Surrealism began as a 20th century movement and expresses the activities of the subconscious mind through fantastic imagery. The paintings include a variety of content that can include dream interpretation and elements juxtaposed in a hallucinatory setting. Surrealism can be abstract (i.e. Miro) or highly realistic (i.e. Dali).

  • Alvarado, Bogie Paintings and pen and ink drawings by a young Filipino artist. Images and personal data.
  • Armstrong, Peter Paintings
  • Arrisueno, Ernesto Figures and objects are juxtaposed with building fragments; concepts from his imagination are presented with the crisp reality of symbolic realism. Images, biography, curriculum vitae, and reviews.
  • Avila, Jinx Gothic and fantasy artwork of Jinx Avila. Fairies, mermaids and demons. Prints and original paintings for sale. With biography.
  • Barr, Joel Does surreal, and narrative art in oil, and mixed-media.
  • Barrow, Scott Artwork explores the downward spiral of mankind, including the original sin. Images and statement.
  • Bartlett, Steve California artist specializing in surreal and realistic, narrative oil paintings. Includes statement and exhibition schedule.
  • Bartz, Joseph Presents surrealistic paintings and drawings with detailed explanations and a short biographical note.
  • Beal, Robert S Showcasing the work of an artist from Oklahoma who specializes in oil and intaglio.
  • Becket-Griffith, Jasmine The only official website for Gothic surreal painter Jasmine Becket-Griffith (a.k.a. Strangeling). Gallery of work, photos of the artist, biography, and information regarding the purchase of custom commissions and original work.
  • Bellor Images of the work of the belgian surrealist painter Bellor (1911-2000), with biography and collections.
  • Ben-Shoshan, Orna Israeli artist who creates oil paintings and computer art. Images, biography, mailing list, and exhibitions.
  • Bomberg, Rachelle South African artist creating large abstracts and surreal paintings inspired by the changing moods of light, sun and mists over mountain and sea.
  • Borys, Loulou Gallery of native surrealist art. Offers an artist profile, and several available prints.
  • Boussignac Contemporary French painter. Images and biographical note.
  • Brandenburg, Robert Ohio artist specializing in altering pre-existing paintings to obtain a pop surrealist style. Includes before and after galleries.
  • Brevigliero, Battista Italian artist displays acrylic paintings of figures in mystical architectural landscapes.
  • Brody, Cynthia Mixed media works by the artist and psychotherapist, with some biographical information.
  • Calle, R. Paintings that touch on religion and current events, plus commercial illustrations. Images and curriculum vitae.
  • Castro, Diego Portfolio of abstract, figurative and surreal paintings by an Argentinian artist.
  • Cellai, Roberto Portfolio of an Italian artist working with a metaphysical-surrealistic technique, primarily in oil on canvas. [Italian and English]
  • Cheval, Michael Russian artist now residing in New York and influenced by the Old Masters. Includes surrealistic compositions, portraits and ink drawings.
  • Clapp, Marsha Paintings of animals and spiritual subjects on feathers, paper, and canvas. With some comments by the artist.
  • Conrad, Christina A brief survey of the works of New Zealand's leading exponent of "art brut", including a short autobiography and links.
  • Cormier Splane, Margot An imaginative visual story, depicting a blend of humor and serious insight, treated in a highly realistic manner in both acrylic paintings and serigraph prints.
  • Cotton, Will Presents work of New York based painter known for his surreal candy landscapes. Paintings explore themes of temptation, gluttony and indulgence. Includes images, curriculum vitae, exhibitions, and news.
  • Cousset, Jean-Marie French artist working in a variety of media and creating surreal views of subjects including animals, nudes and architecture. [French and English]
  • Cusimano, Joseph Images of paintings by surrealist artist. Also includes information and links about surrealism.
  • D'Alessio, Carlo Hyperrealistic artist, classically trained in New York, and using juxtaposition and contrast for a surrealistic effect.
  • Dang, Frits Dutch artist inspired by Dali, Willink and Schumacher. Includes portfolio, exhibition schedule and biography. [Dutch and English]
  • Davies, Hugh British artist working with a variety of themes and subjects. Includes image galleries and biography.
  • DeSoto, Anita New Zealand artist focusing on the human figure in a state of repose, ecstasy or introversion. Includes resume and reviews.
  • Donikian, Simon City scapes, still lifes and portraits in realist and semiabstract surrealism by Armenian painter of Romanian schooling living in Queens New York.
  • Dosen Paintings, drawings, illustrations. Media: watercolor, tempera, color washes and pen.
  • Du Xinjian Surrealist painter from Jinan, Shandong. Includes images, biography, and review.
  • Eberle, Dick A gallery of paintings, drawings, and watercolors.
  • Fikl, Gheorghe Romanian artist focusing on figurative surrealism. Includes exhibition schedule and reviews.
  • Finity, Cliff Presents contemporary surrealistic paintings in oil on canvas and panel. Includes images and biography.
  • Fiveash, Nathan Images of surreal paintings and drawings by Louisiana artist.
  • Fox, Ginger Self-taught artist from Texas focusing on magical realism and how we interact with nature. Includes image galleries and biography.
  • Franano, Bobby Portfolio of a Florida artist known for painting large, colorful canvases in a style he calls pop-surrealism.
  • Franklin, Karl Oil and acrylic surreal paintings and limited edition prints. Images are based on real life experiences and observations by self taught artist.
  • Galderisi, Guido Italian painter known for his fantastic landscapes and creatures. In English and Italian.
  • Gilbertson, Darren A portfolio of art work by Darren Gilbertson, B.F.A. Includes curriculum vitae.
  • Gorin, Igor Ukrainian contemporary painter.
  • Gort, Josep Maria Presents paintings by a Catalan artist. Includes images and biography. In English, Spanish, and Catalan.
  • Gric, Peter Collection of fantastic/surreal paintings and illustrations of the Czech painter. [Flash]
  • Gritsiyenko, John Surrealist works by the Russian artist, and some in other styles. Images and curriculum vitae.
  • Gurevich, Dalit Images of the work of a young Israeli painter working in New York. With biography, curriculum vitae, and exhibitions.
  • Hall, Philip Presents works of an Australian artist based in New York. Includes examples, resume, and contact details.
  • Harper, Dennis A selection of images from the studio, egg temperas, robots fighting in the Italian landscape, art f'art sake.
  • Heald, Tony Featuring the watercolors, oil paintings and drawings of a British artist. Includes information about commissions.
  • Hill, Lilli Surreal and fantasy paintings in oil on canvas. The painter is a German woman, and almost all of her paintings feature women.
  • Hoey, Wayne Contemporary New York City painter of alienation, mostly expressed by female nudes who have problems with their context. Images and artist's statement.
  • Hughes, Richard Ohio artist paints original surrealist paintings in oil on canvas. Images of his works.
  • Jacobsen, John Detailed paintings and mixed media works of lonely human figures placed in desolate landscapes.
  • Jaman, Danijel Croatian artist creating colorful paintings primarily in oil or watercolor. Includes image galleries and reviews. [Croatian and English]
  • Johnson, Eban Dark and detailed paintings, and drawings.
  • Kahn, Scott An online visit to "the Tribeca (NYC) studio of surreal-fantasy painter Scott Kahn", with comments by the artist.
  • Kalcina, Ivan Works by a Sarajevo-born artist living in Italy. Includes images and biography.
  • Katia Simple presentation of a Bulgarian painter now residing in Holland.
  • Kite, Stacey Surreal paintings and limited edition prints.
  • Koleszar, Alex Allegorical Surrealism by the California-based painter. Images with comments, essays and biography.
  • Kukowski, Jaroslaw Showcasing the surreal, fantasy and magic realism paintings of a contemporary Polish artist.
  • La Speranza, Luigi A collection of fantastic, surreal, and realistic oil paintings, drawings, and watercolors. Several etchings are available for purchase.
  • Lawes, Errol Portfolio, background information and exhibition schedule of an artist from London.
  • Lecocq, Pascal The Painter of Blue and Divers - His work includes surreal landscapes and opera decors, he has become famous for his images of divers in surreal situations enveloped in remarkable blue vistas.
  • Livingston, Andrew and Morris, George Art works inspired by the entertainment industry and Frank Zappa. George and Andrew have been working collaboratively as artists since 2000.
  • Lohmuller, Gyuri Biography and portfolio of a self-educated painter from Romania.
  • Lowe, Ming C. Contemporary California artist who specializes in large-scale expressionistic oil paintings. Subjects include sexuality, industrial icons, animals, war, death, and the metaphysical. Images and biographical note.
  • Marlin, Brigid Paintings in oil and tempera created using the mische technique of the Vienna school of fantastic realism.
  • Mason, Stephen American artist currently residing in Germany and combining surrealism with elements of romanticism. [German and English]
  • Maverick, David A small gallery of the visionary and surrealist paintings, including works of art in the nature of spirituality, dogs, landscapes, and abstract art.
  • May, Dan Florida artist painting dreamlike environments based on human and nature's relationship with each other.
  • McCormick, Kristi Surrealistic images of the world.
  • Merkle, Phil Selection of original paintings and design work from the American artist.
  • Meta, Agim Based in Spain and inspired by his knowledge of psychoanalysis and philosophy. Includes resume and portfolio.
  • Miklos, Claudio Surrealist art of Claudio Miklos, a Brazilian painter and designer.
  • Miller, Justin Paintings derived from abyssal life forms, organic landscapes, shells and fossils.
  • Mirland, John R Danish artist creating dark, haunting images of loneliness, desperation, pain and lust often with a religious twist.
  • Miyakawa, Hikaru H Showcasing the work of a Japanese artist exploring the hidden treasures of the dark, unconscious archetypes within.
  • Moser Presents a series of oil and mixed media paintings, with tormented human figures in enigmatic and surreal surroundings.
  • Mughal, Saqib Showcasing the work of a Florida artist using windows, doors and fleeting glimpses of girls as symbolic forms.
  • Nisar, Ron Original, surrealistic, anthropomorphic art. Nisar's art has been compared to the works of Dali, DeChirico, and Tanguy. He is a new and emerging artist.
  • O'Gorman, Michael Contemporary British artist working predominantly with oils to create surreal artworks. Includes overview and description of methodology.
  • Olivos, Claudia Oil paintings, drawings, pastels and other artworks by a Chilean artist currently residing in Virginia.
  • Padilla, Miguel Spanish American artist creating surrealistic imagery based on landscape, history and artifacts of the American Southwest.
  • Panzullo, Robert Pennsylvania artist creating surreal and illusionary landscape paintings in a style reminiscent of Dali and Magritte.
  • Paxton, Stewart Contemporary religious iconography.
  • Peck, Marion Images of oil paintings by a contemporary surrealist and fantasy painter, with an exhibition list, coming events, and catalog of available prints.
  • Pedroni, Maira Featuring the paintings, drawings and digital art of an Italian artist focusing on the macabre and visionary. [Italian and English]
  • Pelletier, Juliette Dramatic paintings which combine classical imagery with technology and symbolism.
  • Perez, Santiago Featuring Surrealist-fantasy, Hispanic and Western landscape paintings. Includes information about exhibitions and collections.
  • Phantastic Art Gallery of Candice Brogle Strange, dreamlike and lugubrious fantasy paintings. Images, biography, and statement.
  • Pinto, Vito M Paintings of stylized figures dancing in strange landscapes, done in acrylic and oil.
  • Pitariu, Tatomir Showcasing the work of a dark artist from Romania influenced by the mythic and mysterious folklore of his homeland.
  • Pons, Eolo Argentinian artist creating landscape and figurative paintings from nature, memory and imagination.
  • Pukac, Michael A collection of paintings by a Los Angeles artist and live painter. Includes biography, statement and press reviews.
  • Ransom, John C Portfolio of an abstract surrealist painter from Venice, California.
  • Rapp, Otto Showcasing the surreal and fantastic realist art of an Austrian artist currently residing in Canada.
  • Raymond, Lee-Anne Paintings and drawings by an Australian surrealist, often dealing with the fantastic. Includes biography and exhibitions.
  • Razmadze, Ramaz Presents drawings and paintings in oil and gouache by a Georgain-born artist, with a biography.
  • Redman, Helen Presents features about women getting older in "Birthing The Crone: Menopause and aging through an artist's eyes." Includes biography, slide presentation, bibliography, and print ordering information.
  • Reiter, Marina Based in New York and focusing on abstract surrealist paintings primarily in oil on canvas or mixed media.
  • Rice, Stephen Watercolor drawings and surrealistic acrylic paintings. Unusual monotone technique. With biography and exhibition schedule.
  • Richardson, Debbie Eyescapes - Surrealist-symbolic oil paintings inspired by her life's lessons.
  • Richter, Jolanda Selection of visionary/surreal paintings by a contemporary Austrian painter. Includes biography and reviews. [German and English]
  • Robinson, Louanne Surreal artwork, poetry, and music. Subjects include Christianity, nature, and Asia among others.
  • Rohde, Sonja Highly ornate and surreal paintings in oil or acrylic by a German artist.
  • Roybal, Antonio Works of a New Mexico artist who considers himself a proponent of visionary mannerism, fantastic realism, and surrealism. Includes images, biographical note, and short statement.
  • Sand, Mandy Israeli painter displays fantastic landscape, still life, and portrait in oil, and drawing.
  • Sebor, James Portfolio of paintings, prints, and Flash work. Also contains short glossary of surrealism, including quotations from the founders.
  • Shelegov, Boris Day dreams - Surrealistic paintings of Ukrainian artist.
  • Shores, David Texas artist blending pop culture, mystery and cartoon appeal into his paintings. Includes biography and exhibition schedule.
  • Smith, Danielle Eclectic surrealist and magic realist paintings in oil, acrylic, and mixed media by an artist from California.
  • Smith, T Featuring the paintings with background information of a Texas artist. Includes biography and statement.
  • Spivak, Alexander Paints in a surrealist style which he calls Poetic Symbolism. Has images, curriculum vitae, and review article.
  • Staal, Daniel Dutch artist, exhibiting macabre surrealist paintings.
  • Sterling, Kim Murals, drawings, paintings, and odd art, visual and literary. With biography.
  • Szlavics, Alexa Hungarian artist working primarily in oil on canvas and inspired by the artifacts of ancient civilizations and visions evoked by meditation.
  • Ten Sen Kho Erotic painting, psychoanalytic visual investigations by Russian painter. Oils on canvas.
  • Togrul, Mazhar Existential Surrealist from Istanbul displays works. Includes manifesto and exhibitions.
  • Tom, Cynthia Paintings representing women and relationships in fantastic landscapes.
  • Tumanova, Svetlana Art works in oils and acrylics: associative abstraction and quasi-figurative archetypical painting. With biography and a forum.
  • van Oostzanen Samples of work, with a biography and discussions of conception and technique.
  • Venjean, Daniel Explores a strange world, filled with fantastic creatures. In English and French.
  • Vijender Sharma Contemporary New Delhi surrealist explores metaphysical questions. Includes images, biographical and exhibition information, and reviews.
  • Vincent, Michele Collection of epic fantasy and surrealist paintings of the French artist. English, French, and Spanish.
  • Vuorma, Juha Fantastic, surreal paintings, illustrations and comics of the Finnish painter.
  • Waguespack, John San Francisco painter inspired by historical and current events, religion, sarcasm and elements of popular culture.
  • Walravens, Servaas Gallery of works by Belgium artist. Includes biography and exhibition information.
  • Warner, Nancie Dreamlike oil paintings divided into four subjects: art of being human, dilemma, dream, and life and death.
  • Werlin, Judy Highly realized imagery with spiritual content. Paintings are done with oils and mixed materials, including pencil, pastel, collaged black and white xeroxes.
  • Wicherski, Amy Online gallery includes paintings, drawings, and sketches. Primarily figure studies or surrealist subjects.
  • Winter, Bram de Dutch painter, specialized in oils. His themes are often surreal, with a touch of symbolism.
  • Wohlwend, Martin R Blog and portfolio of an artist from Liechtenstein who describes his work as reflections of human nature, the creation of the universe, our environment, and today’s society.
  • Wong-Ligda, Ed Hyperrealist oil paintings with explanations by the artist.

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