The dictionary definition of a fandom is: All the fans of a sport, an activity, or a famous person. Therefore, an anime fandom is for or made by the fans of anime.
  • @nime Asylum Weiß Kreuz "Choose Your Own Adventure" story, Koka wa Greenwood manga translations and links.
  • Abaddon Adoptions, jokes, reviews, pictures, fan fiction, and links.
  • ACK Anime Oekaki, art, comics, desktop themes, MIDIs, and chat.
  • Aelina and Sphinikmon's Digi-world Fan art and fiction, character information, quizzes, and links. Works from Digimon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Oh My Goddess.
  • AkaiAme-kun's Anime Info Cavern Angel Sanctuary, Dragon Ball Z, Fushigi Yuugi, Inu Yasha, Jubei-chan, Lain, Evangelion, Outlaw Star, Ranma, Kenshi, and Weiss Kreuz summaries, images, and character profiles.
  • Akemi's Anime World List of commercially released anime, reviews, cast lists, FAQ, glossary, and links.
  • Always and Forever Shrine dedicated to InuYasha and Kagome, and other couples. Includes pictures, blinkies, fanart, fan fiction, song lyrics and music.
  • Amara's Anime Center Series information, character profiles, images, and multimedia downloads for Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, and Card Captor Sakura.
  • Ancient Clan Features anime and game reviews, series and manga information, image gallery, anime wallpaper, hosting and forums.
  • Andes World Images, wallpaper, and fan fiction.
  • Angel Anime Information, character profiles, and images for Yu Yu Hakusho, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and Final Fantasy X.
  • Anigate Images including Slam Dunk, Card Captor Sakura, and Harlem Beat, as well as fan art, wallpaper, and Winamp skins.
  • AniManga eXclusive Layouts, avatars, news, wallpapers, tutorials, and reviews.
  • Anime 5000 Pictures, music, and fan works for Digimon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, CardCaptors, and Gundam Wing.
  • Anime 8 Image galleries, anime summaries and specialized link pages.
  • Anime Action Summaries, character profiles, and images from various anime. Fan works, chat room, RPG, and links.
  • Anime Admirers Information and images from anime including Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Flint the Time Detective, Medabots, and Zoids.
  • Anime Agency Reviews, wallpaper, downloads, links, and polls.
  • Anime An-nai Sections on Digimon, Pokémon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, and Sakura Taisen.
  • Anime Angel's Lair General information, profiles, opinions, pictures and reviews.
  • Anime Anx Images, wallpaper, and fan art featuring Ah My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo, Rurouni Kenshin, and Tokimeki Memorial.
  • Anime Area Image Galleries Includes a few picture galleries.
  • Anime Ark - A Refuge for Anime Includes a forum, wallpapers, and downloads.
  • Anime Armageddon Fan art and fiction, wallpaper, multimedia, Ayumi information and links.
  • Anime Art Club Contains fan art.
  • Anime Bar Gundam Wing, Evangelion, Escaflowne, and Outlaw Star character profiles, introductions, and general information.
  • Anime Blank Drawing tutorials, chat, forums, news and polls.
  • Anime City 3 Basic information and summaries from series including Yu-Gi-Oh, Gundam, Medabots, and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Anime Euphoria Contains information on Inuyasha and Fruits Basket.
  • Anime Evolution Character profiles, summaries, reviews, and image galleries for multiple anime.
  • Anime Eyes Includes reviews, specific title guides and link lists.
  • Anime Foot-Prints General information, fan works, chat room, and links.
  • Anime Forge Roleplaying characters, Sailor Moon fan fiction, chat room, and links.
  • Anime Fury Shrines to Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball Z with images and information.
  • Anime Gallery Gundam Wing and Dragon Ball summaries, character profiles, pictures and animated GIFs.
  • Anime Girlky Sections on Fushigi Yuugi, Dragon Ball, Ranma, Ah My Goddess, and Marmalade Boy. Character profiles and pictures.
  • Anime Goddess Extensive site highlighting Please Save My Earth, Marmalade Boy, Sailor Moon, Fancy LaLa, and other lesser known anime.
  • Anime Gtzone General information, summaries, and images from Dragon Ball and Gundam Wing.
  • Anime in Northwest Ohio The official anime club of Bowling Green State University. Membership, events and photographs.
  • Anime Legend (The Legend Lives On) MIDI files, images and animations, and poll.
  • Anime Manga Land Reviews and summaries of various series. Also features wallpaper and MP3s.
  • Anime Orbit Images from Dragon Ball and Gundam, profiles of the webmasters, and links.
  • Anime Palace Message board and a few links.
  • Anime Random Content focused on Inu Yasha, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, and Rurouni Kenshin.
  • Anime Realms Character profiles, image galleries and wallpaper from Yu-Gi-Oh and Card Captor Sakura.
  • Anime Sekai Includes beginner's guide, history of anime in Japan and the US, and series synopses. Features computer graphics, cosplay, and Japanese.
  • Anime Senkai Images, stories, reviews, fan art, music.
  • Anime Speed Bump Index of humor sites with features like "Pretty Fly for a Samurai" and others.
  • Anime Tricorders General information and images for a variety of series including Sakura Wars, Ranma, Evangelion, Slayers, Tenchi and Macross.
  • Anime Underground Images, downloads, animations, sound files, and general information for Dragon Ball, Tenchi Muyo, Pokémon, and Digimon.
  • Anime Universe Sections with pictures and profiles from Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Princess Mononoke, and X/1999.
  • Anime World Poll, roleplaying game, fan fiction, and links.
  • Anime Xtrme Fan fiction and pages on Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon.
  • Anime Yume Information and images from Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Mon Colle Knights, Pokemon, and Slayers.
  • Anime4ever Contains information on Card Captor Sakura, Dragon Ball Z, and Digimon.
  • Anime! A weblog of news and fan art.
  • Anime: The Gathering Pictures and information- Neon Genesis Evangelion and Slayers.
  • Anime-Storm Character profiles, image galleries, movie reviews, chat and discussion board.
  • Anime-uk Contains reviews, flash games, fan art, and sprites.
  • Information, images and biographies.
  • AnimeFlow Information, reviews, icons, DVD inserts, and skins for Grand Theft Auto III.
  • Animejin News, information and reviews on various titles.
  • AnimeLeech Pages devoted to series including Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Chrono Trigger, Pokémon, and Chrono Trigger.
  • Animetrioxide Information on Dragonball Z, CardCaptor, and Pokemon with pictures, media, character biographies, episode lists, attack lists, battle charts, pokedex, humour and webmaster tools.
  • Anne Onimus Adoptions, pictures, artwork, quick guide to anime, and links.
  • Anrui and Kyorei's Really Cool Site Fan works, image galleries, series-specific shrines, and links.
  • Applesaucer's Realm of Anime Image gallery, fan fiction, web rings, and links.
  • Aqualine Reflections Episode guides and character information including Ayashi no Ceres, Angel Tail, Onegai Teacher, Hand Maid May, and Gravitation. Contains spoilers.
  • Aquaviann's Crystalline Castle Sailor Moon and Escaflowne images, fan art, anime archetypes, and links.
  • Archen's Anime Page Series information, reviews, and image galleries for several titles. Also offers anime-related programs for download.
  • Archie's Page of Anime Short summaries and images from Evangelion and Sorcerer Hunters.
  • Ariel's Paradise Images from Hana Yori Dango, Card Captor Sakura, and Sailor Moon. Various MP3s, MIDI files, and links.
  • Arimi's Page of Eternal Cuteness Images and summaries of Marmalade Boy and Mahou Tsukai Tai.
  • At Anime.Net Series information, reviews, images, lyrics, wallpaper, fan art, fan fiction, and links.
  • Aurins Dungeon Fan art, jokes, images from The Record of Lodoss War, Gundam Wing information, and links.
  • Avian Dragoness A shrine for Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing and Ranma 1/2, with a picture gallery.
  • Ayame no Uchuu Information, image galleries, MIDI files, song lyrics, fan art, and fan fiction.
  • SailorClef's MissingNo Information on the glitch Pokemon MissingNo and the rumored "Pokegods"
  • The Anime Apocalypse Series summaries, forums, articles, images, avatars, fan art, and Winamp skins.
  • The Anime Cafe: The Laws of Anime Humorous list of scientific-sounding rules and principles that govern anime.
  • The Anime Flip Side Information, image galleries, music, and video clips including Sol Bianca, Silent Mobius, Slayers, Vandread, Plastic Little, and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. Also has science fiction and fantasy stories written with an anime-influenced style.
  • The Anime Place Adoptions, image gallery, reviews, and links.
  • The Anime Place Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Ranma, and Dragon Ball images and links.
  • The Anime Playground Image galleries, wallpapers, reviews, articles, humor, quotes and links.
  • The Anime Punch Zone Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors images, fan fiction, and fan art.
  • The Anime Room Battle Angel Alita, a Chinese Ghost Story and Key the Metal Idol images, information and links.
  • The Anime Shrine General information, lyrics, and images for multiple anime. Fan fiction, awards, banners, Win Amp skins, and links.
  • The Anime Zone Reviews, miscellaneous images, how to draw and links.
  • The Animequeens' Anime Reviews and What Not Reviews, original and fan art, drawing tutorials, and terminology.
  • Zoids Universe Offers sections on Zoids and Yu-Gi-Oh. Episode guide, profiles, and images.

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