Other languages: Danish, German.

  • Bach, Chel Painter, art instructor, and decorator shows mixed media works in antique frames. Decorated furniture too.
  • Bachmann, Alina Artiztic: online portfolio for this artist and student living in New York. Various styles. Includes resume.
  • Back, Christina D-Arts: experiments in visual expressions. (Note: fonts may be temporarily installed to view site). Artist is based in Denmark.
  • Backlund, Steven Drawings, sculpture, and paintings handled in various styles.
  • Badenhausen, LaThoriel Using traditional embroidery, beading, and applique forms, this artist creates works from sanitary napkins.
  • Baer, Simone Enomis: showcasing paintings, sketches, sculpture, and graphics. Representational and figurative. Photographs.
  • Baglia, Peter Drawings and prints. Abstract and fantasy works.
  • Bailey, Frank The artist shows cartoons, caricatures, illustrations, logos, and other graphic designs. Includes weblog. Figurative.
  • Baker, Alix UK-based artist painting people and places at home and abroad in several media. Also military subjects. Biography.
  • Baker, Loring Corpus Christi TX-based artist shows large-scale figurative drawings and portraits. Includes resume.
  • Baker, Marcy Portland, OR-based artist shows acrylic paintings with collage as well as monotypes. Abstract botanical and architectural imagery. With exhibitions listing.
  • Baldira, Joan Impressionist watercolors by this Spanish artist.
  • Baldwin, Hilary A. Brooklyn-based artist and educator working in painting, sculpture, fiber arts and installation. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Balkanski, N.M. Multimedia artist based in Vancouver presents cartoonesque paintings, comics, storyboards, illustrations, books, graphic design, and movies.
  • Ballard, Dean Featuring selected samples of illustration and graphic design by this UK artist. Figurative and typographical focus.
  • Balletto, Charlie Drawings by this New York artist. Colorful and surreal designs. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Banna, Sinem San Francisco-based artist shows conceptual works: sculptures, objects and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Bannon, Martha Essex, MA painter of decorative accessories, furniture and canvases as well as custom work. Event and show information, photographs of past work, and short biography.
  • Barbagli, Daniele Various media includes photographs, polaroids and screensavers.
  • Barbato, John US artist currently residing in Mexico shows a collection of paintings and poetry in site titled, Virtually Surreal.
  • Barber, Gabriele California artist and art instructor presents a virtual gallery. Representational. Includes resume.
  • Barger, Illia Realist and impressionist work with an abstract flavor featuring still-life subjects by this New Jersey-based artist.
  • Barin, Elena Virtual gallery of paintings, including still-life, landscape, and portrait. Also theatre sketches and puppets. (In English, German and Russian)
  • Barker, Curt Representational watercolor and oil color paintings.
  • Barksdale, Corey Atlanta-based artist presents a virtual gallery showcasing graphic design and painting. African-American influences. Range of styles.
  • Barlow, Nina Designs paper and fiber masks for theatrical use.
  • Barmon, Cathryn This New York City artist constructs Japanese-influenced diorama landscapes in the series titled “Nature is Sculpture."
  • Barna, Sacha Trokk: the artist presents mysterious and sometimes funny digital artwork. Flash animations. Figurative and fantasy illustrations.
  • Barnes, Hannah Indiana-based artist and educator working in painting, drawing, and installation. Includes recent work and exhibition history.
  • Barnes, Tess This South London artist displays portrait and landscape paintings and sketches. Impressionist.
  • Baron, Andrew L. Narrative abstractions from this New York City painter. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Barr, Chris Philadelphia-based conceptual artist producing works in media and performance art.
  • Barr, Marie Virginia-based, experimental artist shows both mixed-medium digital and traditional work. Abstract and figurative.
  • Barrett, Richard This Sheffield-based painter's work is heavily influenced by the transitory quality of nature, especially as seen in the surrounding Peak District.
  • Barrington, Rebecca The artist brings five classic fairy tales to life in paintings and words. Note: adult language used here.
  • Barry Florida-based painter favors works relating to canoeing, camping and outdoor life. Music background.
  • Barth, Joy Abstract images in oil and acrylic; also mixed-media works by this New Jersey artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Barton, Andrew Classical, conceptual and figurative sculpture with liquids, plastics and ceramic materials from this Norwegian artist.
  • Barton, Paul Colorado artist shows representational works done from life, either alla-prima or en-plein-air, including figure studies and landscapes.
  • Barton, Richard L. Abstract works by this American artist currently based in the Netherlands. Includes biography and work history.
  • Barton, Roger A collection of drawings of peoples' pets. Mostly dogs, with a few cats. Detailed and in color.
  • Bartula, Lena Abstract paintings and mixed-media works by this Texas-born artist now living in Mexico. With exhibitions listing.
  • Basicevic-Bosilj, Ilija Mystical and expressionist paintings by the late Serbian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Bau, Joseph Polish-born and Israel-based artist presents works and biographical info. Figurative paintings, Holocaust works, New Years cards.
  • Baugh, Emma Showcasing the work of this artist in the Stoke-On-Trent area of the UK. Mainly oil on canvas work with an impressionist feel.
  • Baxter, Glen Draws comics where humor and tofu erupt in a series of explosions. Prints, calendars, and books available to buy.
  • Baxter, Nick Portfolio of his work including paintings, film, and tattoos.
  • Bayer, Norbert German artist presents a digital portfolio of "Mister Ministeck" with new analog pixel mosaics. Also music and fashion projects. Text in English and German.
  • Bayer, Rolf Figurative wood, stone, and terra-cotta sculptures. Drawings and designs illustrating parables. [English and German]
  • Baylor, Kara Pennsylvania-based artist presents samples of jewelry, ceramics, and paintings. Figurative and abstract. Flash.
  • Beal, Kristin Features work and information about this installation artist based in Virginia. Includes resume and slide show.
  • Beale, David Watercolors featuring scenes and people from the Fingerlakes region of New York.
  • Beale, Jason Artist and TESOL teacher based in Melbourne, Australia, shows abstract paintings. Includes poetry, and essays on English-language education.
  • Beard, Brady A. Brimstone Studio: painting, photography, and poetry from this California-based artist. Features surrealist, figurative, and pop imagery.
  • Beatty, Nicholas RawUmber Art: eclectic work in painting, drawing, design, photography by this Canadian artist.
  • Bebber, Rachel From fine art to fan art, and involving various mediums both traditional and computer-aided, a young artist presents a site titled "Samaris Art and Design".
  • Beck, John The artist shows paintings and photographs. Representational. Includes weblog.
  • Beck, Lucy B. Biography and work examples for this Australian artist. Figurative and surrealist ceramic paintings and watercolors.
  • Beck, Robert Bucks County, Pennsylvania artist working in oils from life. Impressionist and tonalist in style.
  • Becker, Julie Los Angeles artist presents examples of her art and installation pieces. Includes reviews, essays, and exhibitions listing.
  • Beckley, Bill Virtual gallery of the works of this American artist and photographer. Minimalist. With detailed resume and exhibitions listing.
  • Beckmann, Babette and Curt Beckmann Online galleries for this pair of artists, a painter and a sculptor, from Duesseldorf, Germany. Figurative works. Includes biographies.
  • Beer, Vanilla Representational paintings, including food and nudes, by this artist based in Esperaza, Aude, France. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Beeusaert, Frank Belgian artist shows abstract and surreal works: Fotographism, compositions and sketches. With background music.
  • Beever, Julian UK-based artist specializes in pavement drawings, wall murals, and traditional paintings. Realistic.
  • Beevers, Janet Work by amateur watercolorist from Yorkshire, England. Chiefly landscapes.
  • Begnaud, Joseph The artist displays contemporary figurative oil paintings. Includes resume, with exhibitions details, and a tour of his St. Louis MO studio.
  • Behrens, Chris J. Freestyle: watercolors and oil paintings by this artist who is also a writer of children's stories. Includes weblog.
  • Beil, George Presenting Old Hippie Art, this multi-media artist also includes information on the Sixties.
  • Beilby, Marcus Realistic paintings from this Australian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Belbin, Jacob A collection of paintings and interpretations, mostly drawings in acrylic on paper.
  • Bell, Deborah Abstract works by this UK painter. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Bell, Jessica These paintings are a combination of photo-realism and impressionism. New Jersey artist shows works in oil.
  • Bell, Lisa Portraits and figurative works by this Michigan artist. Also florals and landscapes.
  • Bell, Marlene Paintings, including abstracts, landscapes and portraits, by this Cape Cod artist.
  • Bell-Pearson, Chris Gallery of work exploring the interface between painting and photography. Abstract pieces.
  • Bellamy, Rebecca Portfolio of this multi-disciplinary British artist, including abstract paintings and installation work.
  • Bellchamber, Lynne Gallery Macabre: paintings which feature dark, shadowy scenes often depicting clowns and dolls. UK-based artist.
  • Below, Caspar Presenting videos and other documentation from performances, exhibitions, and interactive works by this London-based artist.
  • Beltrame, Alessandro The artist focuses on art and alchemy in his abstract paintings. Text in English and Italian.
  • BenAziz-Zacharatos, Jamie Designs by Jamie: online portfolio of figurative and abstract works by this Southern California artist.
  • Bennett, Anthony Landscape paintings and drawings, also still-lifes and portraits, by a young London-based artist who loves to travel.
  • Bennett, Chris UK artist creates murals using acrylics and oils on canvas and board; she strives for a spiritual and reflective essence. Some nudes.
  • Bennett, J.S. A portfolio of illustrations and portraits by this British-born and American-educated artist.
  • Bennett, Maurice New Zealand artist presents Toast Art and other Burnt works. Toasted bread as an art medium. Virtual gallery.
  • Bennett, Peter Portraits and pet portraits by this UK artist. Impressionist and expressionist in style.
  • Bennett, Richard Original art and poetry, from the romantic to the dark side of emotions, focusing on images and dreams, presented by a Michigan-based artist. Includes bio.
  • Benson, Sandra Digital and traditional media works which are representational in style. Includes resume for web development skills and an artist bio.
  • Bercaw, Ruth Gallery of works and a description of how the artist creates dramatic 3-dimensional oil paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Berglof, Annika Figurative oil paintings by a New York artist. Information about the artist and virtual gallery.
  • Berkule, Eric This San Francisco-based artist shows figurative paintings and illustrations in an online gallery.
  • Berman, Jude Drawings and montages from a self-described visionary artist based in Berkeley, California. Includes exhibitions listing and weblog.
  • Bernardo, Roberto Brazilian artist shows abstract expressionist works and color-field paintings.
  • Bernstein, Alex Photographs and other digital artwork by this Connecticut artist.
  • Beshara, Crystal An online gallery for this Canadian artist who specializes in watercolors and oils. Includes exhibitions listing and biography.
  • Betz, Jessica Cabinet of Curiosities: showcasing film, photography, printmaking, and performance and installations by this Colorado artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Bhat, Mushtaq Multiple media works dealing with poets, epics, diversity, and civilization from this Berlin-based artist. Figurative and abstract.
  • Bhawana Choudhary Chandra Indian artist presents a collection of her Cubist-inspired paintings. Weblog format.
  • Bielecka, Annie 'Portfolio 2005' has examples of painting, textiles and costume design by the Wivenhoe artist. Figurative and abstract. Includes bio.
  • Bienvenue, Claire Quebec, Canada-based artist creates poetic images in mixed-media works. Includes CV. Some text only in French.
  • Biggs, Janet New York-based video and installation artist deals with the issues of freedom, power and control, and the attempts of social institutions to regulate personal freedoms. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Billman, Timothy Paintings, installations and mixed-media artwork. Abstract and conceptual pieces by New Mexico-based artist.
  • Birch, John Allen Scotland-based artist shows cartoonesque sketches and paintings. Includes weblog.
  • Bircher, Martin Swiss artist shows recent works, from net art to installation projects. Photos.
  • Birkett, Tim Online gallery displaying paintings, house portraits, cartoons, and illustrations by UK-based artist.
  • Birkett, Will Australian painter presents representational works, including portraits. With exhibitions listing.
  • Bischoff, Mira Brazilian-born painter now living in New Delhi presents an online portfolio featuring abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Bistes, Bernard French painter's work aims for a pure and unfettered look at reality, devoid of intellectual complexity. Art examples include nudes, still-lifes, and flowers.
  • Bitmoda Digital artist based in Japan presents fractal art. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Biviano, Charles Jos Virginia-based painter shows impressionist works, including landscapes and seascapes.
  • Biwer-Stewart, Lori Black and white fantasy block prints with spiritually inspired subjects featuring men and women.
  • Bjarre, Bjorn Norwegian artist shows sculpture, drawing, installation photos, and artist books. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Black Coffee Swiss artist presents an online exposition featuring black and white images.
  • Black, Charles Wildlife art, pet portraits, and custom projects by Minnesota-based artist. Realism.
  • Black, Graham Online portfolio featuring drawings and photos.
  • Blaine, Melissa Decorative art paintings in acrylic on various objects, such as chip-wood boxes and wooden plaques.
  • Blake, Cricket Casmaran Creations: photoshop art tutorials and samples of works in various media by the artist. Representational.
  • Blake, Scott Cultural icons from Jesus to Oprah rendered using bar codes to depict the final image. The artist is based in Savannah GA.
  • Blandford, Anna Online gallery for this Australian artist. Figurative drawings, paintings, and prints. Artist book and photos too.
  • Blank, Dan Portfolio of this New York artist's work, including animation, graphic arts, commercial work, and other visual effects.
  • Blatt, Tom Showing abstract sculpture in stone, wood, and metal. Weblog format.
  • Bleasby, Susy Toronto artist paints pet portraits, murals, and other works with an emphasis on whimsical fun.
  • Bliss, Elliott Works include paintings, shoes, logos, clothing, tattoos, and sketches by this California artist. Colorful designs and expressionist imagery.
  • Bloomfield, Paul Massachusetts artist shows landscape paintings and "cameraless images" known as photograms.
  • Bludov, Andrey Abstract paintings and art projects by Ukrainian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • bluebison Cartoon illustrations for screen backgrounds, IM icons, and other uses featuring big-eyed alligators or dogs.
  • Blytt, Are Norwegian artist presents documentation of works and biography. Installations and works on canvas.
  • Blytt, Are Norwegian artist presents documentation of works and biography.
  • Bob Dynamite Gallery of cartoonesque drawings.
  • Boelter, Steven California artist shows portraits and expressionist paintings.
  • Bogat, Regina Selection of work and biographical information for this New York abstract painter. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Bogatkova, Nina Russian artist shows silk paintings and watercolors. Chiefly florals. Background music.
  • Bogush, Andrey Russian artist shows photography and video samples arranged in galleries.
  • Bold, Gina London-based artist's online gallery of figurative oil paintings. Includes comments.
  • Bolliger, Maura Mosaic artist shows samples of her colorful works. Text in English and Italian. Flash.
  • Bond, Loralai Virtual gallery via PowerPoint presentation, with oils, acrylics, and watercolors. Representational.
  • Bonebrake, Diana Landscape paintings by a Los Angeles artist.
  • Bonfigli, Nelly Argentina-born artist now living in Vermont shows her works, which feature Impressionist-style florals, landscapes and figurative pieces.
  • Bongiorno, Phil This California artist seeks to embrace day-to-day, moment-to-moment nuances in abstract paintings. Photography and drawings too.
  • Bonnet, Christelle French artist presents graphic design samples and installation views. Some text only in French.
  • Booth, Austin California artist shows painting, ceramics and photography. Chiefly landscapes, but includes some nudes.
  • Booth, Helen Presenting digitally-created, cartoonesque-style illustrations by this artist who is based in Lancashire, England.
  • Bork, Beatrice A lifelong love for animals and nature finds a focus in this artist's work. Watercolor and gouache.
  • Bors, Chris New York-based artist shows a variety of media, including painting, photography, video, performance, and appropriated imagery in humorous and disturbing fashion. Bio.
  • Boshier, Derek Los Angeles-based Pop artist shows work from the 1960's to the present. Paintings, drawings, and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Boska, Margaret Impressionist and naturalist oil painter from Iowa presents a virtual gallery. Chiefly landscapes.
  • Bostelle, Tom This late Pennsylvania artist painted for over 70 years. Figurative works.
  • Bosworth, Ali Portfolio featuring audio, photographic, and digital works. Photos of cats and web design samples.
  • Botha, Lien South African artist shows photographic works in this site titled 'Music of Silence.' Includes reviews and biography.
  • Botten, Bill Abstract works in acrylic and oil by this South Australian artist.
  • Bottos, Matt Melbourne-based artist presents some streaming samples of video and music compositions as well as digital art examples.
  • Bouassi, Josiane Presenting examples in graphic design, photography, animation and video.
  • Bowden, Barbara M. Representational paintings, photography, and simple animations by the artist.
  • Bowers, Rebecca Candid and posed photographs.
  • Boyd, Doris Biography and examples of landscape paintings, figurative works, and painted tiles by this Australian artist, who died in 1960.
  • Boyd, Maxi Weblog about current projects and exhibitions. Features conceptual works and multiple-artist presentations.
  • Boyd, Merric This Australian ceramic artist, who died in 1959, established a pottery kiln in Murrumbeena. Biography and gallery of works, including sketches.
  • Boyer, Richard Utah-based artist shows representational plein-air and studio oil paintings. Includes photos of the artist painting on location.
  • Boynudelik, Beyza Paintings and engravings by this Istanbul-based artist. Figurative and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Brabner, Bancroft Alabama artist presents a virtual gallery of impressionistic, abstract, and expressionistic paintings with varied subjects. Some nudes.
  • Bracegirdle, Gail Watercolors of contemporary landscapes, still-lifes and other works in mixed-media.
  • Bradbury, David Showcasing the artist's so-called "bad art". On offer: portraits painted without charge.
  • Bradford, Elizabeth This North Carolina painter focuses on the intricate formal patterns found in nature. Representational. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Bradley, Justine Abstract and impressionist landscape paintings in series, including trees, mountains, and islands. Also sketchbook examples and biography.
  • Bradley, Mary Lea Non-objective forms and figurative allusions by this San Diego-based artist.
  • Bragg, Eric Meat Gallery: surrealist painter and sculptor presents a virtual gallery.
  • Brain Burger Illustrations and designs, plus tutorials by Mehim.
  • Brandenburg, Claire This Taos-based artist and author of children's books presents sample illustrations from her works. Includes biography
  • Brandl, Jennifer Abstract paintings and figurative designs.
  • Brandt, Mary Ann Abstract and figurative finger paintings by a Virginia-based artist. Tutorial.
  • Brannock, Gregory Virginia artist shows large-scale abstract oil paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Breack, J.I. Inflight: a collection of experimental photo images including people, action, and cityscapes.
  • Breen, Eddie "Piggyback art" by this Massachusetts-based artist and humorist.
  • Bremont, Alfred Arfredo's World of Art - Arts and humanities, cognition in art.
  • Bresciani, DI Australian artist, presents online galleries of landscape, figurative, and still-life paintings.
  • Brezing, Thomas North Dublin artist shows paintings, installation works, sketches, and studio and gallery photos. Surrealist. Includes exhibitions listing and press clippings.
  • Bria, John R.W. Fine art landscapes, still lifes and portraits in the style of painterly realism.
  • Briata, Raimondo Abstract works by a painter who maintains studios in Boston and in Italy.
  • Bridgeman, Valerie Stoney Creek Studio: this Quebec-based papermaker and potter explains that natural fibers, textures and shapes influence her artworks. Info about artists' trading cards.
  • Brio, Lauren French sculptor focuses on the harmony of round shapes, the feminine or the maternal. Etchings and paintings too. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Brocksom, Ann Drawings, including celebrity portraits, by this UK artist.
  • Broeder, Willem den Dutch surrealist presents an online gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Brolsma, Adriaan Paintings and collage works by this Netherlands-based artist. Figures, flowers, and patterns predominate; collages (including miniature rooms) tend toward the surreal.
  • Brooke Includes photography, poetry, and drawings.
  • Broughall, Emily Mixed-media abstract works by this young artist.
  • Brown, Cathy Pastel paintings featuring landscapes, still-lifes, and animal studies.
  • Brown, MaraLea Presents her paintings and drawings, with a link to her translation site.
  • Brown, Marshia S. Maine artist shows paintings of Sea and Land. Representational.
  • Brown, Rachel R. Chicago artist shows examples of her work in photography, film, and architectural design.
  • Brown, Susan This California artist and musician shows 'shabby chic' works as well as abstract pieces. Includes bio.
  • Bruce, Lorraine M. California artist shows figurative, landscape and abstract pieces of work. Includes some nudes.
  • Brundage, Christina Photography, 3D and digital art, including humorous images created with photo-manipulation.
  • Brunzema, Gerd The Daily Painted Egg: artist weblog on the subject of working with the medium of egg tempera. Abstract examples. In German and English texts.
  • Bruso, Arthur An Alchemist's Garden: photography samples and commentary from this Jersey City-based artist. Weblog format.
  • Bryant, Mary S. Various styles, subjects, and media are presented in this web portfolio by an artist with 20 years of experience. Slides-show, nudes.
  • Bucci, Rebecca The artist shows 135 watercolors reflecting her spiritual and metaphysical vision. Figurative (includes nudes), symbolic.
  • Budesheim, Beth Artwork honoring the inner journey and sacred self. Figurative and symbolic. Includes nudes.
  • Buehler, Jeffry Virtual art galleries offering paintings, illustrations, prints and sculpture. Expressionist. Includes nudes.
  • Buehlmann, Roland Collection of abstract digital photography and computer graphics. Also includes original guitar audio clips.
  • Bugnon, Roland Swiss painter who was a founding member of the "Group Mouvement" in the early sixties. Abstract paintings, drawings, and sculpture.
  • Bui Quang Loc Online portfolio of Vietnamese native now residing in Germany. The artist shows abstract images. Most text is in English, but the statement is only in German.
  • Burack, Nancy New York cityscape paintings, illustrations, photography by native New Yorker.
  • Burch, Guy This figurative painter and sculptor focuses on private and public morality and behavior. Includes CV.
  • Buret, Susan Paintings and mixed media works by this Australian artist whose focus is the use of identity documentation, race and gender stereotypes as tools of power. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Burfield, Aaron Out of the ashes: Australian artist living in brushfire-threatened area presents representational charcoal illustrations.
  • Burge, James UK-based freelance TV programmer and writer presents some ideas and shares family photos. Includes resume.
  • Burkhardt, Cynthia Photographic and digital works featuring scenic views, horses, and black-and-white images from this Florida artist.
  • Burns, Natalie Online portfolio displaying work by abstract artist based in the UK.
  • Burra, Patrizia Abstract paintings in acrylics and oils by the Italian artist. Some text in Italian.
  • Bussett, Lisa Figurative paintings, ceramincs, and prints.
  • Butkus, Michael California-based entertainment illustrator presents an online portfolio featuring movie posters, portraits, sketches, and toy designs.
  • Butler, Clay This illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, television/video producer and concert photographer showcases his work.
  • Butler, James Impressionist portraits by this artist from Wichita, Kansas. Weblog format.
  • Buzatu, Simona G. ArtVisiona: Romanin graphic designer and animator presents an online portfolio.
  • Byrd, Thom Presents images of his drawings in several media.
  • Byron, Kari The artist shows mixed media works in two series, or categories--boxes and dolls.
  • Byrum, Ron Memphis-based artist presents a gallery of outsider art, featuring watercolors and ink drawings. Includes some nude art.

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