Impressionist paintings often include short, broken brush strokes of pure, untinted and unmixed colors to give an appearance of spontaneity and vibrancy. Surfaces of the paintings tend to be highly textured with thick paint and the compositions place emphasis on an overall effect verses detail. Well known impressionist Claude Monet performed a significant role in this 19th century art movement.

  • Alupi, Calin Paintings, drawings, pastels; important representative of the Romanian post-impressionism in contemporary art.
  • Anderson, Heather Based in Florida and describing her landscapes, gardens and street scenes as impressionism with an infusion of color. Includes resume and statement.
  • Anderson, Susie Y Hawaii artist specializing in impressionistic plein air oil paintings including landscapes, seascapes, still life and florals.
  • Andersson, Markus Nudes and landscapes in the Romantic tradition by a contemporary Swedish painter. [Swedish and English]
  • Asher, Charlie Inspired by his love of northern California, San Francisco and the Sierra mountains. Includes blog and portfolio.
  • Aycock, Margaret Oklahoma artist focusing on still life, portraiture, landscapes and beach scenes. Includes resume and portfolio.
  • Baker, Gary Australian still life and landscape artist presents gallery of paintings and etchings. Includes biography.
  • Ballantyne, Gwen Plein air and alla prima oil painter of landscape, figure and still life. Includes biography and exhibitions.
  • Bampfield, John Featuring the seascape, landscape and cityscape paintings of a Cornish artist.
  • Bannon, Maureen Original oil paintings and prints by a Maryland artist featuring pastoral settings and scenes from Poland. Offers commissions and prints.
  • Barkin, William Original oil paintings by a Berkshire artist whose manner of style borrows on the tenets of American Impressionism. Includes biography and contact information.
  • Barranco, Federico Showcasing the psychedelic-impressionist paintings of this Spanish artist, done mostly in oil or acrylic colors.
  • Baxter, John British artist specializing in atmospheric landscapes of Lincolnshire and Norfolk in oil or watercolor.
  • Baynes, Maija Contemporary original paintings, etchings, and monotypes. Limited editions of original art is also included. Includes exhibitions and awards.
  • Begley, Carol Volz Impressionist plein air artist who works in several mediums; oils, pastels, and watercolors. Provides artist's biography and information about art classes.
  • Bikic, Ana A Florida-based artist who focuses on environmental awareness. Includes resume and image galleries.
  • Binder, Avraham Gallery of paintings including, portraits, still lifes, nudes, abstracts, and holy land landscapes from Israeli artist.
  • Birk, Surry Impressionistic and representational paintings and illustrations featuring landscapes, and figurative works.
  • Black, Paul Landscapes and paintings of Portland, Maine; primarily in oil on canvas.
  • Bolton Smith, R. Features impressionistic and giclee art by Hilton Head, South Carolina artist. Includes gallery information.
  • Booth, Bob British artist now living in Australia and describing himself as a figurative, gestural colorist who favors a heavy application of thick paint on the canvas.
  • Borree, Jeanine Brightly colored paintings, done on cabinets, standing screens, and gift-boxes.
  • Bowman, Mike French and Italian landscapes and portraits.
  • Bronk, Karl Massachusetts based artist working mainly in oils or pastels in an interpretive style. Includes biography and image galleries.
  • Burlacu, Iurie Moldavian artist specializing in still-life, animal, landscape and seascape oil paintings. Includes biography and contact information.
  • Burton, Christopher Contemporary impressionist artist working in acrylic and mixed media and focusing on figurative, landscape and still life paintings.
  • Cajko, Jerry A collection of Caribbean (impressionism) and Alchemy (abstract) paintings.
  • Camassar, Gershon The life and art of an Old Lyme Colony artist who died in 1995. Includes information about buying or selling his work.
  • Carter, Stephen Portfolio of a California artist focusing on landscapes and still life primarily in oil on canvas.
  • Cato, Paul Realistic impressionism, sometimes with a touch of the romantic, from New Zealand.
  • Ceccato, Tullio Gallery reflects the impressionist trend of Veneto painting with subjects from flowers and portraits to landscapes. Includes review and exhibitions. In English and Italian
  • Cembranelli, Fábio Brazilian painter and teacher offers a gallery of florals and landscapes in watercolor and oil. Includes course information and biography. In English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Chan, Tinyan Chinese artist now resident in Canada. Includes image galleries and information about his exhibitions and achievements.
  • Clark, Mairi Scottish landscape artist working primarily in oils in a semi-abstract form. Includes portfolio and information about exhibitions.
  • Cleland-Hura, D J Based in the Pacific Northwest and specializing in impressionist realist paintings of landscapes, wildlife and the figure.
  • Clement, Danielle Biography of the Canadian painter and images of her works. Landscapes and figures in oil or watercolor. In English and French.
  • Cole, Joan Plein air painter from Connecticut inspired by the New England landscape. Includes portfolio with background information.
  • Collas, Jacques Virtual gallery and information about the twentieth-century impressionist artist from Liège, Belgium.
  • Comer, John California impressionist presents gallery of plein air landscapes and seascapes. Includes exhibition calendar and biography.
  • Cox, Patrick Otis Post Modern Impressionist presents gallery of works. Includes biography and interview with artist on "The China Series."
  • Crisford, Georgina Paintings and sketches focusing on rituals which are unique to British life, and yet which stem from imagination, nostalgia and memory.
  • Crites, Gayle Contemporary impressionist oil paintings of interiors with figures, still life subjects, and landscapes.
  • Cuevas, Ray A gallery of contemporary landscape, cityscape and figurative paintings
  • Cummins, Ct Based in Florida and focusing on florals and landscapes in a post-impressionism style. Includes artist's statement and image galleries.
  • Cutri, Sharon Marie Inspired by early California impressionists, motifs from France and Italy, portraits, flowers, still lifes
  • DaGradi, Joan Features landscape and still life paintings in oil by this American artist. Includes biography and magazine articles.
  • David, Ivo Italian American painter focusing on impasto oil paintings of landscapes and the people in them. Includes biography and portfolio.
  • Davies, Harold A collection of the works of 20th century artist from Leeds, England.
  • Delafosse, Valerie Figurative, abstract and some old master reproductions.
  • Diamond, Ellen Contemporary impressionist artist based in Florida. Includes news, events and portfolio.
  • Duaiv French figurative painter. Includes biography, events, galleries and exhibitions.
  • Dvir, Tal Inspired by California's landscapes and cityscapes and working in an impressionism to realism style. Includes biography and exhibition history.
  • Dye, Jessee Gallery of modern impressionistic paintings are mostly oil on canvas.
  • Eagling, D. G. Recent impressionist works, oil and acrylic paintings of Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, Mount Diablo and bay area scenes.
  • Edwards, David Biography and portfolio of Canadian acrylic artist who paints landscapes and florals with either brush or palette knife.
  • Edwards, Douglas Canadian artist specializing in landscape paintings in oil on canvas. Includes information about exhibitions and press reviews.
  • Elsey, Kathleen Plein air impressionist paintings of California, the Southwest, Mexico and Europe.
  • Erb, Kimberly Based in Ohio and painting pets, horses, landscapes, urban scenes, seascapes and still life, primarily in oil on canvas.
  • Eugster, Diane Presents oil paintings by the Southwestern artist. Includes a demonstration of her technique.
  • Evans, Martin Biography and paintings of a South African Artist specializing in vibrant and strong oil colors.
  • Fabien, Louis French neo-impressionist painter. Includes biography, portfolio and information about commissions. [French and English]
  • Fahey Cameron, Robin Landscape artist from Hawaii specializing in painting landscapes en plein-air. Includes statement and biography.
  • Fasken, Paula New Mexico artist specializing in watercolor and oil paintings of Southwest and European imagery.
  • Feins, Judith Resume and portfolio of an artist inspired by California landscapes and the architecture and colors of France and Italy.
  • Ferguson, Robert These works are done on location and echo the works of the early California Impressionists such as Maurice Braun and Guy Rose.
  • Fiorello, Pat Georgia artist specializing in atmospheric landscapes and vibrant florals in oil or watercolor. Includes statement and information about commissions.
  • Forsythe, Graham Canadian artist focusing on still life, landscapes and luminous abstracts. Includes resume, portfolio and news.
  • Franklin, Phyllis Oil, pastel, acrylic, and watercolor paintings of the American south by an artist based in Georgia.
  • Gaber, Antoine In his expressive artwork, Canadian impressionist painter captures the haunting beauty of Egypt in the oil medium.
  • Gillespie, Ken Canadian artist specializing in bold, colorful landscape and still life paintings in both oils and acrylics. Includes biography and information about gallery representation.
  • Gingerich, Mark A plein air impressionist painter of the Midwest. Includes image galleries and information about teaching workshops.
  • Gleiter, Ulrich Drawings and paintings by a German artist currently based in Russia including portraits and landscapes.
  • Goldsworthy, Robert R. Colorado artist presents gallery of works in a variety of medium with subject matter including landscapes, still life and portraits.
  • Goosen, Frits Gallery of impressionistic landscapes, harbours, city views and ship portraits. Includes artist's biography. In English and Dutch.
  • Gorcey, Elizabeth Mostly flower studies and figurative works, done in oil, watercolor, and acrylic.
  • Greaves, Susan F Based in California and focusing on oil paintings of landscapes, florals, still life, figures, portraits and horses.
  • Green, Marie Portfolio of local scenes in oil by this artist from Queensland, Australia. Includes information about commissions.
  • Griffin, Ardyn British artist working primarily with oil on canvas and inspired by her garden. Includes information about her papier-mâché sculptures and painted boxes.
  • Groberg, Jean Presenting oil paintings of California, rold rush country, the American West, and Midwest. Pen and ink studies of water tank houses - the undiscovered American folk architecture.
  • Grumbles, Jenny Paintings from California artist who creates an impressionist style with loose brush strokes and an emphasis on light and color. Includes biography and gallery information.
  • Guerin, Rene Contemporary Florida impressionist oil painter of tropical landscapes, still life, portraits and scenes of Vero Beach.
  • Gush, Joy English artist representing nature in landscapes, seascapes, thatched cottages, gardens, pets and children.
  • Haase, Eva Maine-based artist. Includes brief biography and examples of her work.
  • Haller, Kevin M Biography and portfolio of Missouri-based landscape, still life and interior painter. Includes details of awards and accomplishments.
  • Hanewich, Kim Y. A collection of still life, and landscape oil paintings by the Canadian artist.
  • Harrington, James R Florida artist who paints people at work and play. Includes biography and image galleries.
  • Hausman, Michele Creates watercolor and oil paintings, representing nature in landscapes, florals, and still lifes.
  • Hayslette, Max A complete listing and retrospective of all Max Hayslette paintings.
  • Hebert, Kathy Landscape, portrait and still life artist and instructor from Massachusetts. Includes images and details of exhibitions.
  • Held, Katya Impressionist Oil Paintings Gallery.
  • Hogan, Alan Irish artist now living in Finland. Includes galleries of his paintings, drawings and illustrations.
  • Holiman, Rance Curtis Working primarily with oil on canvas and focusing on cityscapes and landscapes of the greater Seattle area.
  • Hollanders, Arjon Portfolio of a Dutch artist focusing on figurative work in acrylic and oil. Includes information about exhibitions.
  • Horne, Rosemary Virtual galleries of impressionist paintings by this Cornish Artist. Includes information on past and future exhibitions.
  • Hughes, Elaine Palette knife works of coastal scenes with children and families, landscapes, florals and portraits. Provides gallery information.
  • Hunt, Jane Colorado artist's textured landscape, figure and still life paintings, working with a style of contemporary impressionism.
  • Innis, Joe W. Figure, still life, landscape paintings and a free e-book about painting.
  • Jaskiewicz, Barbara Polish artist creating impressionist oil paintings with a palette knife. Includes images and details of exhibitions.
  • Jensen, David Californian painter of landscapes, cows and still life. Includes portfolio and biography.
  • Johnson, Brian British artist currently residing in Italy and focusing on scenes of Tuscany in oil, pastel, and watercolor.
  • Johnson, Talya Israeli born Alaskan artist focusing on portrait, figurative, landscape and floral paintings. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
  • Kellermann, Will Versatile artist working in oil, watercolour, silkcolour and pastel. Butterfly brush strokes create impressionistic landscapes and portraits.
  • Kelly, Valerie Anne British artist currently residing in Spain and working in a variety of media to capture the wonder and beauty she sees around herself.
  • Kiel, Kimberly Saskatchewan artist specializing in contemporary impressionism. Includes portfolio, biography and exhibition details.
  • Kline, Cheryl Landscape, skyscape and figurative paintings by an artist from Los Angeles. Includes biography and press reviews.
  • Kocher, William Presents images of the acrylic paintings of a contemporary Pennsylvania pléin air artist.
  • Kolarov, Georgi Bulgarian artist working primarily in oil on canvas and focusing on cityscapes. Includes biography and image galleries.
  • Kolarov, Lyubomir Showcasing the artwork of this Bulgarian artist. Includes landscapes, cityscapes, flowers and abstract galleries.
  • Korostenskij, Ruslan Biography and portfolio of a Lithuanian painter of Ukrainian origins working primarily in oil.
  • Kraudelt, Diane Gallery of North Carolina artist featuring story scenes, portraits, still life studies, and landscapes.
  • Krumins, Martins Life and work of this Latvian-American impressionist who died some years ago.
  • Kurovska, Lena Plein Air artist presents a collection of still life, portrait, nude and landscape works. Includes short biography and gallery information.
  • Lamey-MacDonald, Debbie Canadian artist specializing in oil landscapes and still life painted en plein air and alla prima.
  • Lance, Joshua New Mexico artist focusing on plein-air and alla prima works on boards or canvas. Includes biography and images.
  • Lane, Jennifer A Kansas based illustrator and artist working primarily in acrylics. Includes biography and image galleries.
  • Lavery, Lorey Focusing on paintings and illustrations of memories and dreams. Includes portfolio and blog.
  • Law, Margaret Galleries of paintings by a Scottish artist working in oils, acrylics and watercolors.
  • Lellouche, Rene Portfolio of an Israeli artist specializing in landscapes and still life, primarily in oil.
  • Levine, Natalie Paintings of romantic flower and garden landscapes.
  • Liang, Lei Chinese oil painter focusing on landscapes, portraits, and still life. Includes catalog and resume. [English, German and Chinese]
  • Lou, Caroline Australian artist focusing on landscapes, portraits, animals and still life.
  • Ludlow, Gerry Portfolio of an English artist focusing on landscapes and townscapes that leave the viewers imagination to complete the picture.
  • Lyden, Les Alabama artist combining realism, impressionism and abstract styles. Includes image galleries and press cuttings.
  • Magneson, Bob Plein-air painter displays landscapes of Northern California that capture light, color and over-simplification.
  • Marie, Patrick Gallery of works by French impressionist painter from Normandy. Includes biography and exhibitions. In English and French.
  • Mather, David Featuring the watercolor and oil paintings of a British artist inspired by the countryside, villages and coastline of Devon and Cornwall.
  • Mathews, Libby Studio and plein aire artist from North Georgia. Includes biography and press articles.
  • Mayan, Earl Portraits of artists, essays on art, poetry, landscapes, paintings of churches and cathedrals.
  • Mazzeo, Leo Massachusetts oil and watercolor painter. Includes resume and portfolio.
  • McCamy Drobes, Megan Portrait and landscape artist from Georgia specializing in oil paintings in a style that combines realism with impressionism.
  • McClanahan, M T Showcasing the oil and acrylic paintings of an artist from North Carolina focusing on nautical and architectural themes.
  • McConkey, Emely From Arizona and specializing in impressionist western landscapes. Includes artist’s statement, biography and galleries.
  • McCormick, John Plein-air landscapes, marine, impressionistic style and vivid color.
  • Meo Gallery of North Carolina artist working in oils and acrylics.
  • Merkle, Nancy Based in Washington and specializing in small format oil paintings. Includes blog and examples of her work.
  • Meyer, Joshua Images of works by the Massachusetts artist, with background information and an interview.
  • Michelle, Greta Inspired by the ocean and beaches in her island home of Trinidad and Tobago. Includes galleries of acrylic and oil paintings.
  • Miller, Colette Colorful paintings: cities, animals, flowers, fantasy.
  • Mitchell, Craig A contemporary impressionist painter based in Nevada. Includes portfolio, biography and exhibition details.
  • Molloy, Brian Thomas Based in Pennsylvania and painting in an impressionistic-realism style. Includes artist's statement, biography and portfolio.
  • Monnet, Pierre French landscape and still-life painter. Includes information about exhibitions and his workshop. [English and French]
  • Montesa, Jose Mari Portfolio of Philippine artist working mainly in oil on canvas.
  • Moss, Neil Artist and teacher from Pretoria specializing in the South African landscape and people in oils, acrylic and watercolor. Includes details of courses.
  • Mozzini-McDill, Lisa Portfolio of Californian artist focusing on landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and portraits in oil and dry media.
  • Murray, Donal Featuring the portrait and landscape paintings, and murals of a Dublin based artist. Includes reviews and curriculum vitae.
  • Nazzaro, Richard Landscapes en plein air, portraits, and figurative works in the American Impressionist style.
  • Nellsmith, Bruce Based in South Carolina and focusing on watercolors, oils and acrylics with bold colors and strong lines.
  • Nelson, Connie Contemporary Tennessee impressionist specializes in portraits, landscapes and other commissioned art in pastels or oils. Includes images, biography, and commission procedures.
  • Newman, Kathleen An award-winning impressionist painter of children's portraiture, landscape, sailing scenes, dunes, still life, and urban scenes.
  • Nixon, Lee J Virginia-based artist and teacher working primarily in acrylics. Includes image galleries and background information.
  • Novak, Caz Caz Novak has a passion for color.This New Zealand artist creates artworks that are a pleasure to live with.
  • Nux, Augusto Landscape, floral and still life paintings by Argentine post-impressionist. Artist works in oils, pastel, tempera, and watercolors. In English and Spanish.
  • O'Kelley, Nicole Gallery of original works reflects the influence of early impressionists and fauvists by an artist who is based in Canada.
  • Omelchuk, Katerina Ukrainain artist in the tradition of Russian Impressionism, paints landscapes, nudes, and still lifes. Images, news, and biographical data. In English, Russian, and Ukrainian.
  • Page, Gregory Allen Inspired by the impressionist paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago. Includes artist's statement and image galleries.
  • Palchevskaia, Olga Artist from St-Petersburg presents a collection of paintings, etchings and drawings.
  • Palombo, Lisa Impressionistic landscape, marine, floral and still life oil paintings.
  • Parineh, Parima California artist known for her vibrant strokes and brilliantly colored paintings, pastels and sketches of landscapes, still life, portraits and the human figure.
  • Patrick, Emily Paintings within a collection of still-lives, landscapes and portraits.
  • Patterson, Neil Colourful American landscapes and still lifes.
  • Paulo, Eduardo Portfolio of an artist from California.
  • Pendergast, Holly Mae Presents oil paintings by a North Carolina born artist now living in Utah, including portraits, landscapes, animals, and figures. Includes gallery list and biographical data.
  • Peppe, Aveni Italian seascapes,landscapes, portraits, still-life.
  • Poindexter, Dianne Contemporary impressionist paints landscapes, figures, and still lifes. Images and biographical note.
  • Povey, Colin Featuring the paintings and drawings of a Scottish artist with subjects including landscapes, portraits and the human figure.
  • Prinz, Roy Californian artist's biography and portfolio featuring oil paintings and giclee prints of landscapes, seascapes, nature and contemporary perspectives.
  • Przewodek, Camille Plein Air colorist paints the gardens, shores and vineyards that surround her home in Petaluma, California and has painted throughout France, Spain and Italy.
  • Quarracino, Peter A contemporary pointillist painter from Pennsylvania. Includes resume and exhibition schedule.
  • Quirk, Theresa M Showcasing the work of this New Jersey-based landscape artist.
  • Raber, April Plein-air paintings depicting California locales, including rural scenes and oceanscapes.
  • Radenahmad, Nicoleh The virtual painting collection of a Thai impressionist, whose inspired by the beautiful scenery in the South of Thailand. Includes oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolour.
  • Richards, Ariana Presents paintings by a plein-air painter from Southern California. She specializes in landscapes and figures. Includes images and biography.
  • Roche, Kevin Focusing on Irish landscape paintings and portraits. Includes biography, images and press reviews.
  • Rosen, Erin Includes landscapes, citycapes, animals, and still lifes. Also has a biographical note.
  • Rowles, Barbara Florida artist specializing in landscapes, florals and animals. Includes image galleries and biography.
  • Rubinkam, Steve Impressionistic paintings and limited edition giclee reproduction prints in a range of subject matter.
  • Saltzman, Mike Oil and acrylic painter who also undertakes photography and graphic design. Includes biography and portfolio.
  • Samiljan, Robin Acrylics and watercolors focusing on impressionism. Subjects range from New England landscapes to, still life, abstract, and florals.
  • Samuels, Mary Landscape and floral paintings in acrylic and watercolor by an artist from New York State.
  • Sarto, Lucia Italian Painter, inspired by the Impressionism of the XIX Century Style.
  • Savad, Susan Suburban landscapes painted in alkyds.
  • Savitzky, Chaim Israeli painter specializing in landscapes and characters. Includes images and profile.
  • Schaefer-Miles, Wendy and Miles, Kevin Portfolio of a husband and wife team of contemporary American neo-impressionist painters.
  • Schiabor, Eric Portfolio of this New York artist focusing on impressionistic paintings and abstract photography.
  • Schnackenberg, Hauns Artist from Wyoming inspired by the Beartooth Mountains and pastoral farmland. Includes biography and information about commissions.
  • Schreiber, Maxine and Herman West Palm Beach oil painter and her late father. Includes resumes and image galleries.
  • Serrano, Carlos Creating landscapes, florals, seascapes and abstractions in acrylics and watercolors.
  • Shevlino, David Figurative and landscape paintings.
  • Simmens, Kim Paintings in a unique impressionistic style influenced by the artist's journeys through India, Europe and Africa.
  • Snodgrass, Susan Portfolio of Colorado artist focusing on life studies, landscapes and narrative paintings in a variety of mediums.
  • Spandau, Carole Oil and acrylic paintings capturing daily life in Montreal. Includes biography. [English and French]
  • Spasowicz, Magdalena Featuring the biography and portfolio of a Polish artist focusing on landscapes and sill life. [English and Polish]
  • St Clair, Vivienne An English Painter living and working on the west coast of Ireland; oil and pastels, influences from French and modern English impressionists.
  • St Germain, Mary Florida artist focusing on landscapes, still life and plein air oil paintings. Includes resume and image galleries.
  • Starke, Phil Original impressionistic work features many landscapes of the American West and Southwest. Includes information on workshops and artist's biography.
  • Starr, Jeffrey Dale San Francisco-based oil painter whose style is a mix of impressionism and surrealism. Includes background information and portfolio.
  • Steinhaus, Bret Illinois watercolor artist painting everyday images that are a part of his life experience including portraits, florals, and rural scenes.
  • Stephenson, Susan Mayclin Showcasing the work of an artist from Trinidad, California who specializes in portraits of children.
  • Stock, Frank Fine art, paintings and drawings.
  • Taylor, Roger British artist who works from real life subjects in his paintings which focus on rural towns and the countryside. Includes profile and blog.
  • Thomas, Jerr Original artwork by Southern California Artist Jerr Thomas. Traditional and impressionist. Colourist with passion.
  • Thompson, Tommy Based in Alabama and concentrating on pastoral landscapes that include horses, figures and architecture. Includes information about exhibitions and commissions.
  • Timkov, Nikolai Large collection of 20th century Russian landscape artist, lyrical depictions of the Russian countryside.
  • Tucker Displays portrait, landscape, and still life oil paintings.
  • Tuzi, Leslie Ann Canadian artist presents her oil and watercolor paintings of the human face and figure, places and still life. Includes information about her graphic designs and table decorations.
  • Van Schaack, C C Portfolio of Scottish painter. Includes oils, watercolors, miniatures, etchings and giclee prints.
  • Vieira, Michael S Portfolio of a Massachusetts artist whose work emphasizes light and shadow, vibrant colors and accurate drawing.
  • Vincéane A French psychic painter who is guided by the spirits of Monet and Van Gogh. [English and French]
  • Vitali, Giancarlo Gallery of paintings, works on paper and prints by an Italian artist including portraits, still life, animals, flowers and landscapes. [English and Italian]
  • Vojir, Ryan J Resume and portfolio of an urban impressionist featuring a global variety of cityscapes and contemporary life.
  • Wallace, Anthony Based in Connecticut and focusing on birds, figures, landscapes, seascapes, figures, and wildlife.
  • Wallich, Richard A virtual tour of the paintings by this contemporary American impressionist.
  • Wallis, Eric Presents contemporary impressionist works by a Utah artist who uses warm colors and heavy impasto. Includes biography and exhibition information.
  • Watson, Donna Petcoff The life and paintings of a Bulgarian-American painter now resident in Florida, and working in oil and mixed media.
  • Webb, Denis American artist now living in France. Includes galleries of his work in oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastels.
  • Wegner, Crystal Showcasing the paintings of this British Columbia-based artist. Includes biography and information about commissions.
  • Weissberger, Rachel Californian painter influenced by the impressionistic and post impressionistic era. Includes information about exhibitions and image galleries.
  • Williams, Esther J Biography and portfolio of Californian painter of seascapes, landscapes, figural, floral and still life in oil or watercolor mediums.
  • Williams, Peter New Zealand equine artist who paints on site. Includes examples and profile.
  • Willmot, Susan British artist inspired by local landscape, gardens, harbors and the Tees estuary. Includes portfolio of primarily oil paintings.
  • Wolf, J Scott Pennsylvanian artist focusing on landscapes of Lancaster County. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
  • Yaroslav, Vlasyuk Showcasing the landscape and still life paintings of a Ukrainian artist. [English, Ukrainian and Russian]
  • Yeoman, Jeff Paints landscapes in a style infuenced by both early California impressionists, and contemporary painters.
  • Zhang, Luke Brief biography and gallery of landscape, portrait, and still life paintings, primarily in oil.
  • Zimmermann, Caroline Impressionist works in oil and information about her Tuscan workshop.
  • Zsolt, Szilagyi Romanian artist focusing on landscapes, rural scenes and still life, primarily in oil. [English and Romanian]

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