Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Artwork by David K. Klaren Current work by David K. Klaren, contemporary visual artist based in Pinedale, Wyoming, USA.
  • Kacha, Sminkal Showcasing oil paintings, oil pastels and portraits drawn by the artist over last 15 years. Representational.
  • Kaeseberg, Iris-Ruth Paintings, photographs, and digital artwork. Colorful abstracts by this German artist.
  • Kagle, Lorie Pastel, watercolor and oil paintings of still-lifes, and portraits from this Woodbridge, Virginia-based artist. Realistic. Includes biography.
  • Kaipuu, Kauko Graphic artist shows abstract works.
  • Kairy, Pranab Sketches and Flash animation. Figurative. ActiveX.
  • Kais The artist ventures into comics, photography, sculpture, and also ecology and forestry, with a little bit of travel and a lot of dreaming. In French and English. Flash need for best viewing.
  • Kalbach, David Abstract and figurative paintings by this California artist.
  • Kalico Kat Online gallery consisting of digital, traditional, and pipe-cleaner art of fantasy and figurative subjects.
  • Kalisky, Anat Mystical, magical, Biblical,and Oriental themes in paintings. Fantasy art.
  • Kaloustian, Rosanne Pastel and oil paintings of landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits from this Bayside, New York-based artist. Representational.
  • Kamat, K.L. Line drawings based on sculptures, people and art of India.
  • Kamila Nice Art Things: figurative and abstract works in ceramic from this Polish artist who is currently living in Ireland. Photos of her doll collection.
  • Kansky, Igor de Lacquer paintings and wood carvings by Nice (France)-born artist now based in California. Figurative and abstract.
  • Kapetanaki, Eleni Greek painter shows works in the Byzantine tradition, including icons and murals. Text in English, Greek, and Italian.
  • Kaplan, Mark A. This California-based artist, filmmaker, educator, and minister presents an online gallery featuring photographs, drawings, and designs. Includes resume and video clips.
  • Kaplan, Rella Zoe Landscape paintings and sketches inspired by views of the American Southwest. Also photos, background music.
  • Kapociunasm, Vytas Australian artist shows animal imagery in sculptures and paintings. Includes press reviews.
  • Kapoor, Anish Discussion of the sculptor's work from the standpoint of philosophy of art. Exhibit at the Hayward Gallery 1998. No images.
  • Kappa, Beth Ohio-based artist focuses on the profound connections between color, the individual, and environment. Abstract. Includes resume.
  • Karabenick, Julie Paintings which feature geometric abstraction. Includes exhibitions listing. Flash.
  • Karabin, Alexa Printmaking, painting, drawing, animation, fiber and material studies by this Chicago-based artist. Abstract and figurative works.
  • Karatheodoris, Kiki This Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based artist shows her paintings, prints and collages which include her studies in color interaction and transparency.
  • Karen Romantic fantasy paintings.
  • Karleson, Veronica Perez Grafeo: an exploration of how communication works through the visual stereotypes in commercial design and conceptual and political art.
  • Karn, Barbara Garden paintings, figure and animal studies, and greeting cards by UK-based artist. Gestural style.
  • Karner, J.P. Landscape and garden photography, paintings in a variety of styles, print designs.
  • Kartika, Dini Indonesian artist is interested in web design and illustration in various media. Figurative and cartoonesque.
  • Kasperbauer, Shaun Drawings, photography, paintings, and mixed media works by New York artist. Chiefly abstract.
  • Kasprzycki, Paul Maui-based artist presents works featuring geometric and numeric themes. Prints and sculptures.
  • Kass, Deborah The artist shows paintings that explore the intersection of pop culture and art history. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kassandra Twilight Ice: Gothic-inspired paintings, drawings, illustrated tales, and poetry.
  • Katz, Holly Student artwork, including photographs and computer graphics.
  • Kaufman, Steve Los Angeles-based artist shows a collection of works in silkscreen, with embellishments, on canvas. Includes biography.
  • Kaufmann, Dubi Chicago-based artist and programmer presents recent projects, including collaborative works The Bike Salute and Parking Spots.
  • Keane, Paddy Flash and ActiveX needed to view artist's online exhibit, "The Dark Lump."
  • Keany, Brian Examples of paintings by an artist who lives and paints in Fife, Scotland. Realistic style. Includes CV.
  • Kehoss, Melanie Interaction and Introspection: portraiture in paintings, digital images, and other media.
  • Keimach, Elizabeth Paintings in different media, including watercolors, acrylics, and pen and ink. Includes fairy paintings and paintings for children.
  • Keith, Darren This New Zealand artist's work features ceramics, carvings and traditional art on canvas. Figurative.
  • Kelavey, David This Montreal-based visual artist specializes in landscape painting in oils. Includes brief biography.
  • Keliyeski, Damian This Argentinean artist (also known as 'Chaval') is based in New York. His works feature an ironic point of view and varied techniques and styles. Flash.
  • Kellar, Charles Indiana artist presents an online graphic arts portfolio featuring web, print, and multimedia design. Varied styles. Includes resume.
  • Kelley, Mike Installation artist and musician. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kelly, Mark Yorkshire artist, aka BlueDog, presents work samples. Abstract.
  • Kemo57 Udder Confusion: original cartoon drawings and random pictures with silly commentary.
  • Kennedy, Anett K. This Norwegian artist, currently based in California, shows works in oil with a style bearing figurative and abstract elements. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kennedy, Chaz Photos and figurative sketches from this Glasgow-based artist. Weblog.
  • Kenney, Brian Artwork and photos, including fractal images generated with Apophysis.
  • Kenny, Zac A visual exploration through paintings, life drawings, and sketchbooks. Figurative works and doodles. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kerger, Laura Selected examples of illustrations, animations, and web designs by this Redmond WA-based artist. Figurative, including nudes.
  • Kerkar, Subodh India-based artist shows paintings and sculptures which are inspired by the theme of the sea. Figurative, symbolist, abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kerlin, Cameron Virtual gallery featuring a wide range of techniques and subjects. Busy site, but one with lots of images to be found.
  • Keryn, Amber Terminus, a display of artwork and photography by a Philadelphia-based artist. Fantasy works, animal photos, poetry.
  • Kessing, Kaye Alice Springs, Australia-based artist shows environmental and educational posters. Easter Bilby books.
  • Keyrouz, Laure Lebanese artist shows abstract paintings, installations, poems, video arts, and performance pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kheel, Billy Offers animated shorts, cartoons, drawings and paintings. Cartoonesque.
  • Khokhlov, Ivan Abstract works by this Russian painter. Includes biography.
  • Kibby, Kim Online showcase of works by this graphic designer and oil painter who is based in Michigan. Figurative works and still-lifes. Includes resume.
  • Kiekeben, Friedhard Abstract art including digital installations, objects, and prints. Includes biography and information about works by this Chicago-based artist.
  • Kiernan, Brian Landscape paintings conceived through the fusion of elements taken from different sites. Imaginary places and forest scenes from this Massachusetts artist.
  • Kiik, Kaia Paris-based Estonian artist shows geometric paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kimby New Zealand artist student's weblog featuring comments and ongoing project samples. Eclectic designs and sketches.
  • Kimura, Masaaki A toy box of abstract paintings, poems, photos and improvisational music. The short poems are written in English and Japanese.
  • Kindvall, David Twin Dragon Design: drawings, graphics, and photos. T-shirt designs. Includes nudes.
  • King, Steve and Robert King Kingfisher Art: featuring works by these Connecticut artists. Silver flatware and holloware, paintings, pottery, photography and digital pieces.
  • Kinnee, Sandy The artist displays abstract works on shaped handmade paper. Includes exhibitions history.
  • Kirchner, Carol L. Wings North Studio(WA): displaying hand-pulled prints, including mezzotint, etching, wood and metal engravings. Paintings too. Representational.
  • Kiriakos, N. Virtual Lakes: manipulated photos and animations by the artist. Nudes.
  • Kirkconnell, Clare Oil paintings by this California artist who is "drawn to the extraordinary inherent in the seemingly ordinary." Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kirkwood, Anne Brooklyn, New York artist uses color and space as an analog to music's use of sound and time.
  • Kirwin, Lindi This UK-based artist shows figurative pieces which are provocative and sensual and landscapes which are more textural in content. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kitic, Stevan Serbian artist presents surrealist and abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kitsch, Joe Conceptual and Pop-art related paintings and sculptures by this Massachusetts-based artist. Includes exhibitions listings.
  • Kivland, Sharon Conceptual works and text pieces by the artist, writer, and curator, with information about recent and ongoing projects. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Klarwein, Mati Works by the late German-born artist, including landscapes, portraits, visionary works, and still-lifes. Includes biography.
  • Klassen, Gregory Wisconsin-based artist shows abstract landscape paintings in acrylic, and also monoprints. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Klein, Yves Monochromes and pictorial immaterial states by the German artist. Works and commentary.
  • Kleinpeter, Maggie Abstract mixed-media artwork and figurative sketches by this New York-based artist.
  • Klimaszewski, Nicolai The artist uses 19th-century techniques to produce contemporary images, including photography and sculpture. Includes resume.
  • Kline, Dennis Abstract paintings and 'dreamscapes' in acrylic by this Minnesota artist.
  • Klint, Peter Young German artist shows portraits and nude studies in expressive colors. Text in English and German.
  • Knapen, Tim Belgian graphic designer presents artwork samples, including expressionist drawings, installation views, animation, and video. Includes resume of tech skills.
  • Knapp, Stefan Abstract works, including enamel-on-steel murals, paintings and sculpture. Includes biography.
  • Knepper, Diana-Lucia Figurative works and landscapes inspired by dreams, premonitions, and phobias. Photographs too by this Germany-based artist.
  • Kniepkamp, Candice J. The young artist known as "Cowgirl CJ" presents various abstract and figurative works as well as technical information. Photos too.
  • Knox, Arlo UK-based artist presents graphics and paintings which involve texture and vivid color. Music is one of his inspirations.
  • Knyvett, Tana UK artist shows figurative works in oil and charcoal; the style is impressionist and the imagery is based on world travels.
  • Ko, Abdallah Lebanese painter and musician presents an online gallery showcasing figurative and abstract works. Music selections also available. Text in English and French.
  • Koch, Francis Montreal-based artist demonstrates paintings featuring an urban/industrial touch.
  • Koelz , Johnannes M. Late British artist, originally from Germany, is showcased here. His triptych "Thou shalt not Kill" is currently undergoing restoration. Includes curriculum vitae.
  • Kokopelli Krazy Computer graphics, drawings, watercolors, and background sets. Representational, lots of horses.
  • Kondratiuk, Gabriel Argentine artist currently based in Austria presents an online gallery featuring colorful abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Konson, Sima Presenting graphic works and fiber sculptures by this Israel-based artist. Expressionist and abstract.
  • Kortvelyessy, Magda Hungarian artist shows examples of her landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits. Impressionist.
  • Korzacsol Weblog with images. This Israeli artist shows "domestic pictures in a invisible quantum world."
  • Kowalsky, Elaine London artist shows drawings and prints focusing on issues of identity and using images and found texts.
  • Krackie, Helmut Abstract and nonobjective paintings in acrylic by New York City artist.
  • Kradel, Kimberly Online photography portfolio and blogs, including RAM: The Open Book, and La Merde. Travel photos.
  • Krause, Richard S. This virtual gallery known as Originaldo's House of Living Oils, includes oil paintings and tributes based on famous works of art.
  • Kravcev, Mihailo M. Fantasy paintings in an online portfolio by the Yugoslav artist.
  • Kravchik, Ilya Showcasing figurative drawings, illustrations, designs and paintings.
  • Krejny, Kurt Ohio-based art student and web designer shows an online portfolio. Includes resume.
  • Kreventzakis, Iraklis Realistic paintings, including portraits and landscapes, from this Greek artist.
  • Kromenacker-Karp, Sue Art, poetry and fables of a mystical world and celestial beings by Ohio-based artist. Includes slide shows of drawings.
  • Kropacheva, Svetlana Russian artist presents paintings and graphic works. Representational, including landscapes and portraits.
  • Kruyt, Marco BaileyBots: kinetic sculptures and art machines by this Netherlands-based artist and engineer.
  • Kubrick, Christiane UK-based artist shows impressionist paintings. Includes bio and information about courses that she teaches currently.
  • Kuehn, Brandon Minnesota artist and graphic designer presents an online gallery. Landscapes and figure works. Surrealist.
  • Kugai, Tania Ukrainian artist presents paintings and graphics featuring symbolic allegories and fairy tales. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kujansuu, Elina Finnish artist displays handmade prints and paintings, including figurative and symbolist works. With exhibitions listing.
  • Kunkel, Oliver German artist presents a portfolio featuring sculpture, performance, installation, and video works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kusama,Yayoi Online portfolio of the Japanese avant-garde artist. Paintings, sculpture, happenings, fashion. Includes biography and exhibitions info.
  • Kushnick, Anne This artist works in pastels, oils, scratchboard, acrylics, and pen and ink. Focus is on portraits, fantasy and murals.
  • Kuykendall, Edwin D. Cartoonesque-style paintings in acrylic on canvas.
  • Kvit, Anton Representational and fantasy drawings and paintings.
  • Kvitkovsky, Vladislav Russian artist presents works in oil, watercolor, pastel, and pencil. Icons too. Figurative. Text in English and Russian.
  • Kwan Sheung Chi Hong Kong-based artist shows conceptual works plus photography and prints. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Kynthia Art and Tools for Transformation: virtual gallery of the California artist. Figurative and symbollist paintings and sculpture. Resume.

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