Sites listed in Multiple Media Artists are for commercial (non-shopping) studios, portfolios or galleries for established individual artists who work in multiple mediums i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, etc. These sites would normally go into a specific Visual Arts subcategory but are listed here as the focus is not on one particular medium.

  • Baartman, Hendrik Arie Artist incorporating geometric and mathematical structures into his works. Provides galleries and related links.
  • Babb, Edward Francis Loverock Portfolio of a South African-born artist working in mixed media, digital art, animation, photography and illustration.
  • Babcock, David Portfolio of paintings, drawings, animations and graphic designs by an artist from Missouri.
  • Baddeley, Jake Dutch artist creating paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by the Dutch Masters, Greek Classics and the worlds that exist between waking and dreaming.
  • Bai, Lily Presentation of 3d models, computer animation, life drawings, and portraits. Includes a resume and a message board.
  • Bailey, John Showcasing the acrylic paintings, prints and sculptures of an artist from Wisconsin.
  • Baker, Jim Drawings and paintings Southwest Americana imagery. Includes a brief profile, galleries and contact details.
  • Baladi, Roland Portfolio of works as the Marble Cadillac Project, marble sculpture, watercolors, videos as "Michael and Jello" installations, and the Solar Relief.
  • Balanos, Aristides and Margot Paintings and art objects using various media. Includes marine paintings, mythology, murals and jewellery.
  • Baldwin-Smith, Ashley Contemporary British artist creating paintings, sculptures and assemblages from found objects.
  • Ball, Josh Traditional 2D images in pastels, pencil and watercolors and digital 3D imagery are presented here with a link to works in progress.
  • Bankova, Marketa Mixed media New York artist who creates digital videos and water sculptures. Included are paintings, prints and photography and commercial net art.
  • Barjoud, Yolanda A collection of paintings and ceramics inspired by nature and wildlife.
  • Barker, Joan Abstract and documentary photography, and minimalist abstract paintings.
  • Barrington, Rebecca A. Displays paintings and photographs of a trip to the music centers of Beale Street in Memphis and to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Also has links to her many other painting sites.
  • Bartimole, Karin Visual one of a kind books and the artist's journal.
  • Barton, Mark Seattle based artist displays painting, computer graphics, and illustration.
  • Bartz, Joe Paintings in oils. drawings, computer animations, flyers and Html coding.
  • Bate, Gareth Contemporary Canadian artist working in painting, photography, installation, video, performance and set design. Includes biography and press reviews.
  • Bauer, Betsy Contemporary landscapes and botanical paintings, monoprints and mixed media collages.
  • Baugher, Norman Portfolio and resume of a painter, book illustrator and designer from Illinois.
  • Baumgartner, Vivian Fine art paintings, prints, and photos featuring landscapes, cityscapes, figures, and religious themes.
  • Bavari, Alessandro Digitally manipulated photography, oil paintings, animation, and illustration.
  • Bay, Alex Presents oil paintings with sculptural details, and mixed media sculptures, made of steel, fiberglass, and wood.
  • Beard, Robert Roane Watercolour paintings and installations.
  • Beardsley, Duke Images of cowboys and landscapes of the West painted by this Colorado based artist. Black and white mixed media and solar plate etchings are also included.
  • Beck, Gregory Gallery of figurative sfumato acrylic paintings and stone sculptures.
  • Beckett, Justin Showcasing the landscape and portrait paintings, and photography of a Canadian artist.
  • Beeny, Steven Portfolio containing comic strip art, paintings and Web design and 3D artwork.
  • Belcher, Shaun Painter, poet and songwriter from Oxford, England.
  • Bell, Larry Larry Bell investigates improbable relationships of surface and form through glass and bronze or on canvas and paper.
  • Bendib, Khalil Presents figurative sculptures, ceramics, paintings and mosaics inspired by life in North Africa, by a California artist of North African origin.
  • Benjamin, Zak Paintings, drawings and etchings. Provides examples and a brief biography.
  • Bennett, Manuel The inventor of the pholage and contour sculpture techniques displays his sculptures, paintings, serigraphs, lithographs, and drawings.
  • Bennett, Tom Portfolio of painting, printmaking and illustration by Brooklyn, New York based artist. Includes article and biography.
  • Benz, Max Pictures, sculptures and an internet art project from the German artist. Provides a profile, galleries and contact information.
  • Berry, Steve A ceramics, metal, and mixed media gallery by Florida based artist.
  • Bert, Gillermo Oil or mixed media, exploring urban archaeology, athletes and nature.
  • Bertiaux Mon Oeil de Bertiaux, based in France displays giant projections, monumental decor, and lighting for international events.
  • Bezalel-Levy , Chaim & Yonnah Bezalel-Levy is a husband and wife collaboration of painting and photography.
  • Bielik, Karl Paintings and illustrations working with found objects on surfaces of canvas, metals and velvet using words and photography.
  • Bigum, Martin The Adventures of Art - Paintings, drawings, installations, video stills, lyrics, and music.
  • Billsblip Featuring the paintings, drawings, murals and sculptures of an artist focusing on Surrealism.
  • Bishop, William Contains photography, and 3D computer graphics and models. [Java]
  • Black, Helene Mixed media, installations, paintings and full on line illustrated cv of the artist.
  • Blackman, Max Artist, based in Sussex UK, working in a variety of styles and techniques for private commissions, murals and interiors. Large scale paintings, drawings and sculpture that are mainly figurative.
  • Blaufuks, Daniel An overview of work in photography and photography-related installation work, set design, video and film.
  • Bloesch, Maureen Gallery of handmade eggery, paintings, stained glass and jewelry.
  • Blondeel, Maria Multi media artist working with photographic materials, light projections, interactive systems, sound and computer applications.
  • Blumis, Alina and Jeff Multidisciplinary artists developing work dealing with migration, social developments and cultural engineering. Their projects range from video installation to documentary films to site-specific installations.
  • Board, Aaron C. Contemporary figurative realist art, done in oil, drawing, and platinum and gold on sandpaper.
  • Boddez, Garnet Paintings and architectural sculpture.
  • Bohumil, Elias Exhibiting abstract painted mixed media glass sculptures, and oil paintings.
  • Boness, Tracy Norwich, UK, based multi-media artist, who works mainly in papier mache, drawing, and found objects.
  • Bonner, Gary Fine drawings and paintings of Irish Celtic themes are displayed along with traditional portraiture in pencil and acrylic.
  • Bonner, Jonathan Sculpture, installation, site-specific works and works on paper.
  • Bonnett, Elizabeth An exhibit of work by Canadian artist containing prairie scenes in pen and ink and egg tempera employing Pointillism and cross-hatching techniques. Embroidery and beadwork are also included.
  • Boogerman, Rudolf Animated and static digital images and traditional sketches.
  • Borofsky, Jeanne Massachusetts based artist displaying digital works, as well as encaustic, collage and various types of printmaking. Includes resume, biography and online gallery.
  • Bottazzi, Guillame Paintings, photography, videos and site specific artwork by a French abstract artist. Includes resume, statement and critique.
  • Bouf, Nicolas Abstract paintings, sculptures, mosaics, drawings and miscellaneous artworks by a French artist now living in Australia.
  • Bouman, Willemijn Abstract acrylic paintings and woodcuts. Included are color designs for buildings and murals.
  • Boyette, Ronald A collection on contemporary post modernist paintings,prints,sculpture and flash digital animation.
  • Boyle, Marie Semi-abstract oil paintings and giclee prints by a member of the Oxford Art Society.
  • Bozinov, Zarko Official artist page is updated weekly with abstract paintings and animations.
  • Brandt, Krystal California artist presents her acrylic paintings, sculptures and poetry.
  • Brannock, Larry Ray Offers unique artwork incorporating raw and treated materials such as paper to produce polished modern pieces.
  • Bray, W. Benjamin Portfolio includes glass, sound, and video installations, glass sculpture, and photography.
  • Brooks, Dewey American artist creating paintings influenced by surrealism and impressionism, jewelry and photography.
  • Brown, Rusty Portfolio includes graphic design, corner paintings, scraped paintings and web-art.
  • Brown, Shahid Featuring the paintings, illustrations, graphics, videos and Internet projects of an artist from California.
  • Browne, Piers Landscape paintings and etchings, children's animation and musicals.
  • Bruce, Katharine North American artist whose works include abstracts, paintings, drawings, and architecture using a variety of cross-media techniques.
  • Bryson, Will Features photographs, abstract paintings in poster colors and inks,drawings, and short stories and poetry.
  • Budynsky, Garri Fine Art paintings and drawings
  • Buenaventura, Nicholas Eric Ecuadorian painter and photographer living in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Includes galleries and contact details.
  • Bulck, R. V. Presents his paintings, photography, mixed media sculptures, installations, and performances.
  • Burbank, Joshua California based artist presents gallery of mixed media on paper, oil paintings and sculpture. Provides short biography.
  • Burch, Laurel A showcase of a variety of products based on original paintings .
  • Burckhalter, Robert Presents the young artist's paintings, drawings, sketches, photography, graphic design, and sculpture. Includes images and a biography.
  • Bures, Jiri Featuring the paintings, illustrations and hand-blown glass of an artist from Prague specializing in characters portrayed in expressionist or pop style.
  • Burke, Shane California artist working in all media and with experience in portrait painting, illustrating and graphic design. Includes information about commissions.
  • Burkholder, Bruce Features photorealistic paintings, drawings and digital photography. Also has some paintings in a non-realistic style and links to his other sites.
  • Burnell, Charlotte Gallery of photography, painting, video, collage, observational drawings and 3D sculptures by a British artist.
  • Burns, Daniel Paintings, drawings, pastels and ceramics from emerging American artist. Features landscapes, figures, portraits, still lifes, architecture and animals
  • Butler, Darrin Hand crafted tables stained in unique colors using abstract designs.Abstract and contemporary oil paintings are also available.
  • Butler, Martin Multiple media drawings of male and female nudes by Brisbane based artist accompanied by artist's words and diary entries.
  • Büls, Virginia British artist creating paintings, ceramic sculptures, plaster carvings and installations incorporating a combination of found items with modern materials.
  • Byrnes, Julie An Australian contemporary art site with sculpture, painting, and ceramics.

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