• Aivars Logins Turner and carver using reclaimed local timber. Includes pictures of very large 800-year old burl. In Canada.
  • Alexopulos, Allen Produces custom woodturning art in Annapolis, Maryland. He strives to create unique turned objects from many tree species, "harvested" from trees that have already been cut down and are usually destined for disposal.
  • Alonso, Antonio Large turned and carved bowls, hollow forms and platters. Salt Spring, Canada
  • Antanas Artistic, collectible items from Lithuania, a combination of modern and traditional Lithuanian folk- art.
  • Apostolidis, Vasily Bowls, goblets, boxes, and artistic items mainly turned in olive and other local Greek woods. [English and Greek]
  • Ashton, Mary Biography and gallery of turned items.
  • Averly, Benoit French turner specialising in out of the ordinary boxes and sculptural vases (upright bowls). Uses local woods - ebonises the oak and bleaches the ash.
  • Avisera, Eli Israeli woodturner and tool designer. Gallery of work includes bowls, hollow forms, boxes and dreidels; some segmented work.
  • Bagley, Robert (Bob) Hollow forms, bowls and details of the design and layout of his workshop. Also includes computer art and photography.
  • Bailey, Dan Turns bowls of different shapes and sizes, includes pages on the process and illustrations of finished bowls. Offers roughed out bowls for sale.
  • Barley, James Bowls and hollow forms using mainly maple burl; photo-journal of hollowing technique using boring bar.
  • Beck, Andy Bowls,hollow forms,and other creations,some left natural but most have been textured, carved and/or coloured.
  • Bloch, Peter Turned wood lampshades made of quaking aspen, and other small items. New Hampshire, USA.
  • Bosch, Trent Turned and sculpted works in wood, offers tuition and own-designed tools.
  • Bosco, Robert Eccentric, segmented, and decorative work from this French turner, including tremblers. Specialist in variations on the standard Chinese ball
  • Bradsworth, Dave Contains approximately 70 examples of Dave Bradsworth's work arranged into four galleries. Dave died in 2000.
  • Brolly, Michael Unique and sometimes humorous turned and sculpted work.
  • Brooks, James Bowls and hollow vessels. Uncludes illustration of home-made sawmill.
  • Brooks, Paul Shows mainly turned wood, but also carved, pyrography, paintings, and sculpture, all home produced in Bristol, UK.
  • Bryhan, Anthony Architectural bowls, including end-grain, crotch and wet-turning. Some carving and multi-axis turning to give "bowl in bowl" appearance. California, USA
  • Buchner, Tom Hollow forms and bowls.
  • Burke, Tony Bowls produced on a home-made lathe in the West of Ireland from woods such as tulipwood, burr elm and bog oak.
  • Byle, Eilam Hollow forms and bowls, often dyed. Custom furniture and baroque flutes.
  • Caldwell, Errol Bowls, platters, closed and hollow forms, bottlestoppers,and candle holders. Also candles made by Helene Caldwell.
  • Campbell, Marilyn Illustrating turned, sculptural vessels, using cutting and reassembly with the application of epoxy; showing the black and white series.
  • Cannon, Tom Gallery and pictorial pages showing the process of turning salvaged Michigan hardwoods into bowls, vases, and hollow forms.
  • Cassidy, Seamus Bowls and vases, embellished with gold leaf and burning, some with bog-oak legs. Also furniture traditionally constructed. In Ireland.
  • Chapman, Bob A gallery of recent work, and a little about his approach to designing and making.
  • Child, Douglas Illustrations of bowls, clocks, pens and cutting boards made from burls and other figured woods native to Vancouver Island, Canada. Includes background information on the turner.
  • Clabaugh, Maurice Bowls, hollow forms and vases, that highlight the unique grain and flaws, including live oak knots, turning through knot holes and turning roots.
  • Clyne, Angus Bowls and hollow forms, using both wet and dry turning techniques, from local wind-blown timber. Scottish based.
  • Coates, Andy Bowls and platters, hollowforms, vases, boxes and lamps, and artistic, sculptural pieces. Commissions undertaken. Includes a biography, history of woodturning, FAQ and a weblog.
  • Conlen, Bill Bowls, boxes, vases, hollow forms, platters, peppermills and pens. USA
  • Cook. Nick Illustrations of one-off items, such as hollow forms and bowls, gift items and architectural pieces. Includes articles on various aspects of turning and also offers some supplies for sale.
  • Cronje, Beyers Using local woods to produce bowls, natural-edge bowls, hollow forms and lace bobbins. Page on laser-guided hollowing. South African.
  • Cutler, Howard Bowls and hollow forms, some including turquoise insert.
  • Cutler, Robert Shows bowls and boxes with intricate inlays of different woods, silver, copper and brass; also jewelry and knives. Information on special finish.
  • Daniel , Dave Tutorials on natural-edge bowl and green wood turning, photographs of work, and descriptions of processes and tools used.
  • de Vos, Jack Jack de Vos - hollow forms and artistic turning inspired by nature, including seed-pod series and grass tree vessels.
  • de Vries, Herman Galleries and comments on turnings back to 1997, and a page on tools and tips.
  • Dedrick, Jim Illustrations of bowls and spindle work, some for sale. Ontario, Candada.
  • Denis, Jean Dominique Lamps, anamorphosis, dishes, plates, turned sculptures. Offers courses in France.
  • Dewick, Keverne Gallery of turnings and furniture, as well as courses and furniture repair.
  • Dickey, Joe Makes vessels which say something about hardship, character and beauty.
  • Donaldson, Jamie Bowls and hollow vessels, embellished with carving and sculpture.
  • Doughtie, Sharon Turned bowls, boxes and vessels with texturing, carving and color, incorporating Celtic knot designs. Hawaii, USA.
  • Drozda, Cindy Lidded vessels, containers and boxes, all with fine finials. Connecticut, USA.
  • Edwards, Martin Wooden bowls, square bowls, platters, pens, goblets, and candlesticks Pages on finishing and care; and techniques and tips with download PDF versions.
  • Elliott, Dennis Large one-of-a-kind vessels, wall sculptures and abstract sculptures, accented with carving to give a tactile feel.
  • Ellsworth, David Bowls, pots, vessels, "Solstice", "Homage",and "Sphere" series and spirit vessels. Also Wendy Ellsworth jewellery.
  • Escoulen, Jean Francois Creates eccentric, seemingly off-balance, artistic pieces. Offers courses and specialist tools. In France.
  • Ewing, Jack Bowls {calabashes}, urns and lamps made from Koa, Kou, Kamani, Milo, and translucent Norfolk Pine.
  • Fagg, Peter Brings insight into the beauty that can be found in nature's trees, which is often only visible when the timber has been turned or carved. Specialises in bowls, dishes and platters.
  • Fairfield, Russ Makes sculptured and segmented turnings, as well as the usual bowls, and vases. In North Idaho.
  • Fennell, J. Paul Thin-wall turning and piercing, designs based on leaf and sea patterns and Chinese lattice work and a description of the process. Arizona, USA.
  • Ferrell, Paul Using burls and spalted wood, specializes in hollow-form vessels, bowls of all sizes, as well as oil lamps, decorative wooden wine tops, and ikebanas. Also Patricia Ferrell's stoneware pottery.
  • Fleet, Bob Bowls, platters, candlesticks and small items, such as fruit and mushrooms. Scotland.
  • Fleming, Ron and Patti Carved and sculptured vessels from exotic woods and burls.
  • Friedlander, Brahm Bowls and hollow vases.
  • Fulton, Patrick Photographs and descriptions of bowls and general woodturning with diagrams and links.
  • Furniss, Owen Bowls, lidded vessels, goblets and turned fruit.
  • Gastfriend, Ben Includes gallery, tutorials, and for sale items. Makes pens and bowls in his small workshop.
  • Geiger, Don Natural edge bowls, smooth edge bowls, lidded vessels, hollow forms, and Ikebana vases.
  • Goodyear, John Specializes in one-off sculptural and classic forms. Integration of piercing, sandblasting, router work, carving and other texturing techniques.
  • Gorrow, Marshall Many things that can be turned from wood are shown in the gallery pages, includes over three hundred woodturning links and article on microwave drying.
  • Gosden, Colin A designer with graphical influences combining form and texture with multi axis techniques, and an emphasis on clocks.
  • Graham, Robbie Using native New Zealand woods, creates off-center and multi-center pieces, including musical instruments.
  • Grumbine, Bill Wonderful Wood is a custom woodworking business that specializes in woodturning as well as designing and building furniture.
  • Grunke, Ken Bowls and vases from local hardwoods (Wisconsin), includes some technical information, including turning metal on a wood lathe.
  • Guttera, Mike Bowls, large and small by this German turner.
  • Hales, Dennis A range of work based on fruit displays,dishes and bowls, enhancing the wood by using dyes on "green " wood to create natural movement in bowl and dish forms.
  • Hall, Billy Wooden lamps, lampshades and lighted sculpture, which are finished to 1/32-3/32 inch thickness. North Carolina, USA.
  • Hammer, Aaron Lathe-turned drums in Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Hampel, Michael Turned and sculpted shell forms, with texturing and coloring.
  • Hancock, Larry Project tutorials - hats, baseball cap, crochet hook, and bowls; tips and techniques and descriptions of different gouges.
  • Hancock, Mark Gallery of leaf and spiral design hollow forms, and details of demonstrations and courses.
  • Hannaby, Paul Produces individual items (bowls, vases, goblets, pens etc.) for practical and decorative purposes. Located in the Forest of Dean, UK.
  • Hare, Scott Features turned bowls, calabashes, natural edges, sculpted turnings, and full relief sculpture all crafted out of exotic Hawaiian woods.
  • Harris, Anthony Boxes, 'eggspired' boxes, and finial boxes, all including chased threads; also bowls, closed forms, and pipes. Kansas City, USA
  • Haskell, Bill Carved and pierced hollow forms, natural-edge bowls and classic forms. USA
  • Helfant, Steve Bowls, vases, platters, boxes, wands, and tops. Includes a biography, gallery of artwork, and a list of upcoming shows.
  • Heryet, Julie Gallery of bowls, boxes, lobed and hollow forms. Descriptive list of timbers and brief biography.
  • Higdon , Christopher Writing instruments turned in a variety of woods and designs. Gives details of how to care for them and galleries where they can be bought.
  • Hill, Fred Bowls, boxes, balustrades, fruit, and clock sets.
  • Hodgson, John Various woodturnings in Morvern, Scotland.
  • Hofius, Michael Tracy Architectural turnings,balusters, porch columns, chalices. communion sets, cremation urns. Includes comprehensive article on sharpening tools.
  • Hogbin, Stephen Canadian artist working primarily in wood, for commissions, individual pieces and installations.
  • Howlett, Steve Abstract sculptural forms turned green, technical notes, FAQs, how-to turn trumpet form.
  • Hromek, Peter Unusual pepper and salt mills; containers carved and hollowed, some conjoined to make triplets; some shaped like blossoms or nuts. Lives in Sinntal, Germany.
  • Hume, Jim Illustrations of his egg shaped, carved pure art form.
  • Ireland, Beth Architectural and artistic turning, and some furniture. Massachusetts, USA
  • Irvine, Scott Challenging the function of the basic form of a bowl has led him to unite wood with different materials such as metals, fused glass and stone.
  • Jackofsky, Mike Specializing in hollow forms, mainly natural edge vessels turned from burls, and off-balance, asymmetrical pieces. California, USA.
  • Jamieson, Lyle Sculptural turner, designer of the Jamieson hollowing tool, and instructor.
  • Jeeves, Keith Gallery of work - bowls, boxes, and hollow forms; includes article on lathe drilling jig. Based in Sydney, Australia.
  • Jeffery, Peter Disabled newbie turner shares his learning to help others.
  • Johnson, John Fruit, clocks, barometers, pens, light pulls, and bottle stoppers; also turned posts for kitchen manufacturers, newels and spindles for stairs and spindles for furniture.
  • Kaplan, Mike Bowls, vessels and platters from indigenous timbers which are embellished with carving and scorching; includes gallery of work. Based in South Africa.
  • Kaye, Tobias Sounding bowls, technique, history, and their use in meditation. Useful articles, projects and courses.
  • Kennard, Steven Unusual carved boxes, candlesticks and candelabra.
  • Kent, Ron Thin oil-soaked, uplifted translucent vessels turned from Norfolk pine.
  • Kephart, Jim Architectural and furniture parts, specialty and artistic woodturnings. Connecticut, USA.
  • Kermode , Jerry Natural edge bowls and vessels, sometimes incorporating stitching using biscuit-jointer Offers tuition. In Sonoma County, CA.
  • Kestrel Creek Gallery Gallery of the work of woodturners Jim Christiansen, Ben Carpenter, Will Simpson, Brenda Behrens, Gerrit van Ness, Art Liestman, Phil Brennion and Bill Johnston. Educational articles and extensive links are also provided.
  • Key, Ray Information, biography and description of his work.
  • King, Stuart Pots, plaques, goblets, bowls, spoons and the use of pyrography. Several articles on woodturning, bodging, Tunbridge ware and details of his lectures. He writes regularly for the Woodturning magazine.
  • Kolb, Armin Spinning tops of all shapes and sizes made out of different selected materials - wood, bone, silver and emerald.
  • Kotz, Jerry Specializing in custom turnings that create balance and harmony using local Hawaiian woods, especial Norfolk Island Pine.
  • Lacer, Alan Boxes, goblets and flared-rim vessels. Many interesting articles on techniques and sharpening. Skew chisels and videos for sale. Wisconsin.
  • Laidler, Dennis Bowls and hollow forms inspired by the South African veld. Based in Cape Town
  • Lamb, Ken Bowls of various shapes and sizes.
  • Lavine, Jeffrey A. Very small snap lid boxes.
  • Leadbetter, Bruce Woodturner and inventor - designed and makes a ring cutting tool, eccentric cup chuck, the Leady lathe and a ball turning jig. Based in New South Wales, Australia.
  • Leland, Alan Leland Studios - architectural turnings, laminated candlesticks, miniature stools and ornaments with delicate spindles. Offers instruction. North Carolina.
  • Lewin, Howard Experiments in turning with dyed dowels, veneers and shavings. A selection of tools, articles and a glossary of woodworking terminology.
  • Liestman, Art Hollow vessels with surface enhancements, such as carving or incising lines, jig-saw patterns and coloring with dyes, inks or paint.
  • Liles, Robin Pierced turnings and sculpted epoxy turnings.
  • Lindquist, Melvin and Mark American pioneer turners, woodturnings and sculpture from burls and spalted wood.
  • Lowe, Peter Turner and sculptor using indigenous Western Australian timbers; enclosed forms, vases, bowls, platters and boxes.
  • Luce, Bill From functional pieces to purely decorative bowls and hollow vessels, especially using green wood.
  • Lussier, Pierre Bowls, funeral urns, boxes and peppermills using German grinding mechanism. Based in Quebec. [French and English]
  • Mailland, Alain French woodturner specializing in greenwood turning; produces vegetable and marine sculptured pieces.
  • Manabe, Tadatoshi Start-to-finish process of turning items, includes DIY projects and informative pages on tools and machines.
  • Mars, Rik Abstract objects using turned wood and other materials. Dutch site with English pages.
  • Mather, Al Specialises in inside-out turnings - see page of explanation. Maine.
  • McCarthy, John Artistic and functional pieces, handturned in native Irish timbers in Nohoval, Co. Cork, Ireland.
  • Mclaughlin, Emory Site features PDF articles and gallery of turnings.
  • McLellan, Ben Artful expressions in wood ranging from utilitarian bowls to artistic urns or vases, using woods found in Novia Scotia.
  • Michelsen, Johannes Maker of turned wooden hats, series of pictures showing the process. Instruction in his workshop in Vermont and in venues around the world.
  • Middleton, Adrian Bowls, vases, boxes, mushrooms and various miscellaneous items. In Sheffield, England.
  • Miller, Kevin Closed forms, bowls, segmented canisters and some published articles.
  • Mitchell, John Large bowls, vases and platters, artist's statement and biography. Sequence of pictures showing process.
  • Morrins, Francis Galleries of themed work and biographical details.
  • Morris, George Wood turnings gallery of bowls, ornaments and hollow forms; includes artist statement. Lives in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.
  • Moyes, Roddy Small gallery of work, mainly bowls, with some brass inlay.
  • Neddow, Bill Bowls, platters, footed bowls, square bowls and sculpture - including ribbon and planet sculptures, all with a minimum of post-turning enhancement.
  • Nemetz, Allen American craftsman turning bowls, natural edge vessels, salad bowl and utensils, hogs-hair brushes and bottle corkers. Some items in include carving.
  • Nott-Us Wood Turning Bowls, pens,tall vases, including some engraving - based on the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland.
  • O'Brien, Patrick M. Alexandria, Virginia - bowls and hollow forms with some carving.
  • Orr, Mike Salad bowls. hollow forms and decorative items. Includes some projects. British Columbia, Canadia.
  • Oudet, Pascal Artistic turning, including carving. Galleries showing development over the years and gallery of visiting artistic turners. Articles on tools and projects, including steady for trembler. Grenoble, France.
  • Overholtz, Ron Artistic and sculptural hollow forms, and page about his turning process.
  • Owen, Tracy Specialises in green (or wet) turning of bowls and hollow forms to produce one off pieces; gallery of work and information on woodturning courses.
  • Parker, Robert Bowls, candles, clocks and fruit in English woods and reclaimed timbers.
  • Peebles, David Gallery of bowls and hollow forms, mainly from green wood; photos of workshop and studio, including vacuum chuck. Also photos from AAW synposiums.
  • Pho, Binh Distinctive works with coloring, piercing, and architectural elements; also book and how-to's dvds, tools and supplies. Illinois, USA.
  • Piscitelli, Robin Projects from hardwood burls, mainly natural-edged turned green.
  • Porter, Paul Features hollow forms, bowls, billiard ball boxes and illustrates his hollowing tools and reverse chucking method.
  • Potts, Steve Wooden bowls, vessels, and vases turned from exotic and domestic woods. Includes information about shows schedule.
  • Pringle, Lionel Slide-show of work, including off-centre work.
  • Ransom, Art Examples and techniques, tips and tricks,and architectural turnings on commission. Description of Legacy mill and his DIY version. USA.
  • Reed, Lee Using a "Craftsman router crafter" or router lathe to create ornamental woodturnings, especially barley twists and balusters. Includes galleries of past work.
  • Reeves, Wayne Creating decorative bowls and hollow forms from domestic hardwoods. Marietta, Georgia.
  • Reilly, Pam Using pyrography and colouring to mimic mosaics in vases and hollow forms.
  • Sanger, Mark Turned work including bowls, hollow forms, platters, candles sticks and items for restoration, made using native woods. Based in North Dorset, England.
  • Scarpino, Betty Turnings embellished with sculpting and carving, egg series and altered plate series. USA
  • Scarpulla, Gary Hollow forms, vases, decorative bowls and boxes, some with carving, piercing or engine turning embellishment. Arizona, USA
  • Schneider, Dave Galleries of writing instruments, bowls, platters and wall hangings, birdhouses, hollow forms, lace bobbins and duck calls.
  • Signal, Roy Roy Signal's gallery of a variety of forms.
  • Sinclair, Michael Creates bowls, platters, and sculptural turnings using Scottish hardwoods in the Orkneys.
  • Siragas, Nikos A Greek turner who demonstrates internationally. Uses local woods - olive, carob, walnut, eucalyptus and includes carving and off-centre work. Page on his own designed tools and articles he has written.
  • Sokolowski, Ted Gallery of product lines including bowls, boxes, candlesticks and many treen items. Includes narrated slideshows - needs QuickTime.
  • Spence, Ken Created wooden gifts, presentation pieces and corporate gifts - bowls, clocks, globes, goblets and platters - using native New Zealand and exotic timbers. (Ken died 14th June 2006)
  • St.Leger, Mark Unusual forms, turned and carved, often incorporating driftwood, sometimes turned on the bias. Lives in Southwest Virginia.
  • Stalling, Claudio Green wood turnings and architectural sculpture.
  • Starbuck, Jennie Galleries of artistic woodturning using various craft techniques, including beadwork, to enhance and embellish - with associated hints pages explaining how each effect is achieved.
  • Stemberger, Rick Wooden salad bowls, urns, ashtrays, made from exotic woods.
  • Stevens, Gary Lathe turned and sculpted large vessels, with names like 'Floating Tiger' and 'Emerging Flower'.
  • Stirt, Al Turned wooden bowls with added carving, decoration and fluting. Offers instruction. Vermont.
  • Stoutenburg, Neil Bowls, hollowed and lidded vessels, sculpted turnings, plates and platters.
  • Styer, John A. All kinds of treen, from bookmarks to whistles. Includes a page on the philosophy of lathe art.
  • Thorne, Les Production turner offering courses and demonstrations. Work includes furniture components, architectural work and one off specials.
  • Thur, Don From knots and burls in salvaged Muskoka wood to bowls and hollowed vessels in Ontario.
  • Tulip, Helen & Geoff Creators of large centrepiece bowls and platters, Celtic carving, and gifts for all occasions; made from local Irish timber
  • Turner, Neil Using native timbers, he creates turned and organic sculptures many using pierced work. Based in the wheatbelt of South Western Australia
  • Tursini, Ralph Artistic and humble bowls, architectural turnings and instructions for bowl turning. Provides tuition.
  • Valentine, Carole B. Provides information about the artist,and a photo gallery of pieces, mainly hollow forms.
  • van Ness, Gerritt Turner and sculptor using mixed-media materials. Lives in Bayview, Washington.
  • Vierra, Syd Bowls from exotic Hawaiian woods, sometimes using aniline dyes.
  • Vore, Michael Decorative and functional bowls, hollow forms, beer tap handles and goblets. Also photographs.
  • Walrath, Larry Round Rock, Texas resident displays lathe work from local timbers.
  • Webber , Andy Showing some examples of his work with descriptions and explanations. Also metal turning and ropework. Berkshire, UK.
  • Whitman, Brad Makes bowls, plates, and art objects from fallen trees; includes an article on greenwood turning.
  • Williams, Harry Bowls, burrs and decorative items; and tips for turning banksia nuts.
  • Williams, John Bowls, plates and vessels. Also hints and techniques. Ontario, Canada.
  • Wiman, Fred Uses sculptural art to transform ordinary vessels into new shapes eliciting visions of far-off times and places.
  • Wolfe. Andi Platters, bowls, and vessels enhanced with carving and coloring on a botanical theme. Ohio, USA.
  • Wood, Vic Square, flowing lidded-boxes, and 48'x 8' turned wall mural
  • Worcester, Steve Square turning, bowls and oil lamps.
  • Yamaguchi, Lynne Illustrations of her work, hollow vessels, boxes, and one-off titled pieces. Also includes a weblog with photos of the International Turning Exchange.
  • Younger, Allan Using Western Australian native woods, especially mallee root to create attractive bowls.
  • Yvonne Arlott, Yvonne Bowls, platters, boxes, goblets, vases and sculpture, often with piercing, and barley twists.
  • Zander, Malcolm Vases with pierced work, hollow forms, bowls and natural edge forms.

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