Mixed Genre Fiction web sites are those that contain either several works of different genres, or single works that blend the traditional genres. Genres are romance, horror, thrillers, science-fiction, adventure, detective stories, historical, etc. These web sites must contain works that are fully accessible to the user online, to be either read online, or downloaded. The category includes Fiction only.
  • A Sauvignon Tale An online surreal tale, full of magical essence that reveals feelings you don't even know you have...
  • Adrastia's Dark Synapse A multi-faceted collection of writings and poetry. Includes Final Fantasy fan fiction and a journal.
  • Bradley Stoke A selection of the weird, witty and satirical fiction of Bradley Stoke, including the fantasy novels 'Omega' and 'Alif'.
  • Brash Fiction Every Monday and sometimes more often Brash Fiction brings you something new, either flash fiction or short story, but always enjoyable to read.
  • Caring for God's Laptop Unpublished novel for all interested in the science and fantasy of medicine. Not about religion, but a postmodern multi-genre combining elements of Science, Fantasy and Romance.
  • Characters Off the Leash Original fiction, short stories, poetry and piano improvisations by David Soubly of Plymouth, MI.
  • Chronicles From Barbados From the Glittering Balls of London, to the steamy beaches of Barbados, love is never in short supply in these stories of the Douglas family and their children.
  • CrazedWriter's World New and growing collection of original novels, short stories and flash fiction in many genres.
  • Darkfin Darkfin is a super heroine story with a complex plot and diverse, quirky characters. Read online or download.
  • David Moody - Believe the Unbelievable Brand new and completely original horror, fantasy and science-fiction novels. New novel AUTUMN - an apocalyptic nightmare - free and on-line now.
  • Diary of a Heretic Most weekdays, the weblog offers original stories written that day, which work as a series. Most weekends I post excerpts of my novel, Diary of a Heretic, and occasionally post reviews and memos.
  • Exit-reality Exit-Reality.com. A site that offers those of us who need to be away from everything that is "normal". Includes fiction, art-work, opinions and links to other sites. Can be read online or downloaded. Accepts submissions of both fiction and art.
  • FanStory.com Review site publishing poems, short stories, book chapters and scripts and offering ranking system and contests.
  • Fiction on the Web A site featuring the short stories of Charles Sundt and other authors.
  • Fiction_Online A place to submit and read fiction of all genres and topics. Features teen, romance and gothic with adult content and limited censorship.
  • Fine Words Butter No Parsnips A site of fiction, art and photography. Written by members of a nuclear family, scattered to the four corners of the world. Stories and images from New York and Hong Kong, India and Indiana ... the world.
  • Fire and Ice Stories and pictures from a variety of different genres.
  • FurryMagic Stories which feature animals as the main characters and mix fantasy, adventure, mystery and romance with a rich vein of humour.
  • GateWay S-F Magazine A site that offers short science fiction stories with Christian themes.
  • Heat's Archive of Fiction Stories to read online. Independent authors may submit their work, any genre, any theme.
  • JDSandara's Home A site featuring Science-Fiction, vampire, and children's stories to be read online.
  • jonnyskov.com: the home site of Jon Skovron Short fiction with a satirical or absurdist edge. Soon to be added is a serialized epic utilizing aspects of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror and Cyberpunk.
  • L. Lee Lowe Novels and short stories, spanning the fantasy, science fiction, and general fiction genres. Also includes a blog by the author.
  • LilyNBlue: My Fiction and Poetry Includes original fiction, poetry, bulletin board, quiz, awards, and links to writers' resources.
  • Marian Allen's World of Fiction Short stories ranging from humor to horror; Pretender and Star Trek fan fiction; and links to free samples of Ms. Allen's e-books.
  • MetroPoppyfield - Mauretania Comics Comics and stories website
  • MikeRoTheatre and Mike Rogers' Writings Ghost stories, monologues, short stories, novels and plays for more than one actor. Read the words - then come and hear them spoken.
  • Oh So Simpatico Personal creative writing site containing short stories to entertain, inform, and share ideas with fellow writers and others interested.
  • One Minute Stories A new, very short story every day (almost). Odd, oblique and sometimes funny, stories, written by me (known in the site at "Chronic").
  • Prose Dreams A collection of original and fan science fiction and fantasy writings (including Forever Knight, Star Trek, Lois and Clark, the Marvel Universe, Knight Rider, and some crossovers), as well as poetry.
  • Pullman & Blake Serialised occult/horror/detective tales set in London. Features adult material.
  • Quillszone Quillszone offers e-books that span the genres of romance, action-adventure, thrillers, suspense, mystery, historical, contemporary, time-travel, humour, and westerns.
  • Rexie's Creative Writing Site Personal website including submitted works, ongoing creative short stories, chat, forum, links, advice, tips for writers block, and Rexenne's own works of fiction, mostly about vampires.
  • Rion's World Rion Wilhelm's writing site devoted to genre fiction, SciFi, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Suspense
  • Sarah West Learn more about Sarah and why she is seemingly unapproachable. (Hint: She's borderline genius)
  • Short Stories by Glen Short stories by Glen Mason, including horror and fantasy tales.
  • Significant Objects Writers project to develop fictional stories related to insignificant items to raise their value and sell on eBay. Includes highlights of project and past stories.
  • Starving Writer Tom Morgan's personal website featuring original screenplays, short fiction, poetry, film and book reviews, and links. Requires Adobe Acrobat for downloads.
  • Stories From Macabre to Mysterious Variety of short stories by Sharen Nehoda, ranging from murder mysteries and thrillers to science fiction and psychological horror tales.
  • Strike Force: Heroes, Life, Death... Hope A continuing sci-fi/adventure/drama, heavily influenced by everything from Star Wars, to X-Men, to ER. Also includes timeline, trivia and creative notes.
  • Sullivan's Short Stories The site contains short fiction in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, humor, and mainstream. There are also links to other writing related sites.
  • The Cobwebs - Story Page Short stories and poems to be read online that are sometimes funny, sad or maybe even true.
  • The Color of My Sky Growing list of stories in different genres, including contemporary, fantasy, horror, and inspirational.
  • The Elven Wolf A site that features Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror fiction work from Stephen John Smith, along with related articles.
  • The Gekko Reading Room A library of speculative fiction, mystery, sci-fi and horror.
  • The Hero Fantasy Story A story about a knight who gets to another world.
  • The Princess Diana / Annabel Blue Cannibal Matrix Two graphic reading modules.
  • The Spasms project A collection of short stories and novelettes in various genres by Amy Frushour Kelly.
  • The Talespinner A collections of stories of different genres, based on legends.
  • The Wyvern's Library An online archive of fiction and poetry mainly in the fae, troll, dragon, fantasy genre submitted by amateur writers. Also contains science fiction stories.
  • ThePerm Prologue, with related artwork and poetry, of a fantasy novel.
  • Trina Allen, Writer, Educator and Editor The Web site of Trina Allen, writer, educator and editor.
  • Word of Nathan - Writings by Nathan Simpson Contains short stories, a novel, and other writings by Nathan Simpson. Includes horror and fantasy.

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