Acrylic is a fast-drying paint containing pigment suspended in an acrylic polymer resin. A finished acrylic painting can resemble a watercolor or oil painting when the paints are diluted with water. The appearance, hardness and texture of an acrylic painting can also be modified though the use of techniques available only in the medium.

Other languages: French.

  • Addison, Leanne Featuring the paintings and sketches of a New-Zealand artist who describes her work as contemporary and symbolic. Includes information about commissions.
  • Aguinaldo, Frederick Featuring the paintings of a San Diego based artist, including figurative, architectural and botanical.
  • Amalia Biography and portfolio of the colorful paintings of a self-taught artist from Finland. [English and Finnish]
  • Ananny, Terry Canadian artist focusing on bright and colorful paintings of children at play and seasonal village scenes.
  • Andersen, Lars Henning Online art gallery displaying colorful contemporary, figurative, and abstract acrylic paintings on canvas. Also includes biography, links, and a guestbook. English, Danish, and German.
  • Aserlind, Marc Portfolio of figurative, landscape, and abstract paintings.
  • Babin, Ellen Featuring the paintings of a Cape Cod artist specializing in local beaches, the Adirondacks and commissioned pet portraits.
  • Baillieul, Tom Acrylics and watercolors displaying hard-edged realism touched by whimsy and the surreal.
  • Bellows, Kathleen Portfolio of whimsical figurative paintings with a rich use of color by an artist from California.
  • Beverly, Ruth E. Displays current and recent acrylic works in landscapes, portraits, and still life, with prints available for purchase.
  • Bishop, Sarah Realistic paintings inspired by journeys across Australia, Southeast Asia and China.
  • Black, Kim Edward Showcases realistic and symbolic figurative, portrait, and landscape paintings.
  • Bosch, Mattijs van den Recent paintings and prints; the works depict citylife in all its diversity. Amsterdam based artist.
  • Boswell, Larry A portfolio of acrylic paintings and architectural renderings by a Canadian professional artist.
  • Bova, Anthony L. Artist gallery of landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and portraits.
  • Bunkers, Brad Expressionist solo and group portraits.
  • Burns, John New Zealand artist focusing on modern contemporary works with texture and body.
  • Cadar, Otilia Showcasing the artwork of a Romanian artist currently residing in London.
  • Chase, Dotty Featuring the paintings of a New England artist including landscapes, floral, abstract and still life.
  • Chen, Shiau-Peng Offers a gallery of geometric works and prints along with a resume.
  • Cirinna, Samantha British artist now residing in Canada who paints using very random and abstract forms, combined with more specific, sometimes naïve representations.
  • Collins, Leisa New Zealand artist painting in both semi-abstract and realistic styles, and focusing on people, landscapes and house portraits.
  • Corno Paintings depicting naked muscular bodies, Corno's signature theme, and voluptuous flowers.
  • Cudney, Katherine An exhibition of photo-realistic wildlife paintings and commissioned portraits.
  • Da Silva, Ana Neto Collection of stylized landscape and figurative paintings from this Swiss artist.
  • Davis, Cindy Contemporary fine art from southwest Georgia artist.
  • Deasy, Robin Several hundred paintings 1998 - current.
  • Di Pini Native American subjects including portraiture and nature subjects; Expressionistic or realistic style.
  • Dickinson, Nat Showcasing the paintings of an artist focused on landscapes of the rugged coast of Deer Isle, Maine.
  • Dirksen, Cherie The artworks and gallery of a South African artist focusing on sunsets, sunrises, landscapes and seascapes.
  • Donray Texas artist whose paintings emphasize color and motion, and are generally metaphorical and accentuate the dynamic nature of life.
  • Douglas, Ingrid Showcasing the photographs and acrylic paintings of an Australian artist inspired by tropical North Queensland.
  • Durkin, Clay Offers acrylic works, incorporating a contemporary design with an Aboriginal, southwestern flair. Also includes several installations.
  • Egarter, Patrick Resume and portfolio of an Italian artist specializing in pointillism including landscapes, abstracts and figurative work. [Italian and English]
  • Eggert, Virginia R Texas artist painting with acrylics on watercolor paper or canvas, including impressionistic landscapes or seascapes with boats, buildings, birds, palm trees and people.
  • Egmond, Joep Showcasing the paintings of a Dutch artist specializing in figuratively abstract works. [English and Dutch]
  • Feldman, Roni Los Angeles based painter working in acrylic airbrushed on canvas. Includes resume, statement and portfolio.
  • Filer, Jane Colorful, childlike, expressionist figures and landscapes. Biography and purchasing information.
  • Finley, Dennis Original artwork by southern artist includes abstract, fantasy, still life and landscape acrylics on canvas and canvas board.
  • Finnell, Richard J. Exhibition of realistic landscapes and seascapes by the New York artist.
  • Floyd, June Perg Painter of acrylics on canvas from Georgia, USA. Includes images, biography, and ordering information.
  • Fraser, Amy E. Fraser's images express intimate and often painful views of female experience, from a feminist perspective. Images, biography, and statements.
  • Freeze, Jacob Portfolio of large acrylic paintings and street photography from Malibu, Venice beach, and downtown Los Angeles.
  • Friedel, Marjorie Biography and portfolio of an artist from Indiana specializing in floral and abstract paintings.
  • Friedman, Howard Steven A collection of surrealist, symbolic and abstract paintings, and some poetry, by an artist from New York.
  • Fullmer, James H. Biography, and images of his wildlife paintings, people and landscapes.
  • Georgopoulos, Andonis Paintings by a Greek artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Mediterranean acrylic paintings, some are sculptured and decorative art on folding screens.
  • Gilson, Betty The artist presents a personal online art gallery, 123-Betty's Art Gallery, featuring acrylic paintings and graphics.
  • Glavin, Matt Matt's artwork has been displayed internationally. He currently resides in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
  • Godbout, Veronique Canadian artist using bold colors in representational reflections of people, nature or situations.
  • Graham, B F Artist from New Jersey focusing on contemporary or ancient conformations, historical icons, and distillations of actions.
  • Grassi, Judith British artist specializing in vibrant, richly colored canvases portraying the dramatic impact of form, color, texture and scale in nature.
  • Griffin, Nan Featuring the abstract and representational paintings of an artist from Wisconsin.
  • Harris, Anthony Karl Based in Georgia and working with a style that is a blend of traditional painting and modern illustration techniques. Includes statement and portfolio.
  • Harrison, Victoria Based in Washington and specializing in acrylics on panel, large format, contemporary images which flow between real and abstract.
  • Hauger, Anne Hernegren Captures the mood and the light in various motifs from Scandinavia, and Europe. In English and Norwegian.
  • Henderson, Valerie Canadian artist whose paintings vary from realistic to a much looser abstract style.
  • Housego, Andy Featuring the paintings of a British artist focusing on the landscapes and people of Normandy.
  • Jackson, Joanna Based in South Carolina and focusing on architectural and portraiture primarily in a realistic style with bold contrasting colors.
  • Jacobson, David Texas artist specializing in abstract paintings in a style that features contour-like line elements, bright solid colors and organic shapes.
  • Janisch Studio Colorful original acrylic paintings and prints of tropical/marine and religious subject matter by Barb Janisch.
  • Jappy, Fiona Scottish artist creating paintings that investigate concepts of place, heritage, identity and belonging. Includes statement, resume and portfolio.
  • Johnson, Barbara Featuring the biography and portfolio of abstract and contemporary paintings by an artist from Oklahoma.
  • Johnson, Irina Russian artist now residing in California and working in different styles and genres including landscape, portraiture, still life and abstract.
  • Kellar, Linda A portfolio of landscapes, skyscapes, still life and interiors by a Canadian artist.
  • Kepka, Jesse Blog and portfolio of a Kansas-based artist including figurative, seascape and landscape paintings.
  • King, David My paintings use bright colors and high contrast of tones to create an impression of strong light sources.The shapes and contours give them a geometric stylized order.
  • Kozar-Poikonen, Anna Featuring the paintings and drawings of a Polish artist currently residing in Finland, including landscapes, city views, nudes and still life. [English and Finnish]
  • Kuntz, Jean-Jacques Symbolic and metaphysical work of the French autodidact painter.
  • Kusterer, Ken Artist from Delaware using thickly built-up layers of acrylic on panels or wood to create portraits of liberation heroes, prophetic themes and utopian landscapes.
  • Laib, Jonathan Image galleries with examples of his work which involves painting or pouring acrylics onto nonstick surfaces of plastic sheeting.
  • Lamb, Belinda British artist specializing in pet portraits and creating her artwork with both brush and palette knife. Includes information about commissions.
  • Lampe Kannenstine, Margaret Paintings by visual artist that combine the realism of nature's harmonies with the abstract feeling of color and form.
  • Lanser, Christopher Pennsylvania artist focusing on the people, community, and architecture of Lancaster County in a style he describes as nostalgic realism.
  • Lasoff, Michael A selection of acrylic paintings by this contemporary artist. His unique style in art combines figurative and abstract elements.
  • Lopategui, Carmen Featuring the paintings of a Spanish artist focusing on semi-abstract landscapes and portraits. [English and Spanish]
  • MacKenzie, Donald Small selection of contemporary work by this Scottish colourist, including still lifes and Scottish landscapes. Includes introduction.
  • Mackinnon, Debi Canadian artist specializing in colorful and textured floral, still life, and landscape paintings. Includes biography and galleries.
  • Madruga, Vilmar Brazilian painter showcasing fauvist, minimalist still- and marine lifes.
  • Magnuski, D. H. Cass Fauvist/Post-Impressionist art. Acrylic portraits and cityscapes.
  • Marie, Leonore Tucson-based artist shows acrylic paintings on canvas. Her works are representational and inspired by nature.
  • Martin, Betty L. Celebrity portraits, and symbolic, often child-like, paintings. Includes series of photos of work in progress.
  • Masciarelli, Roberta Featuring the abstract paintings of a Brazilian artist now residing in Texas and describing her work as vibrational messages expressed through patterns.
  • Mclevey, Adam Portfolio of a British artist whose work combines fine art detailing with bold graffiti-influenced aesthetics.
  • Messa, Frank Contemporary acrylic paintings on canvas, using abstract and figurative elements to articulate a magical,contemplative vision.
  • Morshuis, Odelle Showcases stylized urban landscape and abstract paintings.
  • Morton, James This artist's personal website includes a variety of representational paintings. Included are acrylic paintings of Florida and Boston featuring landscape, marine and aerial scenes.
  • Mosquera, Jennifer Based in Colorado and working with a vibrant painting style on subjects such as whimsical pets and women.
  • Moze Based in Pennsylvania and creating paintings with an imaginative twist on the everyday in a style he describes as graphically fueled.
  • Mundy, Chris Featuring the paintings, drawings and photographs of a British artist specializing in dance, movement and wildlife, primarily in acrylics on canvas or board.
  • Nagel, Helen Portfolio of naive pictures of happy people and cozy villages by a Danish artist. [English and Danish]
  • Neely, Scott Portfolio of acrylic paintings, photographs and block prints by a North Carolina artist.
  • Neswald, Pamela Images of women and girls surfing, by a Northern California artist.
  • Netzer, Clari Showcasing the abstract and figurative paintings of an Israeli artist of Jewish and Mexican roots. Includes biography and exhibition schedule.
  • Nolan, Leslie Biography and portfolio of a figurative, landscape and abstract artist from Virginia.
  • Nosokas, Paulius Lithuanian artist now residing in New York and specializing in tightly rendered graphic compositions
  • O'Neill, Linda Gallery of dog portraits, still life and abstract paintings by an artist from Colorado using bold color, shapes and patterns.
  • Oakes, Joe A California artist focusing on representational paintings of landscapes and street scenes. Includes biography and statement.
  • Obrentz, Evan Jon Portfolio and artist's statement of this painter from New York.
  • Olsen, Rachel New Zealand landscapes and urban scenes done in bright colors.
  • Pagón, Mary Based in California and blending tea with acrylic paint to create a rich, layered texture on canvas. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
  • Piret, John A collection of unique original works by John Piret, ranging from large-scale textured acrylic abstract paintings to photography and small pen sketches.
  • Plini, Laura Landscape and figurative paintings in the tradition of magic realism.
  • Potts, David British artist creating portraits using traditional methods and contrasting wet into wet and geometric paintings. Includes profile and statement.
  • Powell, Carol Ann Displays stylized, vitrage-like paintings.
  • Quekel, P.T. Colorful, minimalist, whimsical, and stylized animal portraits.
  • Randel, Betsy Art that Heals - features cards and prints of watercolor, acrylic, pen and photographic works. Betsy divides her time between the Hawaiian Islands, Bali and the Gulf
  • Redick, Pamela Lang Still lifes, abstracts, nature.
  • Rios, Jose Felipe Brightly colored landscape and figurative works, and satirical portraits.
  • Rixon, Marian Cape Town based artist whose paintings reflect her interest in nature and its relationship to our lives.
  • Rodio, Susan Fantasy artist from Australia inspired by nature, mythology, astrology, spirituality, archetypal imagery, symbolism and dreams.
  • Roles, Emily Gallery of pets and abstracts, with biographical information.
  • Roseland, Ben Featuring the contemporary abstract paintings of an artist from Indiana. Includes statement and exhibition schedule.
  • Rudnicki, Richard Featuring the paintings and drawings of a Canadian artist focusing on acrylic landscapes, picture book illustration and portraiture.
  • Rønnes, Terje Acrylic paintings of the Norwegian painter Terje Rønnes.
  • Sample, Alex Arizona artist specializing in reverse-painting on plexiglass and focusing on impressionistic land or seascapes, and organic abstracts.
  • Sanderson, Suzanne Wodark Colorado artist focusing on landscapes, florals and portraits that incorporate recognizable subject matter with abstract expressionism.
  • Sandor, Beate Acrylic paintings based on variations of interlinked circles
  • Savino, Kimberley Gallery of acrylic on canvas abstract paintings. Includes information about exhibitions and commissions.
  • Schaman, Katrina Canadian artist whose paintings celebrate the deep connection between abstract and real forms.
  • Schwaiger, Hermann Featuring atmospheric impressions of Melbourne street scenes, suburbia, seascapes, landscapes and portraits.
  • Seabrook, Mark Portrait, landscape, and still-life paintings done in vivid colors.
  • Serra-Jovenich, Marta Luz Features colorful and expressive allegorical paintings.
  • Shean, Pegeen Showcasing the eclectic artwork of an artist from Washington including narratives, portraits, graffiti and abstract.
  • Sheppard, Stephanie Original acrylic paintings of the West and Southwest by Colorado artist.
  • Simons, Brian Showcasing the paintings of a Canadian artist including marine, still life, urban scenes and landscapes. Includes information about workshops and instructional books.
  • Slowinski, Tim Images of paintings and biographical information on the artist.
  • Slupe, Ellen Shapes made up of straight crisp lines feature in her work. Includes art, biography, exhibition lists, and contact information.
  • Smeltz, Jim Online exhibition of a wildlife, fishing, landscape, and miniature painter.
  • Snashall, Ross Canadian artist specializing in colorful paintings of landscapes, boats and flowers.
  • Sowels, Chris Images of world flowers, fish, and butterflies.
  • Stenvik, Rhea Artist from Minnesota specializing in portraits, landscapes and wildlife. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
  • Stephenson, Valerie Showcasing the landscapes, seascapes, figurative and still life paintings of an Irish artist.
  • Steven, Ron Underwater diver and pointillist creating scenes of underwater life. Medium includes sand and salt.
  • Taylor, Fern K St Louis artist working with a contemporary style infused with impressionism.
  • Tedsen, Sonia Original paintings with an Italian or Spanish theme.
  • Ternoir, Linda Resume and portfolio of a California artist whose drawings and paintings reveal fantasies about people, animals, and objects.
  • Thoss, Isabel Resume and portfolio of a German artist inspired by God's great creations and the beauty of everyday things.
  • Tolle, Deb Features Southwestern and international landscape scenes painted from photographs. Also offers commissions and pet portraits.
  • Trefiak, Jennifer Contemporary visual artist specializing in colorful abstract and figurative paintings using acrylic paints on canvas.
  • Trivitt, Thomas Modern paintings on canvas
  • Turansky, Richard Pseudo-sexual, post-religious figurative and portrait paintings.
  • Unal, Sevim Turkish artist now residing in Belgium and focusing on abstract, figurative and portraiture.
  • Upton, Margaret Portfolio of primarily figurative paintings influenced by the social and cultural interpretations of the characters who have made Australia.
  • Valkenburg, Ted Realistic paintings from Dutch artist of women in catsuits, comic-book characters, museum visitors, sports women.
  • van der Laan, Irene Featuring the paintings of a Dutch artist inspired by nature, people, thoughts, music and emotions. [English and Dutch]
  • Verstraete, Nico Colorful paintings, drawings and sketches by a Belgian artist whose preferred medium is acrylics on canvas.
  • Vesto, Elizabeth Blog and portfolio of an artist from Illinois painting landscapes, houses and portraits in vibrant colors.
  • Vroegh, Ellen Featuring the figurative and abstract paintings of a Dutch artist.
  • Westendorf, Jenna California artist's figurative paintings and drawings focusing on the process of searching for one’s self-realization.

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