Other languages: Danish, German.

  • a Marca, Giacomo Gallery of fantasy landscape paintings by Swiss artist.
  • Abeles, Sigmund Realistic figure drawings, paintings, and pastels. Also nudes. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Abernathy, Kathryn Abstract paintings, stylized landscapes, and eclectic florals by this artist from Germantown, TN.
  • Abraham, Kim Maryland artist shows oil paintings with a focus on landscape as enigma and metaphor. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Abraham, Peter Hungarian artist presents a virtual gallery of paintings and sculpture. Abstract, figurative, and surreal. Triangular shapes for some works.
  • Acar, Ismail Figurative works by this Turkish artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Adair, Eleanor Paintings and drawings by the Scottish artist. Figurative and expressionist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Adam, Matthew NY artist incorporating abstract, realist, impressionist, and expressionist elements into redefining works. With biography.
  • Adam, Richard Watercolors, drawings, cartoons, pastels, mandalas, and silk screen prints by a London artist.
  • Adams, Caroline Landscape paintings, prints and handmade boxes.
  • Adams, Susan J Paintings, prints, video stills, and sculpture of a narrative bent.
  • Adler, Mindi Mindilin's Art Page: this Austin-based artist presents samples in a variety of media and genres.
  • Adrian, Sara E. Modern paintings and drawings in oil, acrylic and watercolor done in a bauhaus/art deco style.
  • Aerfeldt, Christine South Australian artist paints ceramic figurines and dolls in folk costume, placed in mysterious settings. Online gallery includes paintings, mixed media and digital prints.
  • Afaf al Bajari and Ohood ALJurayed ArtWaves: two Saudi artists, a mother and daughter team, present representational oil paintings, designs on porcelain and glass, and decorative boxes. Includes press clippings (in Arabic).
  • Afonsky, Vladimir Online galleries of digital prints, paintings by Afonsky and others. Also includes poetry.
  • Agnoli, Kathleen New York artist presents portraits, representation paintings and prints, and photographs.
  • Aguirre, Carlos Colombian artist presents artwork and news in a weblog format. Figurative.
  • Ahmed, Adnan Semi-abstract landscape paintings by this artist from Pakistan. Includes biography.
  • Ahokas, Olavi The Weird World of Ollie - Including his artwork and his interests.
  • Aitken, Doug New York artist shows selected installation stills. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Ajaykumar Multi-disciplinary artist presents an online portfolio showcasing projects and philosophical ideas.
  • Aje, Jide African- and Yoruba-inspired multimedia works by this US-based artist originally from Nigeria.
  • Akhmedov, Timur Ernst Artist from Uzbekistan presents an online portfolio featuring abstract and surrealist paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Akiko Endo Large-scale paintings of imaginary cityscapes by this oil painter based in Tokyo. Text in English and Japanese.
  • Aksel, Erdag Turkish artist's abstract metalwork, conceptual found-object art, and public art. Includes resume. In English and also in Turkish.
  • Al Safi, Ahmed Iraqi artist's figurative bronze sculptures and paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Alani, Saad Presents the work of the Iraqi painter and sculptor.
  • Alberice, Peter North Carolina artist presents abstract paintings with a focus on architecture and geometry. Includes biography.
  • Albuquerque, Lita Public works with an environmental focus, painting and sculpture, and writings from this Santa Monica-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Alders, Jay Figurative oil paintings, pastels and photographs.
  • Aldworth, Susan J Botanical illustrations in various media.
  • Alecu, Adrian German artist presents information and images showcasing his performance pieces and other artwork, including videos.
  • Alexiou, Caroline Young Greek artist presents figurative and fantasy-style sketches and computer-generated art.
  • Alhabeeb, M.J. Baytulhabeeb: Arabic and Islamic art by an Iraqi American artist. Features calligraphy and painting.
  • Alkacir, Hakan Figurative paintings and drawings and abstract sculptures by the Swedish-born artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Alkazzi, Basil Abstract paintings of mystical landscapes. Flash required to view site.
  • Allen, Sterling Austin, Texas artist displays photography and illustration.
  • Almeida, Gustavo Brazilian artist present sample pieces featuring fantasy and cartoon-style imagery.
  • Aloel Portfolio of sculpture, illustrations, and computer graphics by an artist who has lived in Arizona and Virginia.
  • Alsican Exposition of paintings, etchings, and monotypes showcasing perceptual abstraction. Text in English and French.
  • Ambar, Anat Israeli artist's portfolio of abstract paintings, prints, collage and sculpture.
  • Amen, Irving Biography and links to museums and galleries displaying his art oils, acrylics, woodcuts and etchings.
  • Amini, Elizabeth Little Red Door: featuring abstract art by this Los Angeles-based artist.
  • Amos, Jacqueline Mixed media figurative works by an artist, poet, and blues singer. Background music
  • Amy Clare Red Mongoose: art student's weblog about the modern art world, digital art, and video games. Includes figurative works.
  • Anderegg, Ron Portfolio includes figurative paintings and drawings, abstract sculpture, and photography by Los Angeles-based artist.
  • Anderson, Angela Landscapes, still-lifes, and abstract paintings in acrylics by this Arkansas artist.
  • Anderson, Ian Eman's Art: featuring a special series: Say Something.
  • Anderson, Michelle Bay Area artist, poet, writer and entrepreneur. Online art gallery, shop, web design, photography and drawings influenced by pin-up art and pop music posters of the fifties.
  • Anderson, Stephen Diverse portfolio of photography, drawings, paintings, graphic design, textile design, animation and three dimensional work.
  • Anderson, Stephen W. Illinois artist shows portraits, fantasy tableaux, and figurative scenes. Folk art. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Ando Stanoff, Miya Oakland-based minimalist metalworker uses steel and pigment to create quiet, introspective environments. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Andrews, Janie London artist's portfolio of painting, sculpture, spatial design and public art.
  • Ang, Jason Features gallery of photography and three-dimensional digital art by graduate mathematics student.
  • Angeloni, Richard Colorful and bold abstract action paintings inspired by abstract expressionism.
  • Angelov, Krasimir Online gallery featuring icons and representational paintings by this Bulgarian artist. Text also available in Spanish and German.
  • Ann-Mi A collection of digital and traditional artwork, mostly from the imagination. Abstract and figurative images in a variety of media.
  • Antill, Judy Australian painter shows mysterious landscapes to "reflect the alluring uncertainty of journeys and the unrevealed future." Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Antin, Randy San Francisco artist shows oil paintings and photography. Abstract works, including 'duct tape' pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Antunes, Aureo Gallery of large format abstract geometric paintings by contemporary Brazilian artist .
  • Anutosh Dutch artist's online gallery of "amorphogenetic" abstract paintings inspired by natural sea life forms.
  • Appleby, James With Genetic Rolling Mirror, this UK-based surrealist artist presents his world view. Includes galleries of computer-generated art, ink drawings, and box assemblages.
  • Arad-Inbar, Sigal Features abstract paintings and fantasy sculpture as well as information about art direction for film, theater and TV. Includes video clips.
  • Arak, Ailar Gallery of digital photography.
  • Araripe, Oscar Acrylic paintings on synthetic canvas are presented by this Brazilian artist. Text is available in English and Portuguese.
  • Aravena, Sebastian Web design, digital graphics, drawings, cycling and personal information.
  • Arch Gallery of Mayham n' Art: featuring fantasy works in ink and pencil. Weblog format.
  • ArchNoble Brooklyn-based artist and student shows mixed-media figurative works.
  • Arink, Karin Dutch artist uses and researches different media: cut photos, modeled, cut and stitched sculptures, spatial drawings of textile and adhesive foil, animations and text works. Biography, exhibition list and reviews.
  • Arkhipoff, Elisabeth Romantic Surf: graphics, graffiti, and installations by a Paris-based artist.
  • Armas, Enrico Works presented by this Venezuelan artist include paintings, assemblages, sculptures and installations. Text in English and Spanish.
  • Armstrong, Carol Painting subjects include tropical scenes, children, nudes, mermaids, fairies, dragons and other wildlife. The artist currently resides in Hawaii.
  • Arnold, A.B. Quintessence Studio: featuring information about the Canadian artist's novel "Turning Points" as well as photos and representational works in various media.
  • Arnold, Drake The online portfolio of Florida artist who works in traditional and digital media. Graphic design and web development services too.
  • Arrighi Borghese, Nike Australian-Italian artist's online portfolio shows oil paintings and etchings, with subjects chiefly featuring views of Rome and Venice. Realistic. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Artar, Sule I. Bodrum, Turkey-based artist shows figurative drawings and paintings. Includes biography.
  • Arteni, Stefan Showcases the artist's work in Japanese calligraphy and painting and Sol Invictus Press, which creates one of a kind artist's books. Lists exhibitions, collections and recent essays on art related topics.
  • Arthur, Jon Portfolio site with abstract relief images, word art, machine designs, sculpture, and conceptual works featuring teddy bears.
  • Articola, Gally Glitch Gally: featuring fantasy illustrations, comics, and graphic design.
  • Ascher, Jon Site features portfolio of illustration and photography, résumé and biography.
  • Ashton Angel's Light showcases the works of a young Christian artist who enjoys experimenting in different techniques and mediums.
  • Aspiras, Mona Lisa This artist is from the Philippines, born and raised in Rome, Italy, and presently living in Virginia. Representational. Poetry too.
  • Asptamer Collection of photographs and 3D graphics.
  • Assed, Barry Colorful abstract paintings and drawings by this Pennsylvania artist who is 'interested in making meaning out of the random."
  • Atanian, Vladimir Abstract, figurative, and cubist paintings, prints, and sculptures from this Armenian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Atkins, Chrisabel Paintings and prints concerned with the landscape by this UK-based artist. Includes exhibitions listings.
  • Atrash, Salh Landscape and figurative works by Palestinian artist.
  • Attwood, Michael Painting, sculpture, landscape photography, and drawings. Abstract pieces and portraiture. Includes information on Buddhism.
  • Au, So-Ha Abstract mixed-media works featuring diagrams and symbols. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Aug, Louise Original abstract and figurative paintings feature strong color and line.
  • Augustyns, Kurt This Belgian artist's current focus is on film, with sidesteps in music, performance and photography.
  • Auri, Lucio German artist shows assorted projects featuring a creative approach to interior spaces, from offices to homes.
  • Awol Whimsical art inspired by the wonder of childhood.
  • Ayers, Franklin Weblog featuring comments on and demonstrations of fantasy illustrations by the artist.
  • Ayers, Justin This artist and NYU film student presents examples of his projects in photography, fine art, music, and video. Includes weblog.
  • Azoulai, Marlene "Outsider art" takes the form of paintings, drawings and assemblage pieces.
  • Heavyside.net Multimedia projects by Canadian artist/researcher Jamie Allen

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