Modern dance companies based in the State of New York (most are in and around New York City).
  • 7ARTS 7 ARTS is a multi-disciplinary artist collective exploring an expansive collaborative process. Our original works push traditional boundaries of narrative and genre with a fresh approach to performance, filmmaking and exhibition. (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Adele Myers and Dancers A contemporary dance company of five women based in New York City. Combining robust athleticism with dramatic intent, the choreography portrays a spectrum of power dynamics among women.
  • AdrienneCelesteFadjoDANCE A professional modern dance company based in New York City.
  • Alpha Omega Dance The company's goal has always been to work with as many art forms and new and upcoming choreographers. (NYC)
  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater The official site, includes history, current repertory, information about the Ailey School and ticket purchasing.
  • Amy Marshall Dance Company Brings modern dance to communities through residencies, lecture demonstrations, and performances, educating the public about the art form. Located in New York, United States.
  • Andrew Jannetti and Dancers Information provided includes biographies, performance schedule and newsletter. (NYC)
  • Artichoke Dance Company Provides a vehicle for artists to explore and create dance and performance works.(New York, NY, USA)
  • Avodah Dance Ensemble Modern dance company rooted in the Jewish tradition. (NYC)
  • Aynsley Vandenbroucke Movement Group A modern dance company that explores the relationship between movement and fundamental human questions. The group's work is particularly influenced by Laban Movement Analysis and Zen Buddhism.
  • Balam Dance Theatre A contemporary dance company inspired by Balinese theatre. 6 dancers and Balinese guest artists. Founded in 1979. (NYC)
  • Battery Dance Company (New York City, NY, USA)
  • Ben Munisteri Choreography Modern classical technique combined with innovative movement. (NYC)
  • Beth Rodriguez Dance Projects Addresses universal themes through a user-friendly application of multiple dance vernaculars. Located in NYC.
  • Blue Muse Dance Project Established in year 1998, the company provides choreographers the opportunity to show their work and talent to the New York City community.
  • Buglisi Foreman Dance Former artists from the Martha Graham Company provide information on schedule, dance festivals, photographs, and reviews. Performs nationally and internationally. (NYC)
  • Camara Dance Unlimited An organization of dancers and educators committed to expressing, engaging, and transforming the human spirit through the experience of dance and movement. (Long Island, NY)
  • Christopher Caines Dance Company New York based contemporary dance company performing the work of choreographer Christopher Caines, featuring live music, singers, instrumentalists and choirs.
  • Circle of Dance Repertory Company Founded in 1982 by five artists dedicated to developing a regional modern dance company. (Huntington, NY)
  • Company Rindfleisch New York based modern dance company.
  • Complexions Dance Company Choreographers Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, former stars from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, run this New York based troupe which performs internationally with artists from dance, theater and music.
  • Dance Anonymous A Manhattan-based nonprofit modern dance company founded in September 2000.
  • Dance By Neil Greenberg A contemporary modern dance company founded by choreographer Neil Greenberg. The company aims to provide keys for the viewer into the rich experience of dance, and explore the particular kinds of meaning--sensual, perceptual, ontological--that dance can provide.
  • Dance Repertory (dRep) Professional dance company founded by Donnette Heath in 1997 to educate youth and increase awareness and appreciation of modern dance. Located in New York, New York.
  • Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company A young, highly-praised modern dance company based in New York. Choreographer Gwirtzman previously danced with Garth Fagan and Mark Morris, and is a co-founder of Artichoke Dance Company.
  • David Dorfman Dance Official website for David Dorfman Dance and Art Sweats, Inc. (NYC, NY)
  • De Facto Dance Dedicated to the collective creation of dance-theater works that are at once spontaneous and skillfully crafted.
  • Decadancetheatre Made up of female dancers from the US, Germany, Denmark and Japan. (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Donna Uchizono Dance Company La Donna Dance, Inc. (Donna Uchizono Company) is a contemporary modern dance company founded by Artistic Director Donna Uchizono to create and present works for the public." New York City, NY (USA)
  • Doug Varone and Dancers Performs a body of work heralded by critics as "among the most compelling in the contemporary repertory." Honored with seven New York Dance and Performance Awards (Bessies)
  • dusan tynek dance theatre Nonverbal, narrative, theatrical work utilizing an original movement vocabulary which owes its heart to classical, ballroom, and flamenco and its physical sensibility to Merce Cunningham and the Judson Church choreographers. (NYC)
  • Eiko & Koma Eiko and Koma create a theater of movement out of stillness, shape, light and sound. Much honored on five continents for their exquisitely wrought productions, they continue to explore new contexts and challenges.
  • ESSE AFICIONADO A collective of modern dancers and choreographers working as one to bring innovative movement to the world. The Esse Aficionado mission is to encourage professional artists to collaborate their technical and aesthetic ideas for the purpose of creating works of thought-provoking art. (NYC)
  • Eva Dean Dance A Brooklyn-based contemporary dance company established in 1985. It has premiered over 40 highly acclaimed dances.
  • Firewalkers Dance Company A diverse performing group seeking to find and share the beauty and intensity of movement. (New York)
  • FORWARD Motion Theater A non-profit organization to create and promote choreo-works combining movement and technology. (NYC)
  • Gabrielle Lansner & Company, Dance/Theater A NYC based dance/theater company. The works, inspired by literary sources, are physical, visual and non-linear collages of words and movement. The Company creates emotionally intimate and resonant work, inviting an audience to connect to and deepen their own emotional life.
  • Galumpha Combining stunning acrobatics, striking visual effects, physical comedy and inventive choreography, Galumpha brings to life a world of imagination, beauty, muscle and merriment. (Binghamton, NY)
  • Infinity Dance Theater A non-traditional dance company committed to expanding the boundaries of dance and changing the world's perception of what a dancer is. The company performs works that include a variety of disciplines not traditionally associated with concert dance performances such as on-stage singers, actors, and theatrical techniques including gesture and story. (NYC)
  • jill sigman/thinkdance main page Founded in 1998, jill sigman/thinkdance uses body as a medium to make people think, question, and interpret. (NYC)
  • Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects : New York Modern Dance Creates strong energetic, expressive, extremely physical dance
  • John Jasperse Company Presents live performances of contemporary dance and engages in a broad range of residency activities in the US and abroad. The company aims to challenge and engage audiences in rich, innovative aesthetic and intellectual experiences, thereby expanding the form. (NYC)
  • Jubilate Dance Studio Details upcoming performances of the Jubilate Dance Company, as well as a listing of classes offered by the Jubilate Dance Studio. (Spencerport, New York, USA)
  • KDNY Dance Company Based in New York City. K D N Y showcases the athletic and buoyant choreography of Kathleen Dyer, which ranges from the comic to the mysterious.
  • kevin wynn collection A pickup company available for performances, residencies, lecture-demonstrations, and workshops (NYC, NY, USA)
  • Kun Yang Lin/Dancers Dance company whose choreography is a fusion of modern American and Asian traditions (Tai chi, Martial art, Chinese dance, theater, music and painting) mixed with popular culture and postmodern dance
  • Lacy James/Mereminne Dancers Reviews, photos, video, bio/history, performance calendar. Also includes information about the music and other artistic projects of New York City-based Lacy James and Mereminne Productions.
  • Mandalas, Murray Spalding Movement Arts Mandalas are dances which place emphasis on the mandala as a medium for meditation while still maintaining a formal choreographic structure. Synthesizing contemporary dance and meditation, Mandalas occupy a place between prayer and performance. (NYC)
  • Mark Morris Dance Group Presents an average of 90 shows each year in 35 cities worldwide and has the distinction of being the only modern dance company in the country to feature live music at every performance.
  • Mary Seidman and Dancers Exists to further the growth of modern dance in society and act as a catalyst for learning, growth, and physical development (NYC)
  • Maude Baum & Company With a mission to bring the best of American Modern Dance Theartre Choreography and Performance to out audiences and to inspire creativity, Maude Baum and Company creates, performs and tours acclaimed American Modern Dance works and offers an acclaimed repertoire of Dance Theatre works (Albany, NY)
  • Maura Nguyen Donohue - In Mixed Company Work often explores issues surrounding an identity specifically regarding racial ties and gender roles, incorporating text with an athletic movement style drawing on gymnastics, stage combat, Peking Opera, martial arts, contact improvisation, and various traditional and contemporary dance / theater forms. (New York)
  • Merce Cunningham Dance Bethune Street. Studio. Company, classes, schedules. (New York)
  • Michael Mao Dance Dedicated to performing the works of Michael Mao, an immigrant choreographer who makes dances in the American modern dance tradition with dancers who are either native-born or have resettled in the United States from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. (NYC)
  • Naganuma Dance A contemporary dance company based in New York City, under the direction of Hawaii native Darcy Naganuma.
  • Nicholas Andre Dance Theatre New York City
  • Notes in Motion A dance theatre company made up of choreographers and artists invested in collaboration and the energy and challenge which such community fosters. Three major elements constitute Notes in Motion programming: workshop, production, and education/outreach.
  • palissimo dance theatre company under artistic leadership of Pavel (Palo) Zustiak, based in New York City
  • Park Avenue Dance Company Encourages and develops modern dance choreography through participation, education, performance and community involvement in a positive environment (Rochester, NY)
  • Parsons Dance Company The Parsons Dance Company is comprised of ten full-time dancers and maintains a repertory of over 50 works. See when the company is coming to a theatre near you. (New York)
  • Paul Taylor Dance Company Paul Taylor, his work, and his company.
  • Risa Jaroslow & Dancers/High Tide Dance, Inc. Founded in 1985 to create works that reflect and speak to people's lives, use dance-making to forge connections between people, and include people of different ages, backgrounds, and skills in the dance-making process. (NYC)
  • Sarah Skaggs Dance Sarah Skaggs Dance merges formal concert dance with "club" or social dance, drawing on a range of traditional and contemporary influences in movement, music and visual media to create an exciting new, audience-inclusive format for dance. (NYC)
  • Stomp Exciting modern dance troupe using everyday objects in non-traditional ways. Movement and rhythms of bodies, objects, sounds - even abstract ideas.
  • Suarez Dance Theater Information about performances, touring, training and company membership in this NYC-based cross-over company presenting highly theatrical dance.
  • TERRAIN Conceived in 2001 by Rebecca Lazier, dedicated to creating theatrical and site-specific dance while developing diverse audiences through collaborations and educational programs (New York City, USA)
  • The Joyce Trisler Danscompany A timeless, classical company dedicated to the continuance of pioneer Lester Horton's style of dance. Sleek and skillful, the dancers emulate the beauty of all out dancing while embracing the human spirit with purity of motion. (NYC).
  • Tiffany Mills Company Mills' dancers partner in three-dimensional explosions, syncopating space. The Tiffany Mills Company strikes a nerve, triggered by instinct, driven out of raw physicality. (NYC)
  • Tim Martin Ballet and Modern works available for purchase. Full information on casting, techniques, costuming, and props. Free lighting plot information (PDF format) available for downloading or on-screen viewing. (New York, NY)
  • Time Lapse Dance Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance was formed for the projects of Jody Sperling, a dancer, choreographer, and dance scholar based in New York City. Her choreographic style combines a fluid, sensual physicality with an acute sense of humor. With transformation as its goal, the work draws on eclectic imagery, often from vintage sources.
  • Treehouse Shakers A dance-theater company committed to creating work that encourages people to experience their feelings and their connection to the greater community. Treehouse Shakers achieves this by creating humanistic stories, experimenting with narrative styles and exploring the story's elements through the abstractions of modern dance. (NYC)
  • Trisha Brown Dance Company Dedicated to the creation and presentation of work by renowned artistic director, Trisha Brown. Offers classes in New York City and produces work ranging from solos to large-scale choreography, and chamber and grand operas.
  • Troika Ranch Dance Theater New York City based company combines dance, theater, and interactive digital media in their eclectic live performances.
  • Vangeline Theater Our work fosters a general appreciation of French, Japanese and European Culture through performances and workshops. We want to bring surreal and beautiful dream-like imagery to the public through our dance performances in order to awaken that which is still dormant within. (NYC)
  • Zendora Dance Company, New York City Presents works that are a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western aesthetics, delicate rituals which recall an atmosphere of ancient places.

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