Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Cabrera, Chris Pop art-style artwork.
  • Cadamuro, Alessandro Italian artist and poet shows abstract works using glass, iron, lights, sound, and ready-made objects. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Cagli, Paula Art historian, artist, and photographer presents Renaissance-inspired paintings as well as photos taken in Italy. Includes a list of lectures on art history topics.
  • Calace-Wilklow, Susan Realistic figurative oil paintings.
  • Calandre, Eloise London-based artist shows photos and drawings. Figurative.
  • Calcagno, Martin Argentine artist shows works which combine metals with video and hi-tech to create scenes of daily life. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text only in Spanish.
  • Calisse, Fabrizio Retrospective (from 1975) of photographic works and artist books. Text in English, Italian, and French.
  • Cammer, Michael Different approaches to art including painting, performance, criticism, and didactic narrative are shown here by a New York artist. Includes resume and some adult material.
  • Camomile, Sandra Interdisciplinary artist who constructs a visual response to the female perspective.
  • Camp, Deborah A few expressionist drawings using digital media.
  • Camp, Sokari Douglas Nigerian-born, British artist (shortlisted for the Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth exh.) shows work samples. Mixed-media, figurative.
  • Campbell, Adam Celebrity portraits in black-and-white. Drawings.
  • Campbell, Andrew This British artist presents paintings, sculptures, and installations which deal with the extremes of the human condition.
  • Campbell, Marica A collaboration of fine art in many different mediums.
  • Campbell, Verna Marie Online showcase for this California-based, realistic and impressionistic painter. Includes biography.
  • Campello, F. Lennox Maryland-based artist shows abstract paintings and figure drawings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Canedo, Hernan Barcelona-based freelance new-media artist shows portfolio featuring photography, graphic pieces, video, screenwriting, and web and 3-D design.
  • Canela, Myrna Canada-based artist shows expressionist and figurative paintings, drawings and photos. Includes resume.
  • Capellaro, Jane An artist and a teacher, a traveler and a dreamer, who paints in watercolor, oil and acrylic media, the places she has seen and the visions that she dreams.
  • Caponi, Robert Graphic design showcase by this North Carolina artist. Logos, patterns, and other projects.
  • Caprin, Gustavo Showcasing the past and recent projects of this Barcelona-based artist.
  • Caradimos, Carol Representational pastel landscapes and seascapes of Cape Cod from this Massachusetts artist.
  • Caravana, Fely and Tony Caravana Playful watercolors from this brother and sister team.
  • Carlone, Pio Sydney based artist that specializes in Australian landscapes, still lifes and figure paintings.
  • Carmel, Eli Swiss-born, Israeli artist shows both abstract and figurative oils, pastels, watercolors, drawings. Also ceramics and photographs. Java required.
  • Carmi, Rhea California-based artist shows abstract impressionist works dealing with antiquity, landscape, the human spirit, and the insanity of war.
  • Carnie, Andrew Installation artist shows a great variety of his work, including pieces on scientific topics.
  • Carpenter, Beverley The endeavors of an artist in residence at a new town, Cambourne, near Cambridge.
  • Carr, Natasha Russian-born artist shows acrylic paintings, featuring landscapes, seascapes, still life, and florals.
  • Carrillo, Lucas Figurative drawings. Cartoonesque and satirical.
  • Carstairs, Sue Pencil drawings of large animals.
  • Carter, Suzanne Mixed media works, described as "intercessory worship art", from this New Zealand artist. Weblog format.
  • Cartmell-Cantrell, Micah Wildcat Studios: portfolio site featuring illustrations in various media, designs in leaded glass, and artist prints.
  • Cartwright, Katharine A. Paintings of wine varietals, including burgundy, chardonnay, merlot, and others, by this New York artist.
  • Carvalho, Josely "Diary of Images" features poetic text and works in printmaking, painting, objects, artist's books, installation art and new media. Flash.
  • Caspar, Stephan Dots and Spaces: design that clutters up our lives. Daily weblog of designer and filmmaker with reviews, discussion and thoughts.
  • Castelli, Luciano The artist focuses on the female body in photography, painting, and sculpture, featuring dance themes. Includes exhibitions listing and biography.
  • Casten, J.D. Conceptual, abstract, and surreal works as well a nature photography. Poetry and philosophy. Includes biography.
  • Castenschiold, Kristin Online portfolio of photography and realistic drawing, including pet portraits, especially featuring dogs.
  • Caston, Freddy An artist with a long career that has taken him from New York to Spain and from Morocco to Santa Barbara. Jazz portraits and landscapes.
  • Catapano, Gerard Impressionist works in oil and acrylic, The artist also conducts workshops in Europe and the U.S.
  • Cavanaugh, Myles Realistic and impressionist paintings of people and landscapes.
  • Cavedens Virtual sketchbook produced by the artist who encourages other fantasy sketch artists to show their work.
  • Cerejido, Miguel Cuban-born artist's collection of original works inspired by music and the images that music generates in his personal sensibility. Includes biography and exhibition list.
  • Cerletty, Mathew Figurative works by the New York artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Chabrieres, Stephane Figurative wood sculptures by this French artist who also shows works by favorite painters. Includes resume.
  • Chalk, Chris Oil paintings by this Welsh artist. Features landscapes, portraits, and animals in a realist style.
  • Chamberlain, Paul Impressions in Oil: featuring California landscapes, including the historic Arroyo Seco bridges and the Kern River area of the lower Sierras. With exhibitions listing.
  • Chambers, Claire London-based artist produces a diverse range of work from painting to experimental photography. Her current inspiration is Francis Bacon.
  • Champlin, D. Loren Expressionist paintings, pastels, and prints by this Maine artist. His subjects include nudes, wildlife, nature, and landscapes.
  • Chanda, Nabakishore For this Indian artist, painting is the spontaneous expression of the creative impulse from within. Figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Chang, Ted Presenting a portfolio of realistic traditional and digital artworks. Includes photography samples and a 3D tutorial.
  • Chapman, Julie T. Featuring wildlife art based on fieldwork by this Montana-based artist. Includes resume.
  • Charleston, Marlaya This Southern California artist's works focus on music, especially on Jazz, Blues, and Soul music. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Chasar, Pete Oregon artist and geometric sculptor showcases his design work. Includes art by other family members.
  • Chashotou, Angelika Figurative works by this Russian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Cheek, Durinda Featuring architectural and landscape paintings in oil and watercolor of Southern and European scenes.
  • Chern, Barry Sampling of the non-commercial art and music. Features hand-pulled lithographs with roots in both fine arts and comics; and music based in the traditional and outsider styles of the last century in America.
  • Chernitskty, Shirley A self-taught visual artist who works with gouache, acrylic, engraving, ceramic and tapestry with the traditional sarape technique.
  • Chevalier, Renée Online portfolio of this artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Abstract paintings and site-specific conceptual works.
  • Chiclitz, B. Collection of digital collage, posters, and assorted graphics.
  • Chinta, Cipriana Virtual art gallery of a graphic artist. Creates with pastel, acrylic, and tempera.
  • Chong, Albert Jamaica-born artist now based in the U.S. presents an online gallery. Mysticism and social issues crop up in his works which include photography, sculpture, and installations.
  • Chong, Elaine New Jersey artist shows encaustic and mixed-media paintings and prints. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Christian, Sharon Views of contemporary life by this Canadian painter. whimsical animal sculpture too.
  • Christianson, Jane A collection of prairie landscapes and animals by a Canadian artist using pencil and other painting mediums.
  • Chu Schudio: graffiti and cartoon-style artwork from this English artist. Designs and illustrations, including animations.
  • Chung, Soyoung Paris-based artist shows abstract installation works exploring the "notions of space." Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Church, Daisy Horse paintings and other representational works by this Los-Angeles based artist and animator.
  • Cianelli, Jaison Abstract works, including inspirational paintings, and landscapes by this New Hampshire-based artist.
  • Cicero, David Arizona artist shows abstract acrylic and oil paintings. He works in the tradition of the New York school.
  • Cima, Daniele Holy Stars: a celebration of contemporary media icons and symbols, both sacred and profane, from this Italian artist and art director. Geometric patterns in collages and pastiches.
  • Cladis, George Slideshow of Ground Zero in mixed media.
  • Clancy, Diane Massachusetts artist shows colorful paintings and graphic design samples. Figurative, cubist, and abstract works. Weblog.
  • Clark, Ilze Specializes in abstract paintings, charcoal drawings, geometrical objects, and experimental photos.
  • Clark, Stephen Paintings, drawings, photographs and fiction from an Australian artist. Figurative, nudes and cartoons. Computer graphics.
  • Clarke, Elizabeth This American-born artist lives and works in Catalonia. Photography, ceramics, and sculpture. Abstract. Includes resume.
  • Clayton, Martin Young UK-based artist describes currently available artwork, including sculpture and illustration, and provides related info.
  • Clendinning, Wes Site titled "ScratchArt" features sketches of comic and cartoon figures, from futuristic racing babes to Tarzan.
  • Cliffe, Jim Online portfolio by an illustrator, animator and filmmaker who presents some comic artwork. The artist plays with angles and space.
  • Clifton, Ian Gordaen's Knowledge: featuring painting, photography, wood burning, and digital pieces. Varied styles.
  • Clizer, Jan Portfolio featuring sport paintings, posters, and sketches.
  • Clouten, Neville Michigan-based artist shows watercolors and prints which are created from location sketches. Impressionist scenes. Information about workshops on cruise ships.
  • Coats, Cindy Hawaiian artist presents paintings and prints. Colorful designs inspired by local flora and fauna.
  • Coburn, Tyler New York-based artist and filmmaker presents an online portfolio featuring video excerpts. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Cocchi, Alessandra Surrealist illustration, painting and sculpture from this Italian artist. Features paper reliefs. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Cochrane, Fred Representational pen-and-ink drawings featuring landscape and floral subjects from this Massachusetts artist.
  • Coderre, tyler Portfolio for this graphic and game designer from Binghamton, NY. Illustrations and sculpture. Representational.
  • Coelho, Brett This artist based in Melbourne, Australia shows works featuring a wide range of found materials.
  • Coffman, Kyle Drawings and paintings, including portraits. Representational.
  • Cohen, Louis Toronto-based artist and designer presents a portfolio showcasing a mix of found images and illustrations.
  • Cohen, Ruth New Mexico-based feminist artist presents a virtual gallery. Includes exhibitions listing. Also an attorney and mediator and a project development consultant, she provides links related to these activities.
  • Cohen, Sandra Fantasy paintings, abstract designs, varied illustrations and graphics. The artist is also a musician; bands include Pink Mantis, Planet Queen, Grind.
  • Cole, Jack Eclectic portfolio of design, illustration and photography from this London-based designer/illustrator. Includes CV.
  • Collie, Mellon Seattle-based artist's online gallery featuring drawings and fantasy works.
  • Collins, Jim Shipyard and surreal paintings by Scottish artist.
  • Collis, Debra Portfolio featuring a decade of work including portraiture in oil and mosaics. Jewelry samples and photography too.
  • Colquhoun, Ithell Listing of all known works and a bibliography for this British surrealist artist and writer. No images shown.
  • Colver, Lisa Paintings, drawings, and ceramic sculptures from this California artist. Representational. Includes poems and family recipes.
  • Comstock, Jennifer Weblog featuring collage artwork and commentary. Prints and cards.
  • Conley, Linda She makes fine art prints and takes wedding and special occasion photographs.
  • Connor, Russell Oil paintings, with roots in art history, by this New York artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Conrad, L.C. Zoe's Art Stuff: representational-style sketches.
  • Conrad, Sean Current and archived works by this Iowa-based artist. Representational rural landscapes and florals. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Considine, Catherine Irish artist shows realistic works in oil as well as sketches.
  • Considine, Mary F. Irish artist presents works in various media, from paintings to printmaking. Representational and sometimes humorous.
  • Conte, Jim New York artist shows illustrations, paintings, photography, and web designs.
  • Cook, Matthew Portfolio showing photography, illustration, and graphic design work by this UK artist. Representational.
  • Cook, Valerie Young Florida artist presents anime-inspired illustrations. Also includes wildlife sketches.
  • Cooklin, Paul Featuring abstract digital art and fine art film photography. Includes weblog.
  • Coon, Cheryl San Francisco-based artist showcases paintings, sculpture, and installations, with focus on natural surfaces, structures, and materials. Includes resume.
  • Copan, Elizabeth Ceramic tiles, photo-ceramic lithography, sculpture in porcelain and ceramic by this Colorado artist. Figurative and abstract.
  • Copham, Kristen Colorful oils, acrylics, sculpture, murals, and children's books are showcased.
  • Coppinger, David The artist presents drawings, paintings, and limited-edition prints featuring Victorian architecture.
  • Corber, Brian Canadian artist presents a digital portfolio featuring expressionist paintings and landscape photography.
  • Corbett, David T. Chicago-based artist shows abstract paintings and drawings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Corcoran, Patrick Landscape paintings and poetry by the Australian artist.
  • Cordier, Claude Surrealist paintings by this French artist. Text also in French.
  • Corless, Marianne Artwork using recycled fur to comment on Canadian history. Includes biography and exhibitions listing.
  • Corruccini, Sarah An online portfolio showcasing graphic and web design, as well as painting and photography. Varied styles. Includes nudes.
  • Costa, Giacomo The Italian artist displays artwork, featuring paintings, portraits, and photos. Includes biography and exhibitions information.
  • Costescu, Tracey Graphite works, including demos of drawings-in-progress, by this portrait artist. Weblog format.
  • Cotrina Secas, Jose Manuel Virtual portfolio featuring abstract works by this Spanish painter.
  • Coughlan, Megan Coffeebean Studios, a creative mind gallery, features work ranging from intricate book-making to colorful collages to mixed-media designs. Weblog format.
  • Coulombe, Patrick Montreal artist shows current works in progress. Photos and videos.
  • Cove, Ben London based multi-disciplinary visual artist. Online portfolio and information.
  • Cox, Art This former military and airline pilot who took up painting in retirement. Aviation-oriented themes predominate in his work.
  • Cox, Darren Daz Commentary by a starving artist who explores all kinds of art including surreal oil painting, drawing, illustration and sculpture.
  • Coyle, Ellen Chiefly abstract works in a variety of media from this Irish artist who is currently based in Seattle.
  • Cray, Jen The Florida-based artist presents digital images and photographs.
  • Creamer, Anne-marie British artist and curator presents an online portfolio and resume. Conceptual installation and narrative pieces. Images, scripts, videos.
  • Creasy, Wynn Virginia artist presents a weblog featuring images of her paintings along with commentary. Impressionist landscapes.
  • Crenson, Ethan Brooklyn-based artist using video, photography, sculpture, installation and other media. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Cressaty, Margaret E. Tennessee artist shows expressionist-style works.
  • Criste, Cleto Figure and portrait charcoal drawings, ink sketches, paintings and graphic designs are shown in a virtual portfolio by this Hawaii-based artist.
  • Crook, Gary A collection of contemporary art work, reviews, photos, and the artists resume.
  • Csutoros, Dawn Australian artist shows abstract and minimalist works. Includes statement and resume.
  • Cunningham, Grant An online gallery of works by the Montreal-based alternative artist .
  • Cunningham, Laura A gallery of photographic, paint, print, pencil and web projects by a Rhode Island School of Design student.
  • Curley, Sean Boats, water lilies, and coastal scenes are typical subjects for this British painter.
  • Curry, Jennifer Freelance web design portfolio and resume for the artist. Photos, collage pieces, and silkscreen works.
  • Curry, Karen Toronto-based artist shows giclee prints from a new landscape series, Points of View.
  • Cusano, Donna Purple Door Studio: works by a plein-air pastel artist living and working in Pennsylvania and Maine. Representational.
  • Cuvelier, Jason Figurative paintings, drawings, and prints by a Yale art instructor. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Czaplinski, Frank Dusseldorf-based artist shows abstract works in painting, fresco, and mixed media, as well as window works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Tavshunsky, Alex This Toronto-based artist and illustrator works in both traditional and digital techniques, focusing on portraiture, character development, and figurative works in general.

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