Information as material."
  • Morrison, J. Brooklyn-based artist's new drawings, prints, t-shirts, and performances.
  • Morrison, Tessa Resume and portfolio of the works of this Austin-based artist. Prints, photos, illustrations, knitted pieces, and book arts.
  • Morse, Phil Portfolio of recent works by New Hampshire-based artist. Woodworking, design, fine art. Figurative, with some social and political commentary.
  • Morse, Simon Systems art, diagram art, process art by this London-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mortazavi, Homeira Representational paintings including works featuring flowers by this Canadian artist. With exhibitions listing.
  • Mosher, Mike Northern California artist/designer/educator creates comics, community murals, and digital artworks.
  • Moss, Brian C. Santa Monica artist's online portfolio featuring digital works, drawings, installations, photography, sculpture, and video. Info on ongoing projects. Includes resume.
  • Moulton, John D. Portrait and female figurative works in watercolor, airbrush, inks, oils and pencil. Includes nudes.
  • Mrazauskaite, Inga PHInomena: this Lithuanian artist presents paintings, drawings, and photos. Surrealist and fantasy works; video and weblog.
  • Mulders, Marc Dutch artist presents abstract paintings, photos, collages, and stained-glass windows. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mulino, Virna Figurative paintings in a variety of media. Portraits and landscapes. Photography too.
  • Muller, Karl An online portfolio showcasing photography, digital video and audio, including mp3 and jpeg samples for download.
  • Muller, Thomas TXMX: graffiti, photos, and figurative drawings and paintings by this German artist.
  • Mumford, Joanne This London-based artist displays paintings inspired by water and other natural elements.
  • Munoz, Christian Original painting and furniture in surreal and Cubist styles by this Pennsylvania-based artist.
  • Munoz, Jan Vincent Filipino artist and musician presents online portfolio. Digital experimentation.
  • Murmur, Stan The artist uses his body to create floral and abstract works of art. Includes "Butt-Art Gallery."
  • Murphy Spicer, Nancy Installations and works focusing on the boundary between 2-D and 3-D. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mustonen, Rauni Finland-based artist working mainly with woodprints and paintings. Abstracts and fantasy works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Mutch, Sue Collection of oil paintings of landscapes, seascapes, flowers, portraits, and murals from this UK artist. Prints and greeting cards.
  • Muthuramalingam, Lokesh Virtual portfolio featuring various recent works, including web designs, illustrations, and photos, by this New Jersey-based graphic artist. Also a resume.
  • Myers, Joseph Allen Abstract and figurative works in paint and graphite by Kentucky-based artist.
  • Mäntynen, Jani Finnish illustrator presents pin-up style works as well as a tutorial titled "how to draw a sexy girl."

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