Sites in this category contain free, online learning resources covering guitars and guitar playing. You can also find fee-paying guitar education services and products in the related shopping category and guitar tutors are listed under their local regional section of the directory. Similar resources for particular styles of guitar playing are found in the Guitar/Syles categories.
  • Free beginners guitar lessons and information. Free pieces and riffs to listen to and download.
  • About Guitar Featuring beginner and advanced guitar lessons, tablature and lyric resources, a question and answer forum, and links to guitar resources on the Web.
  • Absolute Fretboard Knowledge Software course for learning fretboard notes on guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments.
  • Andrew's Guitar Page This site covers in detail the rudiments of music, specifically for beginning guitar players.
  • Chord House Easily get detailed finger settings for 1,000+ guitar chords, clearly displayed in the graphical manner familiar from music books. Selected chords can be printed.
  • Classical Guitar This web site uses the term classic guitar to refer to the instrument itself; it refers to classical guitar as the art of playing classical music written for, or adapted to the classic guitar.
  • Cyberfret Free online guitar lessons using video, audio, midi and notation to make the learning experience both fun, and easy to understand.
  • Don't Fret Productions Featuring a unique easy on/off fretboard map which shows notes or chords. Includes useful tools for learners and Guitar Classroom - aimed at beginner to intermediate level.
  • Electric-Guitar.Co.Uk Free guitar lessons, tablature, chords, and basic theory. Offers a members area, search and submit tab feature, and forums.
  • Fender Players Club Free online PDF guitar lessons with mp3 audio, artist profiles, articles, and videos. Includes Fender legends, featured artists,and instruction for all skill levels.
  • Freelicks Quality video and MP3 archive. Includes licks, backing tracks, guitar glossary, online tuition, evergreen solos breakdown and demos.
  • Get Tuned Information on the various methods on tuning guitars; includes an on-line tuner.
  • Greg's Guitar Animated lessons using the Flash plug-in, some basic lessons with MP3 practice tracks and helpful articles are free.
  • Guitallica Guitar in the Metallica style. Free original lessons, tutorials, and tabs.
  • Guitar Basics Basic guitar theory lessons for each day of the week. Includes chords, arpeggios, scales, books, guitars for sale, and guitar effects.
  • Guitar Chords Magic Guitar chord lessons, charts, pictures, songs, music theory and chord finder.
  • Guitar Dreams Free guitar lessons online for playing lead guitar. Includes alternate picking technique, scales, arpeggios, sweep picking, legato, string skipping and tapping. Sound files included. Also features a discussion forum.
  • Guitar for Beginners Devoted to the basics of music and the guitar. Buying, tuning, reading music, chords, scales, and strumming tips.
  • Guitar KnowledgeNet Collection of tools and lessons designed to help guitarists of all levels and playing styles.
  • Guitar Lesson World Resource for learning how to play, tune, and repair the guitar. Includes basics, lessons, tab, chords, solo-ing, and site download.
  • Guitar Lix Interactive Features licks, riffs and solos for lead guitar in streaming audio. Also includes information on scales and modes.
  • Guitar Lovers Teaching advice on many aspects of guitar playing including chords, arpeggios, rock licks, tunings amongst others. Features incorporate diagrams, tabs and audio backing tracks.
  • Guitar Metal Metal style guitar lessons and discussion. Includes videos, articles, interactive examples, free guitar chords generator, Rhandy Rhoads specials, beginner and advanced music theory.
  • Guitar MX Free online lessons and resources for the beginning player.
  • Guitar Noise Guitar education site featuring free online lessons, musician columns, and theory pointers.
  • Guitar On the Spot Shows how to play guitar and compose songs, solos, progressions, and riffs off the top of your head by rolling a die.
  • Guitar Principles Emphasizes playing techniques involving minimum strain. Also gives tips on motivation, choosing a teacher and developing a repertoire.
  • Guitar Secrets A visual learning experience. Guitar chords, scales, private and free guitar lessons. Video, audio and colored illustrations.
  • Guitar Shred Show Animated guitar site. Mr. Fastfinger reveals the arts and secrets of heavy rock guitar to all. Includes mode lessons, demos, and presentation. [Requires Flash]
  • Guitar Tricks Listen and learn to play guitar for free at the largest riff archive on the web.
  • Guitar Tutor Online Free online guitar lessons. Sample tunes are in MIDI and mp3 formats.
  • Guitar-Tech Online guide for chord positions, scales and arpeggio patterns with MIDI and tablature.
  • Music theory applied to the guitar. A collection of scales, chords, arpeggios and progressions in graphic format and conventional music notation.
  • How To Tune A Guitar Includes chord finder, guitar tuning methods, online guitar tuner, drop tuning guides, 10 tuning tips and secrets.
  • Infinite Guitar Lessons Online video guitar lessons taught by professional instructors around the world.
  • Insane Guitar Dedicated to Shred-style guitar and playing, with audio samples, including some on video. Also contains master classes, jam tracks, archives, and a message board.
  • Internet Guitar Database A library of lessons for beginners and more advanced players, chord database, with information on guitar setup. Also includes reviews of equipment.
  • Intimate Audio Free guitar lessons from Guitar One magazine's Dale Turner. Includes MP3 demo's, tab, and interviews with Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, and George Lynch.
  • Jim Sutton Institute of Guitar International correspondence guitar school. Jazz, blues, latin, country, all styles and levels of personalized studies available.
  • Joyce's Guitar Lessons Guitar lessons for beginners, making use of tabs, so no knowledge of reading music is necessary.
  • Jugend Gitarrenorchester A music education project sponsored by the state of Baden - Württemberg, Germany.
  • Justinguitar Lessons, transcriptions, tab songs, sound files and chord charts, biographies of significant players, jokes, and links.
  • M.A.M.I. Music Scales Atlas Offers a guitar chord and scale reference text that includes extensive fingerboard note and interval scale charts.
  • Offers free guitar lessons, mostly to beginners and intermediates. Gives advice on finding other free resources to learn guitar with, and how to make practicing more fun.
  • Money Chords Popular chord progressions, chord substitutions, chord construction, guitar chord charts, and songwriting links.
  • Guitar Lessons Online guitar lessons with downloadable sound files that are geared toward beginner guitar player. Lessons are step by step offering advice, sound files, and exercises.
  • Music and Guitar - Naftali Lahav Original courses for educators, guitar studio, and the webmaster's own compositions. In English and Hebrew.
  • Music V.I. Guitar and Piano Lessons Piano and guitar all audio lessons, including courses for the blind. Commercial site with free samples.
  • My Guitar Solo Varied guitar learning content. Includes scales, technique exercises, chops, licks, improvisation tips, backing track midi files, jazz and blues practice, bios of guitar players, buying tips.
  • My Guitar Workshop Provides guitar lessons, instruction, tips, tab finder, and music theory for all level guitar players.
  • New Music Educational Project An educational program in which each pupil constructs their own instrument. Includes information, video and information on how to order a kit guitar. [English/Hebrew]
  • OC Music Offers basic guitar lessons, a Shockwave treble and bass-clef note finder, an online tuner, and a theory-quiz game. Also includes Piano chord and scale finder.
  • Online Guitar Lessons Guitar tuition includes discussion, dropped tunings, palm muting, photographs, and audio samples.
  • Play the Guitar Question and answers based guitar site. Includes answers to basic guitar questions, reading music and tab, and monthly guitar give away.
  • Roar 4 More Interesting and useful collection of resources and links for players, including building effects pedals, video lessons, and software learning downloads.
  • Robin May / Guitar Tuition Offers online guitar tuition, with lessons, free MP3 backing tracks, and music theory for guitarists.
  • Soundme Guitar Lessons Articles on triads, the blues, theory and chords.
  • Start Playing Guitar Aimed at starter and beginner players. Includes first chords, reading music, easy songs, theory, changing strings, and choosing guitars.
  • TCG's Guitar Page Guitar enthusiast's links and "entertaining ramblings". Includes tab, old classic and standard jam tunes, tablature bummers, and related links.
  • The WWW Guitar Advisor Resource for novice and aspiring novice guitarists. Choosing a guitar, care and feeding, and repairs.
  • Tone Settings - Guitar and Bass Amps Growing collection of guitar/bass amplifier sound settings. Includes comments, sound clips, and submissions.
  • Total Guitar Free online guitar lessons with tab and audio by Dave Bates.
  • Vision Music Online guitar and bass lessons by Mark Stefani.
  • Visual Guitar Color diagrams of guitar scales, modes and theory. Complete guitar fretboard analysis and lessons.
  • WholeNote Guitar community where visitors can take or make on-line guitar lessons. Includes tab and music playback, links, forums, equipment, and ear training.
  • World Guitar Contains jamming software, scales, chords, riffs, lessons, and links.
  • Zager Online guitar instruction combining lead line, bass, rhythm, chord structure and phrasing of the lead line.
  • Zentao Guitar Lessons Guitar lessons for the absolute beginner. Theory lessons for experienced guitar players. Tab, chord, and scale diagram explanations.

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