Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Gaberlavage, Hayley Atlanta-based artist shows abstract color and design experiments. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Gabrichidze, Nick This Amsterdam-based artist, originally from the Republic of Georgia, shows recent paintings and murals. Various techniques and styles.
  • Galien-Laloue, Eugene Impressionist landscapes and cityscapes by this Parisian painter who died in 1941. Includes biography and chronology.
  • Gallagher, Kevin This Irish airbrush artist shows seascapes, portraiture, and fantasy works. Murals and prints too.
  • Gallegos, Lia New Port Richey, FL-based artist shows drawings in pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, and digitally manipulated works. Figurative.
  • Gallie, Lavinia Online portfolio for featuring abstract works by this British artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Galligani, Michel Online exhibition of non-figurative acrylic paintings. Colorful. English and French versions.
  • Galuba, Katharina German artist shows abstract works, including collages, and photography.
  • Gams, Michael Alabama-based artist shows furniture and sculpture samples. Lighting designs.
  • Gana, Lidia Ganato Design: online portfolio of the Chilean artist featuring web designs and graphics. Icons and logos.
  • Ganz, Valerie Welsh painter shows figurative works and industrial landscapes, including topics like ballet, circus, sports, and music. With biography.
  • Garanzha, Jolene Dry-point etchings and monotypes by this Vermont artist. Expressionist-style figurative works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Garcia Jr., Rene San Francisco artist's works are said to "exist somewhere between a film still, an old iron-on t-shirt graphic, and a Manga comic panel." Glitter on canvas, wood, or vinyl.
  • Garcia Lao, Veronica Realist urban and seaside landscapes from this Argentinian painter. Oils. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Garcia Sanchez, Ignacio Spanish artist presents narrative drawings and other artwork.
  • Gardner, Dianne Impressionist landscapes and portraits by this Washington artist. Includes biography.
  • Gardner, Susan G. Georgia-based artist shows works created with soft pastel sticks, including landscapes, still lifes and musician portraits.
  • Garvey, Christine Brooklyn artist presents prints, drawings, and paintings which explore the human relationship to monsters. Abstract and figurative.
  • Garvie, Joe Australian painter shows landscapes and other realistic works.
  • Garza, Alicia Abstract paintings in acrylics by this German artist.
  • Gasser, Philipp Installations and animations by this Swiss artist. Photography. Includes exhibitions listing. Text in German and English.
  • Gates, G.F. Houston-based artist shows abstract paintings, collages, and mixed media pieces.
  • Gaubert, Marnie Impressionist-style landscapes, still-lifes, and interior scenes by this Canadian-born artist now living in France.
  • Gaudreau, Robert Abstract, expressionist, and figurative works from this New Jersey artist.
  • Gayvoronsky, Ludmila The artist shows a dreamlike style, combining past ages with imaginative or allegorical settings, while fusing the abstract and the real into new images. Background music.
  • Gaz, Stan New York City artist shows abstract works. Photographs. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Geddes, Eliza Abstract works concentrating on color, shape, texture, movement, and balance by this New York artist.
  • Geddings, Riley The Art Cove: oil paintings on canvas and limited-edition prints by this Florida artist. Representational landscapes and seascapes.
  • Gee, Sheri British figurative artist, concentrating mainly on life painting and portraiture.
  • Geffner, Greg Featuring lightning and nature photography, drawings, sculptures and animations. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Gellis, Sandy The artist works with and in the environment, including installation, site-specific sculpture, drawings, etching and digital prints. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Genugten, Bas van Portfolio of a young Dutch animator and illustrator. Figurative drawings, photography. Some text in Dutch.
  • Gerhardus d'Artis Online portfolio which deals with the concept of commodity in contemporary visual art.
  • Gessl, Andreas Vienna-based artist shows projects and photo galleries: graphics, animation, web design. Also personal photographs.
  • Getz, Don Impressionistic watercolors and acrylics by this Ohio artist, with subject matter ranging from engine bodies to the Maine shore.
  • Geurts, Arjen Recent paintings and collage works by this Dutch artist. Abstract and figurative references.
  • Gevorgiants, Armen Armenian artist presents gallery of figurative, surreal, and fantasy paintings and sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Geysen, Johan Recent paintings and drawings by this Belgian artist, featuring both representational and abstract works.
  • Ghetto Pencils Figurative and cartoon-style drawings in color and black and white.
  • Ghidini, Pierluigi A photographic portfolio of acrylic paintings by this Italian artist. Expressionist and surreal. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Ghiringhelli, Giada The artist presents her audio/video portfolio 2007. Also features candid photographs of people and figurative drawings.
  • Gibbons, Jim Landscape paintings presented by this Australian artist. Traditional.
  • Gibbs, Paul New Zealand-born painter and sculptor presents current art projects and includes archive material of past works.
  • Gibson, Dan The artist presents a retrospective of paintings and drawings. Florals and abstracts.
  • Gibson, John Representational and whimsical imagery, including portraits and religious themes.
  • Gil, Mark Louisiana-based artist shows oil portraits of adults and children.
  • Gilbert, Mark This Scottish artist currently residing in Omaha shows drawings and paintings. Figures and portraits. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Gilfilen, Beth New York-based artist showcases her abstract drawings, paintings and projects. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Giliberti, Gerry East Hampton artist explores traditional, digital, sculptural, and Simulacra imagery. Manipulated photography.
  • Gillespie, Tan Watercolor images, including lake scenes and other landscapes, still-life works, and depictions of Ohio.
  • Gillson, Vaughn L. This Canadian artist practices traditional oil painting and drawing techniques, reminiscent of 17th- and 18th-century artists. Portraits and figure drawings. Includes resume.
  • Gimstedt, Björn Sculpture, ironwork, and music by this Swedish artist. Abstract and figurative in range. Whimsical pieces.
  • Ginsburg, Eula R. Figure studies in a variety of media. Features slide show of works.
  • Girard, G. George Expressionist and surreal paintings and drawings by the New York artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Glasgow, Justin The artist presents Vervane's Web Pot-Hole, featuring original artwork and personal photographs.
  • Glass, AnneKarin Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, photography, sculpture, and design by this San Francisco-based artist. Expressionist and figurative.
  • Glen, Rose-Marie The artist shows realistic and abstract landscapes in oils, acrylics, and inks. Locations range from New England to Georgia to Tuscany.
  • Gliese, Marian This Danish US-based artist shows semi-abstract to abstract still-lifes, landscapes and figures. Includes biography.
  • Gnatz, Rupert German artist and computer expert presents digital artwork in various styles, including abstracts, landscapes, and portraits.
  • Godoy, Alberto Cuban-born artist shows works with symbolic and folkloric themes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Goetze, Frank J. German artist presents figurative paintings, charcoal portraits, and digital works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Golda, Agnieszka Polish-born artist now living in Australia shows installation and mixed media works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Goldman, Lea This Los Angeles-based artist and teacher presents a virtual gallery featuring paintings and digital photographs. Includes statement.
  • Goldstein, Josh Graphic, colorful, photography-based art exploring the New York City bodega, or corner store.
  • Golia, Piero This Italian conceptual artist displays recent works. Includes exhibition listings. Italian and English languages used on this site.
  • Golomb, Leon The artist's work centers on a philosophy called "Gynocosm" and has been described as primordial and sensual.
  • Gomez, Sergio The artist presents paintings and drawings in his Virtual Artist Fine Art Gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Gomez-Barquero, Pilo Spanish painter presents abstract watercolors and mixed-media works. Also art essays. Text also in Spanish
  • Gonzalez, Nick Galleries of paintings and drawings, showing a range of themes and stylistic interests by this English-born artist. With biography.
  • Goodman, Ken The artist presents landscapes, wildlife paintings, and pet portraits in oils and acrylics. Includes exhibitions listing and resume.
  • Gordon, Kristy Realistic paintings of landscapes and figure works. Figure drawings, including nudes. With exhibitions listing.
  • Gordon, Lori This cross-disciplinary artist focuses on UFOs, aliens, and other paranormal topics. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Gordon, Robyn Sydney-based artist presents a retrospective of mixed-media works, including jewelry, sculpture, painting, printmaking, and costume design. Includes CV.
  • Goudcoff, Oleg French artist presents an online gallery of abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Grabe, Charl Abstract paintings, web designs, and resin sculptures by this South African artist.
  • Graham, Alastair Alagram: UK-based artist, author and animation director shows illustrations, including CD covers and an interactive children's book. Cartoonesque.
  • Graham, David Landscapes and portraits by this London-based painter. Includes CV and exhibitions listing.
  • Graham, James This classically trained painter works and exhibits in New York City. Featuring representational or realistic still-life, landscape, and portraits paintings in oil.
  • Graham, Tollarne Australian artist shows cartoon-style, contemporary and unique drawings, prints and paintings.
  • Gramlich, Lana Eye Candy Visual Arts: landscape paintings and photos by this Louisiana artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Granata, Rossella RossArt: works by this Neapolitan artist. Figurative paintings, drawings, and prints.
  • Grant, Will UK-based web technology professional and photographer.
  • Graveley, Staci R. Seattle artist shows impressionistic landscapes and nature-inspired abstract works.
  • Grebby, Anne Online portfolio for this English artist currently living in Italy. Abstract works.
  • Green, Gloria Canadian abstract artist presents works with a strong emphasis on movement, flow and fluidity, colour and texture. Acrylic on canvas.
  • Green, Jazz Textural abstract paintings exploring surface patina, decay and erosion in the landscape. Includes resume.
  • Greenfield, Marla New England watercolorist presents an online portfolio. Includes exhibitions listing. Realism. Still-lifes and interiors.
  • Greenwood, Alice L. Portraits, including animal works, by this Arkansas-based artist. Mixed-media on canvas.
  • Gregory, Judith O. Conceptual artist presents mixed-media visual messages. Shockwave player needed to view introduction. Includes statement and exhibitions listing.
  • Greti, Ronald and Catherine Greti Photography and web design by this husband-and-wife team currently based in California.
  • Grey, Alex New York-based artist presents a portfolio featuring visionary paintings, drawings, performance series, and multimedia examples. Biography.
  • Griffin, Sally Born in Australia, this painter is currently based in New Zealand. Her works feature an allegorical edge. Figurative and surreal.
  • Griffith, Marianne E. Online display of paintings and weblog commentary. Mostly representational still-lifes and landscapes.
  • Griffith, Sherie K. Pennsylvania artist shows pencil portraits, architectural views and street scenes. Includes biography.
  • Griffiths, Andy Zengrenade: galleries of cartoons and digital works by a Welsh artist.
  • Griffiths, James Online portfolio of this UK-based sculptor, web designer, photographer, and writer. Figurative and abstract.
  • Griggs, Dan Artwork and humorous views from this California-based artist. Landscapes and figurative works. Weblog.
  • Grisel, Rijk Maritime watercolors, landscapes, and animal works by this Dutch artist. Text in English and Dutch.
  • Groeneveld, Erika Netherlands-based conceptual artist and photographer presents an interactive art project and invites participation (for a fee).
  • Gromilović, Davor Serbia-based artist presents cartoonesque drawings and paintings, including images from zines. Blog format.
  • Grugan, Patrick Philadelphia-based artist with an interest in portraiture and also in social change issues. Figurative.
  • Grygorenko, Valery N. Romanian artist shows realistic works featuring automobiles and planes.
  • Grzenkowicz, Yvonne The artist focuses on figurative painting and drawing. ActiveX.
  • Guarino, Giovanni Virtual resume of an artist and designer experienced in the film and TV industries as well as in the arts.
  • Guckenheimer-Harrell, Alicia San Francisco-based artist shows stylized and animated pet portraits.
  • Gudelski, Aleta Landscape, still life and portrait works in the impressionist style from this Connecticut artist.
  • Guerre, Patrick A 20-year retrospective of abstract paintings by this California-based artist. Includes drawings too. With biography.
  • Gulko, Harris D. Oil paintings made in Jerusalem. Landscapes.
  • Gulziyba, Tlegenova Drawings and watercolors in a variety of styles.
  • Gunn, Phillip Scotland-based portrait painter. Realistic.
  • Gupta, Pooja Maryland-based artist shows figurative oil paintings which reveal the influences of Indian art and culture as well as Western sensibilities.
  • Gustafson, Karen This Minnesota-based artist is strongly influenced by scientific observations of the natural world. Includes press clippings.
  • Guthrie, Gerald Imaginative images of digital prints, computer animations and miniaturized 3D environments by a University of Illinois art professor.
  • Gutterson. Lee Custom-made marine sculpture and furniture, made from wood and metal, including bathroom vanities, by this New York artist.
  • Guzhevnikova, Olga Graphic design samples by a Russian artist. Figurative.
  • Guzy, Julius Figurative works, Irish landscapes, historical compositions, still lives and portraits by this UK-based artist.
  • Gwearbennen Artist, Hedgewitch, Tarot reader and holistic therapist presents some of her artwork. Images of horses and other animals.
  • Gyarmati, Zsolt Hungarian visual artist shows monsters and monkeys in paintings and designs.
  • Gyorfi, Alexander Online portfolio by German artist: abstract paintings and stylized graphics, videos and mp3s. Includes exhibitions listing.

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