Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Labbe, Carmen Mystical and visionary paintings from this Upstate New York artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • LaBonte, Dick Nostalgic prints and paintings at the Anchor and Palette Gallery.
  • Labovitz, Anne An online gallery of acrylic paintings, monotypes/monoprints and wood blockprints of semi-figurative landscapes and portraits. Includes exhibitions listing and biography.
  • Labra, Ximena Art and design to play and enjoy. Conceptual and installation works by an artist who works in Madrid and Mexico City. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lachapelle, Phil Oil paintings featuring California gold country or Tuscany scenes. Includes biography of this Rhode Island-based artist.
  • Lachlan, Rosanna L. Art that Shimmers, a synthesis of abstract, figurative and experimental works by this Australian-American artist nicknamed "Ranna." Includes biography.
  • Laguna Online galleries featuring illustrations inspired by anime, videogames, cartoons, wildlife, and people.
  • Laird, Tessa S. This personal site of the New Zealand art critic, writer, and reviewer includes experimental writing projects and original artwork. Resume.
  • Lamb, Sheila New York artist's portfolio of jewelry, landscapes, etchings, and drawings inspired by Samoan folklore. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lan, Austin Representational and whimsical Illustrations, paintings, sculpture, designs, and games.
  • Lancaster, John This English artist uses geometric shapes to produce complex paintings and drawings. Decorative surface and busy design is used to create a feel of complex spacial structure. Includes exhibition listing.
  • Landkammer, Matthew Formal abstraction, tending towards the minimal, with a focus on subtlety and color. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lane, E.W. California artist shows acrylic, collage, and mixed-media paintings and found-object works. Expressionist.
  • Lanese, Mimi Verhulst Intimate Surrealism: still-lifes, landscapes, portraits, and paintings featuring musical instruments or dogs. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Langer, D.C. Florida artist shows acrylic paintings, drawings, and photos. Includes Flash art samples, color pencil works, and fireworks photographs.
  • Langford, Brett Mainly portrait images composed with photography, traditional painting, pen, ink and digital manipulation.
  • Langley, Jean Drawings and paintings by the Australian artist. Botanical illustrations and landscapes. Includes biography.
  • Lanyon, Andrew Surreal paintings by UK-based artist. Figurative.
  • Lanyon, Matthew UK-based artist shows abstract oil paintings and mixed media works. Themes are landscape and mythology. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Larcom, Angelicque Figurative artwork, painted furniture, and website designs from this New Hampshire artist.
  • Larjosto, Harri Finnish artist's avant-garde works explore psycho-physical events with "black humor and surprise." Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Larmee, Kevin Chicago-based artist shows figurative paintings. 90 works are on virtual display. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Larner, H. Virtual studio and exhibition space for the artist. Figurative and abstract works.
  • Lasan, Zeljko Virtual gallery featuring surrealist oil paintings by this artist. Also digital portrait drawings.
  • Latimer, Colleen K. Pacific Northwest figurative artist's portfolio of cut-paper collage, pencil and pen and ink works. Jazz themes.
  • Latta, Elizabeth Atlanta-based painter of landscape scenes, sometimes with hidden action elements.
  • Latto, Laurel Photography and painting by this San Diego-based artist. Murals, storyboards, illustrations. Includes resume.
  • Lauder, Sarah Domesticity is the theme for works by this UK artist. Includes biography.
  • Laura Deviant Nation: gallery of sketches and drawings for an online comic.
  • Lavie, Marie Jose Paris-based artist shows landscapes and figure studies in pastel, monotype, watercolor, and dry media. Includes exhibitions listing. Text in French and English.
  • Lawaetz, Roy Caribbean artist presents his "Modular Triangular System" and challenges the hegemony of the rectangle for picture support. Has Flash intro.
  • Lawrence, Aaron British artist shows a sampling of his watercolour and oil paintings of wildlife and landscapes.
  • Lawrence, John Figures and landscapes, mainly in Sweden and Finland. A visual diary by this UK artist.
  • Lawrence, Peter Max San Francisco-based expressionist artist shows paintings, photography, and sculpture. Includes bio, exhibitions listing, press clippings.
  • Lawrie, Alastair Scottish artist currently based in London shows paintings, sketches, and installation photos. Figurative and abstract. Flash needed.
  • Laws, Heather Dog portraits in pastels and colored pencil. Showing the artist's love of companion animals.
  • Layne, Stephen Figurative sculptures by this Philadelphia artist.
  • Lazarov, Tsvetan Bulgarian artist presents figurative works in oils and watercolor, as well as sculpture. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Le, Charles Online portfolio of painting, photography, video, and web design. Various media and styles.
  • Le Doux, Chantal Presents paintings and pen-and-ink drawings by young Dutch artist.The site is in English. Representational.
  • Lear, Paula Fantasy works by this California artist. Includes resume.
  • Leary, Timothy R. California-based environmental artist shows acrylic 2-D artwork featuring marine mammals (dolphins and whales), as well as sporting and wildlife art.
  • Lebel, Paul Collection of web designs, photography, film, and music done under the name of "Plodive."
  • LeBlanc, Deirdre Pysanky Easter eggs, leather carvings, watercolors and her book "Connections" are presented by this California artist.
  • Ledje, Haakan Norway-based abstract artist presents a virtual gallery as your "NextArtCollection."
  • Lee, Chris 'Pushing aside the Gates of Darkness:' a personal memorial to the victims of the Birmingham Pub Bombings. Drawing series.
  • Lee, Enaj Portfolio site showcasing drawings, paintings, photos produced by this Korean-American artist. Abstract. Includes resume.
  • Lee, Fay Montgomery AL-based watercolor painter and collage fabricator shows works. Includes biography.
  • Lee, Jeni Oregon artist shows abstract paintings and collages. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lee, Sharon The artist seeks to translate ordinary human situations into vivid and colorful works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lee, Stephanie Online display of works by this realist oil painter based in Arkansas. Landscapes, still lifes, portraits and murals.
  • Legge, Rose Penrose: this Denver-based artist specializes in portraits and nature images on fabric to produce wall hangings. Weblog format.
  • Legrady, Miklos This Canadian artist presents information and examples for his work in performance, painting, and photography. Conceptual. Includes biography.
  • Lehman, Harold Figurative works from the 1930's to the present. Painting, drawing, sculpture, murals. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lehmann, Katrin von Photography, weaving, drawing, and installation artwork by this Berlin-based artist. Abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lehr, Andrea Abstract works by a self-described intuitive artist and healer from California. Expressionist. Pet portraits too.
  • Leimbacher, Arti Swiss multimedia artist presents an online exposition. Installation photos, drawings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Leite, Leonardo Portfolio of multimedia design projects, including websites, animations, and video works.
  • LeMac Artist shows photography and computer art related to his Florida location. Includes journal.
  • Lemieux, F. Maurice Virtual gallery dedicated to the late Canadian sculptor. Works in steel and abstract paintings. Includes Curriculum Vitae.
  • Lennon, Valerie This Atlanta-based artist specializes in watercolors and acrylics. Figurative and florals.
  • Lerner, Derek Artwork by this New York City-based artist. Abstract, conceptual, documentary works. Includes CV.
  • Lesia A Canadian university student studying Interactive Arts shows pictures, ideas, art, and interests.
  • Leunens, Guillaume A virtual museum of metal-on-metal paintings. Includes biography. Text in English and French.
  • Leveugle, Dimitri SomniRealm: showcase of 3D artwork and Shockwave experiments.
  • Levi, Linda Forty-five years of primarily abstract art utilizing paint, plastics, woods and computers. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Levin, Beth Canadian artist and paper-maker shows sculptures and other works in handmade paper.
  • Levin, Joyce Phoenix-based artist shows figurative and expressionist works in oil pastel on canvas.
  • Levine, Amy F. 3-dimensional figurative constructions which blend painting and sculpture by this North Carolina-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lewd, Judy Canadian artist's weblog features figurative drawings, photographs, and cartoons as well as commentary. Bawdy humor.
  • Lewis, Laura Lynn Paintings in oil and pastel, featuring landscapes and sky-scapes of central and west Texas. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lewis, Patrick Modern Icon: online portfolio of paintings by this Dallas-based artist. Abstract and surreal.
  • Liden, Tomas Swedish artist presents mixed-media abstract paintings and landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lightcap, Charlie Philadelphia-based artist presents abstract illustrations and sculptures.
  • Lina Eve Australian artist shows paintings, drawings, photography, and computer graphics. Figurative. Essays on adoption and reunion.
  • Lindberg, Fredrik T. Swedish artist shows an online portfolio. Conceptual, performance, and figurative works. Paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lindner, Annette Whimsical watercolors, mixed media, and oils, all inspired by the South of France. Includes resume.
  • Linnell, Jim Portfolio of leather-based artworks which feature cowboy and Western themes. Includes workshop schedule.
  • Lint, Anne Rotterdam-based artist presents an online portfolio featuring drawing, design, and photography.
  • Lippmann, Holger German artist presents abstract digital paintings, 3D cityscapes, and photographs. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in German. Flash.
  • Lisson, Paul Conceptual works and installations, photography and writing by this Canadian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Liulia, Marita Multimedia works by this New York-based visual and performance artist. Includes CV and press clippings.
  • Livingston, David New York-based artist and art student shows abstract and figurative paintings. Includes resume.
  • Livingstone, Margaret Artist-at-Work: Scottish artist shows figurative works and still-life pieces. Features a slideshow of images.
  • Llobet, Jasmina Germany-based artist shows illustrations, videos, installation projects, photography, and sculpture. Includes exhibition listings.
  • Locke, Hew British artist shows works inspired by the royal family, empire, and cultural stereotyping. Mixed media. Includes resume.
  • Lockhart, Ruth Swiss artist currently living in Ireland shows paintings and drawings focusing on inner landscapes. Weblog format.
  • Loftesnes, Nancy Murals, portraits, watercolors, and a variety of crafts are presented in an online portfolio. Representational.
  • Loghman, Sebastien The artist shows installation, video, photo, music, and digital pieces. Flash, QuickTime plug-ins needed.
  • Loginov, Sergey Gallery featuring the figurative images of this Saint Petersburg-based artist.
  • Logu The artist presents neo-tantric paintings influenced by South Indian village traditions and ritualistic practices.
  • Lolaev, Arnold Paintings and drawings by the Russian artist. Various styles and media. Also includes samples of stucco moulding and interior decoration.
  • Lombardo, Larry Pennsylvania-based watercolor artist whose style is photo-realism. Features a 'painting in progress.' Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Long, Andrew Texas artist prefers an arena for organic and figurative lines to commingle. He shows paintings and photographs. Abstract.
  • Long, Taillefer Illustrations and portrait drawings in pen-and-ink, watercolor and pastel.
  • Long, Tracey On display are cute and quirky illustrations that may work well as illustrations for children's books.
  • Longhofer, Michael This Texas artist shows paintings which feature a 'photo-impressionist approach.' Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lopez Garcia, Raul Mexican visual artist based in Germany and Spain presents his art project "Signs and Trails". Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Loret, Tom Abstract and figurative paintings and drawings. Artist statement. Nudes.
  • Lou, Jenni Daydreaming: fan art, screen captures, and magazine scans for a variety of television and movie titles.
  • Louden, Sharon New York-based visual artist shows paintings, sculpture, installation views, and animation samples. Abstract.
  • Lounila, Liisa This online portfolio by Helsinki-based artist features experimental film and painting. Includes resume.
  • Lourie, Jim Painter based in the Pacific Northwest shows abstract and figurative works. Oil, watercolor, and dry media. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lovas, Sara Mixed-media sculptural works and installations by the New York City-based artist. Abstract.
  • Low, Inn-Yang An artist of the Chinese dragon: paintings, drawings, calligraphy. Information about Blue Pearl artists association.
  • Luca F. Nature and travel photography, paintings, and drawings.
  • Lucas, Jason The Uncharted One: Visiting the inner workings of a Young Aussie. Photographs.
  • Luchina, Claudio Portfolio of visual art and written works by this Argentinian artist currently residing in L.A. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Luetchford, Chris Rivercrest: digital art made from manipulated photographs, abstract patterns and surreal imagery.
  • Luetke, Joachim Vienna-based multimedia artist shows works simulating archaic cults in a search for the roots of existence.
  • Luis, Sandra Thanandra: portfolio site featuring comic strips, representational drawings, Fan art, and travel photography. Text in French and English.
  • Luk, Eric Gallery of paintings and designs, photos, funny pictures, and free source code by a young, Hong Kong-based artist. Representational.
  • Luke, Stephen and Gary Australian Aboriginal paintings and designs. Animal themes and figures.
  • Lukens, Jon Infopollen: Journal and portfolio of media artist and professor of graphic design. Assorted videos.
  • Lunardi, Andrea Surrealist works and designs by this Italian artist who is fascinated by non-sequiturs.
  • Lundquist, Daniel Paintings, sketches, 3D graphics and personal information from this teenaged Swedish artist.
  • Luo, Sophia Sorelliena: mixed-media works by young artist. Fantasy and design.
  • Ly, Nguyen Prints, drawing and installation works by the Los Angeles artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lyjak, Adrian Ann Arbor-based artist's portfolio showcases illustrations, designs, drawings, and paintings. Representational.
  • Lynch, John E. San Francisco-based proponent of abstract expressionism who died in 2001. This tribute site features works on paper by the artist, including sketches from WWII experiences and later paintings.
  • Lyons, David Australian artist and web designer presents an online portfolio. Photos and illustrations. Includes CV.
  • Lyons, Karyn Realist figurative paintings from this artist who spends time in New York City and Lima, Peru.
  • Lyttle, Marti Seattle artist shows paintings of figures, landscapes, still-lifes, and whimsical abstracts.

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