Builders (luthiers) of custom electric or semi-acoustic guitars, hand-crafting unique instruments as opposed to mass production techniques used in factories.
  • Alan Cringean Guitars Handcrafted guitars and basses; includes instrument sepcifications and gallery, with contact details. [Moffat, Scotland]
  • Art Guitars by Phil Sylvester Unique electric guitars and amplifiers.
  • Auerswald Instruments Guitars and basses made in Germany with unique design features, e.g. the sustain bow and resonance chambers.
  • Benedetto Guitars Famous archtop maker, not affiliated with Fender anymore since 2006.
  • Black Machine With super thin body delivering quick response and harmonic richness and solid rosewood neck providing clarity, fatness and sustain. Paint substituted with oil finished to maximise tone.
  • Bob Benedetto Custom archtop guitars and pickups.
  • Born To Rock Design The F4 guitar and bass have a hollow aluminum framework body producing superior attack and overtones.
  • Brian Moore Custom Guitars Solid body electric guitars. Includes audio samples and dealer finder.
  • Briggs Guitars Handbuilt in very limited quantities with the best tonewoods available.
  • Burnstone Custom Guitars Workhorse guitars for working guitarists by Daniel Burns.
  • Chafin Custom Guitars Handmade instruments unique to the buyers' specifications and needs. Located in Tampa, Florida.
  • Crook Custom Guitars Small shop building a select amount of guitars and basses per year based on classic designs.
  • D-Scott Guitars Violin - archtop styled electric guitars.
  • Davis Guitar Works Davis Guitar Works. Custom electric guitars and basses. Also restoration work.
  • DeTemple Guitars High end Fender copies and guitar parts.
  • Dommenget Custom Guitars Located in northern Germany, specialized in archtop acoustic and electric guitars, played e.g. by Stephen Stills or Neil Schon. Boutique pickup winder as well.
  • Dramm Guitars Thomas Dramm Luthier. Home of the Botar. Custom electric guitars, made to be played with a bow.
  • Eric Christman Guitars Handmade custom guitars and basses built using solid hardwoods. Features available items, pricing, and ordering information.
  • Erickson Guitars Sonic chambered and solidbody electric guitars.
  • Freddy's Frets Freddy Gabrsek's handmade guitars custom built to any specification. [Niagara region]
  • Fuquay Inlay & Guitar Company Custom maker of guitars, basses, and inlay art. Includes listing of products, services, and contact information.
  • Galeon Guitars Custom Electric guitars and basses.
  • Garage Guitars Chambered and solid body electric guitars.
  • Gigliotti Custom Guitars Designs and produces custom electric guitars in Tacoma, Washington.
  • Girl Brand Guitars Luthier James Larsen's one-off, highly "original" electric art guitars.
  • GMW Guitarworks Building custom guitars and basses and refinishing, repairs or custom modifications. Limited production line of Empire Guitars on a per-order basis only.
  • Gordon Smith Guitars Handcrafted guitars made in Partington near Manchester, established for more than 25 years.
  • Gryphon Electric Guitars Makers of custom designed and hand built electric guitars. Includes products and company information.
  • Guitar Factory Guitars with feel and performance of electric models combined with the sound of an acoustic guitar, located in Orlando, Florida.
  • Gus Guitars Unusual instruments made of metal and carbon fibre, some equipped with MIDI.
  • Haze Guitars Custom made, electric guitars and basses. Based in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Heatley Guitars Mainly semi-acoustic instruments built to customer specifications.
  • Hertel Guitars Ralf Hertel Luthier. Electric guitar construction and repairs. English, French, German site.
  • HipShotProducts Custom guitar parts, bridges, and benders.
  • Iglesias Custom Stringed Instruments Profile of a luthier based in Guatemala specialising in making guitars and basses using local fine woods. Includes his profile and a gallery.
  • Jacobacci Guitars Dedicated to the French instruments built from 1952 to 1994 by André and Roger Jacobacci with pictures, catalogs, specifications and interviews.
  • James Trussart Custom Guitars Hollow bodies completely made of steel, several models and options available.
  • Jaydee Custom Guitars Jaydee custom electric basses and guitars.
  • Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars Composing electric guitars and basses and effect pedals since 1991.
  • Julian Mullen Guitars Builder of custom guitars (including electric resonators) offers a gallery of his instruments; also information and prices for his repair activities. [Reading, UK]
  • Kamil Greben Guitars Hand-crafted guitars and basses manufactured according to specific requirements, located in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Kelly Guitars Custom hand built guitars from vintage tone woods and light nitro finishes. New York, NY.
  • Kinal Guitars Archtop and solid body electric guitars.
  • Langcaster Guitars and Pickups Langcaster electric guitars made from 35,000 year old Kauri wood.
  • Legend Guitars Custom made as well as imported guitars and basses from Canada.
  • Legra Guitars Bob Johnson Luthier. High quality custom built guitars. Based in Essex, UK
  • Lieber Guitars Custom made electric guitars and basses since 1971.
  • Lull Custom Guitars Electric guitars and bass.
  • M. Campellone Guitars Building different archtop models with optional floating pickup system. [Greenville, RI]
  • Mammoth Guitars, LLC Produces handmade, custom built, classic style guitars. Located in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA.
  • Manne Guitars Italian basses and guitars based on original design concepts by Andrea Ballarin. With tone guide and audio samples.
  • Manson Guitars Handmade custom guitars and basses, classic and concept instruments.
  • McNaught Guitars Handmade custom guitars
  • McSwain Guitars With hand-carved or metal bodies.
  • Melancon Guitars Solid body electric guitars.
  • Michael Dolan Custom Guitars Building custom basses and guitars in Sonoma County, California since 1977.
  • Mike Vanden Guitars Bespoke maker of guitars and mandolins. Scotland.
  • Minarik Guitars Instruments in classic tradition and innovative design. With forum.
  • MJ Guitar Engineering Hollow and solidbody electric guitars.
  • Moll Custom Instruments Custom builder of archtop, jazz, flat top, nylon stringed, and bass guitars.
  • Nik Huber Guitars Made in Germany based on a 100 year old family tradition.
  • Noah James Guitars Built by Jim Donahue, former Ibanez product manager.
  • October Guitars Custom electric guitars.
  • Old Moon Guitars Custom designed with specifications for the individual guitarist.
  • Orlando Musical Instruments Giuseppe Orlando builds custom electric guitar and bass in Italy, electronics too. Also known as Nocive Labs.
  • Peekamoose Guitars Custom guitars built in NYC by Paul Schwartz and Hawley Waldman, made to order or in stock, also repairing and restoring used instruments.
  • Pensa Guitars Electric guitars and basses.
  • Phiga Guitars Phil Gawen offers exclusive through-neck and multiple pieces set neck models with natural finishes and detailed inlays.
  • Phillips Guitars Ltd. Produces handcrafted archtops and bass guitars. Includes prices and specifications. Located in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Predaina Custom Basses Custom basses and guitars available in any scale length. Also offering setup and intonation tips.
  • R.R. Gadow Luthiery Custom handmade electric guitars created by North Carolina based luthier Ryan Gadow.
  • Rahbek Guitars 3 basic guitar models with a wide range of custom options. [Denmark]
  • Reith Guitars Todd Reith Luthier. Premium custom electric guitars crafted by hand in the USA.
  • Rhinehart Guitars Hand-carved, hand-painted, sculptural picture elements on electric guitars.
  • Rinton Builder of custom electric and electric/acoustic guitars and pickups; online gallery and dealer listing. [Thailand]
  • Robert Wilkinson Guitars Robert Wilkinson Luthier. Electric Guitars and Basses made to customer specification. Based in Peterborough, Cambs, UK.
  • Ronson Guitars Fully custom made with trademarked neck.
  • Rowan Custom Guitars Solid and semi solid body electric guitars.
  • RS Guitars Custom Brian May red special style guitars
  • Ruokangas Guitars Hand-crafted electric guitars by Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas. Original design Duke -series of carved top electrics.
  • Sadowsky Guitars Electric guitars and basses.
  • Shamray Guitars Hand-made custom guitars and basses from Moscow, Russia. Provides world-wide shipping.
  • Simon Lee Guitars Produces a range of "Cyclotron" guitars with bodies made from visually exciting recycled polymers. Includes a gallery, information about materials, specifications and contact details. [UK]
  • Soller & Sivcak Guitars Handmade in Slovakia, also bass guitars.
  • Soloway Guitars Long necks (27 inch scale) and big bottoms (semi-acoustic body).
  • Sound Instruments Reseller of Boogie Body Guitars and necks by Lynn Ellsworth. Provides contacts for ordering product and placing custom orders.
  • Specimen Products Makes custom guitars and basses from exotic materials, aluminum, and traditional hardwoods. Chicago, Illinois.
  • Stark Guitars Custom built on order with chambered bodies.
  • Starr Labs MIDI guitars and custom MIDI designs.
  • Stevens Guitars Semi-hollow and solid body electric guitars.
  • STHAC Guitars Hand-made and handcrafted electric guitars and basses. Custom Shop Services. (USA)
  • Suhr Guitars Custom made solid body and chambered guitars first known as Pensa-Suhr.
  • Sweetwood Guitar Company Handmade guitars featuring a laminated neck and a unique seemless tenon, also selling effect pedals and amp kits.
  • Terry McInturf Guitars Line of different models, offering a virtual "TCM Guitar Builder" to chose from several customizing options.
  • Teuffel Guitars German maker building "post-modern" designed guitars.
  • Timtone Custom Guitars Chambered and solid body electric guitars.
  • Tony Rockett Guitars Custom made guitars, repairs, set-ups and restorations of many stringed instruments.
  • Tucker Guitars Patented hand-crafted guitars and basses from exotic Albizzia tone-wood. [Hawaii, US]
  • Tym Guitars Custom built mosrite style guitars and effects pedals.
  • Veillette Guitars Electric guitars, baritone guitars, and basses.
  • Wendler electroCoustic Chambered electro-acoustic guitars from solid wood, also offers an amp and sound clips of some models.
  • Wilkat Guitars Custom handmade electric guitars and basses; also offer parts. Online catalogue, and a collection of tips.
  • Witkowski Custom Guitars Hand-crafted instruments from Poland, very often with unique constructions and built on order. Offering sound samples.

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