Articles, reviews and interviews pertaining to V for Vendetta (2005), directed by James McTeigue.
  • 'V' For Victory: 'Vendetta' Takes Box-Office #1 With $26.1 Million Controversial action film "V for Vendetta" opened at #1 in the box-office ranks, earning $26.1 million its first weekend in theaters.
  • 2007 Hugo Award Ballott The V for Vendetta screenplay has been nominated in the Dramatic Presentation, Long Form category for a 2007 Hugo Award.
  • Filmtracks: V for Vendetta The soundtrack will entertain you with Marianelli's continuously intelligent ideas.
  • Hugo Weaving Replaces James Purefoy in V For Vendetta James Purefoy has left the production for undisclosed reasons. [2005.05.09]
  • Reverse Shot: Where You Least Expect It I hate to burden ostensible popcorn entertainment with the mantle of "relevance," but well, V for Vendetta may be among the most openly pro-gay blockbusters ever. Includes additional commentary by readers. By Clarence Carter. [March 23, 2006]
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy News: V for Vendetta - About the Story Commentary about the film including conception, script revisions and photo gallery.
  • V for Vendetta In the late 1980s a Leftie writer named Alan Moore, depressed at the state of Thatcherite Britain, wrote a comic book about a superhero of sorts named “V” who almost single-handedly brings down a future fascist British government.
  • Snap Judgments: V For Vendetta Given that the graphic novel makes such perfect use of the comic book medium for layered and inter-linked plotting, deep characterization and literary reference and metaphor, it's impressive that anyone was able to use the film medium to get anywhere close. By Randy Lander.
  • ThinkMTV: V for Vendetta V For Vendetta is a political thriller about the power of an individual to effect great social change-for better or for worse.
  • V at ComicCon A panel discussion transcription including video clips.
  • V for Vendetta The official website of the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures comments on the film.
  • V Meets The Secret Service provided some entertainment at the capital recently as one of their members dressed as “V” from the movie Vendetta to deliver protest documents to various government agencies including the IRS.

Media publications

  • 'V for Vendetta' - James McTeigue Q&A The first-time director discusses his adaptation of Alan Moore's critically acclaimed graphic novel. (Published 2006-03-17 00:00:00)
  • "V for Vendetta" Sequel Planned Warner Brothers Pictures has decided to move forward with plans for a sequel that takes even riskier steps. (Published 2006-04-01 00:00:00)
  • 'V for Vendetta' Gets a New Star 'V for Vendetta' gets a new star. Although filming is well under way on the comic-book adaptation, it seems that it's all-change for the cast. By Chris Tilly. (Published 2005-05-09 00:00:00)
  • 2SecondFuse: V For Vendetta V For Vendetta is about rebellion and responsibility. It's about taking action to create change, about standing for what is right even if it makes you uncomfortable, scared or places you in danger. (Published 2006-03-24 00:00:00)
  • A Very British Dude: V For Vendetta I agree with its political message - that the odious surveillance state being built right now means that "there is something terribly wrong with this country". But... (Published 2008-10-24 00:00:00)
  • BBC News: V for Vendetta Tops US Box Office V for Vendetta, a political thriller starring Natalie Portman, tops the US box office in its opening week. (Published 2006-03-20 00:00:00)
  • Bluegrass Film Society: Travis Swinford - Response to V for Vendetta Ever since the attacks of 9/11 here in the United States, we really shy away from terrorist movies, but in this case you almost feel empathy toward V when he acts against his own country. (Published 2007-04-18 00:00:00)
  • Box Office Mojo: V for Vendetta Bombards the Top Spot V for Vendetta governed the weekend with a forceful $25.6 million at 3,365 locations, including about $1.4 million from 56 IMAX venues. By Brandon Gray. (Published 2006-03-20 00:00:00)
  • CBS News: So You Want A Revolution? The film "V for Vendetta" centers on a revolution against a repressive government, a concept David Edelstein says that is meant to jar American moviegoers from their seats. (Published 2006-03-12 00:00:00)
  • Cinerati: Watchmen vs. V for Vendetta A comparative sales analysis between 'Watchmen' trade sales and those of 'V for Vendetta'. (Published 2007-12-06 00:00:00)
  • Comic Book Resources: V for Vendetta Set Visit Report On the evening of June 1st, 2005, a number of online and "real world" press gathered in Central London to witness a live shoot for the upcoming film "V For Vendetta." By Jonah Weiland. (Published 2006-02-16 00:00:00)
  • Confused, Not Thought Through: V for Vendetta Taken at face value, the film neatly, if inadvertently, captures the bankruptcy of anarcho-terrorist ideology: the mass of the population is reduced to the role of a passive spectator while the heroic individual carries out exemplary, supposedly ‘electrifying’ operations. By David Walsh. (Published 2006-03-27 00:00:00)
  • Vendetta's V: Villain or Vindicating Vigilante? While some will consider this film as nothing more than entertaining science fiction, others will see it as a social critique of the direction today's policy makers are heading. By Kristen Brown. (Published 2006-03-17 00:00:00)
  • - 'Matrix' Moviemakers Have Hit With 'V' “V” is for very good, a little “violent” and very much like “Batman.” By Roger Friedman. (Published 2006-02-27 00:00:00)
  • ICv2 News: Vendetta Delayed The opening date for the Warner Brothers film of Alan Moore and Dave Lloyd's V for Vendetta has been delayed from November 4th to March 17th, 2006. (Published 2005-08-19 00:00:00)
  • IGN: V for Vendetta Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V For Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked vigilante known only as "V." (Published 2005-05-12 00:00:00)
  • James Purefoy Quit 'V For Vendetta' Because He Hated Wearing The Mask British actor James Purefoy walked out in his role in V For Vendetta after struggling to wear a mask for the entire film. (Published 2006-02-24 00:00:00)
  • Las Vegas Weekly: London Calling V for Vendetta is just the least embarrassing movie to date adapted from the work of legendary comics writer Alan Moore. By Mike D'Angelo. (Published 2006-03-16 00:00:00)
  • Media Monitor: V for Vendetta Against Bush Consider this film another example of Hollywood being AWOL, or even on the other side, in the war on terror. Commentary by Roger Aronoff. (Published 2006-04-26 00:00:00)
  • Movieman's Guide to the Movies: V for Vendetta In my short lifetime there are a few select movie-going experiences that have stuck out in my head as being incredibly memorable, opinion changing, and eventful. By Chris Gonzalez. (Published 2006-03-17 00:00:00)
  • New York Times: The Vendetta Behind 'V for Vendetta' To Alan Moore, the god of comic writers, the movie adaptation of "V for Vendetta" is further proof that Hollywood should be avoided at all costs. May require free registration. (Published 2006-03-12 00:00:00)
  • V for Vendetta The truth is there just isn't an interesting story to tell here. By Darwin Mayflower. (Published 2001-06-08 00:00:00)
  • SFX - V For Vendetta If ever there was a film important to and relevant for our times, it is V for Vendetta. (Published 2006-09-01 00:00:00)
  • Skewed & Reviewed: V For Vendetta V for Vendetta is a film that mixes “The Phantom of the Opera” “Beauty and the Beast” and ?” to create a gothic love story and biting social commentary about the dangers of governmental control and censorship in a society gone awry. (Published 2008-06-21 00:00:00)
  • The Daily Princetonian: Vendetta Vexes Viewers "V for Vendetta" is not only uninspired as a political allegory but also forgettable as an action flick. By Ray Zhong. (Published 2006-04-06 00:00:00)
  • The Racquet: "V" For Vigilante Fun Killing government officials, blowing up national monuments and encouraging civilians to start chaos are not your typical heroic actions. By Garrick Hollenbeck. (Published 2006-04-11 00:00:00)
  • Time Magazine Archive Article: The Mad Man In The Mask The directors of The Matrix make a movie where the hero is a faceless terrorist trying to blow up London. Yes, you read that right. Article by Lev Grossman. (Published 2006-03-13 00:00:00)
  • Tucson Weekly : V for Visionary Someone alert the media. This blockbuster is actually fantastic. (Published 2006-03-23 00:00:00)
  • V for Vendetta As a fix of pop iconography, V for Vendetta is eyeball grabbing, even if it lacks the relentless videogame bravura that sold the Matrix films. By Owen Gleiberman. (Published 2006-03-15 00:00:00)
  • V For Vendetta Podcast Discussion panel audio. (Published 2006-03-17 00:00:00)
  • V for Vendetta Redux You could call my analysis a postmortem of V. By Colin Patrick Barth. (Published 2006-04-11 00:00:00)
  • V For Vendetta's Silver Lining Interview with the film's producer, Joel Silver. (Published 2006-03-15 00:00:00)
  • V for Vendetta Anti-American? "V For Vendetta" is the number one movie in America, but is it anti-American? MSNBC's Joe Scarborough wants answers and gets them from movie critic Megan Basham. (Published 2006-03-22 00:00:00)
  • V for Vendetta: Comic vs. Film Was Alan Moore right to disassociate himself from the movie? (Published 2006-03-17 00:00:00)
  • VFXPro - The Post Pipeline on V for Vendetta Production Designer Owen Paterson notes, "We tried to create a London that is recognizable, yet frozen by having become this totalitarian state." By Matt Hurwitz. (Published 2006-05-16 00:00:00)
  • V for Vendetta The most remarkable thing about this movie is that Hollywood made it in the first place. (Published 2006-03-19 00:00:00)
  • Writing 501 Portfolio: Class Project Contribution, Part II Analysis by Jeff Cozzens. (Published 2007-12-08 00:00:00)

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