Anglo-Saxon literature (also known as Old English literature) refers to prose and poetry written by English authors during the period 540 AD to 1100 AD. This body of writing includes both works in Old English and works in Latin.
  • Alphabetical Index of Old English poetry. An alphabetized list of links to the complete texts of all Anglo-Saxon poems. At Georgetown University.
  • Anglo-Saxon Aloud Contains sound recordings of all Old English poems and selected prose works. By Michael Drout.
  • Anglo-Saxon Britain Anglo-Saxon section of the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Includes modern English translations of a number of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Latin texts.
  • Anglo-Saxon Calendar An online calendar created by Simon Keynes and based on a secular picture cycle, the "Labors of the Months," found in two Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. Each month of the calendar includes a corresponding image from each manuscript.
  • Anglo-Saxon Church Catholic Encyclopedia article on the role of the Church in Anglo-Saxon life. Covers the Anglo-Saxon occupation of Britain, the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons, papal authority, ecclesiastical organization and observances, missions, and the religious basis of Anglo-Saxon art and literature.
  • Anglo-Saxon Civilization Anglo-Saxon section of the NetSERF medieval site. Includes subsections on Anglo-Saxon civlization, art, archaeology, laws, and chronicles.
  • Anglo-Saxon England: a Guide to Online Resources Anglo-Saxon section of ORB: the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies. Offers resources for Anglo-Saxon studies: essays, bibliographies, images, electronic editions, and links.
  • Anglo-Saxon Literature A history and study of Old English literature by John Earle, Rawlinson Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University. Project Gutenberg eBook.
  • Anglo-Saxon Literature A survey of Old English prose, poetry, and historiography from Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia.
  • Anglo-Saxon Literature Article on Old English literature from the Columbia Encyclopedia.
  • Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project Provides modern English translations of Old English narrative poems. By Aaron Hostetter. Work in progress.
  • AnsaxDat The full-text database for the Anglo-Saxon Listserv discussion group ANSAXNET. Includes all posted messages going back to 1990. Search engine enables search of subject fields of messages, search of message bodies, sender searches, date searches, searches of all fields, and combination searches.
  • Apocalyptic Ideas in Old English Literature An introduction to the idea of the apocalypse in Old-English, as part of an MA thesis. Includes Old English and modern English versions of several works with apocalyptic themes.
  • Brief History of Anglo-Saxon England A short survey of Anglo-Saxon history by Ben Levick and Andrew Nicholson. Includes illustrations.
  • Cambridge History of English and American Literature: from the Beginnings to the Cycles of Romance Covers every aspect of Anglo-Saxon literature, including discussions of important poems and prose works and accounts of individual authors.
  • Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry Contains the complete texts of all Anglo-Saxon poems. At the Internet Sacred Text Archive.
  • Early Britain A history of Anglo-Saxon England by Grant Allen. Project Gutenberg eBook.
  • Engliscan Gesiþas Historical society's site covers various aspects of Anglo-Saxon studies. The online community area provides discussion forums, news, announcements, articles, and book reviews. Other pages include sound recordings of Old English poetry, a bibliography, an excerpt from an Old English course, and studies of the Anglo-Saxon calendar, ornithology, and runes.
  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: a Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England Aims to identify all written sources which were incorporated, quoted, translated or adapted anywhere in English or Latin texts written by Anglo-Saxon authors. Database includes search engine.
  • Glossed Texts at Old English Online Includes a number of Old English poems and prose excerpts. Each text is accompanied by a word-for-word glossary and a modern English translation.
  • Glossed Texts at University of Calgary Includes a number of Old English poems and prose excerpts with glossaries. Text and glossary appear in different frames. Each word of text is hot-linked to a corresponding glossary entry. Site also provides links to electronic editions of other poems and prose.
  • Heroic Age: Anglo-Saxon Links Index to Anglo-Saxon studies. Provides extensive links to Anglo-Saxon biblical materials, Anglo-Saxon Christianity, archaeology, art, bibliographies, journals, Old English language, literary texts, translations, and manuscripts. Site also provides links to other early medieval categories and displays current and back issues of "The Heroic Age" online journal.
  • In Parentheses Old English Series Includes modern English translations of several Old English poems and selected prose works.
  • Intute Database Provides extensively cataloged descriptions of sites containing Old English texts, translations, studies, projects, and resources. Searches on "Old English" (in quotes) or "Anglo Saxon" (in quotes and without a hyphen) return large numbers of records. The title in each record is hot-linked to the corresponding site.
  • Labyrinth Library: Old English An annotated list of links to electronic texts, bibliographies, and other online resources for Anglo-Saxon studies. Includes links to the complete texts of all Anglo-Saxon poems.
  • Lightspill Poetry: from the Old English Jonathan Glenn's modern English translations of selected Old English poems.
  • Middangeard Anthology of Old English poems in modern English translations.
  • Old English Aerobics Anthology Includes a number of poems and prose excerpts. In each text, a click on any Old English word displays a pop-up window that gives the meaning and grammatical form of the word.
  • Old English Links Provides links to electronic texts, dictionaries, and grammars and to books and articles on Old English.
  • Old English Literature and Culture Resources Links to electronic texts and online resources. At the University of Adelaide.
  • Old English Literature: a Hypertext Course Pack Provides hypertext editions of selected poems and prose works. Apparatus includes primary texts with running glossary and notes, reading lists, modern English translations, contextual information, and electronic resources.
  • Old English Newsletter Online Online version of the OEN. Includes news, notices of publications, reports, and essays from the current issue and back issues. Also provides links to Internet sites for Anglo-Saxon studies.
  • Old English Poems James Garnett's modern English translations of selected poems.
  • Old English Poems Translated Into The Original Meter Together With Short Selections From Old English Prose Modern English renditions by Cosette Faust Newton and Stith Thompson: e-text in various formats at Project Gutenberg.
  • Old English Reader Contains glossed texts of selected Old English poems and prose works. Eventually will include textual notes. Edited by Murray McGillivray. Work in progress.
  • Old English Resources Carl Berkhout's site at the University of Arizona provides images of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, a record of Anglo-Saxon scholars and scholarship past and present, and links to other Old English sites.
  • Old English Texts and Translations at Brindin Press Contains several Old English poems and poetic excerpts, each with a facing modern English translation.
  • Online Corpus of Old English Poetry Includes texts of all Old English poems. When the project is complete, each text will include a word-for-word glossary and textual notes.
  • Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) A searchable database of all recorded people who lived during the Anglo-Saxon period. The database supplies personal information about each historical person. In addition to searching by person, one can search by several other indexes such as sources, events, and relationships.
  • Readings of Old English Texts Sound recordings of selected texts. Includes videos, Old English texts, and modern English translations.
  • Readings of Old English Texts Sound recordings of selected prose and poetry. Includes Old English texts and modern English translations.
  • Sound Recordings of Old English Texts Sound recordings of passages from Old English prose and poetry. Each recording is accompanied by the Old English text.
  • Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture (SASLC) Lists and describes all texts known in Anglo-Saxon England. Work in progress.
  • Supplemental Texts at Benjamin Slade's Beowulf site provides texts and translations of several Old English poems and prose works.
  • Timeline of Anglo Saxon England Summarizes historical events in the Anglo-Saxon period in chronological order.
  • TOEBI Home page of Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland. Contains organizational news, a set of frequently asked questions about Old English, and lists of resources for learning Old English and studying Old English literature.
  • Uncovering Old English Texts Online translations by undergraduates at Baldwin-Wallace College. Each translation is accompanied by a preface that gives background information about the poem or prose work being translated.
  • Woruldhord Collection of freely reusable resources for learning and teaching Anglo-Saxon literature, language, history, archaeology, and other facets of the Anglo-Saxon period. Includes photographs, texts, presentations, databases, and course material. At Oxford University.

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