• Abraham Ravett Films include: "Garden," "Horse/Kappa/House," "In Memory."
  • Alfonso Alvarez Films include: "My Good Eye," "Quixote Dreams," "Memory Eye," "Film For..."
  • Anna Biller Productions The films and plays of Anna Biller. Includes artist's statement, press kit, weblog, and picture gallery.
  • Arnold, Martin A look at the director's experimental black-and-white films
  • Benning, Sadie Bright Lights Film Journal article about the Pixelvision director.
  • Bill Brand Maker of "Home Less Home" and "Masstransiscope," installed in the New York City subway system.
  • Bitter Films Animated short films by Don Hertzfeldt. Includes news on screenings, a gallery and a detailed production diary.
  • Bright Lights Film Journal: James Broughton Ecstasy for all! says the pied piper of queer experimental film.
  • Bright Lights: Abigail Child Gary Morris examines her work, including Perils, Mayhem, Surface Noise and B/side.
  • Broken Lens Productions Group of artists collaborating on films, live video mixing, music and visual arts available for download.
  • Brynntrup, Michael Noted German experimental filmmaker catalogues all of his films, video, and media art.
  • Controlled by Bees Video art installations by Craig Caudill. Biography, media, project ideas, image gallery, FAQ, and links.
  • Cracked Open Arts collective founded on surrealist principles providing a film gallery and forum.
  • Craig Baldwin Maker of: "Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America," "O No Coronado!" "Sonic Outlaws."
  • Dominic Angerame Executive Director of Canyon Cinema. Maker of "A City Symphony, "Line of Fire," and other works.
  • Eisenlohr, Klaus W. Works include: "Local Time + 2 1/2", "Slow Space - The Interviews".
  • Ernie Gehr Maker of "Morning," "Serene Velocity," "Shift," and other films.
  • Filmgrafix Productions Includes a filmography, news, press releases and contact information.
  • Harry Smith Painter, archivist, musicologist, filmmaker, and anthropologist. Films include, Heaven and Earth Magic, Mirror Animations, and Late Superimpositions.
  • Ian Kerkhof Underground cinema's baddest bad boy
  • Imwinkelried Focuses on politics and gender, as well as on alternative representations of Greek and Roman antiquity in digital formats. Information, videos, photographs, and links.
  • Jack Feldstein View the 7 minute film The Madness Monology online.
  • Jack Smith Nan Goldin, Laurie Anderson, Robert Wilson, and John Waters are among those who credit Jack Smith's singular vision with inspiring their own art.
  • Jehuti Films Films by Lior Shamriz. Also includes a weblog.
  • Jim Hubbard Includes biography, filmography, rental information. Maker of: "Memento Mori," "The Dance," "Two Marches" and other work.
  • Joe Maller Artist, Filmmaker, Author, Designer. Links to works by Joe Maller, Web-Only projects, Experimental Film and Video, Web Design Resources and Writings. Online since 1996.
  • Joel Schlemowitz Film descriptions, upcoming screenings, profile by Anna Rohleder. Films include: "Eye Music," "Abrasions," "Weimar," "Invitation to a Voyage."
  • Joost Rekveld Site dealing with the abstract films and kinetic installations of Joost Rekveld. With backgrounds in the form of links and texts.
  • Kathy Rose Kathy Rose creates her own animated and live action film projections intricately integrating herself within them in live performance to create a fascinating poetic "alternate universe".
  • Lake Ivan Performance Group (Finkelstein, David) Overview, videos, links, and a forum on improvisational performance technique.
  • Lawrence Brose Maker of "De Profundis."
  • Lawrence Jordan Experimental filmmaker and animator
  • Leslie Alperin A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, has been making films for the past ten years. Films include: "SideTRACKED," "Soft Chains," "Transplanted Seven Years Later."
  • Lili White Presents... Works include: "Fine Art," "Just For My Friends," "The Gift of the Dream: Prelude," "The House of the Gentle."
  • Luther Price The master of Super-8 cinema takes us into the cave of the unknown, with extraordinary results
  • Magic Club Productions The works of Peter Anthony Pizzi.
  • Malga Kubiak Films include: "Ego," "Super Ego," "ID N1," "ID N2," "Babe Trouble Hole."
  • Mark O'Connell Musician and digital media artist.
  • Mark Street Statement. Selected Films. Work includes: "Blue Movie," "Winterwheat," "Why Live Here?"
  • Maron Studio Mary McIlwain and Aaron Arendt's projects are a combination of live action, puppets, models and animation. Includes video clips and production photographs.
  • Matt Hulse Biography, filmography, and weblog.
  • Maya Deren Forum Maker of "Meshes of the Afternoon," "At Land," "Divine Horsemen, the Living Gods of Haiti." Biography Notes, Filmography, Notes on Haitian Footage.
  • Media World of Takahiko Iimura Filmography, Videography, Installation/Performance of the maker of "24 Frames Per Second," "A Loop Seen As A Line," "2 Minutes 46 Seconds 16 Frames" and other works.
  • Peggy Ahwesh Biography. and filmography. Works include "The Scary Movie," "The Color of Love," "The Deadman" (with Keith Sanborn), "Philosophy in the Bedroom."
  • Rebecca Barten Co-presenter of Total Mobile Home/MicroCinema. Films include: "Human Flies," "Seventeen Typewriter Films," "700 Measured Sprays."
  • Rebecca M. Alvin Works include: "Women of Faith", "Our Bodies, Our Minds," "Rosie," "Voices."
  • Ritta, Kurt Independent producer, director, cinematographer and editor producing music videos, commercials, DVDs, and experimental short films. Also provides photography. Based in New York.
  • Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe Homepage for film and video maker whose works include "Keep Moving," "Queen Of The Mist," "Everyone Must Tighten Their Belts," and "How Strong The Children."
  • Scott Stark Author of the Flicker pages. Works include: "in.side.out," "Archimedes' Screw," "Tender Duplicity," "The Chromesthetic Response Series."
  • Selder, Ivo News, current and past projects, photography, and contact information.
  • Sheri Wills Works include "Effigy - specimens 4 to 12," "Nocturne Nos. 1 and 2," curator of "Synesthesia: The Musical Form in Contemporary Avant-Garde Film"
  • Spul Films Disciplined Productions Experimental short films/videos by Sydney and Blue Mountains based filmmakers Tina Ulevik and Janelle Speight and sound designer/musician Scott Barnes. Includes stills, history and filmography.
  • Stephen Connolly Films include: "Cathode Ray," "West of the Smokestacks," "The Mountain Whispers."
  • Su Friedrich Friedrich began filmmaking in 1978 and has produced twelve 16mm films, including "Gently Down the Stream," "The Ties That Bind," "Damned If You Don't," "Sink or Swim," and "Hide and Seek."
  • Sysyphus Film Digital Lair The official site of Dutch underground film team. Provides history, biography, filmography, interviews, pictures and guestbook.
  • Tarr, Simon Profile and overview of this films with synopses, stills, and screening details.
  • The Temenos Restores and prints the films of Gregory J. Markopoulos.
  • Tina Bastajian Highlights the projects of the experimental film/video artist.
  • Todd, Robert Films include: "Fable: I Want the World Clean," and "Fisherman: a Birthday Wish." Quick-Time clips, screenings, and ordering information.
  • Visual Alchemy Avant-garde and experimental art by Al Razutis. 3D Video Art, Holographic Art, Interactive-Applet Visuals, Video Cyber-Theque, Writings, Essays, Manifestos.
  • Warren Sonbert A look at the work of avant-garde filmmaker Warren Sonbert (1947-1995)
  • Wheeler Winston Dixon Films include: "Dana Can Deal," "Madagascar, Or, Caroline Kennedy's Sinful Life in London," "Serial Metaphysics," "Bits and Pieces."
  • Wonderdog Productions Film, video and installation works from UK artist Roz Mortimer.
  • Yi-Wei, Lynn Loo Featuring experimental films, synopsis and biographical information.
  • Zoe Beloff Zoe's World. Films include: "Echo," "Life Underwater," "A Trip To The Land Of Knowledge."

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