Contemporary art focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), with a goal of criticizing or commenting on society, politics or religion. Characterized by its diversity and lack of specific movements, contemporary art generally refers to art from the late 19th century through the 1970's, not to be confused with modern art (1970's to present).

Please suggest sites here for individual artist's with the last name beginning with the letter M.

  • Mahon, Dave My online portfolio of paintings.
  • Mai, Nguyen Thi Resume and portfolio of a Vietnamese artist creating paintings in a naive style with a variety of media.
  • Maiser, Barbara Connecticut artist best known for still life and en plein air landscapes in oils and watercolor.
  • Maitland, Luke British colorist working with an array of styles and media. Includes profile and portfolio.
  • Majdič, Irena Portfolio of mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings on canvas by an artist from Slovenia.
  • Malcolm, Joanna Based in Ontario and focusing on abstracts, acrylics, watercolors and mixed media paintings. Includes biography and image galleries.
  • Malherbe, Francois Ethnic art created in an abstract and naive style by this South African painter.
  • Man, Kevin Showcasing figurative, landscape, and portrait paintings.
  • Manalo, Isabel Works are representational and done in an expressionist and conceptual approach. Much of the work refers to mapping and maps. Boundaries both psychological and physical.
  • Manciu, Razvan Showcasing the paintings, pastels and drawings of a Romanian artist.
  • Mandylor, Spiro Georges Selection of paintings by a Toronto artist featuring expressionistic landscapes, pop art and abstract works.
  • Mar, Kendrick Portfolio of a New York-based painter whose work is a metaphorical self-portraiture that addresses childhood emotions and trauma.
  • Mar, Oola Images of expressionist and abstract works by California artist. With biography.
  • Marchesini, Duilio Painter of many figuratives, still lifes, landscapes, and religious subjects in several media. Images and artist's note.
  • Marcil, Rene Canadian artist presents his cubistic paintings, and drawings.
  • Marin, Pierre Biography and portfolio of a French artiest expressing characters, landscapes or every day scenes through the power of colors.
  • Marin-Andrew, Kate British artist creating abstract or semi-abstract paintings that interact with natural light by using reflecting media and texture.
  • Maroney, Tonya Original oil and watercolor paintings from Texas based artist. Subjects include wine, florals, and seasonal.
  • Marouf, Essam Gallery of paintings characterized by clear precision of form and the absence of any visible references to paint texture.
  • Marques, Siona Marie A New York artist, primarily minimalist with styles ranging from abstract and surreal to figurative and pop art.
  • Martin, Cameron Resume and portfolio of an artist from New York.
  • Martin, Sibylla Portfolio of a British artist now residing in Kenya and focusing on abstract and figurative paintings.
  • Marx, Joachim Features symbolic figurative, still life, and abstract paintings.
  • Mason, Melissa Based in Florida and specializing in equine paintings in an abstract, representational style. Includes artist's statement and portfolio.
  • Masri Presents gallery of Florence, Italy artist includes impasto portraits, landscapes and abstracts executed with a palette knife. In English and Italian.
  • Masteller, Barry Featuring the landscape, cityscape and abstract paintings and drawings of an artist from California. Includes statement and resume.
  • Mathe, Zsuzsa Hungarian artist with an original style she calls Transrealism. Includes biography and portfolio.
  • Matyan, Vasken Featuring the paintings, drawings, etchings and mixed media work of a Lebanese artist now residing in California.
  • Mauersberger-Arce, Jackie Biography and works of famous Filipino artist in Europe.Oil paintings, acrylic, mix-media and body art. Art Exhibitions, Europ'Art-Geneve, Holland Art Fair, Luxembourg Art Fair, Padova-Italy.
  • May,Jacqueline Contemporary paintings and drawings with surrealist influence, from nudes to insects to pure abstraction.
  • McCarron, Amie New Zealand artist specializing in encaustic or acrylic paintings incorporating elements of the landscape and the figurative beauty of the female.
  • McClary, Louise On-line portfolio of a Cornish painter focusing on figurative and abstract work. Includes biography and information about exhibitions.
  • McCloskey, Bruce Designed to make spirit and magic immanent in the ordinary and resacralize our connection to the natural world. Includes images, short poetic comments, and biographical note.
  • McConnell, Aggie Portfolio of abstract and representational paintings by a Canadian artist whose work is characterized by surface texture and strong contrasts in light and color.
  • McDonnell, Kelsey Wyoming artist working in an abstract style with representational elements on subjects including horses, moose, buffalo and Western landscapes.
  • McElhinney, Myra Australian artist provides examples of her work in pastel, oil and watercolor. Figurative, realistic. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • McHugh, Marie-Louise Featuring the still life, figurative and narrative paintings of an artist based in Upstate New York.
  • McIntire, Cathy Portfolio of an artist from Georgia including wildlife and figurative paintings.
  • McKee, Casey American artist now residing in Germany and working with a combination of photography and oil paint. Includes press reviews and biography.
  • McKinley, Carol K A South Florida artist working in a variety of different styles and media.
  • McLean, Florence Featuring the paintings and customized toys of a Danish artist. Includes biography and exhibition schedule.
  • McNab, Janice Resume and portfolio of a Scottish artist now residing in Amsterdam and creating both abstract and representational paintings.
  • McRitchie, Drew The unique artwork of acclaimed contemporary artist, Drew McRitchie is exhibited in his online art gallery. The recent paintings and drawings are reflections of the artists exploration of philosophies and consciousness studies. Each series of work represents the continuing creative cycle that expresses Drew's visual consciousness.
  • Mechura,Frantisek Contemporary Slovak painter.
  • Mellon, Lara Based in South Africa and creating landscape, figurative and abstract paintings and drawings. Includes background information and portfolio.
  • Mer, Lin K Portfolio of large paintings by an artist from Washington influenced by her relationship to war and important historical events.
  • Merel Based in Belgium and painting in a colorful style that is not part of a specific trend or school. Includes curriculum vitae and portfolio.
  • Merigeau, Claire French Artist, former student of Beaux-arts school of Paris. Gallery of recent art works, oils on canvas and papers.
  • Merry, Leighton Gallery of paintings by an Australian artist exploring concepts of love, freedom, energy fields and chaos.
  • Metrov Paintings and giclee prints in a blend of figurative, primitive and abstract styles.
  • Miano, Juan Argentinean artist now residing in Sicily and creating both representational and abstract paintings.
  • Middleton, Stephen Based in Vancouver and painting bold and graphic forms using combinations of color to create drama and vibrancy.
  • Mijane-Studio Painting family genealogy portraits.
  • Milleret, Muriel French artist creating colorful paintings that reflect her positive outlook on life. Include biography and exhibition schedule. [English and French]
  • Milroy, Lisa The paintings, drawings, prints and animations of a Canadian artist now residing in London.
  • Milushev, Svetoslav Resume and portfolio of a self-educated artist from Bulgaria. [English and Bulgarian]
  • Minekov, Paola London based artist whose paintings are influenced by everyday experiences and impressions. Includes resume and press reviews.
  • Minssieux, Carola (Carmin) Virtual gallery of French artist displays contemporary works ranging from still life to seascape.
  • Mion, Tina An exhibition of mostly oil paintings of Presidents, and First Ladies.
  • Miro, Antoni Paintings ranging in style from Figurative Expressionism to Pop Art and Realism. Includes exhibition and print information. In English, Spanish and Catalan.
  • Mitchell, Stephen Portfolio of a British artist focusing on landscape and figurative paintings.
  • Mitchell, Steve Original oil paintings and artwork from this Ojai, California artist. Includes a gallery, events and contact info.
  • Monaco, Rita Gallery of vibrant and colorful Italian landscapes in oils and pastels. Also realistic oil portraits and still life paintings. This Italian artist paints the colors and light of her native country.
  • Monk, Linda Paintings of beach huts, landscapes and seascapes by a British artist currently living in Germany. Includes statement and portfolio.
  • Moon, Richard British artist whose work focuses on images that are distanced by time and corrupted through manipulation. Includes personal statement and exhibition schedule.
  • Moore, Kelly Like most Outsider Artists, disregards the standards of mainstream art and uses extraordinary media to vent his instinctive creativity. His original works feature a raw quality that echoes his unorthodox approach to painting.
  • Moreno, Clarissa Larger than life cut-out figures (canvas relief), paintings and sculpture highlight the energy and stress of contemporary life, while counterpointing sensuality and contemplation.
  • Morgan, Sharon Online portfolio of Florida artist. Most work has political, social or environmental themes.
  • Morphis, Thomas Colorful virtual galleries of abstract watercolors by a California artist.
  • Morrison, Brian Paintings, acrylic on canvas, figure and non figure, art and vision of future, painting explores thought and emotions, poetic verse on canvas, color and form in time.
  • Moylan, Carl Collection of contemporary original paintings by Irish artist with exhibition details, images and painters biography.
  • Moynihan Lisle, Elaine Figurative cityscape and landscape paintings
  • Mubiru, John Ugandan artist now living in the US and specializing in images of native African dances, ceremonies, landscapes and regalia.
  • Muench, Rob Presents Canadian landscape watercolor, and car portrait acrylic gallery. Landmark cards are available for purchase.
  • Munson, Deborah Quinn Chester, Connecticut artist paints landscapes, portraits, and still lifes in pastels, watercolors, and oils. Images, studio information, and biography.
  • Murphy, Bill Contemporary watercolor and oil paintings by American artist, Bill Murphy.
  • Murray, James Austin Resume, blog, and gallery of drawings and paintings by an artist from New York City.
  • Muslera, Carlos Painting exhibit from Argentine contemporary artist. In English and Spanish.
  • Myazin, Vasiliy Gallery of works from artist working in acrylics, oils, and metal includes figurative, portrait and abstract paintings. Biography and contact information.

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