Other languages: Danish, German.

  • D'Aquino, Jason Virtual gallery featuring small-scale, highly detailed graphite drawings. Fairy-tale imagery. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Daborn, Erica Surrealist paintings and drawings by artist and art teacher. Her idea is to "make visible what is understood but not seen." Includes exhibition listings.
  • Daeni, Pino Italian-born artist shows romantic paintings featuring women.
  • Dale, Marilyn Illinois artist shows representational works in various media.
  • Daley, Paul Artist and animator shows some samples in a site titled, "3D-Anim8or".
  • Dallas, Ben Chicago artist shows abstract works in acrylic on wood. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Dalle, Isabelle Paris-based art director and graphic designer presents an online portfolio featuring work samples and photography.
  • Dameron, Bryant Project October: online gallery featuring digital and video works plus a weblog by this Virginia artist. Includes biography and exhibitions listing.
  • Dana Abstract works in soft pastels.
  • Daniel, J.B. Chicago artist says "If one acknowledges the obvious as merely a construct of convention then everything comes into question, including art".
  • Darway, Chris New Jersey artist and metalworker shows lamps, radios, jewelry and other objects.
  • Dave Primitive-style paintings by an artist who hopes to inspire others to "make wonderful things."
  • Davidhazy, Andrew Graphic, furniture, and environment design works by the artist. Also includes an archive of photographs, writings, and travel journals.
  • Davidson, Mary Landscape and still life paintings by Scottish artist. Impressionist. Includes a visit to the artist's garden.
  • Davies, Jane M. Online portfolio from a UK artist who shows dreamy landscapes and bright florals.
  • Davies, T. E. Mount Bermo Timbo: album covers, photography, poetry. Digital manipulations.
  • Davis, Barbara Germany-based artist presents abstract mixed-media paintings, graphics, and collages. Includes resume and exhibitions listing.
  • Davis, Joshua A. Paintings and digital works from this Ohio-based artist. Fantasy illustrations and self-portraits.
  • Davis, Sandra C. New Jersey artist shows photos featuring historic architecture and Irish landscapes. Includes biography with exhibitions listing.
  • Davison, Paul British artist presents oil paintings inspired by the surroundings of his adopted home in southern France.
  • Dawes, Roy This Boston-area artist is interested in how the structure of nature relates to the mechanics of design. Includes resume.
  • Daz Abstract and humanist sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Requires Flash and Javascript enabled browser.
  • De Almeida, David Portuguese artist shows abstract paintings, engravings, and sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • De Bel, Dennis This Dutch artist recycles everyday objects and media to create critical, humorous 'new media' works.
  • De Caso, Michel French artist and self-described 'creator of Rectoversion' presents an online gallery featuring exhibition photos and information. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • De Clercq, Ted Naples, Florida-based artist and sculptor presents a selection of figurative art, oil paintings, landscapes, nude drawings and scupltures.
  • De Decker, Koen Belgian artist uses mathematical syntaxes in sculptural installations to stimulate stronger awareness of space.
  • De Jong, Caleb Blog reviewing exhibitions of contemporary artists in New York City as well as interviews, book reviews and appreciations.
  • De Large, Nathaniel Los Angeles-based artist presents abstract drawings and sculptures, plus video works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • De Luigi, Ludovico Surrealist view of Venice from this Italian painter.
  • De Rosette, Angela Gallery of figurative paintings and prints. Includes artist's statement and biography. Requires Flash.
  • De Sloover, Isabelle Belgian artist present photographs of outdoor works. Some text only in Flemish.
  • De Zilva, Jess Works in several different media, including a portfolio of decorative paint effects. Of particular interest is the "intersection of psychology and the empirical sciences."
  • Deadly Design Oregon-based artist and computer student shows samples of his work with digital graphics and web design.
  • Debono, Salvatore Nativity Scenes using various materials, including cork and other natural substances.
  • Deckman, Diamond and Shawn Price Couple presents their paintings, writing, and photography. Includes weblog. Colorful, expressionist, and surreal designs.
  • Dederick, William Nature photography, including environmental subjects and forms of transportation, from this Kingston, NY artist.
  • Deis, Eric Exhibition space of the Canadian artist who shows photographs and multimedia works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • DeJerk, Tiago Portland, OR based stencil artist presents examples of commissioned works and street art, as well as biography and events news.
  • Delabano, Martin This Texas sculptor/painter presents an archive of twenty years of work. Includes exhibition listings.
  • Delange, Sylvain French painter who died aboard TWA flight 800. Abstract paintings, drawings, and etchings are shown in virtual gallery.
  • Delattre, Pierre Paintings (abstract-figurative in acrylic on canvas), writings, workshops, lectures, and resume, with updates on shows and links to galleries.
  • Delgado, Jasmine Spray-painted and stenciled murals, digital prints, and mixed-media works by this California artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Deliot, Claudette French artist shows abstract and figurative paintings in oils and acrylics. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in French.
  • Delisle, Michele Sugarplum: figurative illustrations, photography, digital experimentations--the Quebec-based artist's inner world.
  • Dell Personal page showing examples of Lake Applets, also includes some poetry.
  • Dell'Orto, Suzanne Bee paintings and other artwork focusing on structures. Various media. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Delle, Brenda Colorful pastel paintings of animals and people from this Louisiana artist. Street scenes too. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Deller, Jeremy British artist known for works on political and social themes. A Turner Prize nominee.
  • Demirov, Ivelin Canadian digital artist presents an online portfolio featuring photography, graphics, and sculpture. Information about film production experience.
  • DeMuth, D.F. Artwork in various styles by self-described "starving artist."
  • Denial Graffiti-style site-specific street art in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan.
  • Denis, E. Belarusian artist shows photorealistic images featuring wine bottles. Limited edition prints too.
  • Deorzio, Chris Online gallery of photos and digital art.
  • Derr, David DD2 Studios: digital and traditional paintings, mixed media, photography, graphic design, poetry, and original MP3 music. New Jersey artist.
  • Derrick, Christine UK-based artist with 25+ years of experience shows landscapes and floral and still-life subjects in various media.
  • Desiree The artist's work inspired by Anime, Art Nouveau, and mythology.
  • Devine, Peter Online portfolio featuring landscape paintings, chiefly ocean views. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • DeWinter, Regina C. Silkie's Cafe features digitized photographic artworks and thoughts of the artist.
  • Di Carlo, Elena Monochromatic artwork in oil and enamel on cloth. Introspective pieces by this Italian artist.
  • Diaz, Richard Expressive abstract and figurative works inspired by musical cadences and by the urban rhythms of New York City. Also subway portraits and abstract sculptures.
  • DiBerardo, Anthony Paintings, drawings, prints, flash art, and editorial cartoons featuring this Canadian artist's sense of humor.
  • Dick, Stefani Portrait drawings in pencil and cityscape photography by this Canadian artist. With background music.
  • Didik, Frank New York artist presents an overview of recent art, design, film and book projects. Includes bio, statement, and many photos.
  • Didkovsky, Irina Representational oils, watercolors, and prints are presented by this Florida-based artist. Landscapes. Some text also in Russian.
  • Didriksen, Maryann New Jersey artist shows representational and impressionist works in pastel.
  • Dillis, Leo Antwerp-based realist painter shows landscapes, surreal works, still-lifes, and copies of masterpieces. Background music.
  • Dinkin, Larry Paintings and prints featuring landscapes and structures are presented by this Sandspoint NY-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Dino, Dez Portfolio consisting of a colorful mix of works in pop-art style. Mixed-media paintings.
  • DiPaola, Anthony Drawings about tension in various forms and situations, using self-portraiture instead of abstraction to develop the artwork. Includes biography.
  • Dix, Adam London-based painter presents an online portfolio featuring figurative and industrial imagery.
  • Dix, Laurie Welsh artist presents artwork inspired by the sea and by surfing.
  • Dixon, Mark Montreal artist posts works made in several different mediums. Abstract.
  • Dixon, Mark UK artist shows installation works and sculpture in this online portfolio.
  • Djey Watercolours and oil paintings of New Zealand scenery and life.
  • Doak, Andrew Blogger shares his commentary on design, creativity and auto mechanics.
  • Dobrovic, Olja California-based artist shows abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Dodson, Sandra This Northwestern U.S. painter specializes in contemporary realism, with emphasis on landscapes, still life, and figurative works.
  • dogwelder Drawings, photos, and word play by the artist.
  • Dolejs, Jakub Portfolio and online projects of this Canadian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Dols, Gert-Jan Beautiful Sadness: a web page by the Dutch artist. Includes exhibitions listing. Conceptual pieces.
  • Domagalska, Renata Polish artist presents figurative paintings, including a series on flamenco dancing.
  • Dommelen, Annelies van Representational and symbolist prints and oil paintings.
  • Donati, Marco This young artist working with media such as digital images and paintings, videos and writings presents works and ideas.
  • Donec, Julie Garnet Studio: works in oil, pastel, and watercolor by this Canadian artist. Portraiture and figurative subject matter. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Donker, Elisabeth Blog of a Dutch artist living in the United States whose art is multi-disciplined, ranging from jewelry and graphic design to stained glass, ceramics and oil painting.
  • Donkor, Kimathi Oil paintings, photographs, portraits and narrative work with an African and Caribbean theme.
  • Dooley, Mark This Massachusetts-based artist works in encaustic, mixed media, and printmaking. Figurative and impressionist landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Dosio, Joseph This contemporary artist, sculptor, painter, designer, and furniture designer presents examples of his works. Includes reviews.
  • Douglass, Suzanne Figurative works varying in flavor from realistic to abstract. Landscapes and still-lifes in oils.
  • Doyle, Chris Leap Public Art Project: video projection of 420 New Yorkers from all five boroughs onto the façade of Two Columbus Circle.
  • Doyle, Shaun and Mally Mallinson British art duo presents work samples, including comic figurative installations. With exhibitions listing.
  • Doyle, Troy Southern Minnesota artist presents realist paintings and prints.
  • Dr.S. Dr.S. Scientific Artist productions promotes Multiple Sketch Book and other art products. Black and white film clips.
  • Draegath Artworks (varied styles and media, including collage), poetry, and costumes by an Australian artist who titles his site, Hedonist Art.
  • Dragonspire Virtual gallery displaying recent works, including painting, drawing, digital animation and photo-manipulation. Includes classroom drawings.
  • Drakulich, Merrilee Pennsylvania-based artist shows landscapes featuring scenes from France, Japan, and the U.S. Representational.
  • Drayton, Elizabeth Cotswold scenes and seascapes in watercolor and oil from this British artist. Also representational drawings, especially featuring animals.
  • Dream Cities Visions and drawings of imaginary cities.
  • Dreamhours Digital art by Swedish student who is inspired by surrealism. Background music, Flash.
  • Drew, Michelle Artist working in Europe presents a portfolio of digital collage works. Figurative.
  • Drewann Kitchen Tap: a view of the world I live in told in poetry, pencil drawings, and photos. Representational.
  • Driver, Lee Portraits and poster art from this British artist. Includes sketchbook images and a special section devoted to Elvis imagery.
  • du Moulin, Paul Australian artist shows paintings, drawings, and prints. Figurative and abstract; landscapes too.
  • Dubinsky, Yvette D. On-line gallery features recent and past work by this St. Louis-based artist and printmaker. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Duboc, François Portrait of the British Queen Mother by a French painter. Text also in French.
  • Dude Can't Draw Weblog documenting one guy's exploration of his own inability to draw.
  • Duerwald, Jennifer Atmospheric portraits of children by this New Jersey artist. Pastel medium.
  • Dumbarton, Julie Scotland-based artist presents her artwork. Landscape paintings.
  • Duncan, Gimara H. Showing traditional representational artwork, scientific illustration, and photography. Includes biography.
  • Duncan Baker, Bruce Canadian artist shows fantasy artwork, especially focusing on dragons. Music too. Illustrations.
  • Dunlop, Brian Australian realistic and figurative painter presents a virtual gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Dunn, Antony Zero4Seventeen: collection of personal and commercial works encompassing, graphic, web design and fine art.
  • Dunnagan, Jane Bubblehead: a virtual gallery featuring wildlife-themed paintings and painted drums by this North Carolina artist.
  • Dunne, Christopher Wood sculpture with a maritime theme by this artist who is also a self-described 'sea chanteyman.' MP3.
  • Dunning, Craig Australian multi-media artist shows black-and-white and color photos, 3-D graphics, figure drawings, and symbollist paintings.
  • duPont, Andrew Online portfolio includes samples of the artist's work and information on upcoming and previous shows. Uses Flash.
  • Dupont, Lone Paintings, graphics, and sculpture by a Danish artist. Figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Duque, Fabiola Portfolio by this Switzerland-based and Colombian-born architect, painter and sculptor. Nudes and other figurative works. Expressionist. Includes bio.
  • Dushkin Weblog and online gallery by this Danish artist. Photos and digital designs.
  • Dusseault, Yanick Visual effects designer and digital artist presents a gallery of science-fiction inspired illustrations.
  • Duval, George Information about how to layout pictures, scrap-booking, and framing from this painter who also shows colorful examples of his works, including portraits.
  • Duvivie, Francoise Damaged Corpse: digital-collages, dolls, and masks by this Paris-based artist. Also shows works by guest artists.
  • Dzyner Paintings, poetry, music, and photography in a variety of styles.

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